Clearing out a goblin camp.

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Episode 1 of Gabriella &
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Two adventurers clear out a goblin camp.
Gug nog the big bad has reportedly forced goblins to rob the roads.

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10 Ago 2022



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Comentários 1 747
Chad Ledgerwood
Chad Ledgerwood Mês atrás
There’s ALWAYS one goblin or kobald who hates their recently devastated tribe. It is always the sole survivor of the fight because it stayed out of the fight. Totally logical. Ask Meepo or Droop.
Jason Axiak
Jason Axiak 22 dias atrás
Droop is my son
cooleymandragenboy Mês atrás
This comment reminds me of Vivian from paper mario the thousand year door.
Nick Macleod
Nick Macleod Mês atrás
Yeah, our party adopted a goblin named yeemick.
MauiWowieOwie Mês atrás
I was running a module for a kids campaign who were mostly new. Now they aren't murderhobos, but they definitely aren't merciful. In the final encounter there was the BBEG(s) and two cultists left. I rolled and one of the cultists dropped his weapons and said, "you know what, f*ck this! I was just here for the free food and gold. I'm out!" and he ran off. Surprisingly they didn't kill him and even healed him on their way out of the dungeon (he got knocked out).
Francisco Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz Mês atrás
The one rule everyone can agree about goblins; they switch sides very easily and they are great companion when they switch to your side.
Francisco Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz Mês atrás
@Kevin Griffith nu-uh, secret DM Rule #4: Goblin companions don't betray the party because its more fun that way.
Kevin Griffith
Kevin Griffith Mês atrás
Until you find yourself cursing their sudden but inevitable betrayal. Even if said betrayal was adorable.
Cogsworther Mês atrás
Point: "We killed everyone she's ever known. Can we really trust her to be 'switching sides?'" Counterpoint: "Then how can you not respect her mercenary attitude?"
Jokervyne HaHaHa
Jokervyne HaHaHa Mês atrás
If I had a copper for every goblin that hated their entire tribe, I'd have enough copper to get raided by a goblin tribe.
charlie zwart
charlie zwart Mês atrás
so you would have any amount of copper
Red Foreman
Red Foreman Mês atrás
I’m pretty sure every evil goblin/kobold hates every other goblin/kobold, it’s just that they need them to help themselves survive Why wouldn’t a totally amoral being only looking out for itself NOT switch to working with obviously more powerful people? @Jokervyne HaHaHa
Zigeal⛧Faust Mês atrás
Party Member: "It speaks Common!" Me, kneedeep in gobbo blood: "Dude.... I speak goblin. I TOLD YOU WE SHOULD TRY TALKING TO THEM FIRST!"
___ I3ambi
___ I3ambi Mês atrás
I'm imagining a similar scenario where gnolls just killed most of a town, and one girl can speak broken abyssal.
Sanches7557 Mês atrás
-We killed 24 human peasants. Probably her family, everyone she knew -And? -And?! Okay, hey, human girl? -Y-yes? -Who is that kid over there? -That’s Braith, the village’s bully, was punching everyone while adults were not looking -And this elderly women right there? -That’s Grelod, she was our mean caretaker at the orphanage -I see where this is going…
Stonegolem6 Mês atrás
She warns the gnolls about the adv party who will be back any day now.
BodaciousChad Mês atrás
@FatjellyFish She learned her first words from the gnolls while they were attacking.
theindiefanclub Mês atrás
@FatjellyFish some gnolls do speak abyssal cause they're descended from demons
John Dough
John Dough Mês atrás
“Are you gonna make a point or just keep listing numbers?” This was an in character line at an actual table
Nido the King
Nido the King Mês atrás
Our dragonborn adopted a tribe of Kobolds after their chief was killed. They pretty much just either saw him as the biggest kobold they've ever seen or a small red dragon, but either way they had a healthy respect.
Old stump
Old stump Mês atrás
I need someone to make a soy kobold wojack and a chad dragon born going “yes”
FUNKe Mês atrás
In my last campaign (that I joined late), my party slaughtered a camp of goblins, all but one, who got away, levelled up parallel to the party for months and then ambushed them (after I joined them). Being the party dad, my PC stopped EVERYONE, made every party member verbally apologize to the goblin, who then promised to not attack us anymore. The same goblin eventually showed up in our totally disconnected follow-up campaign later on funnily enough
Goldengigabite Mês atrás
I love it when the DM brings back old NPC and I love doing as the DM, it's great to see an old friend (or enemy).
