Clermont Foot vs PSG | LIGUE 1 HIGHLIGHTS | 08/06/2022 | beIN SPORTS USA

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5 Ago 2022



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Erik Collantes
Erik Collantes Dia atrás
The team was spectacular but the performance of Neymar and Messi was outstanding and that goal from Messi was top notch
Obyno Omere
Obyno Omere 7 horas atrás
N C 10 horas atrás
Spectacular against Clermont? Come on bro be realistic now. I seriously feel bad for all psg fans and you for saying this kind of stuff lol
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
@Dennis 123 Messi is desperate to win the champions league with psg 😂 meanwhile Mr. Champions League is not😂
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬ Y
Antony Eliel
Antony Eliel 21 hora atrás
World cup training come on Messi
Iftekhar Aqib
Iftekhar Aqib Dia atrás
Verratti doesn't get enough credit for his contribution in the mid-field. The man is almost impossible to dispossess!
Anonymous 9 horas atrás
@Joseph Antony they got Fab Ruiz as a back up for those moments
Miles Away
Miles Away 10 horas atrás
My favourite PSG player ever :)
Allan Peters
Allan Peters 12 horas atrás
World class midfielder but gets a lot of injuries. Hope he stays fit this seson!
Javier M
Javier M 12 horas atrás
Just a reminder who is daddy
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ NIV
Anonymous Dia atrás
what a breath of fresh air seeing this team playing free flowing football. let’s pray both neymar and messi avoid any injuries because they are going to be on fire this season. neymar looks like a brand new player and messi will shut up all the haters talking about his first season with psg. galtier really is bringing out the best out of everyone, massive props to him.
AJ Ajala
AJ Ajala 11 horas atrás
Bro psg will win Ligue 1 without Neymar , Mbappe and Messi . All this stupid talk playing extrenely below par competition
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭21:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬ h
Daidi Fanta
Daidi Fanta 15 horas atrás
When Mbappe is back, the dynamics will change. They'll go back to winning through individual brilliance, and falter in UCL knockouts because either Madrid, City, Liverpool, Bayern or Chelsea will meet them.
Colin Davis
Colin Davis 15 horas atrás
@FF WiD TANVIR So they're supposed to just lose to who they face?
Eddie Garcia
Eddie Garcia 17 horas atrás
Raihan Islam
Raihan Islam Dia atrás
You could see the keeper was just dumbfounded after Messi's bicycle kick. He just stood there and literally did not expect Messi to do that.
MyNutsOnYourChin 7 horas atrás
@Sardar Rahim Khan fraud d’or award is a joke fanboy😂 Xavi + Iniesta = 👑 Ronaldo
MyNutsOnYourChin 7 horas atrás
@Sardar Rahim Khan 😂😂😂 What don’t you understand Messi is so DESPERATE to win the champions league, meanwhile Mr. Champions league is not😂 5 ucl > 3.5 ucl
Sardar Rahim Khan
Sardar Rahim Khan 7 horas atrás
@MyNutsOnYourChin Mr champions league getting ready to dominate farmburgers fc in the Europa league 😂, Ronaldo fans must be dying inside seeing there goat fall to pieces while the actual goat is out here scoring bicycle kicks
Sardar Rahim Khan
Sardar Rahim Khan 7 horas atrás
@Johann Juarez no one is calling it the greatest Goal mate we are calling him the greatest player ever and that no one can deny it because he really is the goat
Mathias Pulido
Mathias Pulido 8 horas atrás
@Uzo Design ur right I’ve seen el pibe Valderrama’s brother play with my father in an over 40 league and he scored one of the nicest bikes I’ve ever see
JayCFC Dia atrás
Love seeing Messi and Neymar play such great football together again. That bicycle goal from Messi was amazing. The world isn't ready for Messi x Neymar.
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
Messi is like the 5th most important player on the team😂 he is so desperate to win the champions league meanwhile Mr. Champions League is not😂
MA 13 horas atrás
The only real test will come in the champions league. They already won the league before it even started .
