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This week, Ryan answers all your questions about the final season premiere of BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural! Not to worry, Ghouligans - Shane will be back next week.


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20 Out 2021



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Comentários 1 943
Chickens Don't Surf
Chickens Don't Surf 4 dias atrás
Final season? Why do I always find the good stuff right as it's ending? lol
Linda M.
Linda M. 5 dias atrás
I guess kids have been asking for shane instead of mary when playing Bloody Mary....put her out of a job. She is available for hire....but she knows her worth. No low balling!
chris- may_weidow
chris- may_weidow 5 dias atrás
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network pleas do sonic.exe cursed game pleas
Speedbird 7 dias atrás
Why does Shane keep looking off camera. We need answers.
mrlnxf 8 dias atrás
09:09 gives me life
Pemo 12 dias atrás
id say one of my favourite things to do is to look for "orbs" and say to myself, haha the boogaras will think thats a ghost makes me think that these guys are so scared of something that's meant to be a human being that they've never been in an old house before
Travis Love Benson
Travis Love Benson 14 dias atrás
Ryan I can GUARANTEE if you put those cat ears on and walked out into the middle of the street on all fours people would -definitely- try to give you milk 😏
Firestar4041 15 dias atrás
I wanna be on Ghost boi side of Ryan But, my dude, you dont do a great job at case building :'v
Alexandria Oakes
Alexandria Oakes 15 dias atrás
I'm watching this and my 1 year old is laying down for nap time but he is staring at me creepy asf and it actually gave me chills. Wtf.
Nethmini Methiwala
Nethmini Methiwala 7 dias atrás
kids always be like that 🤣
Swagman Explores
Swagman Explores 15 dias atrás
You did well Beef Boy lol
Krievv 15 dias atrás
Theory: Shane isn't actually a demon. He is the casing that traps demons inside. That's why the ghosts/demons are scared of him and only go after Ryan. They don't want to be trapped inside of Shane. So the holy water itself does not affect Shane, it affects the demons inside and that's why he is out.
Edward Hunter
Edward Hunter 16 dias atrás
Yeah, im not surprised that he finally admit that Shane is a demon. I have an ability to see people what they really are and yeah, shane is just wearing a rubberized skin type texture but hidden inside is yup! A demon!
Gisul_K 16 dias atrás
Man, that "energy" question. Like, who's the say there isn't a form of energy we don't know about? There's so many things we can't perceive without the proper tools or context. Sure we can see fire, we can see electricity (in certain ways), but a hundred years ago people had no real idea that nuclear energy exists. It's not like we as humans know everything, there's still an infinite amount of things we have no clue about, and who's to say that spiritual energy isn't one of them?
Ira Mudgal
Ira Mudgal 17 dias atrás
Criteria for what passes as paranormal: will it convince Shane Haha
LittleLadyLindsay 19 dias atrás
I thought that shirt said 'tis the season of genuine wheezin' lol
Melissa Faye
Melissa Faye 19 dias atrás
Good Lord, Shane is beautiful lol
Thomasin Lockwood
Thomasin Lockwood 20 dias atrás
Wait when has Ryan seen a ghost??
Ava Lavene
Ava Lavene 20 dias atrás
This is just 15 minutes of Ryan making himself laugh lol
One Shot photography
One Shot photography 20 dias atrás
Wait you were here during the hurricane? I live down the road from the conjuring house
Id just like to say from someone who has seen many ghosts and from a spiritualist, a lot of the time ghosts do come as orbs since they are merely forms of energy or souls
Yang Vang
Yang Vang 21 dia atrás
I love Shane's personality, I don't care what anyone says. Shaniac forever
Charlotte Rice
Charlotte Rice 21 dia atrás
Ryan was really just in a silly goofy mood this ep.
Crab in the Tophat
Crab in the Tophat 21 dia atrás
Woh woh woh, Ryan has seen a ghost??? Can someone link me to a video or point a direction where I can find out about his story of seeing the ghost.
Think it was in "The Horrifying Sorrel-Weed Haunted Mansion". I won't put the timestamp so it can be a fun surprise, but if you don't have time to watch through the whole video the (currently) 20th top comment has a timestamp to it.
DidgeryDont DoThat
DidgeryDont DoThat 21 dia atrás
i’m high and shane is giving off major louis walsh vibes in his lil video
Leah Howard
Leah Howard 21 dia atrás
*Picture wrap on the bergooz* !!! Call back to puppet history!!
conarr 22 dias atrás
ryan wearing the watcher beanie in this episode i see
katherine collins
katherine collins 22 dias atrás
Really enjoyed this
Bacon Eater
Bacon Eater 22 dias atrás
Why does your hat say "Are You Jared"?
