Cinematic: "Safe Haven"

World of Warcraft
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Varok Saurfang realizes that that if he is to secure a future for the Horde, he must reach out to the one who led it in the past.
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15 Mai 2019

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Comentários 17 604
Tharaal RD
Tharaal RD 5 horas atrás
These low rogues...
Gonzalo Orive Villa
Gonzalo Orive Villa 14 horas atrás
Our looks good, but it's wrong, ....broken, ....falling apart, just like the wildlife. Do you know? Do you know what's happen to it because of our activity?
Jakub Zukovski
Jakub Zukovski Dia atrás
Alexander Štefák
So 2h enh shaman coming back ?
Nero Romul
Nero Romul Dia atrás
What the music play in 3:29 ?
Nero Romul
Nero Romul Dia atrás
What the music play in 3:29 ?
Nero Romul
Nero Romul Dia atrás
What the music play in 3:29 ?
Dominic Goudos
Dominic Goudos Dia atrás
i cried
Ярослав Карепанов
Soundtrack please? Only music if u can. Thanks
Ryan J
Ryan J 2 dias atrás
Is that doomhammer?
Preetam Pagare
Preetam Pagare 2 dias atrás
Hulk brothers
nansquat 2 dias atrás
That happens when u go full assasination and not a single subtelty upgrade Ofc they re gonna detect you
Squall LionHeart
Squall LionHeart 2 dias atrás
This was very emotional for me.
RYaN H 2 dias atrás
Sir Prize
Sir Prize 4 dias atrás
Little did Genn know; the farmer that Anduin called up next was Thrall.
My dad
My dad 5 dias atrás
Problem is everywhere never laugh on anyone
Hydragon 5 dias atrás
Wait, those Forsaken assassins have elbows, does that mean Marshal Redpath has made the Forsaken with Elbows?
Kenneth Kibisu
Kenneth Kibisu 6 dias atrás
Epic af🔥🔥🔥
David W
David W 6 dias atrás
Guy, I've got a crazy idea just hear me out. So Sylvanas is really out here wildin right. Well what if she had an entire race become extinct. As in you can no longer play that anymore. Maybe one of the ones that defied her.
David W
David W 6 dias atrás
I barely recognized Thrall. It was probably the hair
Drontes Makor
Drontes Makor 7 dias atrás
Me who played shaman in Legion after seeing Thrall for the first time in Safe Haven: YOU MADE ME FARSEER! YOU LEFT ME TO PICK UP YOUR PIECES! YOU FAILED ME!
Martin 8 dias atrás
Did someone knows the name about that beautiful soundtrack?
flaj 8 dias atrás
Ok, now they need a healer, two more dps and they can enter queque for random dungeon ;].
flaj 5 dias atrás
@Ar D Any of them can respec in any moment :P.
irij 5 dias atrás
Ar D Its quite obvious.
Ar D
Ar D 6 dias atrás
Who's the tank and who's the dpd?
Jakub Libiak
Jakub Libiak 10 dias atrás
I didnt ask for this
Stuart Gardner
Stuart Gardner 11 dias atrás
Thank you for bringing Go'el back.
Dope 11 dias atrás
@World of Warcraft why don't u make a movie of this ?
fuqen gewgl
fuqen gewgl 11 dias atrás
imagine how massive an orc moustache would be
noah stump
noah stump 11 dias atrás
Why isn’t wow a Netflix anime?
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 12 dias atrás
Why doesn't Saurfang have eyebrows
Generic Channel No.3
Generic Channel No.3 12 dias atrás
Assassin's: let's follow him *Saurfang uses reverse blink* Assassin's: he must be in the grain, let's keep going
Majin Buu
Majin Buu 12 dias atrás
This is so cool.. Wish it was a series
John Kelins Airsoft-BB-Pain
oooo they are so unic !!!
Apo Mind
Apo Mind 13 dias atrás
Thrall: (I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!)
Krazy Cat - Channel
Krazy Cat - Channel 13 dias atrás
The Orcs never had peace
Jurica Eršek
Jurica Eršek 13 dias atrás
Thrall: You were followed! Saurfang: I followed them *Restoration 100*
RANDOMstuff animation
RANDOMstuff animation 13 dias atrás
1:23 When you see a cool Mobile ad but it's nothing like the actual game
Ezzo Kenan
Ezzo Kenan 14 dias atrás
this game took my life i should be rewarded for being playin wow more than 13 years
Dock Mutt
Dock Mutt 14 dias atrás
Are they ever gonna stop re doing Thrall’s character model? I’m digging him in Alliance blue though! I MEAN FROST WOLF BLUE!! yeah that’s what I meant! Frostwolf!
Cam sherlock
Cam sherlock 14 dias atrás
chris bryant
chris bryant 15 dias atrás
Did 2 trash Rogues think they could beat a boss Shaman and Warrior?
Avery Jack Black
Avery Jack Black 3 dias atrás
Rogues always think they're better than they actually are
Josh Lynch
Josh Lynch 16 dias atrás
They could make a series out of separate stories. It would be awesome. The game, not so much.
jchinckley 16 dias atrás
What really saddens me is that today I finally let it go and uninstalled everything Blizzard offers, even the launcher. It signifies that I've essentially given up hope. _That_ is a truly sad thing, to give up hope.
Andrew Ong
Andrew Ong 17 dias atrás
Blizzard would have earn more creating Movie length animations rather than promoting their games now.