Meewec Mês atrás
my group once captured a kobold after killing the rest of the pack when they attacked us, somehow they didn't fall for our barbarian using a dragon head as a puppet to give them orders. we gave him upgrades to his weapons and armor(low lvl magic stuff i believe) and sent him on his way. we joke from time to time about how one day we'll run into a kobold in full plate riding a dragon.
pikmonwolf Mês atrás
I honestly love the 'parallel party' trope. I'm always reminded of that scene in Shaun of the Dead.
Pantherman1979 Mês atrás
"We probably killed everyone she's ever known..... You think she's just going to switch sides????" "Yes" That made me laugh so hard. Keep it up Zee, LOVE these small segments/stories!
TidalShadow Mês atrás
One of my party members adopted an entire goblin tribe. Sure, they're thieves and murderers, but so are most adventurers. They are extremely loyal to her, and it's kind of adorable. It also proves that a coordinated goblin army is terrifyingly powerful even at higher levels.
Nephicus Mês atrás
Victory by volume!
Ryan Robot
Ryan Robot Mês atrás
An actually evil goblin is way more likely to become real friends with a party than a good one
Azure Toroto's Gaming
Especially in the case that their tribe was slaughtered, a "good" goblin would be pained by the loss of their tribe and antagonize the attackers. A evil one possibly wouldn't care. Yet, depends on circumstances.
SGG Mês atrás
I think our modern fascination with Goblins comes in part from the fact they've always been treated as the chaff enemy that you kill indiscriminately, and now we're all grown up from when we were kids and can go: "Oh wait, isn't it kind of messed up to think of a entire intelligent humanoid species with their own culture and self-awareness as being basically expendable punching bags? I mean...that almost makes us sound like the baddies..."
Nick K
Nick K 26 dias atrás
@BeardLich An exception to a rule does not negate the rule. And there are always exceptions to rules.
BeardLich Mês atrás
@SleepingGiant406 They are also part of the pantheon of dark gods that shapes and controls their society in most worlds rewarding the wicked with power and punishing the cowardly and weak. Even if a Goblin were standing up for justice or good, they would be destroyed so quickly. Really the only good goblins are player characters that managed to escape and change that path, that is why being a Goblin PC can be so cool. You're the rights leader of that society, their future, putting the saving of a Goblin in the hands of PCs disenfranchises the concept even more since the fate of Goblins is of course still in the hands of the Non-Goblin.
SleepingGiant406 Mês atrás
Except that isn't the D&D lore. Goblins are not a species that evolved naturally and came about by natural selection and explored and expanded into the world and created a cultured civilization. They are a tribal goblinoid race created by hobgoblins and subjugated. Treating goblins as a human race rather than their established lore is not more "adult". It's just projecting your real world modern philosophy into a fantasy game where it doesn't belong. But fun is subjective, flavor to taste. If you want to create your world where goblins are not goblins, then knock yourself out.
Ria Gracewood
Ria Gracewood Mês atrás
From most parties I've seen, yeah, we're the bad guys 🤣
Byssbod Mês atrás
You know, 'Gobriela' was right there, and you still named her 'Gabriela'. 'Gobriela' was free real estate but somehow you gunned that engine to race over to 'Gabriela'. I even HEARD 'Gobriela' I was so SURE that was her name My disappointment is immeasurable. And my day is ruined. How dare you, sir. :(
Dilanlimon Costelos
To be fair though, goblins are supposedly kind of terrible to each other. They have at least some motivations to forget about their companions well-being if that means rising above the rest. Problem is, that tends to apply to everyone, goblin or not. So sure, if your adventuring party is powerful, mighty and tends to stand on top of their adversaries, a goblin companion might not betray them any time soon.
Zap Gun
Zap Gun Mês atrás
Just err, keep one eye watching your back. And another your front. And maybe invest in a couple more to watch your flanks, the skies, and maybe the ground beneath you. It'll pay off.
FrostByte Mês atrás
In a recent campaign we went to a gnome village with a mimic problem. We soon set a trap and it tripped it, we enter heated combat but manage to put it to sleep and then negotiate for it to be our friend. His name is Carl and now he pretends to be my backpack because I’m the one who did not want to kill him. I fear the day he gets too big and splits
Cinnamon Sugar Courtney
Lol in our campaign we immediately found the mimic after one of our party accidentally touched it. We didn't enter combat immediately, and I asked it if it wanted to leave this place and join our group for a steady supply of dead bodies, as we were a group of adventurer's and were expecting to have plenty of bodies on hand. It spoke in common and agreed. Surprised the rest of the party that it spoke, but it was just my first instinct. So here I was Gardener the Warforged and his best companion Dux the Mimic. I carried him in my bag and any time we were in combat I would spend a turn "Deploying Dux". They would help out in the combat, and we'd feed him the bodies after we looted them. Our Druid was really glad about it because he loves bones and after a small agreement Dux would cough up any of the bones from any corpse. Any day we didn't have combat of any sort I'd make sure to catch some sort game to feed Dux. After the campaign was over and everyone went their separate ways Dux and Gardener stuck together, exploring and exterminating bandits. We also had a skeletal undead horse who of course became the Druids noble steed, we bought him horse armor and named him Sternum. He wasn't a combat horse, the armor was just for his protection.
