Clash Royale: 🎃 🦇 Clash-O-Ween! 🦇 🎃 (New Season! New Balance Changes!) 

Clash Royale
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It's Clash-O-Ween! 👻 Witches and Bats are coming your way, you might need a Spell to save your day!
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Enter the Arena!
From the creators of Clash of Clans comes a real-time multiplayer game starring the Royales, your favorite Clash characters and much, much more.
Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the Clash of Clans troops, spells and defenses you know and love, as well as the Royales: Princes, Knights, Baby Dragons and more. Knock the enemy King and Princesses from their towers to defeat your opponents and win Trophies, Crowns and glory in the Arena. Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community.
Lead the Clash Royale Family to victory!
• Duel players from around the world in real-time in both 1v1 and 2v2 Battles
• Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
• Destroy opponent’s towers and win Crowns to earn epic Crown chests in the Pass Royale
• Build and upgrade your card collection with the Clash Royale Family along with dozens of your favorite Clash troops, spells and defenses
• Construct your ultimate Battle Deck to defeat your opponents
• Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
• Form a Clan to share cards and build your very own battle community
• Challenge your Clanmates and friends to a private duel, or play side-by-side in a 2v2 Battle
• Battle with your Clan in the Clan Wars
• Play in events and special challenges every week
• Learn different battle tactics by watching the best duels on TV Royale
PLEASE NOTE! Clash Royale is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash Royale. A network connection is also required.
Are you having problems? Visit or contact us in-game by going to Settings, Help and support.
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Terms of Service:
Parent’s Guide:
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2 Out 2022



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Comentários : 1,1 mil   
@TheSoundofTanay Anos atrás
Is it just me or anyone else has a thing for Night Witch 😳
@BlamedBuzzard60 Anos atrás
@Nice Job smash
@RamiVerde Anos atrás
@Nice Job I think the same
@yajats8675 Anos atrás
@@BlamedBuzzard60 fax
@PK0550 6 meses atrás
@R41ph3a7b6 Anos atrás
Happy Clash-o-ween. I already know that this will be a good one. There’s a lot of neat cosmetics this season/this time around.
@lukas.2608 Anos atrás
Buena suerte para todos y disfruten la temporada!
@untrue_reality Anos atrás
@el_kevin_ Anos atrás
Gracias paja, igualmente
@el_kevin_ Anos atrás
@faustinoperez6041 Anos atrás
Gracias igualmente
@nicolascavs8898 Anos atrás
Gracias. Igualmente!
@xiphogaming8289 Anos atrás
the night witch looks soo sick 😍😍
@fatidiot8822 8 meses atrás
@limzhihang5830 Anos atrás
Looking forward to a brand new update soon!
@muhdshatar1457 Anos atrás
@dhandahelu Anos atrás
@@muhdshatar1457 tomorrow
@vichilltime Anos atrás
@slash7111 Anos atrás
That night witch picture 🤤
@VelvetMagician Anos atrás
Night Witch has always been a favorite card of mine
@wevibehigh Anos atrás
Well done! Really appreciate and very happy to see the changes!! Good luck!
@edendemarlo4402 Anos atrás
Would anyone else like to see a poison wizard? I desperatly want it to be a goblin
@bubsq.400 Anos atrás
Finally returned to this game after so long glad to see it's still going strong.
@Sam-en7jk Anos atrás
Join our clan then 😂
@Your_Best_Self 10 meses atrás
@@Sam-en7jk your clan active
@Sam-en7jk 10 meses atrás
@@Your_Best_Self Yes it is
@Sam-en7jk 10 meses atrás
@@Your_Best_Self We also have a social media group chat
@Tick-Tock683 4 meses atrás
not anymore
@lawrencebaker8464 Anos atrás
Let everyone have a great clash-o-ween!
