Cooking STEAK with Sunlight

The King of Random
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Today we're cooking a steak using only solar power with the solar scorcher!
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7 Jun 2018

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Comentários 3 687
Luis Soto
Luis Soto 2 horas atrás
Can you boil water with that method? If so, can you boil eggs?
Robert FancyPants Motorcycle Mcgee
"A little bit of butter" = all the butter that is available in the world
Pablo Rages
Pablo Rages 2 dias atrás
Sear the steak FIRST
monbebe 2 dias atrás
That's a nice piece of steak tho
Nayan 80,000
Nayan 80,000 3 dias atrás
“It appears” really dude, more you fu*king over cooked it bro I hope it wasn’t an expensive one
Alexander amour
Alexander amour 3 dias atrás
Fookin laser sights
Danny Pham
Danny Pham 3 dias atrás
Well when you’re camping and you don’t have fire you know w what to do
ro_ro1235 3 dias atrás
Cooking sunlight with *steak*
Zormac 3 dias atrás
Do you want more steak in your butter?
Matthew McTaggart
Matthew McTaggart 3 dias atrás
Both of them are over cooked
Captain Buggy
Captain Buggy 3 dias atrás
The steak was overcooked both times. It's not suppose to be grey.
Weeblord _
Weeblord _ 3 dias atrás
Do a pizza!
Mishumydog 4 dias atrás
Do you want some steak with that butter?
The Pootis Cooperation
0:13 Ow...
bradderzpartridge 4 dias atrás
Anyone else think the background music is Hwoarang's stage from Tekken 3? lol Sounds very similar with the guitar
Zeltan 4 dias atrás
Ohhh so that's how sundried tomatoes are made. Thanks.
Smurfinz 4 dias atrás
When will we see a mass product of sunlight-cooker in retail stores ?
Adventuring Tristan 828
a well done steak... really tho
Rukkury 5 dias atrás
Steak is gonna be filled with vitamin D.
Chloe the Shitzu
Chloe the Shitzu 5 dias atrás
You should be on man fire food.
shit is crap
shit is crap 6 dias atrás
It cool but unpractical
Phoryan Ryan
Phoryan Ryan 6 dias atrás
That’s a lot of butter, butter get moving a lot after eating!
vincent nguyen
vincent nguyen 7 dias atrás
*Puts instant read thermometer in sunlight, thermometer melts* welp I think it’s hot
Wun Wun
Wun Wun 7 dias atrás
Gordon Ramsey wants to know your location
MooMooCowGirl1 8 dias atrás
The wood is bURNIng. Be careful man. That smoke gon give me anxiety 😰
RoeGi 1337
RoeGi 1337 8 dias atrás
wtf usa drowning a fatty stake in butter ????
Adventure Discovery
Adventure Discovery 8 dias atrás
You should have began searing process at around 125. The temperature carries over.
spuspu Absher
spuspu Absher 9 dias atrás
why are you wearing black gloves with the hottest thing there.
DaSad Frog
DaSad Frog 9 dias atrás
Watching this made me soo hungry😓
LETIZIZ ARMY 9 dias atrás
Wait what. A BRvid that eats with there mouth closed?!? NO WAY!😅😁
Bruno Cardoso assis
Bruno Cardoso assis 10 dias atrás
Can you melt any mineral with sunlight?
glo_ gaming
glo_ gaming 12 dias atrás
I love overcooked steak :D also try cooking a steak with only a magnifying glass!!!
oğuzhan türküzel
oğuzhan türküzel 12 dias atrás
its cooked full but its not losed the juicy form. perfect.
Fernando Le
Fernando Le 13 dias atrás
Grant Thompson
ProMeemo 13 dias atrás
Am I the only one who thought it turned night?
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 14 dias atrás
This made me hungry yet again. And I fricken' love steak. Also, Hwoarang's Tekken 3 theme
Paul Metcalf
Paul Metcalf 15 dias atrás
Solar Pan Pizza next.
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez 15 dias atrás
When you're going to cook steak but your stove doesn't work and its hot sunny day outside, you cook your steak under the sun.
Sidney Miller
Sidney Miller 16 dias atrás
Its called a fresnel lens
PastelASMR 16 dias atrás
Where was the A1 sauce
i cant find a good username
You put a little bit of steak on your butter
Unknown Chan
Unknown Chan 18 dias atrás
In Soviet Russia Sunlight cooks You!
Jair lopez Lopez
Jair lopez Lopez 18 dias atrás
Who is gonna fr 10 mil first 1. Faze rug 2./the king of random ???
Ryan Tuck
Ryan Tuck 18 dias atrás
what cut of steak is that
Semir Zulanovic
Semir Zulanovic 18 dias atrás
Am i the only one that likes burnt dry steak
OrangeJuice 18 dias atrás
Imposter , what did you do to the real one
Nova_Utah 19 dias atrás
Umm u do know ur meant to pepper the steak with salt
Justin Albert
Justin Albert 19 dias atrás
use a mirror, so much easier
Bobby Wilson
Bobby Wilson 19 dias atrás
Surprised to not see hank hill comment about the way that steak is cooked
WalnutTime 19 dias atrás
How bad do you need to be at cooking to season a steak with only salt I’m vegetarian and that angers me that says a lot
Not Zek
Not Zek 19 dias atrás
That intro seemed racist but I like the whips
PLF 19 dias atrás
Sear first, don't use butter unless you want to add other flavors like herbs and garlic. Otherwise it just draws out beef flavor.