asdfasdf1331 Mês atrás
I am loving playing my "two goblins in a trenchcoat" character in my current game. There was some suspicion early on, but a few wonderful deception rolls, and the party is sure they're 100% a single human. They have the impulse control of a pigeon, and have successfully solved two mysteries and created two unnecessary combat sessions with that power. They also have a ridiculous kill count for the party, mostly because dumping everything into Dex and Cha makes a Perfect Idiot who can rain arrows and dodge away from every problem. :)
Joe D
Joe D Mês atrás
Am I right in thinking extra atk is just the other gobbo foring their bow as well? I am intrigued.
Treesuschrist Mês atrás
"and you think she's just going to switch sides?" "YES." What a Chad. Let's go gobbie adventures.
Gungnir Productions
Yes, evil characters do switch sides easiest of the three natural alignments (good/neutral/evil). Neutral are literally "meh", not like I have anywhere else to go. Good would be the longest to switch because ideology. Evil would switch back once a stronger being defeats the heroes.
Eddie42023 Mês atrás
Oh, NO! you may be on to something... (I hope)
MonteCreations Mês atrás
"we probably killed everyone she knew!" Gabriella: "Good. Everyone i knew were jerks!"
A R Mês atrás
I think many of us could relate... xD
madmanwithaplan Mês atrás
I made a Gabriella in my campaign once different name ect but you get the gist. She swore revenge against those adventurers who killed everyone she knew including her husband and kids. She found the party after they massacred her tribe and thanked them for freeing her she made up a story about how she was a slave of one of their raids against another group of goblins. It was small things at first a magic item being stolen in a town famous for their theives a potion getting misplaced or lost. A nice alcoholic beverage for the guy keeping watch on the coldest part of the night. Getting sick with an awful cough that just kept everyone up one night. Until the golden opportunity arose. Carriage on top of a cliff them camped around it a little potion of slumber to make sure they stayed asleep a rope tied from their ankles to the cart. A pilfered potion of hill gaint strength to send it over the edge. And thats how one goblin with 5 hit points almost tpkd a party of level 15 heros.
Musabre Mês atrás
@madmanwithaplan Damn that was worth the ask. I love the aspect of forcing a high level party, perhaps a little too comfortable with their abilities, to go back to rock bottom basics. Fighting over a shortsword haha, that is gold.
Ka Ja
Ka Ja Mês atrás
@madmanwithaplan Sounds like an amazing story!
madmanwithaplan Mês atrás
@Musabre sure so of course nearly no armor or weapons on them they were sleeping. The rogue had a knife and light armor and of course they had any magical gear that would make sense for them to not take off for sleeping rings a necklace ect. Anyway so they're at the bottom of this ravine no weapons armor or component pouches for them. I think 2 people didn't end up on deaths door and were frantically running around doing medicine checks to stablize people. The ravine they were in was a local legend of a dragon guarding the "start" of the ravine and a dungeon where countless adventures used to perish ya know before the dragon moved in. So the players had a choice they could either try to climb 200-300 foot ravine with con saves athletic checks ect without climbing gear, fist fight a dragon, or try to pillage the dungeon for some new gear and equipment. So they decided to try the dungeon. So begines a long series of nature checks survival rolls to try and cobble together anything they could i dont remember everything but i do remember the fighter and barbaian desperately trying to catch a bat for the components for fireball. It was honestly heartbreaking to point out they were missing sulfer. So they get to the dungeon the barbs got a rock tied to a stick the fighter has a pointy stick and the magic casters have found a few ingredients some of which i hadn't thought of. They delve into the first floor. I describe a glowing moat magma surrounding a ring in which a modified minotaur prawls enraged and ready for blood. It nearly kills them their weapons were doing half damage and the casters barely had attack magics. One of the players had the idea to push the minotaur out of the ring into the magma. One quick hudle and a game of toro later. The minotaur lies dead and three openings appear in the floor 2 contain gold jewels and some basic equipment. It is comedy gold watching a lvl 15 barbarian and fighter fight over who gets a shortsword So begins one of my favorite dungeon crawls to date with the first floor teaching the players to use the environment it progresses pretty smoothly. They eventually escape its been days but they got a ton of money and a few magic trinkets. They get to town and discover where they're magic equipment ended up most of it anyways. And manage to buy it all back. They start tracking down her down and decide to scry on her. I describe her errecting three small graves in a oddly familiar clearing tears in her eyes crying with grief and sadness and triumph speaking to the stones she tells the she did it she avenged them and they can rest in peace now. They decided to let her have that fantasy and move on with their lives.