Ec09 20 horas atrás
@Stan Smith "..can't do nothing" You do realize that you've just basically said that they CAN do something, right?
usa Dia atrás
Lol farmers
Neymar is super talented when he is focused. Not just scoring his precision passing is what sets him apart from even Mbappe and Messi. Not to take away from either one of them, Neymar is special when the game is his focus.
Marcus 19 horas atrás
Neymar can still become the best player in the world in my opinion. I think he’s more fit this season than he’s been in a long time. He’s been playing well the past few years other wise PSG wouldn’t have gotten him to extend his deal. But, he seems like his old self right now. Playing with that focus, and flow where crazy things happen. And most importantly, he’s having fun with his friend Messi.
Burajiro no Senshii
Neymar was definitely the man of the match. He was impeccable, he could’ve scored a couple goals but chose to assist. 1 goals 3 assists. 4 direct contributions. Messi was great but Neymar was the maestro of this match
charis kadosh
charis kadosh 6 horas atrás
I fear Mbappe might distort this chemistry. Just like real Madrid, there is nothing like Vini and Benzema. You cannot add or take from it.
Da Silva Surfer
Da Silva Surfer 10 horas atrás
@Alfredo Reyes I’m sorry I can’t take u seriously lmao
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes 10 horas atrás
@Da Silva Surfer What r u on this is facts u clearly didn’t watch the game.
Da Silva Surfer
Da Silva Surfer 10 horas atrás
@Alfredo Reyes I hope this is sarcasm lol
The Flight
The Flight Dia atrás
I was like, Neymar is gonna be the man if the match unless Messi does something extra special in the end. And Messi did, but Neymar is still the man of the match for me.
Sam S
Sam S Dia atrás
Messi is playing with a smile on his face again, that’s when he’s most lethal
GetxMuted 22 horas atrás
@Semmyredd took him a while, understandable tho, we all thought he was a 1 club player cause of his love for Barcelona, but this year/season is going to be important for messi, World Cup in 4 months and a new CL season and now he is comfortable with this psg team with a new coach who seems to be doing the right thing so far
Semmyredd 22 horas atrás
I'm guessing he's getting comfortable in PSG now.
AdanysMusic Dia atrás
Zetino J.D.
Zetino J.D. Dia atrás
The Clermont crowd with the "Messi Messi" chant is epic. Respect. Man of the match to the keeper even after giving up 5.
Thekill3rb3ast Dia atrás
Congrats to PSG for winning the 22/23 Ligue 1 title!
D BP 10 horas atrás
Rejectnaldo fan spotted
Pedro R
Pedro R 22 horas atrás
Actually spurs is winning boys
E. 22 horas atrás
@Abu Mansaray7 the only competition is Liverpool and city lmao any teams other than them are useless at competing for the league
A P Dia atrás
@Joseph Antony still havent won all 10 for 10 years.. EPL is unpredictable. City wasn't even guaranteed a win until the very last minute last season and they ALMOST lost it too.
JSVKK Dia atrás
@Joseph Antony PL is unpredictable league.Barca will tough for Real. PSG & Bayern are sure winners 🏆
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out
Neymar 1 goal 3 assists, Messi 2 goals, 1 assist, good win
Engrade Mafias
Engrade Mafias 13 horas atrás
@Yaw O No he wasn't. That was because of his stunning freekick. But this comment is counting Neymar and Messi's stats against clermont foot
Yaw O
Yaw O Dia atrás
@Stan Smith Ronaldo was called a goat after he scored a hat trick against relegated Norwich FC.
Dr. Rick Booty
Dr. Rick Booty Dia atrás
In April against Clermont Neymar 3 goals Mbappe 3 goals
Jom Paggao
Jom Paggao Dia atrás
@Stan Smith Clermont FC I think
Stan Smith
Stan Smith Dia atrás
against who though?
Harry's Home
Harry's Home Dia atrás
PSG are at their best when their manager is a Frenchman. Galtier knows the league very well and what it takes to win it. They literally couldn't have made a better signing and what I love a lot about our board as well is the ambition, our goal is the UCL and I can't wait til we lift it.
