Cowboys Fans During the 49ers Game

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How Cowboys Fans Reacted to the 49ers Game
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16 Jan 2022



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Comentários 3 866
Why did the Cowboys lose?
"We can't lose this game, I talked too much trash." Oh, how we all can relate to that statement.
Being a Cowboys fan born after 96 is like hearing great stories about a local town legend all your life but when you meet them they’re a drunk, washed up shell of their former self.
Stealthee 3k
The Cowboys have 4 playoff wins since 95. (4-11) In that same period Pittsburgh has 17, New England has 33, Green Bay has 19 Seattle has 14, Philly has 14, NYG have 10, Jacksonville has 7, and Carolina has 9 just to name a few. The only teams with less playoff wins since 1995 is Detroit, Washington, Buffalo (currently at 3, but could tie with a win this week), Miami, Cincy, Cleveland, and Chicago. That's pathetic.
Being a Cowboys fan is a rollercoaster of emotions and this video perfectly conveys our overall experience rooting for them
John Wayne
The fact that this man can make an entire channel about the frustration felt as a cowboys fan speaks volumes about how much of a headache we suffer through EVERY year. Lol 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️☠️
robert redmon
I am a transplanted Panther fan from NC living in San Antonio. I work around some die hard cowboy fans who talked endless crap all season constantly every conference call they shouted "lets go cowboys" to end the meetings. Loved getting on the conference call following this game all you heard were crickets and a few of them even ducked the meeting so they didn't have to deal with people asking them about another cowboys playoff loss. It was glorious.
Jay Lewis
Just be happy that your team didn't lose to the Jags with a playoff berth on the line
As an eagles fan, this game stopped me from having full on depression.
As a Giants Fan. The Cowboys bring me joy every year as they are always the Super Bowl Champs in July but are one and done in the playoffs every year. This year was just extra joy with no wins.
tony edwards
"We can't lose, I talk too much trash for this."--Every. SINGLE. Cowboys fan in the DC/Metro area!
As a die-hard 'Skins fan, I never thought I'd have so much understanding for a Cowboys fan. I feel ya Bro.
Michael Gonsalves
As a packer fan, it makes my heart happy knowing Jerry hired him and Dallas fans can experience what we have felt for over a decade :)
Chess RedEagle
Everyone: "I feel like Zuerlein is gonna cost us this game with missed kicks.
I can’t stop laughing 😂 😂😂 Then reality hits me that I’m a Browns fan… 😳🥺😢
“Why do I give so much time of my life for this?” That one hit hard as a packers fan who watches his team close to February every year and never sees his team win
Karen Durham
I feel your pain. I've been a fan since the Tom Landry days & I've never felt this way after a playoff loss. I have no hope for a different outcome in the years to come.
Jason H
As an Eagles fan, I’m on my 10th watch of this. Never heard Scoot's voice go THAT hard on the words "clocked ball”. 😂😂😂
Ethan Leach
“Packers fans were right about McCarthy!” Now you see how frustrating it was for us watching him waste Rodgers’ talent all those years.
Maxwell Stock
My favorite part was when he said "nobody talk to me for 24 hours", knowing that Tom Grossi called him immediately after
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