Musabre Mês atrás
Please tell me more about what happened in this! What was the result of the plan at the time? And the players' reactions? And how did they get out/get pay back etc? I love these kind of anecdotes.
Ghacko The Pony
Ghacko The Pony Mês atrás
My players "adopted" their own gobbo friend. His name was Pox. We had some people who never played before so I used Pox as a way to help them get in their character's headspace with questions about morality and the world.
Jonathan Lanoue
Jonathan Lanoue Mês atrás
Had the group fight an ogre that had three goblins chained to his shield (think Bad-Maw from Borderlands 2). They managed to free one of the goblins, who turned around to attack the ogre. Every time he attacked, he rolled a crit! Didn't get the kill, but then turned around to attack the party, who squashed him immediately.
ASUbuckaroo15 Mês atrás
No adventuring party is complete without their goblin mascot.
Alexis Mês atrás
I love this oh my god. When she said "I'm sorry" and he was stunned and then they argue what to do. Real DND shit. Amazing.
Dream Wolf
Dream Wolf Mês atrás
Within my homebrew setting, Kobolds are the most common race, in terms of sheer numbers, but this is because the setting is a series of islands, ruled by Dragons, who are served Kobolds that reproduce through parthenogenesis. My personal favorite are my friend's addition to this setting. A Green Dragon who collects orphans, insists they are just part of his hoard, and that he takes good care of them because its a poor dragon who doesnt maintain their hoard in top condition. And the Kobold Folk Hero Chef, Ranger/Rouge(sometimes Rouge/Bard) Scarric, who tends to the little monsters, who are sometimes literal monsters. My top quotes from Scarric from our campaigns. "Beelzub, we do NOT light people's pants on fire. I DONT CARE IF HE LIED!" (Dragonborn Child) "No, Praxis, you cannot eat Donovan. Yes, i know humans are delicious, but Donovan is your brother, and we do not eat family." (Awakened OwlBear) "Chrysthallis. Put. The Bug Bear. Down. Yes he is cute. but just because you can pick him up, does not mean you can just kidnap him!" (Goliath Child) "No. Not only am i saying no, i am also saying, if you try, i will gut you like a pig, and feed you to Bobby." (Bobby is an Ooze they keep for food waste disposal. This was stated to the Dragon who collects the children) "Today is my day off. If any of you so much as breathe the wrong way, i will skin you alive....Slizik, dont test me, you may not have skin, but i can dissolve you in a bucket of water." Gruff as he is, Scarric has twice been resurrected by his Dragon Lord after sacrificing his life for the children.
Existing in a space
Dude that character and concept is awsome AF and based
Darien B
Darien B Mês atrás
One of the unwritten commandments of D&D: The last surviving goblin will always become the party mascot. No Exceptions.
Irrel Levant
Irrel Levant Mês atrás
Gabriella is pragmatic goblin. OThers are dead, yes. But Gabriella lives. T his is win for Gabriella.
General Spritz
General Spritz Mês atrás
I remember playing a goblin Druid once. Her tribe betrayed her and put her in a cage right before the other PC’s arrived. She was a snarky asshole to everyone. God I loved role playing as her.
Andrés Martínez Morte
Love how the human stops a little before saying "What's a Gug Nog?" to think if he's going to fall in a dezz nuts joke
Rex Mês atrás
Adopting enemies who suddenly hard heel face turn and forcing the DM to have to manifest countless hours of bullshit lore about them on the spot is half the fun of being a PC. The other half is killing 23 of their friends and family first, of course.
nuya buisness
nuya buisness Mês atrás
Early on in my home campaign I did something *kinda* similar to this. Part found poorly scribble note pinned to a wall with a rusty dagger asking to kill someone. Found goblin that asked to help kill the group of hobgoblins that took over their camp. The goblin tribe was divided with the loyal goblins being kept near the hobgoblins' camp, and when the party asked if it was okay to kill them I had the NPC goblin laugh maniacally and stab a loyalist goblin while shouting about killing the collaborators.
