Could Homelander's Ego Crush The SCP Foundation?

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The SCP Foundation is a fictional secret organization documented by the collaborative writing wiki project of the same name, with the abbreviation standing for "Special Containment Procedures" or Secure, Contain, Protect.

Within the website's shared universe, the Foundation is responsible for capturing and containing various paranormal, supernatural, and other mysterious phenomena unexplained by mainstream science (known as "anomalies" or "SCPs"), while also keeping their existence hidden from the rest of human society. The real-world website is community-based, originating in 4chan, and includes elements of many genres such as horror, science fiction, and urban fantasy.

The Homelander (John Gillman) is a superhero and antagonist in the comic book series The Boys and resulting media franchise, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

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Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and all concepts originate from and its authors.

Could Homelander's Ego Crush The SCP Foundation? is based on:
"SCP Foundation":
"Homelander" by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson:

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26 Set 2022



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Comentários 4 490
Drakaina Tohru
Drakaina Tohru 2 meses atrás
Homelander is not even a threat to the SCP Foundation he is what the SCP Foundation would referred to a typical Tuesday
Rodan 5 minutos atrás
@Ma Chi Kin 馬志堅 F1A24 That's if that Git decides to intervene at all he rather catch up on Stranger Things then Help.
Ma Chi Kin 馬志堅 F1A24
Ma Chi Kin 馬志堅 F1A24 44 minutos atrás
Scp 343 “ pathetic “
TheGuywhoSpitFacts 11 horas atrás
@EM instinct they actually cannot containe stronger beings they failed everytime LMAO and homelander don't give a fck ab killing them
Rodan 16 horas atrás
You guy's are INCREDIBLY underestimating Homelander. He can survive a Nuke Barrage. Fly at Super Sonic Speed. Super Strength to destroy Moutains. He can eradicate City's in mere Hour's. He could Throw 096 to Space. He can kill 106 make 682 walk away from boredom with neither giving an inch. Plus he could kill Able eventually.
Thiexony 18 horas atrás
@EM instinct you don’t realize that almost every overpowered SCP has that one special thing about them for the foundations plot armor, are there willingly, or aren’t contained at all, just watched over. Powerful beings being held back by the lack of knowledge of earthlings💀
sir sir
sir sir Mês atrás
SCP foundation: "Have you seen a picture of scp096." Homelander: "No." SCP foundation: "Would you like to."
dust 6 dias atrás
@TheLightKnight47 one thing homelander would be shredded
TheLightKnight47 17 dias atrás
I though about what would happen if this happened?
N0rdlys_ 21 dia atrás
Jesus Pernia
Jesus Pernia Mês atrás
Homelander would lose to A LOT of SCP. That overrated, scrawny, pale little whiny bastard is getting shredded by Homelander. 096 ain’t one of those SCP. 682 is but that would cause too much of a disaster. Just send Homelander to the Gate Guardian and it’s GG.
David Taylor
David Taylor Dia atrás
The SCP Foundation would have been a formidable X-Men enemy.
Lolie Nau
Lolie Nau 2 meses atrás
Honestly Scp foundation is 10x more scarier than a super baby with a tantrum.
Serpent 4 horas atrás
​@just a guy who try to fix nature problems you're looking at the wrong scp "fanbase". Scp is actually alot more deep and has ACTUAL character development. It's just you shouldn't find them on youtube since these so called "scp animators" just changed their whole plot to be more uuuuu scary. Look at the wiki guarantee you 100x better fanbase then these youtube kids wathcing on their ipad fanbase
just a guy who try to fix nature problems
@Random vieweralr
Random viewer
Random viewer 7 horas atrás
@just a guy who try to fix nature problems don't mind those 9 year old kids
just a guy who try to fix nature problems
@Random viewer Ikr but I'm trying to say the fandom are too cringe they put more more and more op characters like no life and they gonna say "it's stronger than yogsothoth, azathoth, scarlet king my scp is the strongest scp!" and there will be more of them just imangine there was "its stronger than everything in the universe!" ×10how bad will it be
Random viewer
Random viewer 16 horas atrás
@just a guy who try to fix nature problems its not that he can clap anything, its that he is really hard to kill
Sakib 62
Sakib 62 2 meses atrás
considering how weird SCPs get, any foundation member could kill homelander if he had the right SCP for the job
ricefarmer 2077
ricefarmer 2077 21 dia atrás
@Tastycats ok that gun too op pls nerf
Angel Archer
Angel Archer 24 dias atrás
Worse Idea: Allow Dr. Bright to challenge Homelander to a game of Hot Potato
Zack White
Zack White Mês atrás
Send god to him Remember the SCP foundation literally has a god inside
TotalDarkNight Mês atrás
@Tastycats pretty sure he can just dodge it or just laser it
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD)
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) Mês atrás
scp 999 and scp 3108 might be a good combo
Try-all-food 2 meses atrás
Considering everything that the foundation has in containment and uses for containment, it is obvious that Homelander won't be able to do any lasting damage. Edit: I am surprised that I said "something so controversial yet so brave" that people are still arguing about it. Quote: Eric Andre, the Eric Andre show.
シNX? 2 dias atrás
@Hernandez1775 just telling.
Hernandez1775 3 dias atrás
@シNX? I don't care
シNX? 3 dias atrás
@Mega Rayquaza the eldritch beings would also kill the universe considering most are filled with hatred either from the scarlet king or by their own
シNX? 3 dias atrás
@Hernandez1775 superman is on a way different level than homelander
Nuedzka Mês atrás
@fuzzelzz The foundation has literally dealt with threats on the levels of reality-controlling gods. CONVENTIONAL weapons might be relatively I affective against him, but the foundation is anything but conventional. They have things that can teleport your your own body parts away from you. They have things that can instantly kill him without having to cut through his skin. They have weapons that can swat him out of the sky like a damn fly. I think everyone would agree that Omni man is stronger than Homelander, and that guy had trouble dealing with an orbital laser- so think of what would happen to Homelander if the foundation used their very own orbital Cannon. Oh, and the foundation would 100% use scp's that they themselves can barely contain to fight Homelander. They already have done so in many stories. Plus the 05 council (basically the group that runs the foundation) are very egotistical themselves. They don't care about what means they use to stop him, especially if he would actually threaten them.
thegreattotemaster Mês atrás
Throw 682 at him, trick him into touching 409, trick him into getting too close to the Gate Guardian, allow Dr. Bright to just do whatever the heck he wants to him... honestly there's no end to the options the SCP Foundation has to deal with Homelander. :P
The Land Of Dreams
@Kyle Hadley hm, thats a good point
Kyle Hadley
Kyle Hadley 2 dias atrás
@The Land Of Dreams Seems like a win/win to me actually. Dr. Bright possesses Homelander amd now he has a permanent host. Granted, he'll be a hand full with those powers, but atleast he is (for the most part) good natured....well, better than homelander at any rate.....