Night witch is looking spicy tho. No one mentioning that? 👀
@stickland5682 Anos atrás
@xiphogaming8289 Anos atrás
i too was a bit surprised at the same
@The_Dark_Master Anos atrás
always has been 🥵
@stevenbahena5956 Anos atrás
She’s a cutie! 💜
@jasygamer Anos atrás
Crusher 21 mentioned it
Balance changes are lowkey the funnest things about updates
@skullclot420 Anos atrás
You didnt say something clever, its not lowkey everyone has been begging supercell to change the meta since hog hit the tower
@Random_person98 Anos atrás
@@skullclot420 I can't blame them, hog is a card that even a 4 year-old blind chimpanzee without limbs could use to get 7k on ladder
@felixwilliams7204 Anos atrás
Bro doesn’t like fun
@muhdshatar1457 Anos atrás
@@ryanmoon05 i have 5 figers and i cheked it 5 times on each off my hands
@KHCwolf97 Anos atrás
Cos theyre the only things that matter to the game, cosmetics are minor
@JakubFT Anos atrás
This new render of mega minion is badass
@keneepatel4308 Anos atrás
That night witch looks so sick 😭😭
@RobertL-hl5wg Anos atrás
@thatonedude4890 Anos atrás
Having the rarity of the decorations and frames we’ve collected for our battle banner would be pretty cool 👍
@applethe2nd117 Anos atrás
Happy Clash-O-Ween, I just wish the Night Witch would get buffed. Her death bats should come back along with her health being increased.
@DarksideGD Anos atrás
she's buffed 3-4 seasons ago
@Aluunyax3 Anos atrás
that would make her too good, golem decks are already cancer to play against
@@Aluunyax3 OG Logbait solos, High diff but still
*they should give Night witch death bats back*
@govindawijaya Anos atrás
@ashweenisingh5157 Anos atrás
@@govindawijaya YES
@@govindawijaya why no?
@govindawijaya Anos atrás
@@stalkerowyhdmapping8832 Too OP for a legendary card that cost only 4 elixir.
@fuckmyownlife Anos atrás
Finally, the Barb Hut is gonna be slightly useful than before
@jaxparrow4255 Anos atrás
Not really. The whole Barb hut can be countered by one fireball.
@LOL_MANN Anos atrás
Nightwitch is such a baddie 🥵
@nycnow811 Anos atrás
The new Knight witch picture is amazing !
@Ldash00 Anos atrás
Dude, barbarian hut Is a lot more useful now, might actually start using it.
@danielgravino2950 Anos atrás
@fatalcrabnow29 Anos atrás
This is the funniest joke I’ve heard all day
@Aluunyax3 Anos atrás
Barb hut is solid in rage mode
@GamingPro-bv1ns Anos atrás
Same I might too.
@Andrey_Polyakov11 Anos atrás
Вау, походу это самое любимое и лучшее обновление на Хэллоуин 🦇. Как-то по праздникам эти обновления лучшие и становятся самыми любимыми, хоть они такие редкие( Играю эту игру с 2017 года, но те обновления были лучшими и ожидаемыми, но клановый сундук был лучшим в клане чем соревнование между кланами.
@PansyPops Anos atrás
As cool of a name Clash-O-Ween is, Shocktober will always be the best season name for October/Halloween.
The night witch design is so frickin sick!! Also do some of you realize the mini pekka pumpkin on the loading screen?🤭
@kauebarros4123 Anos atrás
I love Halloween 🎃🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍
@Third_Rook Anos atrás
Loading screen is so cool, i like Night witch, she looks unbelievable beautiful ❤️
Why is the night witch so fine
@goodbyeall4126 Anos atrás
I know right, they made her a baddie😫
@lazaroperez4393 Anos atrás
La choza de bárbaros a cómo está en esta situación debería costar 5 de elixir y así tendría mejor uso
@urboibrando3190 Anos atrás
I wish there would actually be decent changes with the updates
@AlfaTheChicken Anos atrás
The reason hog cycle or any well known decks, even if good they are way too predictable. If someone puts a lumberjack you always know that next up your gonna have to think how to counter the balloon coming next. Or when someone uses the cannon u use a golem and boom, you countered the whole hog cycle deck.
@snzsentenzaxd Anos atrás
Night witch playing the guitar and headless horseman banner literally carrying this season
@snzsentenzaxd Anos atrás
@@Juan-bm7nr me too. I really like mega minion
@kokushibo7286 Anos atrás
Literally same
@shlimey04 Anos atrás
@@Juan-bm7nr mega minion looks badass
@TheSpencer_08 Anos atrás
Cool halloween updates will always be my favourite updates in superdell games.