D Chocolate
D Chocolate 12 horas atrás
@Julian hattrick*
Ruben Olguin
Ruben Olguin Dia atrás
The manager doesn't have ANY experience in the UCL....
Julian Dia atrás
@ItzMxlvin they would of beat Real Madrid if donaruma and marquinos hadn’t gifted benzema a goal🤓
ItzMxlvin Dia atrás
Will get humbled in ucl every year
Addi Teacha
Addi Teacha Dia atrás
Laurent made them play nice
Oba***Man YouTube took my channel out
This PSG team is showing sign of unselfishness, they are passing the ball and make it easy for everyone to score. This rotation is working with Neymar, Messi and Sarabia
Trevor Stepp
Trevor Stepp 10 horas atrás
@Stan Smith Pretty sure messi had 5 goals in 7 games last champions league. The Champions League was actually his best competition.
D_i_v_a Dia atrás
@Stan Smith the one ur calling pessi, his shoes are more expensive than u so respect when u say his name kid🤣🤣🤣
Mr.Wiiick Dia atrás
Just wait until Mbappe gets back
battlefield/socom ps
@Stan Smith you can't have someone that like messi that is a legend to the game, try to adapt to a kid that just starting. It doesn't work like like that. If you try, it will be a gamble and it didn't work last year. Messi style is more 1 touch and running in the box and wait for the ball back so he can score, but mbappe style is more like fast counterattack and try to score by himself. His style is also like real madrid and that is where the problem is. I don't even see mbappe working good with cristiano Ronaldo. By the way you call messi pessi, i can tell you are a kid that doesn't understand football
Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb Sauce
I had a giant smile on my face watching Messi’s goal. Been watching him since 06 and never expected a bicycle kick from him 😭
DianaHope Wanjiku
That Messi's bicycle kick was similar to the one Ronaldinho did. Very poetic
Chidi Okoro
Chidi Okoro 8 horas atrás
bro wasn’t even off the ground but igh
SC P 15 horas atrás
@Kevin He probably meant the one vs Villareal. They are very similar.
Sonic with glasses
Sonic with glasses 22 horas atrás
@Mathew Van Ostin PRIME BUFFON ???????? Man was in his late 30s 😭🤣😂
Mohammed Cheikh Jabr
No way I'm messis biggest fan but ronaldinhos free kick was something else..
Heinz S
Heinz S Dia atrás
@Csokops man forget that guy, don't waste your time. There is always some hater no matter what Messi does they will always find something negative to say.
Ross Peller
Ross Peller Dia atrás
I cannot remember the last time that I saw Neymar in this kind of form. I have not seen him play like this since he first joined PSG. He could do whatever he wanted today. Also great to see the link up play so strong between him and Messi after struggling last year
Jules Tjamak
Jules Tjamak Dia atrás
It's a good win for the start of the season with a new coach and some new players. the team played well today and it was a convincing win. messi looks sharp and reborn, neymar the same, they did well today. As a psg fan, I know psg will win the league but what I'm waiting for is the champs league, I hope the intensity they put in the league, they will put the same intensity in the champions league. I only care about psg in the champs league and I hope they will do something this year but we'll see.
Al Baptiste
Al Baptiste 11 horas atrás
@Joseph Antony farmers
Al Baptiste
Al Baptiste 11 horas atrás
@Joseph Antony lmao that’s why with fans like you psg will remain a small club
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
Messi is so desperate to win the champions league😂meanwhile Mr. Champions League is not😂
Psg always does good in ucl. They will do good this year again if they don't screw up in 15 minutes
esther kisob
esther kisob Dia atrás
I couldn't have said it better and it's too early to get excited about PSG. This team can be very disappointing, ups and downs during the seasons. Clermont is mediocre team.
Barcelona Tiki Taka
The only thing missing for Messi besides a World Cup a bicycle kick goal. The GOAT of football.
MyNutsOnYourChin 9 horas atrás
@Pablo Rodriguez don’t talk about missed penalties now…. Missed penalties made Messi retire and lose in champions league round of 16😂 Messi just walking 🚶‍♂️ both games, meanwhile Ronaldo’s teams juventus and ManU never gave him a chance, and juve got cheated with the penalty vs Porto worst penalty call ever
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez 11 horas atrás
@MyNutsOnYourChin CR7 missed penalty in CHAMPIONS final. His team mates saved him and ?