The Land Of Dreams
The Land Of Dreams 3 dias atrás
letting dr bright posses homelander would be an easy fix to the "homelander problem"...but then we'd have a "convince dr bright to eventually give up the body" problem
Bray Wilson Bray Wilson
That one God SCP
FAKE Fish 13 dias atrás
Their catolauge of scps is wider than your mother
Swapi🦢 2 dias atrás
HomeLander is the most, Weakest Villain I have watched. He doesn’t pose a challenge to The SCP Foundation.
Wy F
Wy F Mês atrás
Dr.Bright : "hey, catch" Homelander: "huh?" *Brain dead*
friends with benefits
friends with benefits 7 dias atrás
Dr.bright in homelander body: *I'm about to commit Becca butcher on SCP-1471*
Levelcaty na
Levelcaty na 12 dias atrás
@Angel Archer a worse one *
Tim stro59
Tim stro59 12 dias atrás
Trading one crazy pyschopath for another, I don't really see how this would improve the situation.
Angel Archer
Angel Archer 16 dias atrás
@Eluclid I’m referring to Dr. Bright with HL’s powers. That’s gonna be the new problem. But I guess HL really isn’t that a threat himself compared to the Foundation and the shit they contain. But HL still causes chaos and destruction.
Eluclid 16 dias atrás
@Angel Archer xk? i dont think homelander is that much of a threat.
Funnyman Mês atrás
Homelander's biggest weakness would have to be his ego, and if anything, with everything that the SCP foundation has had to contain, the Foundation will definitely humble him.
Mr. Maradok
Mr. Maradok 2 meses atrás
Interesting, the SCP Foundation deliberately used themselves as bait in order to make Homelander cause enough chaos to summon *THE SPECTER*
BuilderB08 12 dias atrás
@AnubhavNo, he poses a SIGNIFICANT threat. He’s likely as hard to contain as a Type-Green, but in a more physical way. They’d lose a significant portion of Nu-7 or Eta-5 subduing him, and he would take a lot of resources to contain.
greg 27 dias atrás
@The Wondering Stranger yea, I think the foundation avoids using 096 because once it's face is on the internet humanity is screwed, and everybody would be filming this fight.
HammerLegion Mês atrás
I don’t know but would the Foundation waste SCP-5514 just for that?
Yusuf Mês atrás
@The Wondering Stranger you need to think about other ppl seeing his face, he can't be stopped yk
Anti Zoom
Anti Zoom Mês atrás
@The Wondering Stranger yeah but then you risk people seeing scp 096s face through out the fight yes 096 could have killed homelander but it also could have caused more problems than solutions in the long run
Oliver Moran
Oliver Moran 2 meses atrás
I'm more interested in how the SCP Foundation would react to Vought. Vought would definitely be a group of interest to the SCP foundation, seeing as they are the only ones who know how to create superhumans.
computer 9 dias atrás
I mean, the SCP Foundation already have superhuman soldiers. SCPF i think is the name for that.
originaljoke Mês atrás
@king of games and anime it wouldnt be impossible to amnesticize everyones minds of soldier boy, i mean the foundation brainwashes the entire planet on a yearly basis almost. plus, theres no real reason for them to contain supes in the first place. considering the foundation has eyes and ears everywhere (i would even go so far as to say they have the ability to read minds lying around somewhere) they would find out about compound V and therefore would have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why supes exist in the first place. since the foundation only ever deals with the inexplicable, uncontrollable or otherwise anomalous, vought, compound V and superhumans do not pose a pertinent enough problem to them
king of games and anime
It would definitely be interesting to see. Vought was incredibly secretive until making a very public debut with Soldier Boy in WWII, and the foundation couldn’t very well take Soldier Boy from the US army, and by the time the war ended, Soldier Boy was so ubiquitous that it would be impossible to amnesticize everyone who knew about him, because *everyone* knew about him. Considering that Even Black Noir didn’t know about Compound V until the leaks, it’s safe to say Vaught kept the secret of exactly how they created Supes a very tightly guarded secret that only a select few at the very top of the company were privy to. By the time a foundation plant worked their way high enough to find out about it, it’d probably already be too late to stop it, Soldier Boy no longer a unique anomaly, but simply the first of countless that were being churned out and paraded around for public consumption, at that point, what can the foundation do? They can’t expose compound V to the world, that would mean further exposing the anomalous world to the public. They can’t contain every Supe, that would be far too conspicuous. Even if they confiscated or destroyed all existing samples of Compound V, Vaught can just make more.
TheHale _
TheHale _ Mês atrás
@MrBlueSky 1940’s lol. Not the 1800’s
MrBlueSky Mês atrás
i think that in a universe where a random german scientist can create super heroes back in the 1800ish i am sure the SCP Foundation would be aware of it or he able to create CompV aswell
SirSamTheTank 2 meses atrás
a harder challenge would be what item under the scp foundations' control CANT kill homelander?
BakonZeTaim 4 dias atrás
@A Shapeshifting Dragon Who Knows How To Type. just infinitely stuff SCP-458 into Homelander's stomach
Arceniuzar 27 dias atrás
probably scp 063 unless his flesh and bones are made of plastic or something
A Shapeshifting Dragon Who Knows How To Type.
SCP 458, SCP 504 (unless he tells a bad enough joke), etc Would be really curious how Homelander a location SCP like SCP 087.
Subnauticaispog Mês atrás
Uhh Scp 500?
Big Boss Panda
Big Boss Panda Mês atrás
SCP 3008
Quote Mês atrás
There's so many ways that Homelander would lose to the SCP foundation, but I really like the idea of using *THE SPECTER* against him. It feels incredibly thematic to have him lose to the ultimate superhero, rather than an anomalous weapon or random entity of mass power. Personally, I think the Dragonslayer was a bit of a bad choice, compared to all the other weapons they could have used. Perhaps it was needed to cause enough of a spectacle that it would call in *THE SPECTER,* but I still feel like using a weapon made for a giant in order to fight something that was strong enough to break through and small enough to avoid all sources of damage was an _incredibly_ poor call.