Jerome Fournier
Jerome Fournier Mês atrás
Actually I would 100% beleive a smarter goblin just flipping like that to save their lives. They are chaotic evil "If I follow the murder hobbos I might get powerful enough to make my own tribe, and if they end up dying to my boss well then I was leading them into a trap win/win."
Tabletop Nephilim
Tabletop Nephilim Mês atrás
If you don't adopt the last surviving member of the group of goblins or kobolds you just slaughtered, are you even playing DnD?
Kris With A Dagger
Kris With A Dagger Mês atrás
By unwritten law, our party adopts any monster that defects. Gabriella is family now.
Chris Vossler
Chris Vossler Mês atrás
Last week, my party went to clear out a bunch of goblins and find a secret apple pie recipe. Instead of murdering our way through the bakery, we convinced the goblins to just let us search for the recipe in exchange for not taking anything else and teaching them to bake. We now have goblin friends!
MooMachine90 Mês atrás
Always evil races are about as interesting as always good races. What I'm trying to say is include some halfling and gnome camps to clear out once in a while.
Gregory Blood
Gregory Blood Mês atrás
Those are just bandits.
Gazpacho Tabletop
Gazpacho Tabletop Mês atrás
Boss Meownster
Boss Meownster Mês atrás
Zee looks at google maps, sees a goblin icon outside his house: *JOCAT IS RAPIDLY APPROACHING YOUR LOCATION*
Jbshbs Skskhbs
Jbshbs Skskhbs Mês atrás
Man, Gabriella is killing it on her persuasion checks
Deleyo Terk
Deleyo Terk Mês atrás
I had a Paladin of redemption that one time captured like 20 goblins through strategy and some sleep spells. The party was all upset over it so he left with his new found goblin tribe. Oh Brother Emanuel you were to pure for the world.
SutasSjet Mês atrás
Benefit and curse of playing the good(to a fault) guy. Pros: Making your DM do the cute goblin voice for as long as possible. Cons: Increased potential for total party death.
Exzyyd Mês atrás
There's only 2 kinds of goblins online: -The most vile, disgusting creature ever created -The most horny, degenerate creature ever created There's surprisingly a lot of overlap
funny 1.5
funny 1.5 Mês atrás
and then there is me
Goblin Paladin Roselia
I am pretty vile. I actually enjoy Mega Man X6.
Hazy Skies
Hazy Skies Mês atrás
And then there are dice goblins
Lightmagician60 Mês atrás
i just had an idea for a distrusting paladin who's oath is to trust. they made this oath as away to keep some hope that people aren't all assholes it only gets funky when you realize that you can "trust" someone to "lie". and then you realise trust isn't s measurement of if you "believe" them. but if you "know" them
cannedcream Mês atrás
Every player is weak to the appeal of 'adopting' some kind of creature.
Tmaire Tameran
Tmaire Tameran Mês atrás
I ran a party of commoners to save other commoners. The PC said if they meet one goblin they would turn around because they would die. Not only did I roll so badly that I couldn't it an AC of 10, they rolled so well they were killing goblins left and right. The spared two goblins after giving them a chance to live, Timmy and Greg. The party gave them to the local druid of the forest to help protect it. Timmy is adorable with seasonal allergies and likes holding hands with Greg. Greg would protect Timmy with his life.
Stephen Knizek
Stephen Knizek Mês atrás
I had a goblin manservant for the longest time. I didn’t earn his loyalty through good deeds…I earned it by sharing my loot with him.
Bula Bula
Bula Bula Mês atrás
Nothing is stronger than a dnd players desire for a tiny friend to ride on their shoulder
Grant Dixson
Grant Dixson Mês atrás
I feel like the voices/acting in all your videos is superb, and no one ever talks about it.
Rebecca Sorrows
Rebecca Sorrows Mês atrás
I'm excited for the plot twist where Gabriella does indeed speak Netherese and turns out to be a direct descendant of Karsus.
Justin Blocker
Justin Blocker Mês atrás
As long as your feed the goblin NPC, take care of them, train/teach them ... they'll be alright and maybe a good support NPC! BUT if you throw them in a room at an Inn, ignore their existence for a week, don't be shocked they burnt the inn down and started a street gang!
Kyle Pinpin
Kyle Pinpin Mês atrás
I can't tell if Gabriella was a creative player introduction or another NPC adoption story
Miskee123 Mês atrás
Ahhh. The goblin friend after killing goblins. I had a very similar outcome in the Lost Mines of Phandelver ambush, where the party befriended the goblin called Flea, got him to "turn them in" to the goblins for an easier infiltration of the cave and basically later made him the new friendly neighbourhood goblin warlord.
