Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 9

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Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 9 This car was used as a transport for goats and by doing so the smell and filth that is soaked into the carpet and seats was disgusting! With my carpet extractor and drill brush I was able to transform this car and the owners reaction was perfect! If you like carpet cleaning or vacuuming this video also has some great footage of my technique!
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Stauffer Garage
Stauffer Garage 6 meses atrás
HIT SUBSCRIBE & Turn On Notifications for More Transformation Detailing Videos! #GoatMotel is easily a top 3 nastiest car I have ever cleaned!
Michael Boesen
Michael Boesen 6 horas atrás
Why dont you clean headliner?
Anajepsx S2o9w0eantos
Anajepsx S2o9w0eantos 23 dias atrás
@Stauffer Garage nele mandar vlsnsnlc😠
Anajepsx S2o9w0eantos
Anajepsx S2o9w0eantos 23 dias atrás
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt Dia atrás
Pretty sure u said this was the worst dump ive ever done...phrasing man!
Autumn Ralph-Curry
Could you clean my family car
Kennedy Chesnut
Kennedy Chesnut 2 dias atrás
please suck the water from the top down so you don’t hav ego go over the same spot everytime water drips over it
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 dias atrás
What carpet cleaning solution do you use????
JoyTheGeek 2 dias atrás
I've probably said this before but I'd love to see him boil all the liquid out of one of these dirtiest details and send the solid remains off to a lab.
Horses Shop
Horses Shop 4 dias atrás
I'm thinking about upgrading to rubber floor mats.
Liam the jelly Gaming
Liam the jelly Gaming 4 dias atrás
You are a very good advisor
Dyme Babie
Dyme Babie 4 dias atrás
i was hoping he was lying about the goats until she said it in the end 😂😭😭
Olivia Veniti
Olivia Veniti 5 dias atrás
Soul food.🥰
Sasha Monae
Sasha Monae 5 dias atrás
EtHiKal Ink
EtHiKal Ink 8 dias atrás
Why do you do the console and front after the carpets?
Jamie Henley
Jamie Henley 9 dias atrás
How long does it generally take for the seats to dry using that method
djinny djinn djinn
djinny djinn djinn 11 dias atrás
You sure the previous owner of this car is a goat farmer and not somewhere in jail right now? Cause when you start cleaning the passenger side it looks like someone was killed there
David Steyn
David Steyn 11 dias atrás
I am loving your channel, really good! Would love to see more of the LR4.
Magick Academy
Magick Academy 11 dias atrás
I hope this wasn't used for humans or children after all that fescies inside the fabric. You cannot kill all the germs with cleaner. Some of it stays in there. They really need to get new carpet and seats to sell it or use it for humans. If the seats were cit open and tested for bacteria related to fescies the test would be positive. These can be flesh eating. You worked hard but I had to say.
Prothom Anjum
Prothom Anjum 12 dias atrás
Butt juice lol
MAISY WILK 12 dias atrás
The Nation Visitors
The Nation Visitors 14 dias atrás
No no, This is Donkey juice 🍸🍷
Samuel Becker
Samuel Becker 14 dias atrás
Hauling goats in a Grand Cherokee... I have questions....
Alyssa Letendre
Alyssa Letendre 15 dias atrás
I hate how the comments are up here now
Радик Хайбуллин
А потолок???
2233Tasha 15 dias atrás
Am I the only person who loves the dirty soapy circles...🤷🏻‍♀️?
Texas Red
Texas Red 15 dias atrás
I'm surprised the goats didn't eat everything down to the bare frame, seats, carpeting, vinyl upholstery, all of it. They're goats and that is definitely how they roll.
Ashley G
Ashley G 16 dias atrás
This is so satisfying !!!