Moises Munguia
Moises Munguia 2 dias atrás
Although if both options fail I would have gone with the nuclear option by having most of the dangerous scps at him like 682 and 096 or Maybe 076 at him
Utsuho Reiuji
Utsuho Reiuji 2 meses atrás
It is my own personal opinion that the SCP Foundation's MTFs - Hammer Down and Samsara in particular - could absolutely curbstomp Homelander given how the The Boys comic ends
シNX? 3 dias atrás
@Lunky Cultist L biased
Scattergunsniper Mês atrás
Wel in teh Comic teh Military had special ammo that neutralized the Compound that made superheros so to them the bullets and missiles were very effective. If the Foundation can recreate that than ya, Nu-7 would wipe out all Vought Supes in a day. But going by the show, I don't think that is a possibility anymore so Samsara is still on teh table but ya may need some Reality benders instead....or VERY anomalous weaponry to give to Nu-7.
Enoch Abraham
Enoch Abraham 2 meses atrás
@another name thank you. Idk where people are getting this idea that Homelander is so OP, but homie is not even a match for a team of low-tier Avengers. He has high-durability, but he isn’t even remotely close to being as durable as Omniman, who is nowhere near as durable as Superman. Homelander doesn’t have substantial protection against thaumaturgical offense, psychic and memetic agents, and his adaptability is low. His regenerative abilities are underwhelming and the highest levels of offense levied against him have been relatively shallow. To be honest, he would’ve gotten smoked by the Dragonslayer
body no
body no 2 meses atrás
@Illien Galene Give Dr. Bright the strength of Homelander is not the brightest idea.
Skell 2 meses atrás
Im sure if give good gear,just Samsara can be enough
nathaniel cowan
nathaniel cowan 9 minutos atrás
And somehow he managed to destroy the receipts and documents tracking trillions of dollars in black spending that never seemed to result in anything or have a final destination.
TheKingOfCats27 Mês atrás
The entire story could have been just Jack Bright tries to see who would win if there was a match against Homelander and SCP-682
matthewmbott 2 dias atrás
@Nateblast90 he can just fly away 🗿
Nateblast90 10 dias atrás
That undefined neg difficulty for 682. He kills Homelander 🐊
The Jack ArmyYJB
The Jack ArmyYJB Mês atrás
@Sadsworth 682 one taps homelander
Sadsworth Mês atrás
No no why are you making 682 stronger
blurry luigi photo
blurry luigi photo 2 dias atrás
That would be a very hard time for the foundation
Jake ayochock
Jake ayochock Dia atrás
homelander is like 3x stronger than captain America, he couldn't lift an airplane like superman did
MasterGamerX1111 Gamerboi
man literally called homelander fatherless and motherless, proceeded to beat his ass, and then broke his mental state. Absolute UNIT
Mecha king ghidorah
Mecha king ghidorah 3 dias atrás
Bro, he’s the gigachad in disguise
OPTIPRIME GAMING 17 dias atrás
FR man's honing in on allthe mans insicurites
Joker 28 dias atrás
@Doctor Who my man is legendary yesirrr yesirrr 😂😂😂😂😂 get your ass beat by the Chad specter
V4rtex Mês atrás
THE SPECTER is a god at insults, damn
Ehdhd Shehh
Ehdhd Shehh Mês atrás
@BrightBeyondDarkness *The GigaChad**
TeknoMaX Mês atrás
Just by reading the title I knew that YES, they would be able to handle him awfully easy. The matter was just with what. And they went easy on him.
Arlen Freeman
Arlen Freeman 16 dias atrás
They actually put in too much effort. They could have incapacitated him by mailing him a memetic agent disguised as fanmail.
空所 Mês atrás
The US Military in the Comic even managed to dismember one of Homelander's Legs and was finished off with a metal crowbar. I don't know how thousands of forces would find it difficult to annihilate Homelander if he was that an easy target to Regular Humans
Dr. Jakob D. Ripper, God of the Multiverse
The best(and possibly worst) weapon the SCP Foundation has to beat homeland? 2 word: *JACK BRIGHT*
Nateblast90 10 dias atrás
999 or any SCP.
Dr. Jakob D. Ripper, God of the Multiverse
@pablo sicilia That *IS* why I also said "and possibly worst" and I KNOW I should be concerned about the Idea, but JB with pseudo-Superman powers makes me smile and I can't say why.
pablo sicilia
pablo sicilia Mês atrás
Etho Wong
Etho Wong Dia atrás
MTF can bring down 682 multiple times. Homelander is just a piece of cake.
Iluvatar 2 meses atrás
Homelander only has a chance fighting the more physically strong SCP, but can say goodbye to his life fighting the supernatural and metaphysical SCP
v x3woots v
v x3woots v Mês atrás
*Dr. bright*
Santiago Mendez
Santiago Mendez Mês atrás
@Owen Keenan they could just tell him that the gate guardian called him fatherless or some shit
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Mês atrás
Heck, my bet is he'd fold under some base-line cognitohazards, the kind most SCP staff of any kind are trained against. The character isn't exactly known for his rock-solid mental state.
British Imperial
British Imperial Mês atrás
@Fallen_angel [memes for life] I just misread it and combined it with what I thought I knew about the SCP that all mate,I appreciate the concern though mate
Fallen_angel [memes for life]
@British Imperial no problem man, but it might be something subconscious. U gud man?
Omnipresent L
Omnipresent L 2 meses atrás
I think Homelander would be more of a threat of exposure rather than to the Foundation as a whole since he can fly to other countries faster than most jets and god forbid if he lasers something. They have what they need to take him but he is definitely causing issues when he first pops up.
derauzaki Mês atrás
vending machine his brain fluid :3
Whoop Whoop
Whoop Whoop Mês atrás
amnestics exist for a reason.
Chicken Fate
Chicken Fate Mês atrás
Are we just going to ignore the damage the thousand word arrows would’ve done to Homelander specifically-? That weapon was MADE for him.
Mandalore863 Mês atrás
Considering the SCP Foundation deals with things far scarier than Homelander all the time, I'd say they wouldn't have too much trouble with him...
Scott Glendenning
The ending for this one was incredibly cheap and anticlimactic. 1 out of 5 stars. Would not watch again. Lmfao
AverageJoey 2 meses atrás
The problem with letting the hard to destroy reptile fight him is that eventually 682 would reach a level of strength and brutality beyond homelander and then you’d have to deal with a new problem
Jesus Pernia
Jesus Pernia Mês atrás
@Bronson Ong To be fair, 682 has evolved himself to a MASSIVE form to fight the Gate Guardian. That wasn’t his “base” form (for lack of better words). And even then he still got wrecked in the end but if I do remember the story correctly, he did land a solid hit on Uriel.