Octavious Du'Tolan
Octavious Du'Tolan Mês atrás
Ahh, the eternal balance between morality, action consequence, and derpy meme fun. That, to me, is D&D in a nutshell. Its good to see it encapsulated in a well made animation video. Cats are an ecological terror to a local biome, they torment their prey, they're dirty and barf places as well as their many other unfavorable qualities. If the cat is bigger/stronger it would break your back, bite you several times, and beat on you with its massive paws before eventually killing you. If you're bigger than the cat, it tolerates the weird hats/butthole jewelry/strange costumes. Cats are basically Goblins.
Wisecat studioz
Wisecat studioz Mês atrás
You're not a real dnd player if you or your party have never adopted a goblin, bonus points for kobold
Gamer G33k
Gamer G33k Mês atrás
@J Moffett You, I hate you. Take all my gold, you magnificent bastard.
Gamer G33k
Gamer G33k Mês atrás
What if a player IS a Goblin or Kobold? Does that count?
lazerbeam134 Mês atrás
My players once upon a time adopted a Goblin thief named Squizz
J Moffett
J Moffett Mês atrás
@bartbartholomew Are your players by chance Batman?
IllogicalBear Mês atrás
@bartbartholomew please tell me that none of them are parents IRL
Michael Wray
Michael Wray Mês atrás
If this channel doesn't immediately pivot to strictly a Gabriella & The Dumb Boys channel I will be VERY DISAPPOINTED.
TopHatCat Mês atrás
"What's Gognuk?" *GOG DEEZ NUKS* Ha gottem.
NeverEvenThere Mês atrás
My friends butchered a kobold camp, killing every one of them except one, a young kobold who spoke broken common and returned from a walk in the woods to find the party looting his home. Instead of getting himself killed, he pretended to be grateful to them for killing the abusive tribe who never understood his gentle ways. I spent 8 months ingratiating him into my groups party, they treated him like a dog to be taught tricks. He finally got the opportunity to have his revenge on them, the whole party were rushing across a rope bridge over a deadly canyon. They had just escaped from a temple in the jungle and were all basically out of resources. They were going to cross the bridge and then cut the ropes behind them. They got about halfway across before they realized their peril, turning back they saw the kobold holding a knife and grinning with wicked malice at them. Before they could act he sliced the ropes and all of them fell to their deaths while Sivlas the Kobold they had thought was their little pet laughed maniacally.
4 4
4 4 Mês atrás
@NeverEvenThere That's beautiful! I love it! Thanks for sharing=)
NeverEvenThere Mês atrás
How did they respond? They were initially really shocked at what had happened and one of them accused me of having a "Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies GM" moment. But then one of the other members got a shit-eating grin and she blurted out: "Holy shit. we came in and Christopher Columbus'ed that village, took one of the sentient people there captive, made him our personal slave, and used him to set off or bait every trap we came across. And then we added salt in the wound by making horrible pun-laden jokes about him FOR MONTHS. Yah... We basically should have little skulls on our outfits because we were the bad guys in that campaign..." This got everyone laughing really hard and they all agreed that they had absolutely brought that death on themselves. Sivlas died in the fall along with the group. A different group of adventurers eventually became powerful enough to venture into the Lands Beyond the Veil, there they found a plane of existence with an endless stalemated war between 2 Dragon Gods being waged. Along with the camp of the Free Drakes, a group who choose not to take a side and want to end the war. Leading that group was a Kobold General by the name of Sivlas the Devious.
Hectonkhyres Mês atrás
Please tell me this Kobold became a legacy character in later games. Please. If that happened to me I wouldn't even be mad.
4 4
4 4 Mês atrás
How did they respond?
Dustin Smith
Dustin Smith Mês atrás
Tell me of sivlas
Nikki the Tiefling
Nikki the Tiefling Mês atrás
Folks do seem to have a soft spot for the little green bundles of crazy. We had a goblin NPC that had a Handy Haversack in one D&D game. It had some good stuff in it like some wacky wondrous items like a storybook that could trap people inside of it! However most was just random useless things they thought were neat or useful. Such as shiny buttons and an open bag of crickets which promptly made the whole haversack a bag of crickets. She ate the rats on our pirate ship at least. :)
Douglas Phillips
Douglas Phillips Mês atrás
My favorite is when our group forcibly recruits the last goblin after killing the whole tribe, and they wonder why the goblin runs away at the first opportunity.
Elite Mook
Elite Mook Mês atrás
Don't goblins usually hate each other? Killing everyone she's ever known would probobly count in your favor.
a Piece of Toast
a Piece of Toast Mês atrás
- kills goblins - "You gained +reputation with Goblins!"
