COMEDY NEWS: Is It Deep or Dumb?

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Is Comedy News a hilarious way to learn your facts, or merely a cathartic distraction with decent punch lines?
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John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Sam Bee. News delivered with a healthy side of comedy has never been bigger. But is there something smart going on when you listen to Jon Oliver roast Dr. Phil? Let's find out in this Wisecrack Edition on Comedy News: Deep or Dumb?

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Written and Hosted by: Michael Burns
Directed by: Michael Luxemburg
Motion Graphics by: Riley A.
Wisecrack Edition Title Design by: Amanda Murphy
Editing by: Brian M Kim
Produced by: Evan Yee

© 2020 Wisecrack / Omnia Media, Inc.

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22 Mai 2020



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Comentários 80
Cyril Sneer
Cyril Sneer Dia atrás
It has a name here in Germany! "Kabarett" 🤷🏼‍♂️
Cyril Sneer
Cyril Sneer 25 minutos atrás
@Jahrazz Jahrazz i don't say at won't...🤷🏼‍♂️
Jahrazz Jahrazz
Jahrazz Jahrazz Hora atrás
cabaret is an english word and it is not a special german thing lol
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez Dia atrás
I find wisecrack to be super reductionist.
David Lowe
David Lowe Dia atrás
sam lasley
sam lasley Dia atrás
No lie, this is actually one of the most provoking and thoughtful things I've watched on YT about comedy
Fizzy Milkshake Productions
i thought comedy is when two completely different things are shown to be the same thing and vice versa
Isaac Moody
Isaac Moody 4 dias atrás
If your opinions or movement is supported by the mainstream news, mainstream late night, multinational conglomerates like Nike, Google, and Coke. Is your cause really revolutionary, or simply commoditized junk food to help you sleep at night.
carolyn Oxley
carolyn Oxley 5 dias atrás
The UK has been poking fun at the news since At last the 1948 show . Have I got news for you has been running since 1990 and regularly has politicians comedians activists and actors taking part in making the news both informative and funny. This video seems meaningless please read any private eye a satirical news magazine in the UK that has been running since 1961. Using comedy makes it informative easy to digest and very funny. You need to be better informed..
Jose Guzman
Jose Guzman 6 dias atrás
well it can be deep but most of the time all that we get is dumb democrats crying orange man bad. The daily show sucks without stewart and even Colbert is getting triggered.
Cristian Castro
Cristian Castro 6 dias atrás
Only Norm MacDonald could do it right
Crispman 777
Crispman 777 6 dias atrás
Ahhh BrassEye... A classic.
Rumpel Felt
Rumpel Felt 7 dias atrás
Man I miss the 2000s with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. These shows peaked then. John Oliver is the only one who's truly taken it to the next level. I wish the Colbert Report had continued. He seems like he's been pacified a bit not being the star of The Colbert Report. COuld you imagine the field day Colbert would have defending Trump in the era of insanity in character?
M 20 horas atrás
John Oliver is the only comedian left who doesn’t talk about trump as infinitum
I eaton
I eaton Dia atrás
@Andrew Bingham so is everyone of the presidents tweets.
Andrew Bingham
Andrew Bingham Dia atrás
John Oliver is unfunny propaganda.
NJA2k8 8 dias atrás
When the ad for viewers who likely consumer COMEDY NEWS is for a mobile game like Dragon City, I can only guess that it may be dumb...
han cholito
han cholito 8 dias atrás
This mustache want to go away
han cholito
han cholito 8 dias atrás
Also. This was useless.. where the fuck is Jared?!
Sophisticated Coherence
When someone doesn't have the intelligence or concentration to be a news outlet while simultaneously not being funny enough to be a comedian. Sprinkle in a little bit of the good old white liberal self-loathing and you get Comedy News.
Sophisticated Coherence
@The Janitor After reading your paragraph of research done on my behalf I believe you are the only incel in this conversation. You seem mad. It's almost like you are projecting yourself. I'm sorry I don't love and support your heroes and that hurts your fragile heart.