Bronson Ong
Bronson Ong Mês atrás
@Gecko Zilla r u sure about that 682 can adapt fast enough to be immune to homelander u sure
Gecko Zilla
Gecko Zilla Mês atrás
Homelander would fuck up 682’s shit
Elias Loven
Elias Loven Mês atrás
Lure homelander to some desert and show him a picture of shy guy
Jason LIng
Jason LIng Mês atrás
in the words of Jason Mendoza "Every time I had a problem on earth, I threw a Molotov cocktail at it, and BAM, I had a different problem."
Zoey Zhao
Zoey Zhao 2 dias atrás
“ created by our nemesis at Amazon “ *me getting flashbacks about dr bright vs Jeff bezos*
Regallag 2 meses atrás
I was expecting the foundation to expose Homelander to a memetic kill agent, or show him a photograph of Shy Guy, or maybe give him an amnestic to make him forget what he was doing. This was more fun, though.
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IceTheFrog 3 dias atrás
Everytime SCP-5514 comes out I just have the freebird rift playing in my mind
Dante, the Legendary Devil Hunter
Josh-Engy Mês atrás
It'd be more realistic for the SCP to put the fear in Homelander without anyone even knowing. Their goal is to maintain the status quo. I imagine he'd be a good boy if he knew what they could do to him at any moment.
Nottan Ajin
Nottan Ajin 2 meses atrás
There's no indication that Homelander would be immune to any nonphysical attacks. Cognitohazards, memetic kill agents, thaumaturgy, paranormal/theological anomalies, etc. His fragile mental state could mean he's even more susceptible to them. Omicron-Rho could attack him in his sleep.
Nexus 12 dias atrás
amnestics would work on him too. if he forgets his entire life forever then he won't be evil anymore.
Demonic musician
Demonic musician Mês atrás
@shadowsa2b the infinite Ikea is exactly that: infinite. We don't know what would happen if he broke through the roof, but he definitely wouldn't be coming back to our reality that way, once inside. You're right about the eye pods, my b. I was barely awake when I wrote that lol. But 999 could neutralize homelander. If it can quell the rage of 682, Homelander's own mind wouldn't really stand much of a chance.
shadowsa2b Mês atrás
@Demonic musician 999 is the tickle monster. The eyepods are 131, and they counter anomolies that cant move while being looked at like The Sculpture and The Haunter in the Dark Homelander could likely just break through the ceiling of the infinite ikea. Or hed just become the ruler of the place if he felt like it.
Demonic musician
Demonic musician Mês atrás
@Simon Nikonov if Homelander was waging a war on humanity, the best way (imo) for the SCP to handle him is to provoke him, like in the scenario, but leave a clear location for him to attack. This tactic would take the fight out of population centers, and give the SCP a home-field advantage. This would also allow them to use the more monstrous SCPS without risking too much collateral. 682, for instance, I would never just release...but luring Homelander onto site could allow some (barely) controlled usage. But again, the little girl, coffee machine, and similar SCPs would be sufficient, in that scenario. The SCP's biggest advantage is the sheer arsenal they have, and the tactical and intellectual prowess they possess.
Simon Nikonov
Simon Nikonov Mês atrás
@Demonic musician Oh, I see where you are coming from. I didn't consider any need for defense, mostly because I thought our goal was mainly to minimize damage, which meant not waiting for him to make a next move. For the same reason, cognitohazards are good. I can agree with nerf gun, only problem is that you have only one attempt with it, if you miss, you probably won't be able to retrieve the dart. And I don't think gifting him Bright's pendant would work. He is narcissistic, but in this situation he is already waging a war on humanity, no way he would believe in gift. But with other setup yes, might work. If we are talking specifically no cognitohazards, no reality bending and no time travel, I myself actually can't think of clean 100% working way, but I am pretty sure it exists
fourlee 4 dias atrás
Imagine if homelander ambush the SCP foundation they will open the cage every strong monsters they found and fight against homelander
Araz 6 horas atrás
Bruh even a chocolate fountain in the scp foundation would kill him 💀
LilacSally 3 dias atrás
That would kill but also the entire world
Luzilyo Stormchild
Luzilyo Stormchild 2 meses atrás
I'm sure the foundation would not have too much of an issue with homelander. They're similar to Vaught in that they're a huge and seemingly infinitely powerful organisation that is very good at keeping secrets, but where Vaught has the goal of actively using their superheroes for positive publicity and financial gains, the Foundations only goal is to keep anomalies contained. Where Vaught sometimes relies on a bit of secrecy in order to influence public opinion, the Foundation usually relies on absolute and complete secrecy in order to prevent any possibility of public awareness. This means that the Foundation would have far less limitations than Vaught when it comes to containing Homelander. He wouldn't even need to turn on people to make successful containment by the Foundation a possibility. The public wouldn't need to see him, people could be amnesticised so that no one even remembers his existance, and all efforts would exclusively focus on keeping him completely locked up and out of sight, aside from the occasional neutralization test that would inevitably commence due to his malicious nature. And seeing how the Foundation has already successfully contained, or in some few cases even successfully neutralized, a great number of highly dangerous anomalies - some of which are even much more powerful and dangerous than Homelander, I'd say they wouldn't have too many issues in dealing with him. If it came to a fight where immediate neutralization would be the only option, I don't think the Foundation would even try to attack him physically. They are an information based organisation, this means they likely have full awareness of his existance and all his capabilities, maybe even have a couple spies within Vaught to see directly what's going on. He on the other hand would likely have absolutely no idea that the Foundation exists, so that would already put him at a huge informational disadvantage. His skin is impenetrable, so I think it would be likely that instead of sending something like the Dragonslayer, they'd use various memetic agents instead. His skin might be impenetrable and invulnerable, but that doesn't neccessarily mean the same is true for his internal organs and his brain. Make him read something that stops his heart, show him a picture that turns is brain to mush, whatever. If that failed, they would probably try other forms of non-physical confrontations. Maybe lure him into the non-existence anomaly in russia. Maybe show him some written information about that one anomaly that has to be described exclusively in symbolic form. Stuff like that. Generally, they'd probably first try to approach him with things that are very easy to avoid if you know what you're dealing with but can easily be lethal to anyone who has no idea what they're dealing with. Would be a lot safer to clean up afterwards and also wouldn't pose such high levels of danger to the general public. Especially if they try to contain or neutralize him *before* he becomes a huge global - or at least usa-wide - threat, which is what I think they'd do as soon as learning of his existance. Of course, they could also wait until public support of him drops (or maybe even help with that through the use of amnestics and other stuff) and then, once he freaks out and starts killing everyone, as a last resort they might try to make him destroy a huge amount of stuff and kill a lot of civilians until he summons The Specter, but to use that method, why even do anything at all? Might as well just lean back and watch him causing all the death and destruction on his own, since that's what he's gonna be doing anyway. At least it would be a lot cheaper than sacrificing the Dragonslayer.
