Cinematic: "Safe Haven"

World of Warcraft
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Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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15 Mai 2019

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Comentários 17 353
Константин Светлов
Прям Русь и русские богатыри)
Anton JB
Anton JB 3 horas atrás
Its insane how good these are.
Slate-Minded 14 horas atrás
Call Saurfang for all your chiropractor needs!
meng kanor jr
meng kanor jr 14 horas atrás
blizz can u pls stop fcking manipulating random bg with hidden buff ..ok .. people want to play " FAIR" ...
M Yusuf Alifian Official
Came on when war craft part two ...
Zwei Polizei
Zwei Polizei Dia atrás
Amk döviz çok pahalı.
Cindy Montgomery
Cindy Montgomery Dia atrás
Thrall: "Honey...?! Where's my super suit...?"
Severedhead Death
so when is the next warcraft movie coming out
Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole Dia atrás
Why are Saurfang's eyeballs so freakishly tiny compared to thrall's?
Klaas Komvaak
Klaas Komvaak Dia atrás
Allright, Thrall switched to warrior mode !
강원소 Dia atrás
No it is not safe haven Do u guys have no phones?
ShadowsClaw24 2 dias atrás
AAWWWWW yeah from a casual 'I like cinematic's' standpoint
hashtag 2 dias atrás
0:10 mr orc i dont feel so good
Merlyn 2 dias atrás
When I see this I think of the movie, what it could have been... if done right :'(
Liam Hunt
Liam Hunt 2 dias atrás
I really wished he pulled out doomhammer instead of the axe
irij 14 horas atrás
Liam Hunt He gave the hammer to players at the start of legion because when he killed Garrosh the elements abandoned him and the hammer was basically useless to him.
Peter Philipson
Peter Philipson Dia atrás
It got destroyed at the end of Legion, so that would be a hard to do.
Bcuz Why Not
Bcuz Why Not 2 dias atrás
Still ain’t Arthas, still ain’t Arthas
Danny A.
Danny A. 2 dias atrás
I haven’t played WOW since Lich King and y’all just don’t know how much I wanna play it. But that adult life doesn’t give me any time unfortunately.
Сапа Сапа
Сапа Сапа 2 dias atrás
Renier Bernardo
Renier Bernardo 3 dias atrás
O gráfico é legal mas o jogo é uma bosta!
Erdem K.
Erdem K. 3 dias atrás
Bradley Epstein
Bradley Epstein 3 dias atrás
bottom line.... rogues cant kill warriors lol
Theresa Ellis
Theresa Ellis 3 dias atrás
I don't think this is Thrall, where's his doomhammer?
irij 14 horas atrás
Theresa Ellis It got given to players at the start of Legion because when he killed Garrosh the elements abandoned him and the hammer was basically useless to him. And the power it had left was drained out when we used it against the sword of sargeras.
Carl Crammer
Carl Crammer 3 dias atrás
Blizzard should make a StarCraft movie. That would be awesome.
Maxentius Caesar
Maxentius Caesar 3 dias atrás
Welcome back Thrall!! Thrall:" ofcourse.. because.. I Am The Warchieft! "
IBordan 3 dias atrás
R.I.P Sylvanas
Gerhardt Schmidt
Gerhardt Schmidt 3 dias atrás
Screw The Net
Screw The Net 3 dias atrás
Never send two female assassins to do a male assassins job. *smfh * :P
ZACK COLLINS 3 dias atrás
Is dota hero exist there?
Xen-G MaJin
Xen-G MaJin 3 dias atrás
2:50 ork VS assasin instant LOOTed his weps (oO)
X013. 3 dias atrás
Blizzard listens but blizzard does not act. MAKE THIS STUFF INTO A MOVIE
Sarghie Alexandru
Sarghie Alexandru 3 dias atrás
pls don t kill him
your mom
your mom 3 dias atrás
Ooo ooo Saurfang! Saurfang! Saurfang! Saurfang! ... he must be busy
Phil LeBorgne
Phil LeBorgne 4 dias atrás
Varok have no eyebrows. :o
Adrian Martinez Huitron
i never play this game but i lovE WATCH the cinematic short mopvioes xD
Abe Banerman
Abe Banerman 4 dias atrás
Sick of orcs. Go extinct please
Sheraaz Shafi
Sheraaz Shafi 4 dias atrás
hulk has changed a lot !!Mmmmm
כאילו חי
כאילו חי 4 dias atrás
I hope Thrall will earn fame of inglorious fool who've failed his Horde due to his cowardice that he calls honour. True Horde has died with G. Hellscream, who've tried to salve his father and his people. Aka'Magosh.
Andres Renteria
Andres Renteria 4 dias atrás
Come on guys how am I the only one that sees this cinematic is just Saurfang trying to get that Morgl hero skin by completing the "Recruit a Friend" action in Hearthstone. Lol
DeathKing Ray
DeathKing Ray 4 dias atrás
Is that Hellscream's axe???
Agung Rizki
Agung Rizki 4 dias atrás
Zolto Mar
Zolto Mar 4 dias atrás
Hmm.... scene at 3:40 is very heavily "inspired" from the movie Reign of Assassins.