MyNutsOnYourChin 11 horas atrás
@Pablo Rodriguez Xavi + Iniesta = Mr champions league 👑 5ucl > Messi 3.5 ucl
MyNutsOnYourChin 11 horas atrás
@Pablo Rodriguez 😂😂😂 what stupid argument is that, messi can’t win champions league without XAVI and INIESTA, he has to depend on the fake achievement ballon dor😂 which became a joke in 2017 when modric won it over Ronaldo, real fans know not fanboys
Pablo Rodriguez
Pablo Rodriguez 11 horas atrás
@MyNutsOnYourChin Xavi and Iniesta didn’t win any CHAMPIONS without Mess7. LTA
Aze Dia atrás
Neymar is genuinely underrated I don’t care what anyone says. One of the best players of the past twenty years overshadowed by the ridiculous achievements of Messi and Ronaldo.
Papijuaaan 8 horas atrás
He’s a good player but don’t say he’s one of the best. When big games come around he’s nowhere to be found. He can perform when the pressure isn’t on him he’s never lived up to his potential
Rafael Guasp
Rafael Guasp Dia atrás
@Emilio Rivera same reason he went to PSG. No passion.
Emilio Rivera
Emilio Rivera Dia atrás
@Rafael Guasp That's why I think Messi is way better than Ronaldo. Messi fights and keeps playing even when fouls from the other team are obvious. Ronaldo always do penalties and dives every somebody barely touch him. Neymar dives every time he can and even fake it to get a penalty or free kick. Maybe if he actually played just like Messi every time he had the other squad all over him with aggressive moves he would be as praised as Messi but he chose to dive and whine. He has the talent I don't understand why he always dived.
AA10 Dia atrás
@Nolan Bostick football
Rafael Guasp
Rafael Guasp Dia atrás
@Stan Smith go look at how manny penalties ronaldo scored.
Armando Rivas
Armando Rivas Dia atrás
Neymar is such a joy to watch, love his style
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood Dia atrás
UgoOko 6 horas atrás
@Dennis Lewis nobody cares how u feel about Ray
Ram RM
Ram RM Dia atrás
Bro he would have gone absolutely crazy 😂🫣
Dennis Lewis
Dennis Lewis Dia atrás
@Dylan Wood - No. No. No. I detest Ray Hudson! He ruins the games whenever he does the commentating. He sounds like a hysterical schoolgirl.
John Giles
John Giles Dia atrás
Ray's head would have exploded from that Messi bicycle goal.
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Dia atrás
AM Distant
AM Distant Dia atrás
Last season they were booing him, this season they're already chanting - Messi ! Messi ! Messi !
James Bond
James Bond Dia atrás
That was Clermont fans lol
Anthony Hallberg
Anthony Hallberg Dia atrás
Nice to see them all smiling. Feels like this year is gonna be different in the best way possible. Lookout Europe. Really nice to see them get a clean sheet and focus some on defense
Emilio Rivera
Emilio Rivera Dia atrás
@Speedy T I'm sure when Messi becomes as old as Cristiano the teams will be still looking for him.
Speedy T
Speedy T Dia atrás
@Yaw O thats because hes old its natural and if you were smart you would know that
Yaw O
Yaw O Dia atrás
@Speedy T Ronaldo has been rejected by every club he likes. Enjoy him in the Europa league.