Ardent Drops
Ardent Drops Mês atrás
Only insofar as they make rivals out of everything that moves. "Friends" in goblin more literally translates to "least-enemies"
Joshua Torgerson
Joshua Torgerson Mês atrás
Goblins have been subjugated so many times that utimately I don't think most of them care who they serve as long as they're strong.
saltypork101 Mês atrás
After a certain point, it takes a lot of courage to stop killing. A lesson in geopolitics, perhaps.
Abdega Mês atrás
What if Goblins attack each other’s tribes and absorb the survivors into the winning group all the time? From Gabrielle’s perspective this would seem natural
Mike S.
Mike S. Mês atrás
Played a orc. Party found a orc. Killed said orc. Everyone looks at me. . . "You know humans kill each other all the time, right?"
BipolarMadness Mês atrás
"No problem. Orc kill other orcs too. Biggest, meaniest, greenest orc rules orcs... well... orcs that not dead that is."
Game Seeker
Game Seeker Mês atrás
🗿👉 👈🗿
Great Artichoke
Great Artichoke Mês atrás
I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Love your humor and art style so much fun :)
Agreed, has Gabriella actually turned over a new leaf? Were the Goblins truly bullied by Gug Nog? Will the Dumb Boys survive the encounter? Find out eventually, on Zee Bashew's awesome BRvid channel!
William Wood
William Wood Mês atrás
This will end one of two ways. 1. She leads them to the dark wizard. 2. She's genuine and wants them to kill whatever gub nog is and she just ends up with the wizard.
Oddman Outre
Oddman Outre Mês atrás
Dennis: "She and her tribe have killed SO many merchants!" I'm guessing that it was more than 23? He seems to have trouble with numbers above 22...
Renegadebane Mês atrás
Gobs have all the capacity to make booms as a gnome tinker, but none of the understanding or concept of safety precautions. So its always good to have one around.
Kl0ndikekun Mês atrás
It's not unreasonable to believe that a goblin or a kobold or hell even a lizardfolk would join up with the people that slaughtered their entire family. I feel like while kobolds are chaotic cowards and lizardfolk usually put survival at the forefront, goblins probably just respect power and will go along with who ever is the strongest. That being said I also feel goblins are not at all like kobolds or lizardfolk who do it for survival. Because a goblin will totally blow themselves up for a cause. They don't think like humans. They don't have pride or honor the same way humans do so it's (in my opinion) flawed to assume they'd take revenge like you would. More likely is they'd hold that inside themselves until they find someone stronger to take you out and then side with them.
Gank Goat
Gank Goat Mês atrás
Remember kids, when playing DnD, only you can adopt a goblin.
Game Junky
Game Junky Mês atrás
Glad Gabriella is finding friends since the deck of many things heist.
Gavin2051 Mês atrás
Lmao I love how flexible goblins are in 5e, at least how ppl DM them from "poor cute babies in service to big bullies" to "cannon fodder" to "I just use Kobolds, and they're WAY meaner" 😂
Limon Tree
Limon Tree Mês atrás
I pulled a similar situation on my party, but instead it was a set of 6 goblin babies. I had no plan for them I just wanted to see how they'd respond. A few irl years later one of the players is playing their adopted goblin child in the sequel to the campaign.
Steve Shepherdson
Steve Shepherdson Mês atrás
Please, please, please make this a regular series of the goblin and her dumb friends.
Jonathan Staples
Jonathan Staples Mês atrás
The way the gobbo says “I sorry🥺” and the soft “what?” Have SENT me and I can’t explain why
Karl Hansen
Karl Hansen Mês atrás
I like to DM these sorts of scenarios because I get to give each and every goblin a last word… “Noooo! You killed my granny!” “Ahhh my only son, how could you!” “Blaarg, worst birthday ever…”
Dizzle Bambizzle
Dizzle Bambizzle Mês atrás
This is exactly what happened in my campaign, and it was the best thing that ever happened. I gave control of young Spurt to one of my players and its fucking hilarious.
XDRONIN Mês atrás
"She speaks common" Ahhh... And so does Tiamat, so guess what we're killing tonight!? _quick hint_ is Not Tiamat.
4 Fives
4 Fives Mês atrás
Man, I wish my Persuade rolls were half as good as Gabriella's.
Alex Walsh
Alex Walsh Mês atrás
Please keep going with this story line.
BadJokeZach Mês atrás
I look forward to more of this tale. Also, hoping for another Cold Road, though I know it’s not getting enough views. Anyway thanks for making another Thursday a little more awesome.
Vineveer Mês atrás
Nothing is more reliable than a goblin's willingness to betray their own side. Wait a second. . .