Błånćo 17 dias atrás
Try using the steaming with that maybe that’ll help
Kayla Pinholster
Kayla Pinholster 17 dias atrás
I love the fact that I have the same Jeep but blue and my mom has the same shirt the lady was wearing😂
Dianne Khan
Dianne Khan 18 dias atrás
Good job
Dianne Khan
Dianne Khan 18 dias atrás
Put the windows down a inch or 2 before cleaning
Dianne Khan
Dianne Khan 18 dias atrás
You can take out your center consoles
Dianne Khan
Dianne Khan 18 dias atrás
Watch detail geek. He might give you a few tips
James Jacobs
James Jacobs 19 dias atrás
I've found through similar videos and through personal experiences that dousing the carpet with the pump full of solution and then following it up with the extractor running nothing but hot water to dilute the solution that pre soaked is a good method. Couldn't tell if that's what you had going on, but it definitely helps keeps the suds to a minimum, keeping down time on vehicle with good results. However I am more then impressed with the work you did on it and keep up the good work!
Roma Mukaev
Roma Mukaev 19 dias atrás
why are these people so dirty and how much does dry cleaning a car cost ?????
MrsMcanulty 20 dias atrás
#agitate #nooksandcrannies #stauffergarage #goatmotel
ABIGAIL KOWALSKI 20 dias atrás
truthfully with that kind of lift gate for the tire, I would’ve removed the whole thing and pressure washed it and everything like what you did with the mats and seats
144pBandiKam Unregistered
Wtf is goat juice
John Cena
John Cena 20 dias atrás
Who else tipped in goat juice to get to this video or was it just me
Connie Garrick
Connie Garrick 20 dias atrás
Total transformation. Get a different vehicle for the goats. Lol
leif brattos
leif brattos 21 dia atrás
cleaning a smoker car tip I found best useful is to also steam clean and brush the roof liner as a lot of the tar, smoke and other chemicals find their way up there.
Евгений Салтыков
Ты торнадор не пробовал ?
The Next Door Neighbors
You and the detail geek should collab 😂 one does the exterior and the other the interior 🤪
Dumbass Lesbitch
Dumbass Lesbitch 22 dias atrás
That bristle brush you used for vacuuming really threw me off. I saw that and thought, “holy shit that’s a big ass toothbrush!”
Felipe Fernando Vera Gajardo
Music 10:50??
The Animal Channel
The Animal Channel 22 dias atrás
You should really vacuum the seats first to get most of the gunk out. That’s the way my dad always did it
Mamacita G
Mamacita G 23 dias atrás
How much ? I need to get my car cleaned
Queen Kam
Queen Kam 24 dias atrás
Stauffer garage:comment Detail Geek:like
Maddy M
Maddy M 25 dias atrás
When he was talking about how they had the goats in there all I could picture was goats seatbelted into the car lmao
edm15 25 dias atrás
My family owned a mill and would make horse food with molasses, it smells sweet and delicious. We made goat feed as well but there was no molasses in that
Logan Plonski
Logan Plonski 25 dias atrás
I'm imagining the person showing up with all their goats to pick up the car and going "hop in, boys"
Brendon Duty
Brendon Duty 25 dias atrás
Man I wish there wasn't commentary. It would make this video go from a 4 to a 10.
Before and After guys
Before and After guys 26 dias atrás
Awesome video check out our prius detail and rebuild! We came across a abandoned prius and brought it back to life
Maddie Cook
Maddie Cook 26 dias atrás
No! There are so many spots still that were left everywhere! The Detail Geek would’ve never let that slide! 😭😭😭
G POWER DRAGON 26 dias atrás
this car had some great weight reduction wow haaaha
Quas¡ Toto
Quas¡ Toto 26 dias atrás
Hey needs a Bissel Spot Cleaner Professional.
Marcus Hardigan
Marcus Hardigan 27 dias atrás
What sucks about this guy cleaning is his vacuum.
Angel Lozano
Angel Lozano 27 dias atrás
My question is how people can even arrive at this level of trash and dirt in their cars in the first place?
Shannon Boatright
Shannon Boatright 27 dias atrás
Try the magic eraser with apc works great too
Jefferson Navarro
Jefferson Navarro 27 dias atrás
How much
Zoe Frauenknecht
Zoe Frauenknecht 27 dias atrás
I love when you use so much cleaner before extracting that it makes it like I don’t even know
Jeff Vance
Jeff Vance 28 dias atrás
What carpet cleaner are you using? Also what all purpose cleaner are you using?
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