Speedy T
Speedy T Dia atrás
@Anthony Hallberg lol true
Anthony Hallberg
Anthony Hallberg Dia atrás
@Speedy T 🤣🤣. Well you win, because I'm sure your ass was laughing at me trying to explain it🤣🤣🤣
Left Nut
Left Nut Dia atrás
Messi finally got his bicycle kick goal, even he couldnt beleive that he scored a bicycle, and why is noone talking about messi's assist to neymar? That assist was a touch by a god And its still so weird seeing messi, ney, and ramos celebrating together
Papijuaaan 8 horas atrás
How are you praising that? He clearly didn’t control the ball and went over his foot he didn’t by any means mean to pass the ball to Neymar he just wasn’t able to control the ball
Juicy 22 horas atrás
Ikr I’m similarly impressed by the first assist as the bicycle
Abdoul Coulibaly
Abdoul Coulibaly Dia atrás
It feels like Mbappé messes up their chemistry 💯
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
It’s clermont foot
Mike morisse
Mike morisse 17 horas atrás
@Joseph Antony The problem was the PSG board. They hired an average coach and thought he was the best.
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez Dia atrás
Joke man
Ghostface Dia atrás
@Jose Villanueva thats a ridiculous take lol
Mumtaz Mannan
Mumtaz Mannan Dia atrás
Definitely title contenders.
Jim 11 horas atrás
I don’t know man, Troyes looking strong 👀
TrapKingz 11 horas atrás
@MyNutsOnYourChin Seeing Messi smile over finallisima win was a joke. Italy didn’t even have their best lineup. One game doesn’t decide who is better.
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
@TrapKingz I honestly think Nations league is just as hard to win as Copa America you just have to beat less than 100% Brazil one game, and finalissima? one game tournament😂 what a joke
TrapKingz 12 horas atrás
@MyNutsOnYourChin he was so desperate to win copa america lol, when Neymar said with a big smile on his face “i want to play against Argentina in the copa america final because I have a lot of friends there” I knew immediately Brazil would let Argentina win.
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
Messi is the 5th most important player on psg 😂 he is so desperate to win a champions league meanwhile Mr. Champions League is not
Joseph Antony
Joseph Antony Dia atrás
I'm not gonna get overhyped coz it's only Nantes and Clermont, and real tests are yet to come. But it's feels good to finally see free flowing football. Defensively we have been doing great Vitinha and Verratti are creating alot. Messi and Neymar are recovering from last season. Allez Paris!! ❤💙
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Dia atrás
Good point, but they didn't do this good against these teams at the beginning of last season.
Jason Dia atrás
True true, but this is how psg should have been playing in the first place with such dominance, last season they would have only won 3-1 probably
11Chef Claire
11Chef Claire Dia atrás
Thanks Galtier for bringing out the best of the best players
ChrisChras 9000
ChrisChras 9000 Dia atrás
That goal by Messi was amazing. I am glad to see that he is getting better. Not to mention, Neymar. When Mbappe is not here, he is the main man.
Ya Boi Dim
Ya Boi Dim Dia atrás
It’s really nice to see Messi come out of shell and being more confident these past couple games
GTK Dia atrás
From the pre season he had, it looks like Messi is finally getting used to play for PSG and this could mean another golden boot if he keeps he’s form, which he does very well, while also racking up assists.
MELOMAY Dia atrás
Neymar playing in the midfield is crazy he need to keep playing it
Ney da boi
Ney da boi Dia atrás
@mac_888-mtl mcal8 hes not weak its just that he dives to not get a really bad injury
Addi Teacha
Addi Teacha Dia atrás
What Brazil coach said
mac_888-mtl mcal8
In Ligue 1 why not, but not against proper teams in the Champions League. He is too weak physically
TM Dia atrás
He learned from the best that’s why he’s good at midfield and CF
ooga booga
ooga booga Dia atrás
everytime i see messi scoring for psg, it puts a smile on my face.
Maxwell's Unearthly
The disrespect was more than evident lol. Mbappe wasn't even playing. Nice boost of confidence game.
Cameron Noel
Cameron Noel 23 horas atrás
3-4-3 is clearly the way forward. 2 top tier wing backs, 3 great cbs, and 3 super star forwards. Only problem could be the balance in midfield. The world isnt ready for messi this year!
TP 21 hora atrás
I would love to see more of this PSG we know the talent is there, hopefully they have the will to go all out like this against European rivals
Daniel online
Daniel online 13 horas atrás
I am just glad Ramos is finding his way more in the team now. Goal from last match and although some missed chances today, evidence of more to come.
