Controlling Greed When Trading 🙂

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Becoming too Greedy when we're Trading. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE! I have so much greed, how do I control it. How can I overcome the instincts of greed and fear while trading on the stock markets? In this video we discuss the psychological problem of greed and how you can get rid of it. How do we get that balance of holding your positions and trying to extract as much out of the market as we can and being too greedy (looking for more than is good for your health). You are in a trade and its going well but you want more out of it. This is fine but when this is outside of your initial plan, that's when it gets to the greed area. This is also about trading discipline. All those emotions we are talking about are purely triggering a different side of the analytical process that you've done. The other thing is position sizing; it is too easy to start increasing our position when we get our trades right.
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Controlling Greed When Trading 🙂



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UKspreadbetting 9 meses atrás
👉 It seems a lot of our viewers are non-subscribers. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as we upload regular videos! If you hit the “Bell” icon (🔔) you will receive a notification on youtube every time that we upload a video on our channel. Bell icon hitters are super fans of our channel 🥰
vlox Mês atrás
Could’ve had 750 this morning, got greedy left with 140... stings but it’s a learning lesson
Thato Ngwati
Thato Ngwati Mês atrás
Lost 35usd because of greed
Battlefield 1942 Heroes
Today it ended so badly coz of greed..and i have no regrets....Learnt a lesson..
D 2.0
D 2.0 6 meses atrás
All of a sudden we have doubled the lot size 🤑
Muttaqina Sanzida
Muttaqina Sanzida 7 meses atrás
Greed is very dangerous for the Forex traders and it will cause the failure of their trading life. A Forex trader most of the cases become greedy by getting profit once or twice. But it should not happen and greed should be controlled by them. With Forex4you trading broker I can always overcome all my trading weakness such as greed, emotion and confidence. So, that I can trade well and do better.
Meghan Workman
Meghan Workman 9 meses atrás
This is EXACTLY what I did earlier this morning. Ended up with only a $6 profit when I could've had well over $200. You are absolutely SPOT ON with this video. Thanks!
Marc Hauschild
Marc Hauschild 9 meses atrás
I go back if i am greedy and overtrade
Mindaugas G
Mindaugas G 10 meses atrás
if not greed I would be a millionaire by now. So hard to fight with it!
Job Ben
Job Ben 10 meses atrás
Thank you
sumit kumar
sumit kumar Anos atrás
All superb topics regarding psycho haunting while trading you go man 👊
sumit kumar
sumit kumar Anos atrás
FOMO, panic, greed and anxiety are greatest enemies of trader, can't ignore these
jonster lee
jonster lee Anos atrás
Excellent videos. so many things I need to work on
Ian Anos atrás
Thanks mate!!
Ahmed Hajat
Ahmed Hajat Anos atrás
I cant thank you enough for your videos. They absolutely hit the nail on the head. Great work
Damien Cummings
Damien Cummings Anos atrás
Great video
NickTheWinner Anos atrás
so helpful
Ollie Moore
Ollie Moore Anos atrás
04.47 "I didn't mean to" 😂 did it so many times. market will punish you if you get too greedy.
David Rhys Roberts
David Rhys Roberts Anos atrás
What is the average risk reward ratio? And knowing when it's the right time to take profit and go. I'm making substantial profits on some trades only for it to then go in the other direction and not take the profit but I've set my target and learnt to be patient but it almost never reaches it. Is this a case of greed lol. Thanks
David Rhys Roberts
David Rhys Roberts Anos atrás
@UKspreadbetting I have done this many a time as a trailing stop however the stop loss when trailing most of the time the risk reward becomes less. If my stop is at £200 at first and it launches to £600 in a day but my take profit set is a 12/1 at £2,400 profit, I'd have to risk more as I trail my stop for pivots etc... Thank you for your responses and your videos have been a real help to me along the way.
UKspreadbetting Anos atrás
There is no average risk reward ratio as this is up to your plan/system. If your trades are in substantial profit it might be an idea to link a stop to them (and move it up - even manually) so as to lock some profits.
Dg 27
Dg 27 Anos atrás
very true very good teatcher
Fred Fairchild
Fred Fairchild 2 anos atrás
Guilty of greed right here, and it has cost me more money than anything else.
Lisanda04 2 anos atrás
you know me very well Sir
Timtim S
Timtim S 2 anos atrás
Thank you
ma.theresa sarmiento
ma.theresa sarmiento 2 anos atrás
IMPATIENCE and OVERTRADING. Couldn't agree more. I think the best way to handle these two issue is to come up with certain rules as a safety net. Personally, with OVERTRADING, I make it a rule to just make a single run then get out of a trade once my target selling price is hit.
Oleg Bezrukov
Oleg Bezrukov 2 anos atrás
Thanks for sharing your knowledge for free...many people are trying to make money from simple stuff.
Yevgeniy Melnik
Yevgeniy Melnik 2 anos atrás
Deffenantly affect the trading time to time, just stick to your rules and everything will e fine) thanks for the video!! Very helpful!
FreeLearnclass 2 anos atrás
yeah lost 1000USD, because of shorting btc
Jakub Valenta
Jakub Valenta 2 anos atrás
FreeLearnclass I did the same and lost $600,-
Antranik DotOrg
Antranik DotOrg 2 anos atrás
Awesome underrated channel!!!
Mark Meier
Mark Meier 2 anos atrás
I really like your videos. Can't believe you don't have more views. Keep it up and it'll come I suppose :)
Terence 2 anos atrás
Can you make a video about how to manage winning trades? Like when do I take profits, should I move my stop loss to break even or splitting my positions so that I can take half the profits...great video btw
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