Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: "Just Tell Him You’re The President” (Season 7, Episode 1)

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31 Dez 2015



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Comentários 100
Anis Rahman
Anis Rahman Hora atrás
loved it
karun kumar
karun kumar Hora atrás
The present Indian politics isn't a sport. It's a monopoly 'board game'.
Kobe Dunn
Kobe Dunn 2 horas atrás
If the 8 year thing isn’t a thing Obama would still be president today
young Pablo
young Pablo 6 horas atrás
Sittin here smokin dat Obama kush
lord netsplits
lord netsplits 7 horas atrás
Bunch of scam artist charlatans.
brother uncle
brother uncle 8 horas atrás
Brush my teeth then shave - Obama. 😎😁
brother uncle
brother uncle 8 horas atrás
Is Obama and Seinfeld friends in reality or is this show made just for money 💰
Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres 9 horas atrás
Fire the guy at the gate so there's nobody to tell you no
Dragon Hawk
Dragon Hawk 13 horas atrás
What a shit heap
Twiddy Crissi
Twiddy Crissi 14 horas atrás
Not on this video but everything else
Twiddy Crissi
Twiddy Crissi 14 horas atrás
From what I've seen I think Jerry Seinfeld is a real life a******
EARTH n WATERS 15 horas atrás
The coffe keeps running 😀 pouring
Dominick Owens
Dominick Owens 16 horas atrás
don’t like many of obama’s policies, but in terms of the image he presented and his charisma, he outclasses every single other president. absolutely the type of person to be the face of a country. sorry donny is trying to literally wipe every trace of his 8 years from the white house and country.
Narasimham ABR
Narasimham ABR 17 horas atrás
I miss Obama. I'm not American. But still. And the thought of Trump makes me miss him ten times even
IT'SME 20 horas atrás
Gee, I can't believe how much I miss him.😭 Wait! NO I DON'T! 🤣😂
omegapointil 20 horas atrás
I guess tyrants like TRump or McConnell aren't welcome for this. Its understandable. They hate us.
Ducky the milk boy
Ducky the milk boy 21 hora atrás
Ironic that all the ads I watched on the video were "vote trump 2020"
Wanda Smith
Wanda Smith 21 hora atrás
Obama has such class. Well spoken and intelligent. Man! you are missed. I so enjoyed this. I never missed a episode of Seinfeld. Seeing two of my favorites together makes for a good Saturday morning coffee break. Life is good. ☕👍😎
The Gameplay
The Gameplay 21 hora atrás
Putin, never have free time. That why we sinks, because they wasting there time, and our money
Coffin Dancers
Coffin Dancers 23 horas atrás
"So what was your most embarrasing presidential moment?" "This may be it" OOF hes gonna need me after that
Faith Isaac
Faith Isaac Dia atrás
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blue 11 horas atrás
Lol stfu pseudoscience scam bot 🖕
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Dia atrás
Those two ladies are ninja assassin bodyguards.
T3H11 3LL1S
T3H11 3LL1S Dia atrás
Wow, what a great car culture. No seat belt law huh?
Annie Dzakova
Annie Dzakova Dia atrás
"Because that's how I do it and I don't really need a reason." I can respect that 👏
Diffuse Wings49
Diffuse Wings49 Dia atrás
Obama isn't a comedian lmao
Soupツ Dia atrás
I can only hear Barry b benson in Jerry’s voice
Elijah Littau
Elijah Littau Dia atrás
I’m republican and id choose Obama over either of our current options any day. He was a great fuckin president.
sks4378 Dia atrás
Asshole Trump can never be on this show
George Pantelias
George Pantelias Dia atrás
So u did a show with the worst president in history?..............ok
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Dia atrás
I do not live in America but he was such a cool president.
don eric
don eric Dia atrás
Obama: Are you still doing standup? Jerry: Are you still making speeches? Gone are those days when you can't differentiate between the president and the citizen
Jared Stasch
Jared Stasch Dia atrás
Funny how people are so impressed by Obama because he talks well but hate someone like Reagan who was also a great speaker and helped bring down the Berlin Wall and took us through the cold war. Politics.