BakonZeTaim 4 dias atrás
While what you said is logical, Vought and the SCP Foundation clearly would have close ties, the SCP Foundation would've contacted Fredrick Vought back in the 20th century about his invention, Stormfront might be the only supe to know of the foundation's existence but she was aware of the horrors they contain there. The foundation has technology far more advanced than what Vought and the US Government combined have. they could use special tools to weaken/kill Homelander as even Vought would take precaution on how Homelander will be killed when they were the ones who raised him in a lab. Possibly foundation agents and researchers would check on homelander and take notes, with homelander not even remembering their existence, Jeez man its deep thinking about this...
Lizardman 12 dias atrás
Nolan to me would be a more interesting match up for SCP then Homelander, but both work! I love that ending, very deep!
Voyager 19 dias atrás
If the scp foundation existed in the boys, they'd definitely have access to compound v, they'd probably have elite super soldiers and would easily bring down homelander with them
BakonZeTaim 4 dias atrás
they probably would have 10x the amount of Compound V than what the vought company produces lmao they are immune to the law after all
Professional Namielle Lewder
*Fun Fact: ANY FOUNDATION EMPLOYEE* can kill Homelander using the Vending Machine. Just type in a "cup of Homelander's brain fluids" and he's gone!
JustPlayerDE 29 dias atrás
but where did i put my penny?
Big Boss Panda
Big Boss Panda Mês atrás
Just type “nice warm cup of Homelander”
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD)
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) Mês atrás
you dont need to type that long. Just type "A cup of a healthy sugary Homelander tea and boba" then he would just turn into boba tea
Inquisitor Kobold
Inquisitor Kobold Mês atrás
@Jeremy Officer You know they terminate most reality benders, right?
MrPineapple Mês atrás
@owodozer there is one that would do nothing
Мако Драко
it seems to me that the task of the fund here is to indirectly kill the homelander, but to kill his ego and not reveal the existence of the fund, since in this reality Houmi is not crap that no one knows, but literally an artificial superman who is known both on the net and in real life, therefore the fund can't just throw super duper operatives and scp as it did two things: people and government panic that someone stronger than Homelandar even if he showed himself to be a bastard, the second those who did not know about the fund will start looking for her (not notified by the government, secret services and some secret organizations that do not yet know about the existence of scp) and present problems if they find out not about the fund but about scp and decide to look for them to use for their own purposes (for example, the corporation that created the serum found an anomalous plant or something). Therefore, they cannot just kill Homelandar and they will have to play on the theme of super heroes: a detachment of unknown mercenaries (in the view of civilians, they are either mercenaries of a new competitive corporation or minions of a supervillain who are a fucking rarity in the world of boys, but they exist) who bring themselves into a victim to distract Houmi and then a Giant robot appears (which confirms that these mercenaries are servants of a supervillain in the eyes of citizens), after the destruction of the robot, civilians see the wounded Houmi and the destruction from him, and then the Spectrum appeared and the surviving people saw that Homi was morally destroyed that he was crying, and the fact that after the moment why you suck them they weren’t seen anymore, yes this plan brought on a lot of victims and literally had to sacrifice the detachment and the robot just for the sake of secrecy, since mass deaths due to heroes in the world of boys are a damn well-established norm and therefore the foundation had to do this .
Jarret Hicks
Jarret Hicks 2 meses atrás
Couldn't they trick him into looking at some sort of memetic kill agent? I mean they could do it in a lot of other easier ways but thats what I thought of. Or you could just get the reality bending little girl to basically believe that something is his weakness and it will become so.
Heinzz 2 meses atrás
If homelander was an SCP he would be classified as Safe.
Heinzz Mês atrás
@Internet Lurker ik. I was just being hyperbolic. But yes, definitely lower euclid.
Internet Lurker
Internet Lurker Mês atrás
Euclid imo, he can't be just left in a box, the Foundation would have to build a special room made out of special stuff™ and perform maintenance on it.
Flmdsfr Mês atrás
SCP Foundation literally has creatures/objects that is High Outerversal and some even scales higher. Homelander is like an ant that you step on everyday to them.
Celtmane 2 meses atrás
Homelander is actually incredibly weak when you think about it. He's just a weak superman.
Eternal Master-1974
Eternal Master-1974 9 horas atrás
No Homelander's heat vision makes him deadly
Corban Gonzalez
Corban Gonzalez 16 horas atrás
Yeah he's just the strongest in a weak world put him in the marvel or dc worlds and he's fucked maybe even weaker ones like mha or debatably the uppermoons from demon slayer
Epic Assassin
Epic Assassin Dia atrás
@Carl Lomas he’s Superman without combat experience
Mavve 3 dias atrás
@Celtmane emkay
Celtmane 3 dias atrás
@Mavve His defence is just enhanced, but he's 100% mortal
Dynoids Mês atrás
I remember seeing the thumbnail of this video and having a discussion with my friend. I was glad to see everyone in the comments agreeing with my position when talking with my friend and then I forgot that my argument was that the SEP foundation would be capable of containing homelander with no casualties. I still hold this position, not that its necessarily likely, but that the SCP foundation is capable and that homelander is managable enough to deal with with no deaths.
The thing is, SCP 682 is likely universal, and they still hold him. Homelander is probably moon level. So clearly SCP Foundation > Homelander.
hans davis
hans davis 2 meses atrás
Scp foundation: *Gives him a letter with a picture inside* Homelander: Haha what's this? A love letter? Hahha Scp foundation: Yes, a very....very intimate one. .......*Distant screaming getting closer*......
Wincuber 4 dias atrás
@Ehdhd Shehh oh im late
Wincuber 4 dias atrás
@BRUJ ah but u forget that it gets faster depending on the distance
Ehdhd Shehh
Ehdhd Shehh 16 dias atrás
@BRUJ fun fact: the farther the target, the faster it runs.
Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy 18 dias atrás
@BRUJ it doesn't matter, he's having dinner after running away, *HE WILL FIND HIM*
BRUJ 22 dias atrás
Dude will fly at 40 mach :/ faster then any scp
Oni Puck
Oni Puck 3 dias atrás
What's funny, is that Superman was kind of a thug in his first comic
Gnome Warlord
Gnome Warlord 2 meses atrás
It was kind of disappointing that the foundation didn't just let 682 brutally murder homelander, but oh well, this works too
ForTheLolz Mês atrás
@IIReeperCreeperII The only difference is that one has the power to back up his ego and the other can likely be killed by plenty of characters from anime, comics, kid cartoons, etc.
Gnome Warlord
Gnome Warlord Mês atrás
@scoodoobada that's the point😏
scoodoobada Mês atrás
Using 682 on homelander would be like using a flamethrower on a single ant
Jesus Pernia
Jesus Pernia Mês atrás
@Gnome Warlord Maybe. I’ve always wondered why he always reverts back to his “base form” even after evolving to have multiple bullet proof eyes to keep watching 173.
Gnome Warlord
Gnome Warlord Mês atrás
@Jesus Pernia Because, 682's adaptabilities are basically temporary
Nazo Dreemur
Nazo Dreemur Mês atrás
Homelander: I can fight them, they are just monsters. MTF who faced Keter class: Another monster to contain Keter class: *Have thousands of ways to kill him and torment him* Group Of Interest: Time for experiments
Dallas Dean
Dallas Dean Mês atrás
As soon as I read the title I just knew it was over, it was only a matter of how long it would take and how they would kill him. This is the same foundation that's capable of containing unkillable beast, reality warping objects and literal Gods.
Clark Hogan
Clark Hogan Mês atrás
Props to the guy doing the narrating and character voices, they were actually pretty good.
Nix Cipher
Nix Cipher Mês atrás
It would be exceptionally entertaining (as I'm fairly certain your Channels viewers and/or subscribers would attest) to see further Homelander match ups (or testing) against particular SCPs,for example;SCP-343 "god" or even "The Gate Guardian",heck...Homelander could be tested against a variety of lesser (compared to the former SCPs referenced) threat SCPs like SCP-682 or SCP-106 "The Old Man"?
yees 2 meses atrás
Seems pretty easy, the foundation can contain 682, which can adapt to literally anything. It can survive the heat death of the universe.
9751matt 25 dias atrás
@The Wandsmen The Rainbow Serpant is not a reality bender but then again neither is the Devourer of Worlds, they are both mystical beings of massive proportions that can't be easily beat through natural or mystical beings. Weapons used against it were anomalous in nature yet it greatly resisted it. Homelander is the lite-version of the weakest version of Superman with far less fighting experiance, not even close to the versions that can lift planets. Homelander may be still tough but nothing about him makes him super immune to anomalies.
The Wandsmen
The Wandsmen 25 dias atrás
@Cynthia Lymon do you know anything about the SCP? They're not the all powerful gods you guys make them out to be. They have trouble containing beings without reality bending powers and are weaker than homelander. What makes you think they can stop him? Read SCP 6004. That is a snake nearly destroyed humanity and the foundation along with the goc and the church of the broken God couldn't do anything. They did kill it in the end but only after billions upon billions of people died. This will be the same with homelander. Even the SCP agrees with me 😁
The Wandsmen
The Wandsmen 25 dias atrás
@yeet yeet 6004 nearly destroy humanity and the foundation couldn't do anything. 6004 isn't even a reality bender. How does it feel to know that even the SCP is on my side? 😆
The Wandsmen
The Wandsmen 25 dias atrás
@9751matt SCP 6004 is a snake with no reality bending ability and it almost kills all of humanity. The foundation could barely do anything to it. The result will be the same with homelander.
Cynthia Lymon
Cynthia Lymon Mês atrás
@The Wandsmen You gotta be trolling.
jordy plays games
jordy plays games Mês atrás
homelander can be put down by able.there are too many weapons he has that allow him to cut homelander up, and the speed difference is debatable. also, countermeasures used on many scps would hurt him. Galaxy busting lazers for example
Max Spencer
Max Spencer Mês atrás
Honestly I feel like Homelander could probably be easily contained with a few SRA's. If anything compund V just creates destructive reality benders.
ChillCat 2 meses atrás
I LOVE when Homelander is fighting against The Specter and Hunter's voice is repetting The Specter as the The Specter voice.
Marc Duval
Marc Duval Mês atrás
Let's be honest here while the giant Mech option is cool that definitely feels like a last resort and too much of a breach of secrecy so what I believe the foundation would do is just go on to every single radio playing noise on the frequency only homelander could hear and play a memetic kill agent And if that don't work we can resort to the giant robot
iAmFearNaught Mês atrás
I read the boys and I'm up to date on the series, I also know an unnecessary amount about the scp foundation and it's current inhabitants. This was homelanders easy way out.
malikc6 2 meses atrás
I just had a terrifying thought. What would happen to EVERYONE ELSE if Homelander by chance encountered instances of SCP-966?
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Me Howard
Me Howard 9 horas atrás
Screw the comics and graphic novels homelander comes from a hit TV show lol
Colin Smith
Colin Smith Mês atrás
There's so much stuff in the SCP-verse that isn't in Homelander's reality that there's a whole slew of options to throw at him. How well can he handle cognito-hazards? What about reality warpers? Are his powers themselves reality warping, and if so, what do reality anchors do to him? What if you can reduce his Hume level, does that make him weaker? And all of that is BEFORE you start throwing the actual anomalies at him. How does he handle SCP-106, the Old Man? That could be a LOT of fun for 106. Or what about SCP-049, the Plague Doctor? Now, releasing either of those two to face Homelander may be a grave mistake, just because it means releasing either of those two, but note how far down the list we've already gone. And there's a LOT further to go.
