Confusion over details of US-brokered cease-fire in Syria

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The Next Revolution panel discuss the decision and reactions prompted by President Trump’s decision to pull troops from Syria.
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21 Out 2019



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Comentários 750
cynthia pitts
cynthia pitts 27 dias atrás
Trump is Calling them out! If these are your senators or your reps it’s time vote them out Next election cycle! Vote republican! Just not for Lindsey, Liz Chaney, or any of those Dems
CAN’T STOP SHANE 27 dias atrás
I can't believe we're talking about real issues in America and this stupid a** woman you have on says something about Castro's mustache Grow the fuckup there is some real stuff going on in our country and our government and its scary and you talk about a mustache You should be ashamed of yourself
Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas 27 dias atrás
What is this looney tune talking about? Assad gassed no one. What is your lunacy?
M Infanger
M Infanger 27 dias atrás
RJ Hood
RJ Hood 28 dias atrás
Vote them OUT!! McCarthy, Scalise, Graham, Cheney and every last one of those complicit murderers who would have other families lose their members so they can continue to pocket money from military contractors! The F**king GALL of these BASTARDS! FIRE EM ALL!!!
Dale Morgan
Dale Morgan 28 dias atrás
I Am glad he got our troops out of there...Trump 20/20...MAGA...
Johnnyc drums
Johnnyc drums 28 dias atrás
Hey stupid lady,; There is absolutely zero proof that Bashar-al-Assad or the Syrian Army gassed anyone.
Derrick Smith
Derrick Smith 28 dias atrás
So are they deep state.
Scott Leszczynski
Scott Leszczynski 28 dias atrás
No more war's period
Scott Leszczynski
Scott Leszczynski 28 dias atrás
I still to this day haven't seen anything that proves he gassed his own ppl this is propaganda
Tina Rice
Tina Rice 28 dias atrás
You think there's confusion? Is that a trick question? The only thing the Trump/Putin Deep State creates is confusion. Drain the Trump Swamp! Mitt Romney 2020!!!
Jam O
Jam O 28 dias atrás
putin and erdogan are talking, we need to jion in and make peace in syria
Lou Deras
Lou Deras 28 dias atrás
Lets see there was wilson war, Roosevelt's war, Eisenhower war, Johnston war, how many Americans lost there lives how many trillions spent. If there is a better way lets do it, or find it. Give Trump a chance, lets see , I think he's on to something. 51 American soldiers between to armies, who do we side with, one holds our nuclear weapons, or those we trained to fight for there own security. They have modern equipment and training. And these people have been at war for centuries. Those that oppose trump are alway crying and they have been wrong 99.9 they have not been right once. Trump has generals there to give him advive. Why step on a banana peal when you can go around it.
Clark Gable
Clark Gable 28 dias atrás
Actually seems like trump got it right....even Lyndsy Graham has changed his tune & now supports the trump decisiin....trump sees well ...20/20 in fact
Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor 28 dias atrás
Why is no one calculating the net worth of the Biden's and then ask the questions how did they get all that money if he is a career pollination?
Walter Bell
Walter Bell 28 dias atrás
Trump is full of 💩
rich s
rich s 29 dias atrás
Trump is a jackass and so are you
Doug Shaw
Doug Shaw 29 dias atrás
No confusion. Democrats are always assholes.
Citizen EU
Citizen EU 29 dias atrás
Yul Brynner is an idiot but he is right about the corruptness of big money in Washington DC.
alphazoom II
alphazoom II 29 dias atrás
I think the homeless people in the US would have more to be upset about rather than us staying or leaving the Kurds. The US says something is bad but does nothing about it. A single person can't even get by on Food stamps if they are truly disabled and that alone is pathetic. A single person gets $193 for the entire month. That's a slap in the face to anyone having hard times no wonder there are homeless people. While they had a home, if they try to get help, it's either months away or they flat out get squat. Plus they won't give you ANY cash unless you are at least 49 yrs old... like huh? It's just a machine like the corrupt US healthcare system.
Lucy Bond
Lucy Bond 29 dias atrás
Lindsey Graham is a big joke and a con man!
Mebrat L. Abraha
Mebrat L. Abraha 29 dias atrás
Graham! I Never like you way of smile! My 6,7 sanse were alerting me a lot! The true side of you revelled! You choose to sail your soul to the devil while God showed you a way. Sad.
nox scythe right to the face.
About 8 years ago every dem I knew was repeating the exact same middle eastern talking points, that Trump is today. Oh the times...
Maria Damen
Maria Damen 29 dias atrás
First:you people should stop lying about what happened in Syria. I guess americans wouldn't know truth anymore if it hit them in the face.
Eugene Johnson
Eugene Johnson 29 dias atrás
Lindsey Graham and the rest of the senators they are the swamp they are getting trillions of dollars for nothing get rid of them pigs
Rick&Archer 29 dias atrás
Love that old man.... Why?..... WHY, WOULD YOU DO THAT 😂😂
PlanR 29 dias atrás
Loreen Degenstein
Loreen Degenstein 29 dias atrás
SYRIANS want the US out of Syria!!! Get out of countries that don't even want US involvement! Reel in your warmongering deep state!
Anxiety Need love support
American are nothing with out media And Arab is nothing with out oil Israel is nothing with out western help Russia is nothing with out vodka Iran is nothing with out nuclear weapons Pakistan is nothing with out having meny enemies us and western world
michael stern
michael stern 29 dias atrás
All those dishonest politicians part of the military Industrial Complex so corrupt.
gac914 29 dias atrás
"Military Industrial Complex." This term was bandied about during the Vietnam era. The Swampers in Congress GET RICH from these military contractors, thus making sure that Congress will guarantee that wars continue, and American money will keep them in (a very lucrative) business. It's all about MONEY, and President Trump is not standing with them, so they need to get him out of there. Impeachment -- it's a sham in every way. . .!!