LilCobain Dia atrás
I didn’t know our president was in the new movie
Alexandre .C
Alexandre .C Dia atrás
BRvid is suggesting you this so you dont vote for trump, just so you know.
time space
time space Dia atrás
How foolish do you guys think we are .............that would be the question to ask, than what would you do help agaisnt that lack of knowledge/experiences? I just naturally care too much about others to be someone like you! May a powerfull entity help us! (or not) life is still only a matter of time for all of us!
Jimmy Bélanger
Jimmy Bélanger Dia atrás
7:15 "Ok man, just hold the door" "Holding my breath. Got it!" "That's not... Fine whatever"
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes Dia atrás
Obama SUCK !!!! Seinfeld SUCK !!!!!
Ele fant
Ele fant Dia atrás
Imagine Donald Trump doing this and not Obama.
Littletweeter Dia atrás
this dude seems like he could do a really good kronk voice Dia atrás
how do u calibrate dealting with.. what?
Eased Yawnus
Eased Yawnus Dia atrás
15:58 they dubbed the same “Hecklers” he had previously used just a few seconds ago
abel nicolae
abel nicolae Dia atrás
You people need to learn how to drink coffee. Wtf is this all day long drinking, gallons and gallons of this watery thing. One cup of black espresso in the morning, no sugar, no bullshit, to wake up and start fresh. The second, after lunch: a capuccino, or a latte, to be able to finish the job. That's it. Meanwhile, brew some tea!!
gbutreasful Dia atrás
blobby the real blobfish
mR. CoFfeE
Jocelyn Eagle
Jocelyn Eagle Dia atrás
Hands down the most laid back, personable president in my lifetime! 2020 now and cant wait for November to vote the Cheeto out
Jocelyn Eagle
Jocelyn Eagle Dia atrás
Just seeing the little glimpses of how the Obama's decorated for Christmas compared to how Melania decorated is a huge difference. Obama's: classic, traditional, warm. Melania: cold, colorless, uninviting.
s Dia atrás
Donald Trump could never 😌✨
Harley Ortega
Harley Ortega 2 dias atrás
Obama lowkey thought he was lame
Nkive 2 dias atrás
Why is this Barry Benson's voice?
Brody Kopp
Brody Kopp 2 dias atrás
I though it was all staged, until they actually sat and drank the coffee.
Bobby Boca
Bobby Boca 2 dias atrás
The car is American but you and Obama don’t have one ounce of American running through your body !
angelica lumbo
angelica lumbo 2 dias atrás
"You have to use the non presidential garbage "😂😂😂
Kyle Denson
Kyle Denson 2 dias atrás
Obama/Trump >>>>>> Clinton/Bush, outside of covid, this, and the last administration we saw economic growth.
Ilyos Olimov
Ilyos Olimov 2 dias atrás
Plz go back to your place, be a president again
Lisa Chan
Lisa Chan 2 dias atrás
I'd love to see Obama and Trump in the same car 😅 and alternating driving time.
A V 2 dias atrás
Fuck this man he deported more Mexicans than any other president lol
disco 07
disco 07 2 dias atrás
Two stank butt jojo
Lucy Lincoln
Lucy Lincoln 2 dias atrás
13:04 should be a gif...
Sushi' Shon
Sushi' Shon 2 dias atrás
Is... that Jerry from Sienfield?! Holy crap! It is!
Mark Hunt
Mark Hunt 2 dias atrás
I miss Obama as president.
bacon_ boi64
bacon_ boi64 2 dias atrás
Hang on a minute... I Just realised that Jerry Seinfeld is Barry Bee Benson from the Bee movie!!!
Aa Rr
Aa Rr 2 dias atrás
You ready? *got some stuff to do* *S* *I* *L* *E* *N* *C* *E*
ĀVREE EVANS 2 dias atrás
Artzeey 2 dias atrás
Goast Bubber.
Potcheen on the road ☘
Great guy
Alpha Elk Dmt
Alpha Elk Dmt 2 dias atrás
Obama supervised the largest transfer of wealth in American history and dropped more bombs than any president in American history killing innocent women and children but god damn he does have charisma 😂
Statenitaly 2 dias atrás
He was a horrible president but very cool.. that’s why his bosses made him the president, thought let find a cool black guy for a puppet= Obama but he really was smooth just not in control
Maria Galbo
Maria Galbo 2 dias atrás
"You did not sale it " HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!