The Janitor
The Janitor 6 dias atrás
Ah, yes. Here we see the incel in their natural environment. Notice how their username always has the words, "traditional", "educated", or "sophisticated" involved somehow, an early sign that these people constantly have to try and prove to others that they possess intelligence. While normal individuals do not feel the need to prove their intellect every second of the day, the common incel is so incredibly self-conscious and embarrassed at their lack of actual education that they feel the need to constantly prove that they are fully capable of making educated statements without being educated on the topic. This anxiety, coupled with the fact that their traditional and conservative (read: baseless and bigoted) values are in social decline as more and more individuals become educated on more diverse topics, leads them to believe that they are being oppressed and persecuted by anyone who is critical of their narrow worldview; a behavioral pattern that causes them to panic and enter an aggressive mindset. Too anxious and unmotivated to create any actual content of their own, they lash out at those more successful than themselves and ignore the changing world, choosing instead to retreat so deeply into their hobbies that they ignore any criticism entirely. Even if that hobby criticizes their worldview. In short, I'm saying that Simon would kick your ass. Talking shit about "liberal self-loathing" while you listen to VNV Nation and watch Gurren Lagann, go screw. Fucking dumbass. Literally a show about challenging prejudice and abandoning the past so society and mankind can evolve to achieve its galactic destiny and a band that is so hard left that if you thought they were "liberal" then all actual liberals would suddenly be right-wing.
Cam Sentinel
Cam Sentinel 8 dias atrás
No laugh tracks are the best
Dave Sorensen
Dave Sorensen 9 dias atrás
Redacted tonight and the Jimmy Dore show are leagues better than the current shows mentioned. John Stewart was and is there only one that was strong on MSM. At least as far as American shows go
Jaap Kes
Jaap Kes 9 dias atrás
I watched almost every episode of the daily show with Jon Stewart for its last 5 years, but more or less stopped after. His ability to criticize the whole political spectrum made him stand out. While I never doubted his (left wing) political positions for a moment. Too bad this quality did not transfer too well.
chilled99 9 dias atrás
A strange situation uniquely American. What presents itself as serious news is entertainment, and whats normally seen as entertainment delivers news. America is like what happens when you you have a kid with your sister - fucked up from the start.
Wonder Bread
Wonder Bread 9 dias atrás
Trevor Noah is the most unfunny and pandering comedy news person, at least on the left. It’s so embarrassing, and I’m as left as it gets.
Sushmita Tiwari
Sushmita Tiwari 10 dias atrás
After seeing this episode I have newfound respect for ANDREW SCHULTZ! That guy does it right. Amen.
Viewable11 10 dias atrás
Samantha Bee is 100% unfunny.
Rebel Gaming
Rebel Gaming 10 dias atrás
Trevor Noah and Sam bee ain’t funny Sam bee used to be on the daily show, John Oliver and Hassan Minaj are ok! These shows peaked with Jon Stewart and the Colbert repor
Noah 11 dias atrás
The one thing that I've seen "comedy news" get right is their lack of necessity to play cate to "both sides". For example climate change science has been well established, but many news networks won't touch it because there is a group that still refuse to agree. This hinders the conversation to move to more pressing matters regarding how to analyze the science. Comedy (although bias in how it confirms one side) refuses to play by the rules that it can't hurt someone's feelings. Comedy today is both about laughing at yourself to break your own brainwashing as it is confirming the bias that the host wants you to see.
Uma Chan
Uma Chan 11 dias atrás
I've always said that part of the reason a lot of people are turned off from learning something is because of the effort needed to do so. Studying takes time. Reading takes time. But things like this effectively fly in under the radar and while it is admittedly slanted, it can give you that jumping off point so that you wind up wanting to learn more and get more informed.
TemporalMeteor 11 dias atrás
I very much appreciate that when you said "the bad" you swapped to Noah and Bee. Noah is an embarassment to the Daily Show.
ChaoticTheAdventurer 12 dias atrás
I really enjoyed watching the daily show when John Stewart was hosting
Justin Alias
Justin Alias 12 dias atrás
Me: So, what is your opinion on Issue X or Policy Y? Friend: OMG, Samantha Bee had this funny joke last night.... (continues for several minutes) Me: So, um, what is your opinion on the issue? Friend: what? I just told you!? Me: So you get your news and opinions from Comedy Central? Friend: Well, at least I’m not like my parents who only consider one news source (like Fox News’ Hannity 😒) who is so partisan they are unable to see the big picture. Me: ... Friend: What?... Oh, oh no.... Me: You were supposed to bring balance to the news, not leave it in partisan darkness! Friend: I HATE YOU!! Me: .... Friend: .... Me: We still on for the Mandalorian at your place Friday? Friend: Don’t forget the double stuffed Oreos and blue milk.
Tobias Tinter
Tobias Tinter 12 dias atrás
a guy called rudy carell was already making a comedy news show in 81 in germany called tagesshow
Leeto Las Vegas
Leeto Las Vegas 12 dias atrás
Started out saying, alright I’ll give them a chance and see how it goes. Then you pitched “Dragon City”....