Lauren O
Lauren O 2 meses atrás
The SCP Foundation has contained stronger than Homelander. As long as they were prepared when they went after him, they’d succeed.
catalina oporto
catalina oporto Mês atrás
If the SCP Foundation were going to contain it that would be a problem, since The Specter took it to Homelander with him
Man standing in the corner
@Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) videos wrong
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD)
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) Mês atrás
@Man standing in the corner did you even watch the video? Even the dragonslayer cant beat him, not even scp 3108 cause homelander is fast af
Jaden Mês atrás
honestly they could just wing it. He is such a non threat its laughable
Stormo Stormo
Stormo Stormo Mês atrás
ChaoticZer0 Mês atrás
I don’t think this video takes into consideration how powerful and diverse the MTF’s are. They literally have a MTF team that are basically super powerful cyborg power rangers armed with extremely powerful weapons which helped deal with a universe altering reality warping entity and the smaller just as powerful “invulnerable” beings. The Foundation isn’t just full of basic normal human beings and Homelander would be a extremely low level threat considering the other millions of times stronger entities they’ve dealt with. They wouldn’t need to have deployed the Dragonslayer either, they probably would’ve thrown SCP-076 Able at him while having either made a brand new MTF of their own super powered soldiers or used one of the already existing super soldier MTF’s to capture and detain him or if we’re going by the usual logic of these videos kill him with someone of equal or greater strength to him. This was there’s no losses to the Foundation and Homelander is either captured or neutralized.
EAK Beagle
EAK Beagle Mês atrás
When it comes to the SCP foundation security, they would get smacked by homelander, but when it comes to mobilizing SCPs to fight him, then its different.
DarkMenmawrld Dia atrás
SCP 73 is enough to kill that fodder
Chris Tiedt
Chris Tiedt Mês atrás
The SCP foundation has several anomalies in containment that would deal with homelander more or less permanently
DwemerSmith 2 meses atrás
i love that every time hunter said *The Specter’s* name, he made it more dramatic
Frid Mês atrás
@WASDKUG Tr *The Specter* sounds like batman tbh
WASDKUG Tr 2 meses atrás
@catalina oporto it kinda does but not that much tbh
catalina oporto
catalina oporto 2 meses atrás
@WASDKUG Tr I didn't think it sounded like Batman, it was more dramatic than the
WASDKUG Tr 2 meses atrás
he said it like how batman says *Im Batman*
catalina oporto
catalina oporto 2 meses atrás
it's true it's more dramatic than any other
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid Mês atrás
Just remember the Foundation can utilize SCP-2000 (Deus ex Machina) to rebuilt civilization, they might able to use their nukes or other WMDs just to kill Homelander and fix whatever mess left behind
AleDrGaze SPD
AleDrGaze SPD 10 dias atrás
@Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) nuke man start bleeding by getting hit by a pencil
Cynthia Lymon
Cynthia Lymon Mês atrás
@Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) I think it’s very hard for modern laser beams to kill anybody.
Le Schroder
Le Schroder Mês atrás
@Yeetus Patronus scp-5000. Homelander could be added to the log and could've explained why the foundation betrayed humanity
v x3woots v
v x3woots v Mês atrás
it doesnt matter, this is dramaticized. What proof do they have that homelander can even survive 096 or 106 lol
Yeetus Patronus
Yeetus Patronus Mês atrás
Bruh. They can only use it for extinction level event
X Mitril X
X Mitril X Mês atrás
I'm pretty sure they wouldn't bother sending The Dragonslayer but something that would deal with him fast and for sure Also I don't think Homelander would be able to get inside The Dragonslayer through it's armor , If it was supposed to fight things it's size and strength greater then Homelander in a close combat ,then it would be build with strong armor if not then what would be the point of building The Dragonslayer, it would be useless
Nightfall Mês atrás
Honestly I feel like 173 would most definitely kill homelander considering even 682 fears it, something that practically has invincibility
Falcon Gaming Productions
Kinda surprised the dragon slayer didn’t clap Homelander. I feel like he’d have a harder time than he did busting through the armor, but I suppose it’s possible considering the dragon slayer is so huge that it would have a hard time hitting HL
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Awnzuko 2 meses atrás
I don’t think people realize how strong the scp verse is, 99% of scp’s destroy homelander
Pratyush Roy
Pratyush Roy 18 dias atrás
@1 Mol ya know what I agree with you,but if he touches the tickle monster to kill, *THINGS WILL GET MESSY*
ForTheLolz Mês atrás
@1 Mol On one hand your right if the SCP is actually not dangerous, but on the other hand homelanders ego is so big too point that you can get him to activate any dangerous class safe SCP.
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD)
Ngoc Nguyen (AMD) Mês atrás
try deploying scp 6101. Either it creates an xk class or victory. it's like a 50/50 risk.
Manati Powa
Manati Powa Mês atrás
@1 Mol Many of those pens and such are capable of causing mass destruction. the SCP foundation deals with dimension threatening entities on a daily basis, Literally a way they could have gotten rid of homelander if you only take famous SCPs, get 049 to touch him. Its literally over, ceases all biological function in an instant. The biological function homelander relies on to survive. Of all the superman type super humans in fiction, homelander is among the weakest. To the foundation, homelander is a Safe Class SCP easy to contain.
Awnzuko Mês atrás
@The ⎌ne That no limit fallacy, just cause we haven’t seen hind damaged by conventional means doesent mean there isn’t ANYTHING that couldn’t hurt him
Emile Boel
Emile Boel Mês atrás
The SCP foundation could probably send their least trained team and they'd still capture him, Homelander wouldn't pose any kind of threat to them
JxD Vidz
JxD Vidz Mês atrás
It’d be interesting to flip the script and make Homelander a good guy for when SCP-682 breaches containment
Malimations Mês atrás
"I have a photo of your real father, take a look." *Shows a photo of SCP-096*
Peter Scanlon
Peter Scanlon 5 dias atrás
Wouldn’t the homelander be the perfect gift to a shadowy society that would think nothing of napalming a bus full of kiddos if it meant destroying a scp in the mean time?
racsO 001
racsO 001 2 meses atrás
*The Specter* has to be one of the coolest and most badass SCPs in the whole universe
dinglenuts 2 meses atrás
420th like 🗿
Darren V
Darren V 2 meses atrás
@Idran don't you mean *The Spectre* ?
Idran 2 meses atrás
@Amari Yeah, it's one of his things; it's a tiny infohazard that makes it so it's always spoken dramatically and it's always written in a dramatic font or style
Amari 2 meses atrás
Is his name supposed to always be spoken like that?
Idran 2 meses atrás
@GalaxyKane Yeah, but they're unrelated The SCP is basically a pastiche of the old radio serial character "The Shadow"; the two don't really have anything in common but the name (which isn't spelled the same either) and some vague thematic overlap (though The Specter is specifically the anthropomorphic manifestation of the concept of crime fighting, and one of the big themes of the Spectre in his comics is how vengeance and crimefighting and justice all don't always match up with one another)
Haych Mês atrás
wouldnt the SCP foundation work hard to cover up as well to stop something like this from happening?