Ofir Lahav
Ofir Lahav 18 dias atrás
Wheat: Mr. Orc, I don't feel so good...
Heavy weapons guy
Heavy weapons guy 18 dias atrás
Should've ended with: "And my axe."
XYZFerizman 18 dias atrás
I'd pay good money to watch animated movie of this quality.
Xen Glaris
Xen Glaris 18 dias atrás
Wait, thats Thrall? I guess in Reign of Chaos cinematic, he lost the doomhammer?
irij 8 dias atrás
Xen Glaris He lost his shamanic powers so the hammer was useless to him
Aaron Moses Paguio
Aaron Moses Paguio 9 dias atrás
No, it became a weapon for the player character in one WoW expansion.
Alfredo Trujillo
Alfredo Trujillo 18 dias atrás
I've yet to see a bad blizzard cinematic
emil holdgaard
emil holdgaard 19 dias atrás
Wish the graphics were that good In game or at least a little better
Weezy 19 dias atrás
Awfully resembles Endgame intro
Rael Is
Rael Is 19 dias atrás
Dear warcraft, all your cinematics are insanely awesome, but when would I be able to see the beautiful faces of Jaina, Tyrande and Ka El???? 😭😭😭😭,, I am already full with orcs 😑😑😑
Charmander Shepard
Charmander Shepard 19 dias atrás
What axe is that? Did Thrall make it, is it special, or is it only special because Thrall uses it?
irij 8 dias atrás
Charmander Shepard It does look like it, it has the crystals or whatever on the edge like durotans
Charmander Shepard
Charmander Shepard 8 dias atrás
@irij that wasn't what it looked like in Warlords.
irij 8 dias atrás
Charmander Shepard Its Durotans, his fathers axe.
Jovzin 19 dias atrás
@Blizz: I would love to have an option to listen to that song/music from this cinematic. It is sooo nice. Is there some soundcloud version or something ? I really love it.
Erdem K.
Erdem K. 20 dias atrás
Mr Big
Mr Big 20 dias atrás
Nagrand was one of my most favorite places to be in all of WOW
Alec Frensley
Alec Frensley 20 dias atrás
Let's face it, when on Draenor Orcs forget how to make straight handles for their weapons.
HallucinTV 21 dia atrás
Make Thrall great again!
Volsong 21 dia atrás
Is it just me or is the Durotan resemblance much stronger now that Thrall's hair is epic as ever! :D
SperdGT 21 dia atrás
Can't wait for Thrall to crack Sylvanas' skull.
Etho the Creative
Etho the Creative 22 dias atrás
Sarufang: Farming? Really? A man of your talents?
Peter Bjerregaard
Peter Bjerregaard 22 dias atrás
When you see his necklace and the music comes on gives me chills
Sukellusmies 22 dias atrás
Where is warcraft 4
Brother Alaric
Brother Alaric 23 dias atrás
No i will not resub, your games is dead for me, every games, wow,D3, hots, OW, Heartstone, everything i shiet for me, since blizzard is dead, so be all of your product, it's gonna be hard but i accept this difficulty, and will fly away to see a better land for dropping my luggage, cya.
Invader Zim
Invader Zim 23 dias atrás
Undead... Honestly if Sylvanas becomes garrosh 2.0 or better yet Lich King 2.0 it will bring me back to the good ol says in Wrath where you get to fight countless undeads and the final boss is one
Darren Forsyth
Darren Forsyth 24 dias atrás
Saurfang : Wow looks good but its broken , falling apart. Thrall: dude im not coming back... I told you this before! Saurfang: Do you know? Do you know what Chromie has done? Thrall: hmm (skeptical look walks away to think) Private server Rogues: We need to get in there now before he tells him! *attack sequence* Private server rogue Elysium : Classic servers must .....not .....happen....uuughhhh *dies* Thrall *reaches for level 1 non heirloom starting Axe* : WHERE DO I SIGN ???
Paluch Mario
Paluch Mario 24 dias atrás
Are they both assassination rogues? Or one is assassination and the other is subtilety?
SD Amvs
SD Amvs 24 dias atrás
His pose at the end reminded me of garosh
SD Amvs
SD Amvs 24 dias atrás
Undead thicc
Stronger er
Stronger er 24 dias atrás
For the warchief
Doctor Weavil
Doctor Weavil 24 dias atrás
I love this Blizzard's cinematics, they are so realistic. I feel like I am watching a film...
Doctor Weavil
Doctor Weavil 25 dias atrás
This Blizzard's cinematics are awesome! I think they should make a brand new WoW film. I feel like I am watching a cutted scene from a film. Their cinematics are amazing!
Nikesh Shrestha
Nikesh Shrestha 25 dias atrás
The background music gave me chills😌😌
Zuko104 25 dias atrás
Getting so much Durotan vibes from Thrall here
Gengen Paz
Gengen Paz 25 dias atrás
he`s identical to the movie
Proth7 26 dias atrás
I loved playing wotlk back in the days. I enjoyed the game. It was making me happy when I was younger. I think lots of people can relate.
Sarcastic Dreamer
Sarcastic Dreamer 26 dias atrás
Can we get one cinematic like this with Jaina please!
Joseph Mort
Joseph Mort 27 dias atrás
Since, ya know, we had to throw the Doomhammer away in Silithus like it was junk.
HKeitai 27 dias atrás
I was so out of wow, that I needed the comment section to realise who that younger orc is lol....
Avery Jack Black
Avery Jack Black 3 dias atrás
Puck aNm
Puck aNm 28 dias atrás
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