Al 12 dias atrás
i've never laughed at a samantha bee joke
WebX 12 dias atrás
Right away before watching the video... ...John Oliver is a different calibre than the rest of the examples given. Edit: OK you guys mentioned Jon Stewart so add him to my list. There are now 2 people on my list.
Thomas Sanders
Thomas Sanders 12 dias atrás
Weird to start with the Day Today. Weekend update predates that by like 20 years. Also theres a difference between comedy framed by the news and news framed by comedy.
alan silverman
alan silverman 13 dias atrás
...or is it ironic, sardonic, and satirical ?
Hengplank 14 dias atrás
except these comedians suck and are shills
nola nola
nola nola 14 dias atrás
wisecrack is very hesitant on saying something is just dumb
Notthedroids Yourelookingfor
While I found this piece interesting and informative, I think including more than one source would have been helpful. For example, what do journalists (or researchers in that field) think of comedy news shows?
Rocco Borghetti
Rocco Borghetti 14 dias atrás
Comedy news died when John Stewart retired. Real news has always been dead.
aagreminger 14 dias atrás
It’s cringe
Anand Kulkarni
Anand Kulkarni 14 dias atrás
Lack and excess exemplified here by having more dragons than Game of Thrones
Joseph Liddy
Joseph Liddy 14 dias atrás
You guys should do one of these for Being John Malkovich. Ever since I watched it I’ve been wondering if it’s an absolute masterpiece or just the weirdest thing I’ve ever watched.
Tom Lawhon
Tom Lawhon 14 dias atrás
Mentioning Rachel Maddow and Chris Wallace in the same breath is not apples and pears, it is more motor oil and Evian. Rachel Maddow and Alex Jones is apples and pears.
Filmation77 15 dias atrás
But you guys forgot about Major forerunners to this Genre HBO'S 1980's Series "Not Necessarily The News" SNL'S Weekend Update(which practically INVENTED the Comedy News Format) and to a Small Point Bill Maher's Original "Politically Incorrect" on ABC. And a show that if Rebooted would be a Major hit on BET or TV One, David Alan Grier's "Chocolate News" in which Trevor Noah's Daily Show is a Millennial Version of That Series
Walternate 15 dias atrás
Wait... Samantha Bee is supposed to be funny?
TIVO STUDIOS 15 dias atrás
You forgot Bill Maher
Join my Patreon ?
Join my Patreon ? 15 dias atrás
The fact that the host of Daily Show went on CNN and called them partisan hacks, and is now hosted by a partisan hack is funny AF
Tony Verzino
Tony Verzino 15 dias atrás
What about snl weekend updates
keylimepie1234 15 dias atrás
Activists, not reporters. It’s an agenda, not a bias.
Haley 15 dias atrás
Do an episode on Drunk History!
Kaiser Of Nothing
Kaiser Of Nothing 16 dias atrás
Dumb. They are all dumb
Virtual Sky Tate
Virtual Sky Tate 17 dias atrás
It's boomer humour and pandering , that's what it is SUPER CRAP
Paulo Jacob Silva
Paulo Jacob Silva 17 dias atrás
As fascism rises, it's just dumb.
xwers1234 17 dias atrás
News comedy mostly died with Jon Stewart retiring. John Oliver does a decent job carrying the torch
Mnelisi 17 dias atrás
There's a joke the daily show made where they said to Trump the joke is on him since they actually are fake news. With many of us getting actual news from them, are the really fake news? Or they are now fake fake news?
Lunk 17 dias atrás
Dumb it's dumb. Late night talk shows are cancer the only good ones are Conan and Jimmy Fallon since they don't get super political and they're actually funny.
Delique Scence
Delique Scence 18 dias atrás
Deep. Thank you for listening to my TED talk.
Thando Mlangeni
Thando Mlangeni 18 dias atrás
Is it deep or dumb? before I answer play this dumb game dragon city. 😂
Spa Splaaash
Spa Splaaash 18 dias atrás
0:23 the left wing puppets
MarlonOwnsYourCake 18 dias atrás
Seeing Jon Stewart with brown hair feels wrong
George Lionon
George Lionon 19 dias atrás
The big strength of the comedy setup is that they dare to challenge authority. Especially a few years back cable news generally just didn't have the guts to simply straight out say, the president is wrong or obviously lying. So people got back to these shows, because they dared to call out bull****. Other than that, if it's good or bad is the same as news networks. There as well some are so bad, and I won't say the name fox here, that people regularly watching them, score on tests about how informed they are, worse than people not consuming any news altogether! PS: I miss John Steward looking stupidly in the camera showing his disbelief of the clip they just aired.