Serpent 3 horas atrás
They could amnesticized the whole world. Forgot but in one of the scp entries a world ending scenario happened and they just released an amnestic gas to the air
BakonZeTaim Mês atrás
I think its kinda a world threat at this point so the SCP foundation could care less about that
I would love to see how the SCP Foundation handle Beerus the Destroyer from Dragon Ball. The SCP Foundation can already handle previous dangerous anomalies maybe Beerus is no different. maybe.
Nguyễn Hiếu
Nguyễn Hiếu Mês atrás
Homelander won’t let anyone talk him out of this, this is actually not how you could ever defeat him - The Only Man In The Sky
Emiliano Castillejos
The foundation would win 9/10 times without breaking a sweat
Populous Master
Populous Master 2 meses atrás
Considering that some of the anomalies contained within the foundation range from actual Gods to unstoppable immortals, aside from some of the more malleable entities, I'm almost certain homelander will be as much a threat as doctor bright is attempting to write chainsaw man fanfiction.
Tim Frank
Tim Frank Mês atrás
@Canelo EX neggs?
Canelo EX
Canelo EX Mês atrás
@Tim Frank Superman negs
Tim Frank
Tim Frank Mês atrás
@reekerman 101 omni man is one whole different level than homelander, homelander is a spoiled brat who never practices and never pushes himself, Omni man is an entity on oar with superman with has 500 years of military training on his belt imagine evil superman with military training and cunning and Omni man gives no fricks he he almost beat his own son death only way scp wins is if they write him off right away and realize his threat level
Tim Frank
Tim Frank Mês atrás
@reekerman 101 i mean unless they could contain him within himself basically a virtual reality where he has won
Internet Lurker
Internet Lurker Mês atrás
@reekerman 101 A weakness can also be things like "What can't this thing break/get through" too, and considering Homelander compared to your average Marvel and DC is surprisingly not that strong, I think the foundation might have plenty of materials that are strong enough to hold him back enough for him to be contained in it. Of course it will have to be replaced every once in a while cuz he's still really strong, but they already have procedures for replacing walls already soooo.
Personoide Mês atrás
The real answer is the SCP foundation would have contained/acquired compound V long before Homelander was even born. Stormfront is the one they may have had to deal with.
GWR studios
GWR studios Mês atrás
Props on the Narrator for his Homelander voice
that one degenerate.
"Hey homelander, read this" Hands him a newly printed paper describing scp-2521
Putze Prime
Putze Prime Mês atrás
The crossover I didnt expected but im glad that it exists
Agito Dragoon
Agito Dragoon 2 meses atrás
Here’s the thing that puts this whole issue to rest It’s said that in the boys, humanity doesn’t have any sort of way to kill homelander should he go rouge. The SCP foundation can casually lock up entities that threaten to destroy reality and are easily above homelander’s abilities.
Internet Lurker
Internet Lurker Mês atrás
@Ford Prefect Homelander can be killed by artillery I don't think that 14000 nukes are exactly necessary. But to befair the GOC wouldn't really care about that.
Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect 2 meses atrás
Well, there's always the GOC strat. Currently, there are ~14000 nuclear weapons in the world. Focus a fraction of this energy in one direction, and you have ~14000 nuclear death lasers. In the unlikely case that this isn't enough firepower to directly kill him, it is more than enough firepower to whack him into interstellar space. Sure, there would be lots of casualties, but he's either dead or someone else's problem.
Assymetry1021 2 meses atrás
Or just do an entry for homelander but give it exaggerated feats and unrealistic dialogue. The wikidot moderators will remove the article and consequently remove homelander from the narrative
Tyree Harris
Tyree Harris 2 meses atrás
In the comics,that's why black noir was made.
The FutureGamer
The FutureGamer 2 meses atrás
Should’ve thrown Abel at him
American Celt
American Celt Mês atrás
Without watching the video... Knowing what I know about the foundation and the tools they have access to, *YES* "The Claw" would likely be enough to incapacitate or kill Homelander, and its classified as a 'safe' SCP Billy Butcher gets told he can either work for them as a mobile task force contractor or become D class.
Some Dude
Some Dude Mês atrás
Imagine if the scp foundation could make an Omni man clone solely to counter homelander
Moohab Mês atrás
I really don't think the foundation would need to try this hard to contain Homelander
micheal ball
micheal ball Mês atrás
In the comic they made bullets that could kill the supers. The army just rolls up and blast them out of the sky not even close.
geardog24 2 meses atrás
Feels like all of this bloodshed could've been avoided if they just sent Cain and Able after Homelander.
Jameson 123
Jameson 123 Mês atrás
@Tau ceti 096 has jumped to the moon
TheBigHurt Mês atrás
@Deez mcnuts According to Resurrections, that isn't what went down. The Foundation triggered a World Reset Button under 2000 and Able's team went in to stop it. Almost the whole team (except Iris, Able and the team leads) got wiped out and the mission sort-of failed/worked. They stopped it from erasing the timeline but it still rebooted the universe. In the reboot, that MTF's death got pinned on Able (by the O5s) and the rest of the world (except the O5s, Cain & Able) never knew any different.
TheBigHurt Mês atrás
@Terceras06 Cain probably would've done it and he would've been enough.
Skell 2 meses atrás
@Quaniggalus Quangledangle Marlingling Dingledoodle Im sure 096 still gonna be able to find a way,be it parkour on building or anything else
FaintDuch 66
FaintDuch 66 Mês atrás
With all the shit the foundation has been through and done, a greatly powerful super powered sociopath with an ego the size of Saturn is like a Thursday at the foundation
Mr insightful
Mr insightful Mês atrás
I take this as one of the many ways homelander can be defeated, we already know this could be a lot easier
Riki 10
Riki 10 Dia atrás
Run homelander is coming. chill we're in europe. Oh yeah ... cool
ATR2400 Mês atrás
This video really severely overestimates Homelanders power. His heat beams probably wouldn’t even touch the Dragonslayer. The video is more to tell a brutal story than an actual analysis of who would win
Joshua Claxton
Joshua Claxton 2 meses atrás
Two other options for this, ask 343 nicely to handle Homelander, or show him a picture of 096 and enjoy watching him spending the rest of his life running.
The Rock
The Rock Mês atrás
@Tetraxis nothing in scp is canon bud
Camdenprime5 Mês atrás
Or 3rd option, sic 682 on him.
Dokuganryu15 Mês atrás
@Michaeltheweeb Exactly.
Michaeltheweeb Mês atrás
@Dokuganryu15 that's overkill
Dokuganryu15 Mês atrás
Have him fight any reality bender and see how well it goes for him.
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