GoldenClovds Dia atrás
9-0 the past 2 games. With no mbappe aswell. Ramos being fit adds massive points to the defense. Also for corners Ramos & Marquinhos duo is lethal 🔥🔥
rhythm451 Dia atrás
PSG really looks threatening this season!!! Amazing goal from the GOAT as always 👌🔥🔥
MyNutsOnYourChin 12 horas atrás
Messi is so desperate to win a champions league this year meanwhile Mr Champions League🐐 is not😂
Dhruv Shah
Dhruv Shah Dia atrás
i don't remember a single dominating performance under poch. Messi didn't even get his first ligue goal last year until much later. PSG lookin good
Steven Kebila
Steven Kebila Dia atrás
I’m happy to see Messi smile again 🥹
The King Kaz Show
Although I love Mbappe, The chemistry is better without Mbappe!
OSSS Boys Dia atrás
dis a new coach tho. new tactic
Maurice 23 horas atrás
Messi finds a way to shine even among all the brilliant giants that played so well today! SIMPLY AMAZING. YOU DO NOT TRADE AWAY THAT KIND OF GENIUS!
Mig Mig
Mig Mig Dia atrás
A glimpse of what’s to come from Messi this season.
Ronald Vargas
Ronald Vargas Dia atrás
One of Messis best games ever played and one of his best goals. I say this as a Ronaldo ran. Well done!
Sissoko Thierno
Sissoko Thierno Dia atrás
Messi is the Greatest Player of All Time. Last year he wasn’t ready , he’s gonna do some real damage this year. Watch it
Yaw O
Yaw O Dia atrás
@Mohammad Mujtaba Nawabi Messi's game is not only defined by goals. That's the mistake I see many people make.
Nigel 👑
Nigel 👑 Dia atrás
They played a bottom tier team in a Mickey Mouse league relax man . It’s only game 1 of the season
TrapKingz Dia atrás
You mean the greatest failure of all time?
Mohammad Mujtaba Nawabi
Wait for Mbappe, we will see how many goals Messi will score 😂😂😂
Jorge Eli Roque
Jorge Eli Roque 22 horas atrás
7:28 Love to see that smile from Messi again. Gonna be a good season for him.
@Micheal Recebba
Out of all those years watching Messi's attempts on bicycle kicks and this is his first one now. 😎 An speaking of Messi every game I watch his play making is just getting smarter, and smarter, and smarter.
Legato 22 horas atrás
Love to see Messi and Neymar playing so well together
Emmanuel Okonta
Emmanuel Okonta 19 horas atrás
Messi is such a thing of beauty! It such a privilege to have him playing in my lifetime..
kuerv0 Dia atrás
Yes that last one ..never forget that a great goal start with a even greater pass.
Ibrahim Shahid
Ibrahim Shahid Dia atrás
Galtier was the coach this team was praying for and this messi was what psg were waiting for..!!
Ec09 20 horas atrás
Oh. My. Jackpot. That flick from Messi to Neymar for the first goal was sublime as was Messi's second goal which was a beauty. Messi bags a brace on opening day, man that's gonna do wonders for his confidence and I foresee him scoring lots of goals this season if he stays healthy. PSG starting off the season, strong 💪
Stephen Mason
Stephen Mason 18 horas atrás
It's always good to see struggling players finally score. Good for that Lionel Messi guy. 😄
Roudelet Remy
Roudelet Remy Dia atrás
Bruh I know Messi was coming with a difficult season last year but the coach was useless not using Messi and Neymar to his favorite position PSG should make it to semifinals of the champions league if because of stopped of pochettino and Donaruma fade away the dream of PSG I believe this year this PSG side will make miracles
MrMontenutto Dia atrás
It's unbelievable how much hate Neymar and Brazilian players suffer from the media in Europe and the US. Every game Neymar can be the best of the match, Brazilians can play a lot and stand out but if they do anything else like dribble wrong, miss the pass or play less than a native they massacre the players who are not to blame, who play a lot of soccer and it's always at a high level. You shouldn't always criticize people for what you think they are, but understand that they are humans and not judge. These guys needs to respect our football, our players and our country.