Aparup 19 dias atrás
Hasan Minhaj's show has a lot of holes, especially in those episodes concerned with countries outside the US; these are not well-researched and are superficial. Needless to say, it panders to a particular demographic who come to validate their confirmation bias. John Oliver is somewhat better in this respect. Trevor is neither funny nor informative. I miss Jon Stewart 😭
MrHistory 808
MrHistory 808 20 dias atrás
I still will always love John Oliver
Kevin Hackbarth
Kevin Hackbarth 20 dias atrás
Comedy news also allows the comedians to disguise logical fallacies in comedy. Any time they don't feel like making a real argument, it's passed off to a comedic bit and everyone glosses over the leap that they made. It's stunning how often John Oliver insults how people look, an obvious ad hominem that wouldn't tolerated if people were looking for a serious argument, but it can be defended by saying "it's just a joke". But those jokes end up being a lot of how Oliver strengthens his arguments. I watch some Last Week tonight and find it useful along with other sources of information, but I find it really depressing how many of my friends think just watching comedy news makes them informed about the world and how little they notice the role that these jokes play in shaping their opinions.
Kevin Hackbarth
Kevin Hackbarth 20 dias atrás
I think comedy news is a sign of how much politics has become a game for a lot of Americans.
Amarsanaa Batsukh
Amarsanaa Batsukh 20 dias atrás
agree with wisecrack about trevor noah and samantha bee too left never criticize the left but always with the right. Whenever something is thaat biased it will only receive the same clapback
Sumedh Vikhare
Sumedh Vikhare 20 dias atrás
There was a time when the daily show was funny.
Master_Keyblade 21 dia atrás
I trust comedians with the news WAY more than I trust news channels
Maurya K
Maurya K 23 dias atrás
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, please
Tone Balone
Tone Balone 23 dias atrás
Jon Stewart was the only smart one
Kia Weng Kee
Kia Weng Kee 23 dias atrás
Dragon city: is it deep or dumb? The irony is not lost here
TongSampah Kecil
TongSampah Kecil 24 dias atrás
is anyone else discomfited that the two examples propped up as dumb are led by a) one of the v few (only¿) women lead host in american late night comedy shows; b) the black south african successor of genius white man, john steward? based on the analysis and theoretical framework of a white, male thinker in this field? i know hasan minhaj was there given as example of deep as well, but something abt this whole segment is ringing blind to the power politics of comedy that is also embodied in identity.
Shilpa Suresh
Shilpa Suresh 25 dias atrás
When your main job is comedy, you are more likely to pick the parts of the story that makes for a better comedic narrative than the actual truth. While these comedians aren't claiming to be journalists, the vast majority of viewers don't have the motivation to get the whole story, especially when it comes to more obscure topics so they are more likely to believe comedic exaggerations and omissions as truth. In the hands of a skilled, agenda-driven comic, comedy news can become a dangerous weapon. Who are we kidding, we're already there.
MrXperx 25 dias atrás
Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee are insufferable political hacks. There is no comedy in their shows.
Judah Angert
Judah Angert 25 dias atrás
Do philosophy of Futurama
Alec Ryan Moriarty
Alec Ryan Moriarty 26 dias atrás
The Colbert Report “Suq Madiq”. Look it up
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 26 dias atrás
They are quite deep at times
senselocke 27 dias atrás
You list the "lack" (the trivial) of the Python sketch as *the severing of limbs*, and the "excess" as the confidence? That's completely backwards. The excess would be the grevious injury and ludicrous violence (they pop off), and the lack is his indifference in the face of his "oath".
Donovan Doran
Donovan Doran 28 dias atrás
It’s all op-ed with a comedic angle. No more news than Sean Hannity, or Don Lemon. They’re opinion shows, not really news. They take headlines and yap about surface level information for 30min, without anyone ever actually learning about the topics in the “discussed”. It’s entertainment, 100% not news.
Eduardo Blanco
Eduardo Blanco 28 dias atrás
Jackass deep or dumb
the iLLionaire6oh3
the iLLionaire6oh3 28 dias atrás
Patriot Act is actually a very informative show
Keebs 29 dias atrás
Aside from John Stewart, the rest are trash tier hyperpartisan mouth pieces
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