Cooking STEAK with Sunlight

The King of Random
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Today we're cooking a steak using only solar power with the solar scorcher!
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7 Jun 2018

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Comentários 4 264
Erick M
Erick M 2 dias atrás
A little bit of butter LMAO
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin 3 dias atrás
Steak got ROASTED
Katie Thompson
Katie Thompson 3 dias atrás
Try to make a pig fly.
SharpGaming 3 dias atrás
caggit. 3 dias atrás
That's gonna get Sam and Ella 🤢
Ren 3rdie
Ren 3rdie 5 dias atrás
But I ordered Medium Rare!!
Roman Corona
Roman Corona 6 dias atrás
“Gordan Ramsey wants to know your location”
Sunstar2000 7 dias atrás
in texas all you need is the top of a hot car to cook a steak
Kitty Meow Meow vids
Kitty Meow Meow vids 10 dias atrás
Cooking with nate
Mr. Coolypoody
Mr. Coolypoody 10 dias atrás
He should’ve done this in straya
Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 11 dias atrás
I want you to apologize to that piece of meat 🤧
nicholasftp -
nicholasftp - 11 dias atrás
RKO - Gaming
RKO - Gaming 11 dias atrás
imagine there was Sun Cooker V3000
Anthony Golez
Anthony Golez 12 dias atrás
*Gordan Ramsay would like to know your location*
Ethan Hero Uy
Ethan Hero Uy 12 dias atrás
Conner Monsjou
Conner Monsjou 12 dias atrás
Try melt metal with the sun
nytrogen six
nytrogen six 12 dias atrás
No pepper
Mr. Good Dick
Mr. Good Dick 13 dias atrás
4:55 lies
Alyssa Carcelli
Alyssa Carcelli 14 dias atrás
Cook eggs like that
HyralProductions 16 dias atrás
you forgot the thyme and rosemary
Faktor F
Faktor F 16 dias atrás
Guys does any1 know where the real king of random went??
Interpol / the killers
Interpol / the killers 17 dias atrás
Wat a cool experiment
Ariana Grandè
Ariana Grandè 19 dias atrás
No more wasting power!!
MyRandomVideos 21 dia atrás
I kinda want to try that
AssassinMods 23 dias atrás
think you should have brought in someone who can cook for this 1
Evie Moore
Evie Moore 23 dias atrás
Cooking with Nate
Diane Dan
Diane Dan 24 dias atrás
You should try doing that here in the Philippines, maybe it will just cook for about 5-10 minutes...
Brazed 25 dias atrás
Do you want some steak with ur butter
mosho 227
mosho 227 25 dias atrás
Cooking JAHsteak with moonlight
Don Henry
Don Henry 25 dias atrás
Can you try heat a pot of oil and fry chicken with the solar scorcher.
Luffy Hunter
Luffy Hunter 27 dias atrás
just use my cpu to cook it XD
DiscoveringBlox 28 dias atrás
How to get a piece of the philippines 😂 Cuz it is really hot here
Talen Hansen
Talen Hansen Mês atrás
The more butter the better👍🐂
Josh Reighley
Josh Reighley Mês atrás
I made steak sous vide via solar heated water once. It took a long time, but it was perfect.
Charmanderaznable Mês atrás
Why would you cook your steak to medium THEN continue cooking it at even higher temperture for an extended period of time? Obviously the steak is going to be ruined, thats the only possible outcome...
andrew ortsman
andrew ortsman Mês atrás
you ruined that steak. sac religious.
chezboi Mês atrás
Goodbye Gasbills
Sam A
Sam A Mês atrás
I can't even eat a steak if it's cooked more than Mid-Rare...
Captincruc Mês atrás
Aye this was posted on my birthday can we possibly get 10 likes???
Alexander Wright
Alexander Wright Mês atrás
Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location.
Daniel M
Daniel M Mês atrás
Instant read thermometer. lol
Info Warrior
Info Warrior Mês atrás
Gross who uses butter?
VoltageSpark 420
VoltageSpark 420 Mês atrás
Should test out how many steaks it takes to send you in a coma 😄
TheDiamond CreeperGuy
dont do any of this vids plez I am hangre
O_Cpapi Chris
O_Cpapi Chris Mês atrás
What happened to grante
Andrea Z
Andrea Z Mês atrás
Overcooked? I think is about right to me, not into cannibalism so much 😎
lps moon aj
lps moon aj Mês atrás
Golden Ramsey is shookth
Logan Playz
Logan Playz Mês atrás
This is how people from Arizona save on their gas bill
ViNciOus Mês atrás
You guys have the greatest minds in the world
Hua Hed
Hua Hed Mês atrás
Ha!!! Well in my country sunlight can melt iron beat that.