YGeo Mês atrás
"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!"
O Kanenas
O Kanenas Mês atrás
And the sneak attack damage is... "rolls dice" ... "Throws matches on table." "Do you want to or should I?"
Alex Hodson
Alex Hodson Mês atrás
Happens every time, gotta recruit the last goblin.
digitalparker Mês atrás
I so would love a series of Gabriella and the dumb boys
Nicholas Duenas
Nicholas Duenas Mês atrás
This is why Goblins make for great Bards. They're very convincing with their scrappy attitudes and adorable stature.
erikthereddest Mês atrás
I didn't know I wanted backstory for Gabriella and now all I want is backstory for Gabriella.
Hastur King
Hastur King Mês atrás
Goblins some times will do anything to stay alive, even if it means being friendly with the very people who killed off most of their tribe.
Kerwin Brown
Kerwin Brown Mês atrás
That is a good aligned character always hoping evil repents. The wise ones verify that. The other goblins and their allies already know you are coming after the noise the party just made so expect an ambush anyways.
Raul Diaz
Raul Diaz Mês atrás
Gabriella then went on to be an assistant to a bearded wizard, who she then stabbed to showcase invisibility. He got better.
Mister Dayne
Mister Dayne Mês atrás
"What's Gug Nog?" "GUG ON DEEZ NOGS!!"
Crow senpai
Crow senpai Mês atrás
Paladin: “…” [SMITE]
redgamemaster Mês atrás
One of the first quests that that I made myself and ran was a typical goblin clearing quest with a twist to let the group know how I do things. The group is asked to go and clear out a group of goblins living in a nearby cave that had bee stealing from trade caravans for a while but recently killed one of the guards. I figured that if they just went in and killed all of them I would have the person with the highest Pas. Perception find a journal dropped by one of the goblins that talked about how it had been hard to find food in the area for a while (the reason that they were stealing from the traders) so he was learning common so that the group could start trading with the nearby village but that on one of the raids one of the guards woke-up and surprised the goblins so they attacked and the guard went down in one hit.
Calaga128 Mês atrás
They really just slam dunked that goblin onto a tree branch
Amateural Mês atrás
One of my players is a bugbear artificer raised by gnomes who is the godfather to at least 4 goblin families. All goblins are friends to this party, they're the only thing they're diplomatic with
Hermann la Grange
Hermann la Grange Mês atrás
This actually reminds me of what a character from Dragon Age: Origin once said, her name was Flemith the Swamp Witch: "Open one's arms wide or shut one's eyes tight, either way one's a fool." Really cool short dude, hope to see more in the future.
Trinket Mage
Trinket Mage Mês atrás
Super friendly woman, that Flemith. She's definitely not a dragon, or an ancient primal evil.
theintolerantape Mês atrás
I wanted to see the ending where Gobriella immediately led them into an ambush where they died horribly (as Gobriella cackles hysterically).
Brock Hanson
Brock Hanson Mês atrás
to be fair goblin society is basically whoever is the biggest, strongest, and meanest is in charge, Mostly because of there god who killed all the other goblin gods and now torments and threatens them into worshipping him.
Ciofey Mês atrás
Love Gabriella! Goblin Gabriella now works as a fine metal smith/locksmith at the Blackiron Blades smithy in Bryn Shander, in my Icewind Dale campaigns. Two sets of heroes have already fallen i love with Gabriella so far. Thank you for a great NPC! Also Gabriella for president, because "Gabriella good now!"
TamTroll Mês atrás
I'm sure absolutely nothing will go wrong! I'm loving this already :P
Sans The blaster
Sans The blaster Mês atrás
How the session actually played out in real life: DM's mind: I wanna create an adorable little goblin companion. The players are gonna love her. Player: We killed her family, this is a trap. DM's mind: shit. Player: For example, what was that guy's name? DM: ...uuuuuh, she didn't know him. Player: Fine. What about that other guy? DM's mind: fuck, I wasn't ready for this. A goblin name... a goblin name... DM: ...Grub... Rat...? Player: did she like that guy? DM: ...uhh, no, she hated him actually Player: Are you seriously trying to convince me that she wants to join us? Even though we killed her family? DM: yes. Player: It makes no sense! DM: But she's cute tho! *shows artwork of a cute goblin* Player: ...fine.
fluff dafire
fluff dafire Mês atrás
Being a guy who played a goblin whose tribe was destroyed and he didn't care( in fact he helped, long story short cannibals) this was very fun to watch
KCTalks Mês atrás
Nothing made me happier than seeing that this was "episode 1", implying more
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