Conan Negotiates With Greenland's Parliament - CONAN on TBS

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Conan works with a local realtor to get Greenland on the market and begins negotiations with Parliament members.
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5 Set 2019



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Comentários 80
Harsh Srivastava
Harsh Srivastava Dia atrás
Dont disrespect people by calling them AOC
Heh Hah
Heh Hah Dia atrás
Conan sounds like squidward at 2:03
Pun2404 4 dias atrás
I know Conan has never imbibed but he has the most plugged nose during the money transaction scene and it made it seem like he was trying to score some major blow some of that Conancaine.
MartialArts.Stunts321 5 dias atrás
I like how Conan can poke fun at politics without being biased or serious. And make fun of both sides. Unlike jimmy kimmel
Respawn Restricted
Respawn Restricted 7 dias atrás
being the aoc of Greenland sure aint a complement
Joel Fernandes
Joel Fernandes 8 dias atrás
Bruh Marlene be Peng af
avantjeef 9 dias atrás
Ok so those high schooler asked a comedian about the recent politics? How they not expect him that he's not being serious?
helloMRdj1 10 dias atrás
Man Greenland people are cool, they seem relaxed and enthusiastic
Eddy 10 dias atrás
Anyone know how that guy Kim is doing lol
Kitu's Junkyard
Kitu's Junkyard 11 dias atrás
Desert people evolved long lush eyelashes Arctic people inherit squinting
Naslee Lafir
Naslee Lafir 12 dias atrás
Vikings gene making all of them tall
jakob kiilerich
jakob kiilerich 3 dias atrás
Naslee Lafir Why do you think they hav viking genes?
Joe Luis
Joe Luis 12 dias atrás
Aoc is stupid.
Lord Stinson
Lord Stinson 13 dias atrás
Hello, Mr. O'brien. Hello, how are you? *Pele Broberg*
amytyville 14 dias atrás
you can tell the population is happy because each and every one of them has perfect skin
vy sy
vy sy 15 dias atrás
they are really straight and quiet and serious.
Simon Lee
Simon Lee 15 dias atrás
Conan a genius and can see the way he was explaining to the students.
As4tori Sun
As4tori Sun 15 dias atrás
Never noticed how nasal Conan sounds, like he's talking with pinched nose. Was he sick
Jake Griffin
Jake Griffin 23 dias atrás
Greenlanders don’t have much of a sense of humor. Except for three.
Tauras Račyla
Tauras Račyla 24 dias atrás
Majus have the Lithuanian name!!! Whoohoo 🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹
Adas 24 dias atrás
Shouldnt that say "Make Greenland America also?"
Syafiq Norkhalim
Syafiq Norkhalim 25 dias atrás
Wait why must you pay taxes just by bringing in money to a country?
Mon Shap
Mon Shap 26 dias atrás
If Beavis and Kate Blanchett got married and had a son, I'd imagine their son would look like Conan.
Apple Watch
Apple Watch 26 dias atrás
all of these looks like scripted or directed, or whatever you call it! everyone tells him his face sucks :D
Geni Imami
Geni Imami 27 dias atrás
If conan cant make this happen noone can
themetal 27 dias atrás
846 wieners whos mothers didn't give the enough attention as babies.
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 27 dias atrás
Man! I love Conan's humor..
Rowan Melton
Rowan Melton Mês atrás
Trumps watching like "It's amazing, really, it is. The way the American people rally behind me. They love me"
Varun V Reddy
Varun V Reddy Mês atrás
Arnold Schwarzenegger Style Get to the chopper!
Sayalah Zali
Sayalah Zali Mês atrás
There is only 1 talk show host left. All the others are game show hosts.
i cant splel
i cant splel Mês atrás
6:55 no matter where conan goes, every body thinks hes fat... or as Japanese lady hiding behind the corner would say "very fluffy"
Omar Mês atrás
Omg that kid with the phone is a giant.
Watches and Cigars
Watches and Cigars Mês atrás
kim is a cool dude maan, gotta luv him
Steve D
Steve D Mês atrás
Great show. Very interesting. But what a nerve giving the students that red trumpette hat!?!
Steph Pfeffer
Steph Pfeffer Mês atrás
how are you? Pele Broberg
Lulu Zhang
Lulu Zhang Mês atrás
Why do people in Greenland speak English so well? English isn’t their official language???