Thriem 4 dias atrás
if the game would just be as epic as the cinematics... but MMORPGs are never good with any lore. Time for CDPR, Larian and underdogs to shine... *fingers crossed*
yahlov 4 dias atrás
nobody is reminded at the gladiator (movie) wheatfield intro?
Netholas Blackheart
Netholas Blackheart 5 dias atrás
The Warcraft Movie was great, nothing wrong with it. Prove me wrong.
irij 13 horas atrás
Netholas Blackheart I mean, i'm just telling facts. It was terrible.
Netholas Blackheart
Netholas Blackheart 13 horas atrás
irij Is that all you got? Lol
irij 13 horas atrás
Netholas Blackheart It was garbage
Saphels 5 dias atrás
Horde? Saurfang, there's no "Horde". There's no "Honor". There's just me and my swamp.
DeviatSupreme 5 dias atrás
So far so good but...yet disappointed, was expecting Thrall to pick up good ol' Doomhammer in the end...^^
irij 13 horas atrás
DeviatSupreme He couldnt even use it since the elements abandoned him. Thats why he gave it to players in legion.
DeviatSupreme Dia atrás
@William Howell yeah agreed...unfortunately...but the fact that Thrall is pictured as "always being prepared to fight" is still nice^^
William Howell
William Howell 3 dias atrás
Don't think that'll happen. Its sitting in some Shaman's bank in Dalaran, and as it would happen Dalaran was just hijacked by the League of Evil.
Roku 5 dias atrás
Wish WoW Would Look Like This In Game.
irij 13 horas atrás
Roku It would be impossible to run
Erika Ball
Erika Ball 5 dias atrás
The cost of the graphics card alone would break many of us LOL
Phenate 5 dias atrás
I feel like it would be interesting to see an attempted alliance between the Alliance and Horde. Imagine Saurfang leading the Horde, and attempting to merge with the alliance. Anduin considering this option, asks the opinion of the citizens, as does Saurfang. Now, there is a divide. You get the option to either attempt to Ally with alliance/horde, or continue to fight. The decision to Ally with the horde/alliance allows you to visit both areas. No guards will attack you, but players still can fight. If an ambassador is seen fighting, reputation will go down. Just an idea.
John Kas
John Kas 5 dias atrás
The second rogue is wearing the night slayer armor
BadBoy 5 dias atrás
I though it was hulk. .
Yordis Prieto
Yordis Prieto 5 dias atrás
All I am asking is for a 2 hour cinematic, that's all, I will pay the upfront ticket at $100 if that is necessary.
irij 13 horas atrás
Yordis Prieto Have fun waiting, it took Blizzard like 1,5 years to make the WoD cinematic which was 5 minutes long.
Midnight24435 5 dias atrás
Yup... vanish is still broken - both in game, and in cinematics.
M'hmd A.
M'hmd A. 5 dias atrás
Best part is when a raid wipes out, and everyone leaves or dc’s like forgotten shadows. Lol, that moment of quietude when it all fails, something strangely compassionate about it, perhaps because we eventually try again.
Jupuxafrud Benjamin
Jupuxafrud Benjamin 5 dias atrás
Its not that game graphics haven't caught up to real life camera quality. Its that camera quality hasnt caught up to game graphics
Doom Muffinz
Doom Muffinz 5 dias atrás
I wonder how much this cost
James J.M.S.S
James J.M.S.S 5 dias atrás
I am just happy that Thrall finally got the Cinematic animation treatment
Bujang Liar
Bujang Liar 5 dias atrás
make it movie plsss blizarddd 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zalys777 6 dias atrás
Lesson learned: If you only need 2 more Halaa Battle Tokens for the mounts, don't be this desperate, even with a friend...
JumpingJacksism 6 dias atrás
don't the rogues have PHONES!?
Bear Holiday
Bear Holiday 6 dias atrás
All this Cinematic proves is how much the Rogue has been nerfed over the years. And you can break their stealth with a shovel full of dirt and be defeated by over the hill Orcs. Oh yea Blizzard, you got me wanting to start a Rogue now !!
Viktor Farkas
Viktor Farkas 6 dias atrás
im suprised there are no "feminazis". he broke a female's neck.
Thunderfury Blessed Blade Of The Windseeker
the only good part of bfa even tho thrall cheated
Chris Cesario
Chris Cesario 6 dias atrás
Saurfang: Come back and fight for the horde. Thrall: I will, in WoW Classic. When it was worth fighting for. RIP BFA
stevan perdana putra
stevan perdana putra 6 dias atrás
Thrall is back boisss, the Cinematic is great everytime, wonder why blizzard not make a movie instead, many people will pay to watch
stevan perdana putra
stevan perdana putra 5 dias atrás
@Briggs6262 actually, the movie make triple of it cost, but mostly about 95% the sales is on outside America region, that's why they not make sequel on it.