Kyleigh Ball
Kyleigh Ball 22 dias atrás
The name for the smell that comes after rain is petrichor
subtlesraf 23 dias atrás
oh my god the "light anomaly" was DUST ffs
The True Raven
The True Raven 23 dias atrás
what if this was the final season because they finally got 100% proof ghost are real
Gumiho Mochi
Gumiho Mochi 23 dias atrás
Shane And Ryan should bring a dog to one of these sites
Vinay Gowda
Vinay Gowda 23 dias atrás
What episode does Ryan see a ghost? I’ve been trying to find the episode
B0T-ist 23 dias atrás
no ranboo mentions? in disappointed
Maddie Ullrick
Maddie Ullrick 24 dias atrás
I’m sorry but Ryan’s hat ✋😭 it’s making him look like a gnome
Bear with glasses
Bear with glasses 24 dias atrás
I mean, if I was a dog, I would bark at a random dude pretending to be a cat
Luster Fitness and Cars
Yes....and no....but also maybe
Brittney Ross
Brittney Ross 24 dias atrás
Always so sassy, Ryan, I love it 😂
Paper finger
Paper finger 24 dias atrás
So am I going to resub, or y’all gonna ghost me
Guillermo Zepeda
Guillermo Zepeda 24 dias atrás
"No one knows where you go; listen Joe, it'll drive you crazy. But no matter where you go, and no matter what you do; I will always think...of you."
Kenzie Taylor
Kenzie Taylor 24 dias atrás
Why did you pick all the questions from people named Sophie, Sofi, and Sophia 😂
Leah Ranjel
Leah Ranjel 25 dias atrás
I started out as a #boogara but as the seasons roll on I’ve become a bit more of a #shaniac
Tracy 25 dias atrás
lmao....Ryan looks like a very naughty little gnome....
father flavor
father flavor 25 dias atrás
"The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn't exist." Got my eye on this Shane guy
Carnage Artistry
Carnage Artistry 25 dias atrás
Why are the videos privated now?
A B 26 dias atrás
i don't know, speaking as someone who does believe in the one-and-done sort of picture wrap, as it were, it seems a more pleasant way to go about things. when have you ever heard of a happy ghost? wouldn't boredom set in at some point in eternity? gimme the big sleep, please and thank you; call it my one-time donation to the concept of entropy
Jack Roberts
Jack Roberts 26 dias atrás
Both you guys are style icons, so whatever you're doing keep it up!
brandon stafford
brandon stafford 26 dias atrás
Yep not going to get vaxed but good try.
dammitmom 22 dias atrás
ok loser
Mia Lie
Mia Lie 26 dias atrás
When did Ryan see a ghost? Was it in another episode or what happened?
Kimmy G
Kimmy G 26 dias atrás
Anyone know why they are cancelling the show??
Aditi Thapak
Aditi Thapak 26 dias atrás
Can Ryan tell his story on seeing a ghost
Cleo Bens
Cleo Bens 26 dias atrás
Ryan bring dressed as a goth papa smurf is kinda hot🤣🤣🤣
Jordan V
Jordan V 26 dias atrás
I got 3 ads on this buzzfeed really milking their last season
𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓪𝓯 27 dias atrás
𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓪𝓯 27 dias atrás
𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓪𝓯 27 dias atrás
Tickety Boo
Tickety Boo 27 dias atrás
a moment of silence for everyone holding out for the hot daga
Daniel M
Daniel M 27 dias atrás
Haha Ryan trying to look huge at the start of the video 🤣
Ikram Mohamed
Ikram Mohamed 27 dias atrás
really gonna miss buzzfeed unsolved youtube will never be the same
Maria Canul
Maria Canul 27 dias atrás
i'm excited. "promising" tba action pact season!
Maria Canul
Maria Canul 27 dias atrás
tip for shane: you have something on your stache under stage-right nostril, dude; looks like a small white ball of something; mos def prolly a moco
Giomar Quiñones
Giomar Quiñones 27 dias atrás
Kill ghost? Lol
Cayla 27 dias atrás
plot twist: ryan's the demon this whole time but was just framing shane
MoonFowlee 28 dias atrás
This is random but Ryan looks great in this video for some reason idk maybe the black clothes compliment his complexion idk lol
the author surrogate
the author surrogate 28 dias atrás
ryan why are you wearing the hat like that........
Cyber Punk
Cyber Punk 28 dias atrás
more like the conjuring house is infested by fungi
Unknown Name
Unknown Name 28 dias atrás
Chad pike
Chad pike 29 dias atrás
The one thing that gets me going is when Shane 100% thinks that ghost is not real
Retro Wizard99
Retro Wizard99 29 dias atrás
ACEING 29 dias atrás
I just don’t get why buzzfeed is killing this show
Jessica Creed
Jessica Creed 29 dias atrás
"I know this show is not known for evidence-" Ooh, self burn! Those are rare.
Meanness 29 dias atrás
I was thinking about the ghost box recently in the way of translating it. As Shane is Madej (Mad-Ej! XD) it sounds like if he was partially Polish, so I wondered if he ever thought how to call it in Polish... I was thinking about "duszkopudło" or "duszne pudło" as a joke between duch (ghost) and duszny (a place where it's hard to breathe). Also we have something called "Madejowe łoże" like "Madej's bed". I forgot what it is but it was something scary. And I'm just wondering if Shane's Madej surname is connected with it...