@nikosantino5269 Anos atrás
Always looking forward to these updates. And imo some of these banners are some of my favourite ones so far 🦾
@hahakdog974 Anos atrás
Great games , awesome updates lately
@PK0550 6 meses atrás
They had all the bads in one update
@marielamacias634 Anos atrás
Muy buen video chicos se la han rifado me gusto
@ViralJozz Anos atrás
Love this new season!!!
@Turkisking Anos atrás
Scariest thing about this update is the balance changes
@mielionuc1417 Anos atrás
How would you rate the new tower skin from the season pass? *Night witch theme*
@vipulp690 Anos atrás
We need different skins for all cards 🤩
@joshuaveras5408 Anos atrás
Not gonna lie but the goblins are almost the best I mostly use them keep it up and happy Halloween
@VAMPX_0 Anos atrás
HAPPY CLASHOWEEN EVERYONE! I can't wait! Seems so cool.
@jairsenpai2027 Anos atrás
Happy Halloween!!! Eh Estado esperando este increíble mes para esto!!! Valdrá la pena comprar el nuevo pase de octubre! 03/10/22
@The_Wonder_Of_U_ Anos atrás
Ojala añadan una carta nueva estaria facherito
@arius4geddoon Anos atrás
Aparentemente van a añadir 2 entre noviembre y diciembre
@The_Wonder_Of_U_ Anos atrás
Y no se sabe que cartas seran ?
@soyelalexXD Anos atrás
​@@The_Wonder_Of_U_ no lo revelan asi que sera sorpresa
@The_Wonder_Of_U_ Anos atrás
@@soyelalexXD a ya gracias pana 👍
@funkypritom1251 Anos atrás
Clash should Introduce a card that is "snake" type 🐍 it should be interesting 😂 & it's very jungle arena
Hear me out, the night witch is kinda fine
I knew the banners were gonna slap this season
@taheremi Anos atrás
Witch is pretty cool and with it's quickly handling look amazing!
@pubgmofficiall Anos atrás
Night witch looking bad out there 🥵🥵
@dragomegaman3711 Anos atrás
Goth Mommy 🥵
@xiphogaming8289 Anos atrás
yeah 🥵🥵
@cakewalk4602 Anos atrás
omg yes 🥵🥵🥵
Fr Fr 🤤🤤
@Damn_Did_It_Again Anos atrás
Fr 🤤🤤
@vt7gd922 Anos atrás
Wow The "Totally Normal challenge" is back and it's better :D
@utujbhardwaj3398 Anos atrás
Happy Brawl-O-Ween coming soon Clash-O-Ween time for now!
Quisiera tener para este pase soy super fan de la bruja nocturna mejorenla en los próximos cambios de balance
@Third_Rook Anos atrás
Agree, but difference is that i bought pass royale:) She's over beautiful on loading screen
@yaelperez7661 Anos atrás
@@Third_Rook si es muy hermosa ❤
I love how no matter what,Clash Royale ads and videos are ALQAYS entertaining and appealing
we need more star levels and new card
@musageham8097 Anos atrás
Can’t wait for the new stuff
@DarksideGD Anos atrás
Every Nightmare bats challenge: You 2 crown your opponents doing absolutely nothing
@ThexdJade Anos atrás
Happy clashoween!
@Surge2009 Anos atrás
Wait its already 😊Halloween again?! Dang timeflies
@ThexdJade Anos atrás
@@Surge2009 I know right!
@SmileyWool Anos atrás
@@Surge2009 FR tho
@mater1092 Anos atrás
We want Shocktober
@user-tk2bz7xc7v Anos atrás
@OA9 Anos atrás
This update is very nice ❤
@indiana47 Anos atrás
Goblin gang has been in my deck for 3yr, glad to have the 3rd spear goblin back.
@deeeznuuuts9406 Anos atrás
I love that it's been years since I've played this and Clash of Clans All the updates and events and shlt of both games ruined the simplicity and elegance of tight design they had.