Briggs6262 5 dias atrás
@stevan perdana putra A movie generally has to triple its cost before a studio will consider it a success. Even then, to guarantee a sequel, it needs to make even more.
stevan perdana putra
stevan perdana putra 5 dias atrás
@Briggs6262 do you mean the warcraft movie? The movie gross is breakeven as i know
Briggs6262 5 dias atrás
Because when they did make a movie, not enough people paid to see it.
rageblade233 6 dias atrás
A lot of people are looking at this like Saurfang is the playerbase, Thrall is Chris Metzen(duh), and the assassins as Activision.
Santiago Rodriguez Guillen
Wow videos went from lich king to this bullshit....and you pay to play this? Thank you for making my day lol
Trev0r98 6 dias atrás
Who else still plays WoW but doesn't watch these cinematics anymore?
G. H
G. H 4 dias atrás
Literally nobody. Its mostly the opposite xD. Watching the amazing cinematics while hoping wow will finally be good again.
1wing1 6 dias atrás
what does the v scar on the forsaken mean? somebody said its the sign of varimathras forsaken but ive never heard of them doing that? i thought it was just an undead assassin from sylvanas, like she used on garrosh and others before. does the scar even have a significance?
Mr Feast
Mr Feast 6 dias atrás
3:44 hEhE bOi 😏
송해성 6 dias atrás
Yeap. Two assassin would be totally enough to kill Thrall. No doubt.
Mag'nus Equinox
Mag'nus Equinox 6 dias atrás
New weapon? Where's Doomhammer?
Half Moon Fox
Half Moon Fox 6 dias atrás
Farming...really? A man of your talents?
Jokery 6 dias atrás
if the game had this kind of animations and graphs and sounds i would still play it but still uses same stuff and copy paste it and sells it to fools. now they ask for more for playing classic instead of making it f2p for all who bought the game and no need for subs anymore
GuBByFishy 6 dias atrás
Wish they would release the track playing as instrumental in the background. 0:00 - 2:20 is so soothing, just like Nagrand.
lobbiester 5 dias atrás
It's basically the Nagrand theme..
Josh Hust
Josh Hust 6 dias atrás
im so excited, i think i crit my pants...
Exquisimagic 6 dias atrás
I expected more....
wet wet wet wet
wet wet wet wet 7 dias atrás
bouty hunter? gondar?XD
DavidForce 7 dias atrás
Who else watching wow cinematic and will be playing wow classic?
Malobika Mukherjee
Malobika Mukherjee 7 dias atrás
The monster version of HULK. 😂😂
مٌفٰبْرٌكٰ overwatch
في عرب؟
Soy sibs
Soy sibs 7 dias atrás
extended scene of Thanos farming
Spongey Nightmare 64 AdrianZCyndaquil
i've said it before and i'll say it again Blizzarrd makes the best cinematics ever quil
eodred di acquaneve
eodred di acquaneve 7 dias atrás
But farming... really? A man of your talent
Josh Hust
Josh Hust 6 dias atrás
hes a man of the land, he's in to discipline. with a totem in his hand and a beard on his chin....
TankClash 7 dias atrás
Ecclesia 7 dias atrás
Where is the Doomhammer now? The hammer that Thrall inherited from Orgrim? I really thought he was getting that weapon from the stash. What axe was this?
King Clyde
King Clyde 7 dias atrás
oh my god you can even see his muscles contracting jesus why is this so good
Josh Hust
Josh Hust 6 dias atrás
because blizz is the world leader in badass cinematics
Gabriel Herzog
Gabriel Herzog 7 dias atrás
CiniCraft 7 dias atrás
Thrall looks miserable farming all that worthless Azerite.
Josh Hust
Josh Hust 6 dias atrás
he wants that rep turn-in
Alex S
Alex S 7 dias atrás
Alternative Title: "Better Call Thrall"
Lingis 3 dias atrás
What are you doing down here???? UP you go!
Sukebesennin 8 dias atrás
You know it's a bad arena match when your 2v2 partner gets one shot by an Arms Warr slam crit using a 6 expansion old gray item.
節君 8 dias atrás
Hi Its Me Cool
Hi Its Me Cool 8 dias atrás
Hulk -Hello brothers 😂😂😂
Etho the Creative
Etho the Creative 8 dias atrás
*Rogues show up after 2 minutes of talking* Sarufang: I followed them. Thrall: Yeah, that makes sense.
Etho the Creative
Etho the Creative 8 dias atrás
Blizzard cinematics never cease to amaze me.
Shashank P R S
Shashank P R S 8 dias atrás
He looks like hulk
Yolazega 8 dias atrás
renegade always
renegade always 8 dias atrás
Julio Figueroa
Julio Figueroa 8 dias atrás
Dad is back
Quirkless 8 dias atrás
*Saurfang: So, What’s the name?* *Thrall: StormBreaker.*
CloudWrath D
CloudWrath D 8 dias atrás
*Hope they will make Android/IOS version* 😢
irij 13 horas atrás
Hauntercry How do you not get the joke
Hauntercry 8 dias atrás
Syed Affan
Syed Affan 8 dias atrás
I thought this was the trailer of second sequence of the movie Warcraft..
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