Hua Hed
Hua Hed Mês atrás
Gilgamesh Of Sumer not bad
Gilgamesh Of Sumer
Gilgamesh Of Sumer Mês atrás
Ha!!! in my country we don't need a fridge, we just put our food outside beat that.
Monique M
Monique M Mês atrás
If you where in las Vegas I'm in the summer doing this it would be overcooked
Niruto Uzimaki
Niruto Uzimaki Mês atrás
we need grant
Daniel Nijkamp
Daniel Nijkamp Mês atrás
Great. Why dont they have this in africa
miss misanthropist
miss misanthropist Mês atrás
imagine how much cheaper sun cooking stuff is
Noodle Opps
Noodle Opps Mês atrás
Gordon ramsay said this aint it chief
OffixialMxr Mês atrás
This guy knows de way
Krallesmusic Mês atrás
Comes home to wife after a hard days work,”honey i cooked steak for dinner” “damnit i dont ever get any time off”
Edward Jung
Edward Jung Mês atrás
The Sun: Nature’s Microwave.
Phil Gd
Phil Gd Mês atrás
He should have cooked with the butter on top
Marlesden Mês atrás
I mean obviously the first was overcooked because he only started trying to sear it when he had already got to 140 degrees
Benjamin Tran
Benjamin Tran Mês atrás
Why did you use a paper plate?
somebody x
somebody x Mês atrás
This intro is kinky af
ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _
ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _ Mês atrás
Now you`ve got alot of vitamin D...😂
Simon Chen
Simon Chen Mês atrás
He didn't cook the fat :( it hurts seeing that
JveeAnKovo Mês atrás
10 000 suscribers with no videos
When you are oven vegan
JetbyGaming Mês atrás
Up next "Melting Copper with sunlight"
MANO GAMER Mês atrás
Kana Mês atrás
“Solar scorcher” we have one of those in Australia we call it the sun
Fortnite battle royale
Thermal Mês atrás
*Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*
I wonder how would *Gordon Ramsay* reacts *Gordon Ramsey*:Its burnt
E Baxter
E Baxter Mês atrás
definitely isn't an instant read thermometer
JustPlayZ XD
JustPlayZ XD Mês atrás
In my country there someone cook 200 chicken every week using sunlight
TheRookies5 Mês atrás
I wonder how. What temperature of the day is needed for?
Nemo Nobody
Nemo Nobody Mês atrás
Great, now fry your balls with the sun.
Eduardo Prado
Eduardo Prado Mês atrás
Can’t even cook a steak lol
Drunk Pewdiepie OwO
Australia in the summer be like
Jay Watson
Jay Watson Mês atrás
Tf was that intro 😂😂
kane #10
kane #10 Mês atrás
He gets vitiamin d in most natural way..
faze frog
faze frog Mês atrás
Gordon Ramsay wants to know you're location
Xharmer Noob
Xharmer Noob Mês atrás
Ahhhhhh. That’s hot, that’s hot.
PuLsE_Mystic Mês atrás
*Gordon Ramsey wants to know your location*
StormShark Mês atrás
That's hot that's hot
Khoi Pham
Khoi Pham Mês atrás
Gordon Ramsay has left the group chat
The power of Girafs
thank you for alsow schowing us eu people the temprature in Celcius
mielentila sukeltaja
The CornyCabbage
The CornyCabbage Mês atrás
Make a fire
LunEkoYT Mês atrás
*Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*
Loco NL
Loco NL Mês atrás
now this is energy saving.
Meow Meows
Meow Meows Mês atrás
It looks tasty
Lois Loves Cheese
Lois Loves Cheese Mês atrás
imagine what gordan ramsay would say...
satan and demon
satan and demon Mês atrás
Chuck norris cooks sunlight with butter
Logan Boxy
Logan Boxy Mês atrás
In Soviet Russia, The steak cooks you
NiGgEr ArE gAy
NiGgEr ArE gAy Mês atrás
Did u just sear the sunlight with a steak?
God X Anime
God X Anime Mês atrás
He seasoned salt with meat
Phat Chink Boi
Phat Chink Boi Mês atrás
rip its well done
Danh Mai
Danh Mai Mês atrás
Gordon Ramsay has left the chat
2best Lel
2best Lel Mês atrás
The steak is screaming heart attack
RagingRaul_ 69
RagingRaul_ 69 Mês atrás
Dang this was a cool vid, if I told my mom were only going to use butter and salt she would be like " No here let me go get some more seasonings
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