Coolest Cooler - Where are they NOW?

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I hope you guys like this idea. Either way, different stuff coming. Then more of the same. Considering bringing back bad unboxing...
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21 Fev 2017



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Comentários 80
Mr Slightly Salted Potato
I'm from south Africa 😐
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 2 dias atrás
Are you on a shooting range?
AcidBaby TV
AcidBaby TV 2 dias atrás
His website looks and sounds like a porn website thats telling me that local girls want to chat and is trying to take my credit card info
Da Teacha
Da Teacha 3 dias atrás
The cooler looks like it weighs 250kg! 🤣
Jon H
Jon H 3 dias atrás
haha i want to die
Boras Dashcam
Boras Dashcam 3 dias atrás
00:06 What song is that?!
Gecko'sGotGames 5 dias atrás
Those people are dumb as shit. Why not just buy a fucking yeti??? Its useful and reliable and you get the fucking thing you ordered.
Ragnar Wiik
Ragnar Wiik 6 dias atrás
this haircut is the best
Colpster Productions
Colpster Productions 7 dias atrás
love how there's just a firefight going on in the background really immersed me lol
Liggliluff 8 dias atrás
(4:40) What does your skin colour have to do with it? This is a really awkward thing Americans do, that seems very racist to people in other nations.
TittleLickerr420 13 dias atrás
I love how there's just a brake rotor chillin on the range
Harvey ,
Harvey , 14 dias atrás
Was this video shot in the middle of a civil war tf😂
Protronica 15 dias atrás
That’s a lot of crappie in one cooler
Vlado Atanasow
Vlado Atanasow 15 dias atrás
You are a simp
unkn0wn4041 15 dias atrás
I still think that cooler is awesome
brigmund freud
brigmund freud 15 dias atrás
Apparently at least 20,000 people never received their coolers. They closed up shop in the end of 2019.
Josh Govier
Josh Govier 15 dias atrás
Dora explores mini fridge
Carl Davis
Carl Davis 16 dias atrás
Shot gun = yes yes yes
Maab Hamza
Maab Hamza 17 dias atrás
Watermelon is RUINED 💔
PooNoodleRamen 17 dias atrás
I liked what’s in the box but ok
duck qack
duck qack 18 dias atrás
Tekno Karınca
Tekno Karınca 19 dias atrás
I saw somebody pledge in video
Ziggy The Adventurer
Ziggy The Adventurer 20 dias atrás
it's just gonna get sand fucked !
Richard Foster
Richard Foster 21 dia atrás
Christopher Leamons
Christopher Leamons 22 dias atrás
Fucking awesome! I watched until the end and was treated to that thing getting blasted the FUCK!
dakuru 22 dias atrás
how much does 40 pounds weight?
Griffin productions
Griffin productions 23 dias atrás
is no one going to henchman all the gun shots
kermoist 23 dias atrás
you should have pissed on it to check if it was waterproof
Rival 24 dias atrás
10:32 Me: "Oh, that’s why I heard the ambience for Call Of Duty World War 2 In the background"
Jordan Dillon
Jordan Dillon 24 dias atrás
Why the fuck did you go to Afghanistan to film the review
Holden Watkins
Holden Watkins 24 dias atrás
I can make myself sneeze that way too!!
Andrew 24 dias atrás
I appreciate his shitty haircuts.
Ferndogg 24 dias atrás
Why did he shoot the 200.00 coolest chest for?
Brian Ross
Brian Ross 25 dias atrás
Your at the gun range? Wtf is wrong.... nvm I have an idea
Large Human
Large Human 26 dias atrás
Are you next to a FUCKING SHOOTING RANGE!!!!!?????!!!!
sass Mate
sass Mate 29 dias atrás
Why is this shit $450? I wouldn’t pay more than $100 for this shit
Jackson Potts
Jackson Potts Mês atrás
3:07 is that episode 3???
Bradberry Mês atrás
Why were you in a firing grounds?.
booognish Mês atrás
Lol. “That cooler looks epic”. “Low key cool”. Fucking ghey reeturds
booognish Mês atrás
The dumbest fucking cooler
Dan Fowler
Dan Fowler Mês atrás
6:39 bustin a groove
Zoinks Scoob
Zoinks Scoob Mês atrás
Casually having a picnic in Iraq
Sally Cakes Mix - Music Playlists!
i loved whats in the box://
Void Leech
Void Leech Mês atrás
the way he cut that cucumber made my dick retreat into my body. i’ve seen it a million times and it still freaks me out. fucking hell..
Jelly House
Jelly House Mês atrás
is h in Iran?
