[CODE] Snake Man, New Rep System, Taijutsu Remaster, and more

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12 Ago 2022



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You never cease to surprise us Rell games
"we're not focusing on grinding anymore "the sentence that made me return to the game for good
Sean Jin
I think some of the elements should be reworked to fit better in the meta, also shadow clones should have more health and speed, as it's practically useless. Also make them copy the appearance of the mode (clones doesn't necessarily have to get stat boosts too).
You two have grown as developers over the two Years I have been playing shindo and I thank you for all you have done, God blessed
A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon
We should have more modes that change the skills if there are more concepts to the skills, (no need to be in most new bloodlines or modes). I would have love if the punches got like more of a fist symbol to it since it would looks more nice and recognize-able that way. And I also hope that we can buff the yen income from doing quest and such, since I find it a little bit tough for yen grinding and such. Yeah that's all, great works from you guys, totally loved that a lot, became da best one piece game on roblox lol
Cameron Webley
Hey, i feel like adding Garou from the One-Punch Man Manga as a bloodline to the game would work really well. You could have Monster Garou for the 1st mode form then Cosmic Fear form for the final mode, giving him the gamma ray burst and even add a similar thing to where the Strange Bloodline can re-wind time, just like Garou. Please take this suggestion into consideration; it would make the OPM fans, like me really happy to see and use my favourite character. I appreciate your efforts to everyone that has worked on the game, thank you🙏
tom shuo
Taijustu are very fun to use so im glad they getting reworks
Rocco Ottaviano
Nice, just very nice. KEEP IT UP RELLGAMES We all love the hard work you guys put in.
Andron Miller Jr.
Tengoku might be added to the meta since its moves hit multiple times and md is funny 👀
Builderboy TV
Rewarding us, old players with the new system means alot and less grinding. But what matter the most is how you consider these changes for the new players. 💯💯
Riker Shigiki
Gotta love how rell keeps the game smooth and keeps updating consistently. On another note though, I Smell A New META.
RELLGames will be remembered through history for millennia to come. The developers who could actually update their game and listen to their community.
RedbullDidnt GiveMeWings
Theres a glitch that happens with warp where very time you use it, it glitches the coolown and you cant use that key anymore, by warp i mean the sub ability its right above fog dissolution
Rell never miss as always!!! keep up the good work.
I think it would be really cool to make a saitama bloodline, hear me out. 1st ability is normal punch, it deals good damage and knockback, 2nd move, normal punches, really good barrage of punches and does alot of damage. 3rd move, sidejumps, its an autododge move. mode is serious mode, c spec is serious punch, it does a big aoe attack and stun damage, q abiltity is tableflip, its kindve like a bigger spirit spear and it does knockback and stun damage.
I thought I would never see the day when I would see a lot of references of Shinobi Life again. It comforts me to see that Shindo is recovering along with it's prime and former state. Keep up the good work Rell, I look forward of more updates like these, especially ones that give the Naruto essence
hey how ya doin
You should add a second stage and a E spec to cobra stretch mode.
Yaros Play
You are the best developers I know! Thanks a lot for everything you do for us! Shindo gave me a lot of fun! Thanks again!🥰🥰🥰
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