@MemesLord_ Anos atrás
Just thinking... you should do a change on how the card looks on baby dragon? Idk just thought it could look better
@UneducatedRugby Anos atrás
If you release the sloth king he’ll definitely be the most suss troop in the arena
@eydjeyhcr2 8 meses atrás
Nightwitch in Thumbnail looks really cool
@LeFork756 Anos atrás
0:31 After all those years, they finally made a balance change that actually was good
It isnt really good rework
@mallonhaag7670 Anos atrás
This looks so cool! 🎉🎉
Deveria ter mais coisas grátis,a maioria das coisas q atualiza no jogo só pessoas que paga que tem acesso,mas tudo bem assim mesmo
@ETERNITY34 Anos atrás
Did you notice they show a ton of new banners which doesnt come in this update.
@crazeyt528 Anos atrás
i love how there is pumpkin shaved as a mini pekka
@ice_flamejr9813 Anos atrás
Let's go clashoween!!!🥳
@gonzalomhm5066 Anos atrás
Hey, the night witch cover 🥵👌😏
@fatidiot8822 8 meses atrás
@ThexdJade Anos atrás
The real Halloween scare is barb hut becoming meta 😟
@nathanembro3693 Anos atrás
Same as e giant. Meaning it’s BOWLER time
@llmakerll9616 Anos atrás
Not having that AMAZING Night Witch as a banner is a huge L
@Invictuswastaken Anos atrás
According to me, that's the best tower skin so far!
@muhdshatar1457 Anos atrás
u mean ur calculation?
@daasx Anos atrás
La anterior lo era.
@Invictuswastaken Anos atrás
Happy Clash-O-Ween 👻🎃!
@stevenbahena5956 Anos atrás
Oh yeah, this is a really cool tower skin. 🖤
@rosefam427 Anos atrás
We should get more better things for clashhoween
@brave2425 Anos atrás
It’s a spooky Month! 👻 🎃
@Premyy.M Anos atrás
Really wish there was a way to see what rarity banners are? Like you can see which are higher chance and more rare beforehand but have no clue once you get it
@victorpimentel07 Anos atrás
Uau! Amei a música!! (Wow! I loved the music! Amazing!!)
@tonoguel_08 Anos atrás
This update is amazing
@regionalrisj Anos atrás
Жду обнову с удовольствием ведь это моя любимая игра из всех игр суперсейл
@MrPanaPlayerD Anos atrás
Halloween finally back🎃 so fast 1 year passed isn't???
@mankiratplayer Anos atrás
That art 🥵
@fatidiot8822 8 meses atrás
@jasygamer Anos atrás
The the new loading screen be looking pretty nice right now~ -Crusher21 fan
@grumpycat1178 Anos atrás
Supercell been crushing it lately with this game 🙌🙌🙌
@ryanmoon05 Anos atrás
If you're into the cosmetic part of the game then yes, otherwise there isn't much I can agree with you on.
@blazeblade8689 Anos atrás
Would be cool to see cards from clash of clans to be in clash Royale
Buen trabajo supercell......buen trabajo ........
@Dun145 Anos atrás
Happy Clash o ween fellas 🥳
@skyw87 Anos atrás
Can't wait to get my hands on the witch shredding that axe (literally) haha!
@PaulAllPro Anos atrás
Love those banners love those art.
Esta será una temporada de en sueños
@vidanaroca65 Anos atrás
Aos poucos vão acabando com o 2.6 Toda temporada nerfam alguma coisa
Happy clashoween, guys! This is gonna be spooky
@htadgt2142 Anos atrás
I want that headless ponyman decoration
@JoshNwosh Anos atrás
@TheGovernor3476 Anos atrás
Like a computer wallpaper
@SergioLopez-iw9sf Anos atrás
I loved clashoween 🙌🏼🙌🏼❤️
@newmelodies5953 Anos atrás
ok, is nobody going to talk how elixir golem is getting buffed?
@ha-fp5rn Anos atrás
When will finally come more new cards....
@theknowskeng_tkk Anos atrás
Good luck in Clash-o-ween! 🦇🎃
@isaacm889 Anos atrás
Why is the night witch so fineeee?🤔
@javadkarimi7250 Anos atrás
This is a great season I love clashoween
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