Aeque 22 horas atrás
U know the reason why Neymar is heavily criticized but u chose to ignore it. He is 1 of the best players in the world but his theatrical ,dramatic divings is what make football fans criticize’s not about his nationality.stop playing the victim
Dylan Wood
Dylan Wood Dia atrás
I know it’s a shitter team but god this is the neymar I’m seeing who was my favorite player growing up. Hypervenom era neymar like. Without injuries he really potentially could’ve been the closest player we’d get to messi Ronaldo legacy. I hope he picks it back up this year. He looks happy and healthy
Mikey Dimes
Mikey Dimes Dia atrás
I forgot Mbappe is even on the team
sandman1347 Dia atrás
Ugh, the worst fans are the ones who put player over team
AVE - Dia atrás
He didn’t play today
Steve Felix
Steve Felix Dia atrás
😂😂😂 Me too bro
Alex Torres
Alex Torres 12 horas atrás
Paris is just having a blast! What a goal by Messi.
Tim Tim
Tim Tim 12 horas atrás
The best signing for PSG this summer was the new coach. Messi and Neymar being able to play the style they want to allows a lot more play making in the final 3.
Re Mo
Re Mo Dia atrás
Que golazo de Messi para hacer 5-0 🫡😎
oliver villamar
oliver villamar Dia atrás
I’m so happy for Messi. All the team looks happy no stress.
Juan_A. Dia atrás
I just hope Messi stays healthy and motivated He's catching serious form just in time for Qatar
Bishar Abdi
Bishar Abdi Dia atrás
Messi and Neymar's duo works very well but when you add Mbappe in there it somehow falls an apart.
G.A genaral
G.A genaral Dia atrás
Congratulations to PSG for winning the French league
mr bau
mr bau Dia atrás
It hurts to see him do his thing in a different shirt 😭 goat
Feynman Schwinger E_MC2
Congrats to PSG for winning the 22/23 Farmers League title, a league in which PSG had won 5 of the last 6 Farmers League titles! Very impressive. Now do it in the UCL against real competition instead of missing clutch penalties that turned out to be the deciding factor in whether you advanced vs Madrid. Without a UCL this is just "punching down." No competition in French Farmers League.
Ruben Patino
Ruben Patino Dia atrás
Messi finally has enough goals to make a 30 second montage of all his PSG goals.
CaliRosem_ Dia atrás
Anda encendido el maestro🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sharpie Dia atrás
neymar and messi played amazin 💪🏼 allez paris ❤️💙
Akmal Kamawal
Akmal Kamawal Dia atrás
Messi: simply the greatest
H Martinez
H Martinez 7 horas atrás
Clermont suffered 69 goals against during last season, and it seems it's going to be something like that again this season
Daniel Romero
Daniel Romero 20 horas atrás
Messi’s smile when he scored his first goal>>>>>> he just looks so happy
Alex Craig
Alex Craig 10 horas atrás
Messi smiling again lifts the heart. ☺️
Benedict isaac Padilla-Argueta
Ray Hudson right now "Genius. That’s beyond bullseye! His dart splits the darts. Astonishing Messi. You could drop a tarantula down his shorts and he’d still be super cool Or. They tell me that all men are equal in the eyes of God but this man seriously makes you think about those words
Dennis Lewis
Dennis Lewis Dia atrás
Please. No more Ray Hudson! I detest him as a commentator! He's like an over-wrought schoolgirl.
Liam Dankmen
Liam Dankmen 22 horas atrás
Man, Its a breath of fresh air to see ney and messi play like this. Hopefully more of this team mentslity from psg. Beautiful football
Sonia 7 horas atrás
Amazing goal by Messi!
Tekman 20 horas atrás
PSG’s playing style is very good and the coach very good too. I hope PSG wins the champions league this time.
Shawn Kay
Shawn Kay Dia atrás
That Messipass was nuts! Holy sheet
SalvyMemeGuy99 22 horas atrás
8:57 I went crazy after Messi did a bicycle kick and my manager joked around at me and said "Sir this is a Wendy's" 🐐🇦🇷🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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