Ludwe Nqapela
Ludwe Nqapela 2 dias atrás
"Black's too rough for a President" "I'm a cool President"
Peter Pain
Peter Pain Dia atrás
He is a war Morder
Paul-Jacob 2 dias atrás
This is gold😂
D Mack
D Mack 2 dias atrás
A president who speaks coherently...we miss that.
Alex Jacome
Alex Jacome 2 dias atrás
A really good deal of a guy he is and moreover charismatic think he was one of the best presidents the US had.
Kaisei Kurosaki
Kaisei Kurosaki 2 dias atrás
Love him or hate him, undeniably he is just one kool kat.
Josh Thomas
Josh Thomas 2 dias atrás
Don’t like Him or his time as president, but he is a cool,funny guy
Jim Polk
Jim Polk 2 dias atrás
Obama seems like a good dude; he was just a really bad President.
Isfer Fun
Isfer Fun 2 dias atrás
I've watched this in Netflix before but cmon man...don't y'all think these are the coolest people riding and sipping coffee together. I bet both of them and Joe could smoke Trump by miles away. Obama is so calm, collected, down to earth and always know which words to use as proper respectable person. That's a class of hundred. Sorry to says very unlike to the current one's, zero class.
Toby Holland
Toby Holland 2 dias atrás
Jerry: Shave, then workout? Obama: Yeah I believe in shaving before the workout ... Because uh... that's how I do it, and I don't really need a reason. Love this line.
Balaji T
Balaji T 3 dias atrás
Very nice and candid from the ex pres😇👌🏻..Truely cool.
EdensSecret1 3 dias atrás
I realise now how cool Obama is
ItsCapnCook88 3 dias atrás
"are these washed" haha would've asked the same thing
Catalina Ortoljo
Catalina Ortoljo 3 dias atrás
Obama had/has swag.
Raymond Fernandes
Raymond Fernandes 3 dias atrás
I'm not American, but I really love this President.
Joann Cunningham
Joann Cunningham 3 dias atrás
I just ❤️President Obama! Michelle Obama too! Miss you guys. He’s got a good sense of humor!
Ryan Loco
Ryan Loco 3 dias atrás
When I see President Obama in this video, I missed the charismatic person who can lead this country to a better way...He is cool, he is honest, he has dignity, he is well respected! On the contrary Donald Trump is just the opposite way down to the tunnel.....
DB Legend 456
DB Legend 456 3 dias atrás
Video might be old but he’s still iconic to me and I liked the vid
PxEnVy 3 dias atrás
Barry speaks with the president
Tim Prosser
Tim Prosser 3 dias atrás
(Just a simple comment.) I'm impressed. Cheers from Queensland, Australia.
Johnny Nuggetz
Johnny Nuggetz 3 dias atrás
funny and im a 1963 baby- the vette and me similar
Aric Almiroli’s son
Aric Almiroli’s son 3 dias atrás
The people “talking” in the background are probably just wanting to leave rn😂
BrothermanGames 3 dias atrás
Now I need to see Larry David getting into an argument with Obama about whether or not the glass of water Larry is drinking is filtered or not.
Scott Provan
Scott Provan 3 dias atrás
gabriel fernandez
gabriel fernandez 3 dias atrás
I'll keep saying that beyond policy and ideology a politicians as Barack Obama is the wet dream of every political party. He is just the perfect candidate. Strong personality but no as invasive as other politicians (not too wack no too personalist) good social skills perfect and comunicational skills and has a pretty good image in public as sense of humor.
Mee Maw
Mee Maw 3 dias atrás
fuck donald trump
My Cousin Greg
My Cousin Greg 3 dias atrás
Just two comedians driving a car and drinking coffee. The driver isn’t as funny as the passenger though
Camilo Rojas
Camilo Rojas 3 dias atrás
Can you imagine our maga potus doing this?😂😂😂
K O 3 dias atrás
Sarah 3 dias atrás
This is one of my favorite shows but the sneakers with the suit jacket and the jeans bunched at the ends kills me every time
K O 3 dias atrás
Did Obama try to take you in the back seat? Or bring you home to Michael?
Jason Black
Jason Black 3 dias atrás
Teddy not only went to Yellowstone but Medora too
Ricky Ray
Ricky Ray 3 dias atrás
Obama was a cool guy, I don't lean left OR right but I liked Obama. In my opinion we were the most stable under him, everybody didn't hate eachother.
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