RicoDuroska 19 dias atrás
I haven't watched for a while and was confused for the first few moments 'cause I thought Grant had turned into a skeleton
Riley Hopkins
Riley Hopkins 21 dia atrás
i, dont belive it this man made a oven from *glass* XD
Ghost At War99Z
Ghost At War99Z 21 dia atrás
ArtisticArcheopteryx 22 dias atrás
is this what the future holds? we can only ponder
El Pancho
El Pancho 23 dias atrás
that steak is sun kissed
admiral muhamad
admiral muhamad 23 dias atrás
"cook job" lol, that is my kind of job **insert lenny face here**
Zachary Spar
Zachary Spar 23 dias atrás
Butter with a side of steak
ORCA 23 dias atrás
7:07 ok uncle rico
Erik Schaffhauser
Erik Schaffhauser 17 dias atrás
Wtf did he say?
Kristoffer Veum
Kristoffer Veum 24 dias atrás
Next video : can you cook steak using a non stick pan in the sunlight? Then next after that is "can you cook steak on a motor? And the rest of his videoes are just that, different ways to cook steak
Abel Aguirre
Abel Aguirre 25 dias atrás
I miss grant
del 25 dias atrás
Where can i buy one of these light concentrating death rays?
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy
Apocalyptic Bone-Daddy 26 dias atrás
Here in Nevada, you can EASILY cook a steak with the sun... Literally 120+ Fahrenheit in the summer...
CLARIX GAMING 26 dias atrás
Can you cook ramen Cup Noodles with the sun?
Zeshui Song
Zeshui Song 26 dias atrás
So it is the king of random cooking show!
Clawdeen Wolf
Clawdeen Wolf 27 dias atrás
"To help out with the flavor" That *unseasoned* steak looks nasty wtf
xXDreamingHeroXx 27 dias atrás
You did did a tactical mistake in the first try. Of course it gets overcooked, i am confused why you were so confused. You increased the heat to touch up the surface, however heat travels. And therefore you ruined the medium you achived. I think it would have worked if you first did the surface then lowered the heat and measured the iner temperature...I think this way it would have been perfect form the first try. It is a bit how you cook a cutlet of duck, you first do the outside then you take the piece and put it in the oven to achive how you want it (rare, medium, well done)... Now i wonder if Duck done with sunlight works as well. Or how about cooking rabbit with sunlight?
Forever Young
Forever Young 27 dias atrás
You ruined it :(
Riley Williams
Riley Williams 27 dias atrás
Butter on a steak... yuck
TheUnpopularGuy 27 dias atrás
Introducing, Sunshine Steak!
gregory 28 dias atrás
7:08 rubber
Frank Igotone
Frank Igotone 28 dias atrás
over done yuk
Elizabeth Guerra
Elizabeth Guerra 28 dias atrás
The first steak you cooked was cooked well done which is how I like my steaks
Elizabeth Guerra
Elizabeth Guerra 28 dias atrás
The first steak you cooked was cooked well done which is how I like my steak
MinnieOblivion 29 dias atrás
Hmmm radiation
Ali-A Mês atrás
Did the steak taste like sun light ☀️
Dimitri blyat
Dimitri blyat Mês atrás
Great for post apocalypse
Almighty PIZZA
Almighty PIZZA Mês atrás
where's grant? Not being offensive or anything.
Brad Schwenk
Brad Schwenk Mês atrás
You should place the skillet to heat up to 500 degrees and cook the steak under it ! Broiler style !
Hyper Phoenix
Hyper Phoenix Mês atrás
He didn’t even flip it
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan Mês atrás
Why am i watching it? It's 4:41 AM and i gotta be on job by 11 AM LOL
Zak Dylan Morris
Zak Dylan Morris Mês atrás
How does one build that setup? This is a way of actually cooking without any electricity, gas or coal, actually a game changer! Please someone advise!!!
Sergio Buryy
Sergio Buryy Mês atrás
I’ve been asking and I’ll ask again, where’s grant been? Nobody’s been asking and I wanna know!
Sychron Mês atrás
Steaks is so expensive on Turkey,i can get it moonly :(
Jack sparrow
Jack sparrow Mês atrás
but wy black gloves
Edii S
Edii S Mês atrás
HotStreaker88 Hey king of random, what would happen if you put boogers in liquid nitrogen?
anime lover
anime lover Mês atrás
Anyone feeling the burn yet?
nathan higgins
nathan higgins Mês atrás
this video made me hungry
Bikerider 3
Bikerider 3 Mês atrás
You can catch more direct sunlight with mirrors above the solar scorcher. It's amplifies the heat energy.
ladebugJaidyn Johnson
For the people who say it is raw it is actually called medium rare witch means there will still be pink and a tiny bit of blood
minisniper97 Mês atrás
Mmmmm UV rays 😋
Jason Yang
Jason Yang Mês atrás
I got one, cook with fire or smoke
iCQ Mês atrás
If thats undercooker u must have quite some parasites and wurms im the belly now
Vicky 4529
Vicky 4529 Mês atrás
I wish my house doesn’t have a lot of flys
Levi Karkiainen
Levi Karkiainen Mês atrás
Reflect the narrow beam off of a mirror and into the bottom of the pan.
D4rklord64 Mês atrás
U need a solar scorcher btw.Or a magnifying glassOr a 15x scope from PUBG
D4rklord64 Mês atrás
In soviet russia we use steak to cook sunlight
Joshia Dnnsdjsks
Joshia Dnnsdjsks Mês atrás
I like my steak when he took the first steak out
Badoor Al Marzooqi
Badoor Al Marzooqi Mês atrás
Can you cook an egg with sunlight
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