Conan's Greenland weather report cracks up Anderson Cooper

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Conan O'Brien talks with CNN's Anderson Cooper about his visit to Greenland after President Donald Trump said he wanted to buy it, and showed video of him presenting the local weather forecast in the native Greenlandic language.
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3 Set 2019



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Comentários 3 571
Alan Miell
Alan Miell 14 minutos atrás
CNN the Faulse Lieing News Network fore the CURRUPTABLES Dems
magdalyn 20 horas atrás
That sounds like Inuit, with a heavy American accent.
Aputsiaq Lennert
Aputsiaq Lennert Dia atrás
"Conan is so disturbing without a laugh track"
Alan Miell
Alan Miell 2 dias atrás
CNN the CURRUPTABLES Faulse News Network fore the Dems, even Are BBC think your a joke
TheFlurry 2 dias atrás
Love this type of news 😃
Ayush Raj
Ayush Raj 3 dias atrás
sauropod 4 dias atrás
What is so new and crazy about all this. Past presidents have bought land before: 1803 Louisiana from France 1819 Florida from Spain 1867 Alaska from Russia 1917 Virgin Islands from Denmark In 1946 President Truman offered $100m for Greenland which was refused. So what is so crazy about Trump's offer?
Sharon Bodimeade
Sharon Bodimeade 4 dias atrás
Could you imagine trump trying to read that lol
Dennis S
Dennis S 7 dias atrás
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Haobin Song
Haobin Song 11 dias atrás
Although my English is far from perfect I hardly understand half of the jokes but I still love Conan !! He’s the best ! I would marry him if I were a woman !
Gavin Ramlall
Gavin Ramlall 13 dias atrás
Anderson should host that New Year’s Eve thing with Conan...
One21P 16 dias atrás
3:25 Nice jab
Jazzi Mai
Jazzi Mai 16 dias atrás
Paxton 17 dias atrás
So the Sims speak Greenlandish who knew?
Kenny Tee
Kenny Tee 19 dias atrás
Hurricane Dorian too busy tea-bagging between cat4 and cat5
Anthony Smith
Anthony Smith 19 dias atrás
Did he say light years ago? What a fukkin idiot.
Dawn Sparling
Dawn Sparling 21 dia atrás
They thought you were Tillda Swwation.....
joe 01225
joe 01225 21 dia atrás
Breaking news on Clinton News Network! Chief DNC propaganda opinion personality err news anchor Anderson Cooper, reporting live on DNC propaganda outlet err CNN news Channel reports with baited breath “They really are still a real news channel” Even as ratings plunge as middle class Deplorables turn away in record numbers in disgust!
Shena Darling
Shena Darling 22 dias atrás
So is there a way that America can buy Greenland?
Laishram Tondonba
Laishram Tondonba 22 dias atrás
Conan trolling hahahahaha
Pixelslet 22 dias atrás
That Cooper is quite intriguing!
giggles9512 23 dias atrás
"They thought I was Kate Blanchet"...
giggles9512 23 dias atrás
"Looks like you quickly dipped your chin in a bowl of sugar"...😝
giggles9512 23 dias atrás
"A very tidy wizard"
mdhcccc 25 dias atrás
conan is fucking hilarious
Nathan Nielsen
Nathan Nielsen 25 dias atrás
I laugh at both but for different reasons
A Queen Stands Alone
A Queen Stands Alone 26 dias atrás
The wind did NOT blow any harder and we received not ONE drop of rain in Mobile Alabama. James Spann is a reputable, intelligent, respected meteorologist for Alabama since the 1970s. For anyone to call him a liar and mark on a chart to alter his forecast that he has had over 30+ years of experience in announcing, with the aid of scientists, is blasphemous and one more clue that the Un-United States is becoming a dictatorship. Horrible precedence for incoming presidents of any political party.