Vaughn Mês atrás
Let's not ruin Greenland
Rana Banik
Rana Banik Mês atrás
After 3 days of non-stop Conan... I think I wasted 27 years of my life not seeing his show before... Thanks, COVID depression that I got to know this amazing funny person!!!
Surica cascar
Surica cascar Mês atrás
That guy is just like Schwarzenegger... but fat.
Ruadhri O
Ruadhri O Mês atrás
At 1:00 I swear he just said bibidi boo bop for his name.
Jethro Detailing
Jethro Detailing Mês atrás
That 24yo politician will definitely get my interest in politic!
Exotic_ Adam
Exotic_ Adam Mês atrás
Nuuk, best place for Kim Jong Un to bomb. XD😹
white liberals RD roots of all evil
@ 3:20 AOC worst comparisons
The Non Smoker
The Non Smoker Mês atrás
Well those college students got TC after sharing the recording with college
Pedro Gavia
Pedro Gavia Mês atrás
5:26 was cut hmmmmmmmm.. not suspicious.. at.. all
Carolus Mês atrás
Conan is just the greatest.
Ram Superable
Ram Superable Mês atrás
You can hear he had a stuffy nose after being exposed too much to the cold.
Lark Dibbs
Lark Dibbs Mês atrás
Was I in jail when you wrote this? How did you get away with that?
dark azurr
dark azurr Mês atrás
that malene girl was pretty hot
Robert Weide
Robert Weide Mês atrás
I wonder if shes single. We are about the same age.
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta Mês atrás
Colbert, Seth and conan are best. Ofcourse John Stewart is best
vaulson neoleon
vaulson neoleon Mês atrás
lmao kim is my spiritual leader
FcoGabler Mês atrás
Imagine a foreign tv host meeting with an american congressman, bringing that money in a suitcase and all in front of a camera. The line between comedy and insult is pretty thin here, althought Conan no matter what, keeps it on comedy side.
Conan come to Kosovo!
Gavin Greenhorn
Gavin Greenhorn Mês atrás
He never wore that hat again.
Riccardo Gavanelli
Riccardo Gavanelli 2 meses atrás
Arnie’s impression of Kim is spot on!!
cat attack
cat attack 2 meses atrás
I'm glad they said no to Trump trying to buy them. Their lives would never be the same afterwards, with hotels everywhere and millions of rich Americans moving in and trying to buy up the people's homes to build huge businesses and if they declined then they'd force them to move and take the land cheap. Remember the Trump's golf course in Scotland and some of the Scottish people were forced to leave their homes because they were in the way of his huge showy golf course .
Luis Herrera
Luis Herrera 2 meses atrás
Did you see how hot the politician girl is!!??? Omg she is freaking beautiful man!!
痛風鐵公雞 2 meses atrás
柯南.歐布萊恩是娛樂生活的大人物 = Conan O'Brien is somebody with joyful life.
Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 2 meses atrás
Greenland people look like a mix of European, Mongolian and Russian..
Ianus Pater
Ianus Pater 2 meses atrás
Truth is The Chinese want to control the world's supply of things like rare earth, and other things made for various essentials, and Denmark, an EU member nation are partners, and thus have zero political will to resist, and yes that means they are sell outs to sell out your future, so the idea of buying Greenland, if it were crazy means those in the past who made the same offer were either crazy or being geopolitical savvy, and like Alaska were being visionary in their purchase decisions which were ridiculed at the time. Taft, who had the best chance, as Denmark got to increase its own nation might have green lit the sale of Greenland, but since Taft was a big fat Progressive, El Gordo Supremo in Spanish, he sucked at negotitation. Meaning, it might have happened had his real interest, as a Progressive, not be serving foreign interests. Did I mention Taft was a man ahead of his time and one of the Triple OG 'Stupid Fat American'. Yeah, that's you Taft, a horrible president. The fact 'its not for sale', but what is the story about how Denmark even got 'ownership' of it. They stole indigenous land, those horrible people, but then again, guess who wanted their nation 'owned' by non-indigenous people. That's right those same indigenous people. If this is part of Greenland, and realize Canada is firmly against that as they milk so many benefits off of the fact Greenland is not, they'll lose their parlimentary sucktastic system. We can then ship all their jobs overseas to China, and import more hispanics to their land and demonize anyone who doesn't understand Diversity is Our Strength. I"m sure the Inuit will love that.