BL Meyer
BL Meyer 29 dias atrás
is Lindsey making $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ off WAR in SYRIA?????????????? if so HE SHOULD SHUT THE HELL UP and give his WAR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BACK to WE the PEOPLE here in USA TAX reduction for lower and middle class tax burden!
BL Meyer
BL Meyer 29 dias atrás
SEND THESE CAREER POLITICIANS TO DO WAR IN MIDDLE EAST, then you will see how many still want WAR??????????????
BL Meyer
BL Meyer 29 dias atrás
ANYONE voting on DEFENCE contracts can NOT be vested in the COMPANY and should have to give up any stock in DEFENCE industry to be able to vote! WE the PEOPLE need to start following the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ we will find each and EVERY CRIMINAL and ANY ELECTED OFFICAL making money off of DEFENCE contract should goto JAIL for screwing US Citizens to fill their own pockets!!! That is how ALL these "POLITICIONS" are becoming MILLION and BILLIONAIRES off of WE the PEOPLE!!! ENOUGH anyone making less then 800,000.00 TAX FREE and all these ELECTED Officials can PAY for EVERYTHING NO deductibles 15% no exceptions ANYONE MAKING MORE THEN 800,000.00 PAYS 15% TAX, THAT WAY THEY ARE STEALING FROM THEMSELFS
Brenda Trapasso
Brenda Trapasso 29 dias atrás
Lindsay Graham should have kept his mouth shut until he heard what President Trumps plan was. Now all of a sudden he’s hopeful? War, war and more war! I’m going to throw up if I hear Lindsay Graham speak about my President like that again! The best part of all this? The traitors in Congress proposed that we pay for building a wall to protect the Syrian border. 🤣🤣 I thought walls didn’t work?!
charles ross
charles ross 29 dias atrás
Term limits and more importantly get rid of the lobbyists and special interest money that corrupts politicians at every level of government.
David Soltau
David Soltau 29 dias atrás
Ankara is Megog Graham is pissed because Turkey is using Russian missiles
Revelation 578
Revelation 578 29 dias atrás
Send the dems out there to fight!
Lao Han Tun
Lao Han Tun 29 dias atrás
Thanks guys for stating the truth.
Lao Han Tun
Lao Han Tun 29 dias atrás
Lindsày Gram picture slowly appeared the swamp feature.
Samuel Evans
Samuel Evans 29 dias atrás
Trump is right. We own nothing to them. They’re not us. Just like with the dems, we need to think fo ourselves first.
Lao Han Tun
Lao Han Tun 29 dias atrás
President Trump will prove it.
Ohhgeedead 29 dias atrás
So much for bringing our troops home
Michael Laffargue
Michael Laffargue 29 dias atrás
We lost over 52000 men, boys in Nam. What did we gain? Know when to hold them. Know when to fold him. I must ask, where is the UN in this mess over there?
Seth Brandt
Seth Brandt 29 dias atrás
Bring our Troops home! or send them to Iraq or Saudi Arabia for some extra cash ? Trump is a Moron a LIAR and is too busy lining his own pockets and trying to save his FAILING tacky bed bug ridden resorts!! what a joke
Brian Renaud
Brian Renaud 29 dias atrás
Talk about a stain on America, it`s each and everything a Democrat speaks today!
Dimitri O G
Dimitri O G 29 dias atrás
Mexico will pay for it
David Dunn
David Dunn 29 dias atrás
These wormy rat bastard's should get their AR fifteens and head on over Why should American soldiers die to make them millionaires
Vita Limlengco
Vita Limlengco 29 dias atrás
Bring the troops home. The rest of the world hates America fot meddling in regime changes of other countries. ( which is true) now here is Trump making good on his promises. And redefining priorities. America first it should be. You want to go to war? So choose the war you get involved in. One that you can win.
Raven 29 dias atrás
chuck mayes
chuck mayes 29 dias atrás
All of the Kurds and those in kuwat wanted all Americans soldiers our of the middle eastern countries... That's all we ever heard ... Burning our flags protestors going and coming wanting us out and stay out of there business... So what's the problems in getting them out...
luminous life
luminous life 29 dias atrás
The warmongers have exposed themselves and yes, it is very indecent.
Randy Nelson
Randy Nelson 29 dias atrás
Trump 2020... I totally support our president in his actions of pulling those troops! he's keeping his promise but at the same time he is got and administration that breaks the facts Down, so he can make a proper decision and a strategic move. He did a very good thing... I support what he did. 👍
Belly Dancer
Belly Dancer 29 dias atrás
All theses people who complain the loudest are the ones who make millions off war ..trump 2020 America First
余紹漢 29 dias atrás
Maybe it’s stupidity makes him not able to grow hair
SIR T 29 dias atrás
The only confusion is why their own people not fighting for their own country? Trump Strong!🇺🇸
Mick Taylor
Mick Taylor 29 dias atrás
You know the troops are not coming home. They are moving to protect the oil fields(instead of your allies) in Syria and being pimped out to Saudi Arabia for cash. You have been had by Trump and Fox. Get over it!
robert cobianchi
robert cobianchi 29 dias atrás
Bring our troops home we don't belong there
Susan Auger
Susan Auger 29 dias atrás
If he left the soldiers there they would freak as well so...........
Tom Price
Tom Price 29 dias atrás
Listen to all these corksoakers
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