A Queen Stands Alone
A Queen Stands Alone 23 dias atrás
bike4peaceRTW the crime of the century is him accepting money from Russia, quid pro quo with Ukraine, selling our military to Saudi Arabia, most of his election campaign managers being arrested/gone to prison/on trial/awaiting sentencing, using election funds to pay off mistresses, lying about not touching social security/the environment, pulling the country out of the Clean Air Act it created, not protecting endangered species, reducing funding for lunches in public schools, humping the USA flag,......
bike4peaceRTW 23 dias atrás
Oh yes. The crime of the century for sure
Abdi Hussein
Abdi Hussein 26 dias atrás
He is a great comedian
walt godsoe
walt godsoe 26 dias atrás
Further proof Alabama was getting hit with a hurricane
Salim Brim
Salim Brim 26 dias atrás
Now CNN is not even trying to be serious anymore. Now it's funny news. Not real news. Not fake news. Just funny news.
Aizat Kassim
Aizat Kassim 26 dias atrás
$30 billion dollars? What do you mean that'll be good for the whole year!! That'll be good for the whole life!!!!!!
LadyAsh 26 dias atrás
Omg it actually worked! 😂😂
__karl benz__
__karl benz__ 26 dias atrás
Jeremy Majeski
Jeremy Majeski 27 dias atrás
Still don’t know shit on cnn. Small caps by the way!
Retroman '86
Retroman '86 27 dias atrás
You know Conan's funny when Conan is laughing at himself.
Xavier Medina
Xavier Medina 28 dias atrás
You look like you dipped your chin in sugar....🤣☠️☠️
missbirdy29 28 dias atrás
Cooper's giggle...GggggGggggGGggg
Anthony Olmo
Anthony Olmo 28 dias atrás
I did not know that Conan was such a savage! He destroyed anderson
Muse 28 dias atrás
I’m dying. Conan sounds like he is saying the weather in simlish.
CharronBlue 28 dias atrás
Shigloo - Igloo Shi+
Antoine Johnson
Antoine Johnson 28 dias atrás
No ! History Of WW1 And WW2 ! Has Truthful Document Of Africa Continentale Funds Bought GREENLAND ! Which Is Known As AFRIA ""*"" ! A Soviet Union Bank Has Truthful Record Of Ownership !
NecessaryTruths 28 dias atrás
I can't watch this video... the opening line is: "What may seem like light-years ago..." I'm too busy looking for a cricket bat to beat Anderson Cooper to death with.
Christopher Norris
Christopher Norris 28 dias atrás
5:30 And some say he's still giving that report to this very day.
A T 29 dias atrás
Coop the Poop!
Amy Bork
Amy Bork 29 dias atrás
In real news, Ed Buck, another Democrat donor was arrested for drugging and enslaving children for sex. Two died at his home. "Clinton sex trafficing pedophile ring". Conan is a fucking tool
A T 29 dias atrás
How is that at all relevant?!
4valhallA 29 dias atrás
Ambassador Conan "the Conqueror" O'Brien travels the globe to teach Americans about other cultures the new Anthony Bourdain
4valhallA 29 dias atrás
Conan would make a great Michael moore type, more light hearted and funny. I should say a sorta light political activist. I would watch one of his world traveling series or movies.
TheZagros3000 29 dias atrás
Am I the only one who noticed he said Icelandic instead of Greenlandic?
xn0 29 dias atrás
Cooper creeping Conan out with lurid shiglu poop story. Way to go, Mr. Cooper.
Rene Maurice Pereira
Rene Maurice Pereira 29 dias atrás
Mark Rebehn
Mark Rebehn 29 dias atrás
Newswoman 4:42 what did she say was out? Can't believe Conan let that one get by! Lol
Nessie Andrew
Nessie Andrew 29 dias atrás
How is this man so witty.
liljj2929 29 dias atrás
Sounds strangely close to simlish lmao
Caleb T
Caleb T 29 dias atrás
Trump 2020
Jack Ellison
Jack Ellison Mês atrás
I like Anderson's beard👍
Daygo Mês atrás
Conan politely roasted Anderson.
Gyro Vision
Gyro Vision Mês atrás
3:24 David Icke reptilian master race confirmed?
Fifthelement203 Mês atrás
His roast of Anderson was hilarious!
Alberto Abrego
Alberto Abrego Mês atrás
Conan is a National Treasure!!!!
ted Clauss
ted Clauss Mês atrás
Watch Hillary’s America on Comcast on demand to educate yourself knowledge is power ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸
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