Ianus Pater
Ianus Pater 2 meses atrás
Truth is without outside support, Greenland could not survive. They literally must be 'owned' by someone, Denmark, is same as anyone. Notice how the guy 6:40 says 'its too foriegn' He is XENOPHOBIC, man Greenlander indigenous people are so xenophobic. I bet they hate the gays and woman too as so many indigenous woman are disappeared by the patriarchy that is their culture. Conan, Greenland has no realistic ability, a zero chance, to buy the US or really any nation as they have a net negative GPA without outside support. Notice how Conan is actually mocking Trump and going to the 'people' to ask what they think but notice also when the Left and Hollywood (and really their masters China) want something they know the people don't want they don't go and mock them by asking the people. Did you know the people of Hong Kong for example didn't want to be part of China. It's true, but did you also know the NBA and Hollywood didn't support the people of Hong Kong. It's true. Conan is owned just like every other slave on the plantation. He is what they call 'the white house negro' doing the bidding of masta, just like Stephen from Django unchained, a certain African American who was not nice to 'black people' and who literally was aligned with 'white supremacy'. Conan, what do you think about that. It's true, but how do you really feel about it. We know you can't publically state how you really feel so we'll just know. If you want think how you feel, but don't type it and make it public. Your show might be canceled so don't bite the hand the feeds you. Andy knows that. Jordan knows that, well maybe not Jordan. But you need to internalize that lesson.
Ianus Pater
Ianus Pater 2 meses atrás
Actually being FAT is a good thing in a place like the Arctic as it insulates you. Intuit's are often Chubby and for good reason. Taft did not need artic clothing. He could literally walk around naked he had so much fat to insulate him. Often he was mistaken for Walruses. Teddy Roosevelt was The Moose, Taft was the Walrus, long before Paul McCartney.
Man Of Magic
Man Of Magic 2 meses atrás
0:59 "Miss o' Brian"
Appleholic1 2 meses atrás
Conan is the only late night host since Carson who is worth his salt.
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma 2 meses atrás
This hot girl is an actress. You can find her on instagram
Glashhy 2 meses atrás
The geico commercial was awesome tho ✌️
zerosonico 2 meses atrás
3:30 She kinda sounds like Björk
VintageWrestling 2 meses atrás
Greenland is the perfect place for me to move. There is no violence and the people are peaceful. Since I am from Chicago, I don't think it would be an issue getting used to their climate.
Vincent Nightingale
Vincent Nightingale 2 meses atrás
I understand that they might have knowledge it’s a “skit” but I wonder if they hate him sometimes 😂. I’d be wheezing from laughter on the floor, I literally couldn’t with the guy
L R 2 meses atrás
You can hear the snowflakes wincing in pain when Conan pulled out the red hat.
pmanlicious 2 meses atrás
1:55 this man is so cute
Rebecca Songate
Rebecca Songate 2 meses atrás
Everytime I heard the name remind me of an anime movie..but I forgot the name
z3abu 2 meses atrás
The only funny late night comedians are 1. Conan 2. Probably Guillermo. 😉
k k
k k 2 meses atrás
This is how I got my underwear 😂😂😂
Stuart Menzies Farrant
Stuart Menzies Farrant 2 meses atrás
Kim does a brilliant Arnie!
Vasquez Elbretto
Vasquez Elbretto 2 meses atrás
Malene :*
Tuxao Yang
Tuxao Yang 2 meses atrás
Man this guy really goes out there and really gets to see the world, that comparing to the other host like Fallon, kimmel, corden. You know what they say “Your world is only as big as your exploration!”
Giggity Goo
Giggity Goo 2 meses atrás
She definitely banged her way to the parliament.
moreno3662 2 meses atrás
What did she ever do to you Conan to insult her like that
moreno3662 2 meses atrás
I wouldn't sell you a comb
Kai Pride
Kai Pride 2 meses atrás
Hopefully Greenland isn't dumb enough to sell it to Trump, or anybody.
Mats F.
Mats F. 2 meses atrás
hehe his nose is so stuffed love how he sounds so nasal.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 2 meses atrás
it's sad to hear that coronavirus just infected Greenland.hopefully,this virus could disappear very soon .
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