Erin Bradley
Erin Bradley Mês atrás
Wtf. Happened to his bangs. Must have missed that video.
cyberdoll2005 Mês atrás
he shaved his hairline for the leafy response vid💕sexy haircut tho 😍😍
MrBGS101 Mês atrás
3:08 Maybe someday we'll see this in full.
Fui Gebhardt1
Fui Gebhardt1 Mês atrás
God, he looks like Adam Lanza in this video. That was the Sandy Hook kid's name, right?
David DiStefano
David DiStefano Mês atrás
WHY Blast it all to shit afterwards for !???
Rillman24 2 meses atrás
where is that "thank you" from at 10:07 ??
Austin Coleman
Austin Coleman Mês atrás
Rillman24 Wind Waker I think.
Fluffy Milkshake
Fluffy Milkshake 2 meses atrás
It's funny that there's like only 4 episodes of where are they now because those are the only ones that went anywhere after Kickstarter, lmao
Big chungus Production fan
Fucking string betting
Rocker2002 2 meses atrás
10:07 Where did 90s Adam Sandler come from?
peter griffin
peter griffin 2 meses atrás
All I gotta say is Lord Farquaad
Alexis Takeover
Alexis Takeover 2 meses atrás
Years later and I still get people messaging me about being in this video😂😫
One of my Moms mistakes
Alexis Takeover e
Yeti Gaming
Yeti Gaming 2 meses atrás
J D 2 meses atrás
You're a 30 year old that looks 19. Congratulations. When you're 45 you'll still be hooking up with high school girls. Yah, you didn't think anyone knew or remembered the two high school girls do you? I'm sure this comment will get deleted really quick if he sees it, just like my other comments. He dates little girls and has to pay them to keep quiet hahahaha what a punk.
Lars Ulrock
Lars Ulrock 2 meses atrás
Do I hear a school in the distance?
Scoobert Doobert
Scoobert Doobert 2 meses atrás
The 4.4K people who disliked this are the same chumps who never got their cooler.
Genius Khan
Genius Khan 2 meses atrás
A lesson learned: don't fund a Kickstarter for a product that has a bottle opener
Alecs 24 dias atrás
Kenny Andrew
Kenny Andrew 3 meses atrás
Has this man never been camping
Rtas 'Vadum
Rtas 'Vadum 3 meses atrás
I honestly thought idubbz was in his 20s 🤦‍♂️
Zan 3 meses atrás
Man is sitting on a fucking battle field Jesus Christ
Lenny Retacchi
Lenny Retacchi 3 meses atrás
Nobody: Idubbbz having a picnic in the middle of Iraq:
Spider_Ham36 3 meses atrás
The outro made me realise how happy I am to be in Australia with good gun laws
Nokachi 3 meses atrás
He was on a gun range. There was nothing wrong with that. I think Australia just sucks lmaooooo.
Nokachi 3 meses atrás
Trailblazer 1997
Trailblazer 1997 3 meses atrás
You look like sammy
Jeremiah Hester
Jeremiah Hester 3 meses atrás
Damn idubbbz I didn't know you went to iraq for this review 😂
Jaiden White
Jaiden White 3 meses atrás
why did he go to a range
Jaiden White
Jaiden White 3 meses atrás
oh i see now shot gun style
Sboven 3 meses atrás
as a South African, thats pretty accurate
Master Blue Wolf
Master Blue Wolf 3 meses atrás
Idubbbz the Simp war needs to end.
soundcloud - remymane
soundcloud - remymane 3 meses atrás
where is the simp now
Error Fox
Error Fox 3 meses atrás
And the thing is I could get everything in that cooler for less than $200. And they want $450 for it.
Error Fox
Error Fox 3 meses atrás
Oh my fucking gooodddddddd the company shut down in dec 2019 what lol
Error Fox
Error Fox 3 meses atrás
I dont even remotely understand how the fuck they went bankrupt when they earned WAY over their backing amount, and had 13 MILLION FREAKING DOLLARS
JellyBot 3 meses atrás
7:12 Here idubbbz displays prowess so finely tuned that Gordon Ramsey cannot even match
B Ritchie
B Ritchie 3 meses atrás
When you sneeze at the same time as idubbbz 0:12
No Name
No Name 3 meses atrás
why is 7:50 kinda hot
larissa orozco
larissa orozco 4 meses atrás
175 for a cooler. Has he heard of Yeti since this?
PANZERFAUST90 4 meses atrás
I like how iDubbbz looks creepier and more homeless as the years progress 🤣
David Mobbs
David Mobbs 4 meses atrás
That watermelon for the headphone users >.< haha
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