MetalizedButt 29 dias atrás
14:18 pretty much sums up why people actually invented the concept of ghosts and heaven and hell and god and the devil
Natalie Moore
Natalie Moore 29 dias atrás
On the last comment: As a sensitive ghosts, people, animals, and even some object (especially those with an electrical component) all have very similar auras. The auras of humans and animals are more prominent then that if some objects and the auras of spirits look blue to me.
Diana 29 dias atrás
I am so incredibly saddened that shane wasn't there to comment on when they were dressed as catboys
WildFireWoo 29 dias atrás
Wait. When you said “covered in snakeskin” my mind filled the dark corners of that dusty basement with snake hide upholstery. I’m having trouble closing the door on that image.
Russell St.Martin
Russell St.Martin 29 dias atrás
Poor Ryan, doesn't realize that Shane would slam the door in his face regardless of what kind of evidence he had.
Lau Echeve
Lau Echeve 29 dias atrás
We miss you!! Happy vacation :)
Hannah Gott
Hannah Gott 29 dias atrás
“I resent that Laura” is gonna be my new “no one cares Karen”
Yoyo The panda
Yoyo The panda 29 dias atrás
“Like a douchebag” Ryan is jelly
kadomox 29 dias atrás
Ryan you know you can pull your hat all the way into your head?
shiningstarbless 29 dias atrás
Shane: *claims ghost don't exist* also Shane: Annabelle's demonic spirit resides in me now
UrbanDruid UK
UrbanDruid UK 29 dias atrás
Petrichor. The smell of the Earth after rain...
Vini Dubey
Vini Dubey 29 dias atrás
Dont listen to them, i thought the cat bit was genius 😂❤️
Tears of a waterfall
Tears of a waterfall 29 dias atrás
I watch these with my mum and she says Ryan’s the cute one and Shane’s the crazy one, so now you guys know. Ryan’s the eye candy and shane’s just absolutely mental. We love you from Englanddd. Oh and congrats on getting engaged ;) aka getting laid for LOIFE #boogarababes
Haley Hendrick
Haley Hendrick 29 dias atrás
Yeah I have a question, are gingers therefore incapable of returning as ghosts?
bridget Sullivan
bridget Sullivan 29 dias atrás
You two have been so entertaining. I love your dynamic. Im a believer but Shane is a good denominator. 🎃❤️
Adrija Dey
Adrija Dey 29 dias atrás
5:44 damn Ryan has seen a ghost? When? How?
Schwarzkald 29 dias atrás
So unsolved! meaning you two clowns never solve anything.
Tony Phillis
Tony Phillis 29 dias atrás
Oh, Ryan…believing in souls stuck on earth in perpetual repetition and suffering is “optimistic?” That just seems cruel. Btw, energy has a fixed, scientific definition; stick with “life force” and “essence” from here on.
Saucy Dan
Saucy Dan 29 dias atrás
I’d give Cat Ryan milk if I saw him on the street.
Ayra ⟭⟬
Ayra ⟭⟬ 28 dias atrás
Me too fr
Beepbopbog Mês atrás
Ryan without Shane is a flirt fest. One wink too many ghoul boy, but I appreciate it.
Drew Dickerson
Drew Dickerson Mês atrás
BOOM!!! Burned him brah! Confused shaniacs! I love it lol
Arianne Brodeur
Arianne Brodeur Mês atrás
it kills me everytime someone thinks a face mask is purely for covid and odd in any other circumstance like 💀💀💀 whos gunna tell em masks existed before the pandemic and became Apart of the pandemic bc theyve Always had the function of protecting our nose and mouth lmao idk its so wild to me like yall please
Lindsie Ambrose
Lindsie Ambrose Mês atrás
💌💘💘💛🧡🧡❤❣💞🤎💗💗💗💗💓💓💞JESUS LOVES YALL 💘 💖 ❤ 💕 💗 💓 💘 💖 ❤ 💕 💗 💓 💘 💖 ❤ 💕 💗 💓 💘 💖 ❤ 💕
Billy Bill
Billy Bill Mês atrás
Meat vessel.
Josh Rushlow
Josh Rushlow Mês atrás
as a chemist the last question hurt me a lil
Inneskine Mês atrás
“Animated meat”...that’s an interesting one.
Lethe_river Mês atrás
so you believe people are more than the sum of their parts, and that the left over stays here? i personally like to think we all go to hades, but i'm a biased pagan lol.
Lethe_river Mês atrás
sophia campos??? uh hi lol we probably went to the same highschool, so that's interesting i guess? that sounds weird, anyway, it's cool we're a fan of the same show. kay, bye.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Mês atrás
Wouldn't it be he-said, he-said?
sdq sdq
sdq sdq Mês atrás
shane is on the verge of believing , lol he's just masking it
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