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Chucky lands Andy in detention, but it's Miss Kettlewell who suffers the real punishment.
From Child's Play 2 (1990): The soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is still alive in the killer doll named Chucky and he continues his search for Andy to possess him and take over his body for revenge.
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26 Nov 2017



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Comentários 80
Glitter Dia atrás
4:31 She needs to be punished harder!
Linh Trần
Linh Trần 2 dias atrás
Giuseppie Arzola
Giuseppie Arzola 2 dias atrás
En Rqkriekq que 3q4kyñueqekk4³neoq28398qrñ74uñrrurqu38ñ84qeiqiadurkrlriejaudufueauñññ11131éqrñiriñdiatioo3ñ8rñiraor0arao8ñriitrqoi
Theking_Ha 2 dias atrás
"HEAD DOWN" I'ma put your head down in the dirt if you touch me like that 😂😂😂
filipe sena telis filipe
Wajih Sharar
Wajih Sharar 3 dias atrás
chucky is cool
mrwan Hendy
mrwan Hendy 4 dias atrás
Roland Thompson
Roland Thompson 4 dias atrás
Anyone notice they did the same thing when they put chucky in the closet in the new version
Yolanda Fernandez
Yolanda Fernandez 4 dias atrás
Kelly Gilbert
Kelly Gilbert 4 dias atrás
Ernar Nurmuhametov
Ernar Nurmuhametov 5 dias atrás
Ок э
ღNixieeシ 5 dias atrás
Cursed Boy
Cursed Boy 5 dias atrás
that whats hes teacher gets for abusing andy!
Hong Nie
Hong Nie 5 dias atrás
Sợ quá đi mất
Suriel Marquez
Suriel Marquez 5 dias atrás
Amelvic Bailey de La Torre
chucky: pekaboo/andy:*gasp*/chucky: pls let me out of here andy its dark in here i promise i wont kill everyone else ok DONT OPEN THE GOD DAMN DOOR! LET ME OUT YOU LITTLE DICK! LET ME THE FUCK OUT!
vaggos roussos
vaggos roussos 5 dias atrás
Jdrujdrychehieururoeipourqyootyipipoiuttrewqlkjhgfsdambxvlkskhg)urodjrjrirur7irr8r7r 00>qweertyyiiopphjhgiyy7uurorirupuriurur8r8rurr7fiifjririrukdosr97fur9d7dhrpurir9r8r89r8r8iruryidieirurir9e8roe8r9eiruiu]flkhjgdadgpoiuytrewqmnxnb
aas haris
aas haris 6 dias atrás
Oh so sad ms ketwell
Louis Mcbath
Louis Mcbath 6 dias atrás
If he stayed in his seat while Chucky was banging on the door she would have known the truth.
Taylah is Gaylah? idk.
Does running away just...not exist in horror movies?
Robin Kaczmarzyk
Robin Kaczmarzyk 6 dias atrás
4:36 chucky’s face 😅
Enlightened Spirit
Enlightened Spirit 6 dias atrás
Oliwer Mattsson
Oliwer Mattsson 7 dias atrás
Chuky is like baldi with the ruler
same thim one
same thim one 7 dias atrás
What’s Luhhv And how much is it worth?
Frowsee doesn’t need me anymore.
yahia vlogs
yahia vlogs 8 dias atrás
صباح الخير
Mbarek Ihzi
Mbarek Ihzi 8 dias atrás
sml animations flipaclip
2:58 that's me yelling when i want to pee in the bathroom
Jayson Avendano
Jayson Avendano 9 dias atrás
OMG 😱😱
Toys Jurassic world kids
💩caca choky
Spinel 9 dias atrás
This is abuse- No teacher has the right to touch a child nor lock them in a empty room after school
George Piggy
George Piggy 9 dias atrás
زينب علي
زينب علي 9 dias atrás
Rene Diaz
Rene Diaz 9 dias atrás
😣😬😱 da mucho miedo
binbin zhang
binbin zhang 10 dias atrás
The fucking teacher deserved it
شهد H
شهد H 10 dias atrás
Vikki Nelson
Vikki Nelson 10 dias atrás
Why would you make a movie like this people
ayşe ataş
ayşe ataş 10 dias atrás
Çok. Korkunç bir film
Steven Carter
Steven Carter 10 dias atrás
He did it write on andy's homework Chucky did it cause he destroy andy's childhood everything!
Fabian Carr
Fabian Carr 11 dias atrás
Selestin Martin
Selestin Martin 11 dias atrás
Aww poor teacher i feel bad for both of them:(
Selestin Martin
Selestin Martin 11 dias atrás
Aww poor cute boy why didnt u listen to him teacher:(
rachard mcintyre
rachard mcintyre 11 dias atrás
1:39-1:40 Very funny how the teacher don't believe Chucky wrote the profanity on paper.
John Brennan
John Brennan 12 dias atrás
3:26 that bitch is stupid as hell i mean how would Andy have locked himself in there
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 12 dias atrás
2:45 2:57😂😂😂
رقيه فاملي Rocea_Familia
كل يوم ابواع عليه😍🖤
Jayden Williamson
Jayden Williamson 13 dias atrás
Zßadlas £#×z.-₩×₩oasMlslsßàws,-.s
Ahmed •35 Yıl sonra
Ahmed •35 Yıl sonra 13 dias atrás
Pls like
Sad Boi
Sad Boi 14 dias atrás
5 YO me: oh this is funny 10 YO me: uhhh
SunflowerVibezz 15 dias atrás
Poor student's desks 😟😟😟
Mahtab Amiri
Mahtab Amiri 15 dias atrás
I love Chucky even though he is a serial killer for god's sake 😂😂❤❤
Blanca Cruz
Blanca Cruz 16 dias atrás
Talin Talin
Talin Talin 16 dias atrás
I don't like chucky he is so bad
Gojiboiearth 1964
Gojiboiearth 1964 17 dias atrás
Chucky warned us about Baldi And we all ignore it
Jaylen Rice
Jaylen Rice 17 dias atrás
what the hell
Erkan Coskun
Erkan Coskun 19 dias atrás
©hucky ~_~
Mara Souza
Mara Souza 19 dias atrás
`Devil_Rose`ErRoR! Killer`
That's what she get because if you be mean to Andy you DIE HAAHHA I LOVE CHUCKY!!!
تسنيم توفيق
تسنيم توفيق 21 dia atrás
Ellie may Court
Ellie may Court 23 dias atrás
Is it just me or doesn’t the ruler say good guys ???
Laishaun Harris
Laishaun Harris 25 dias atrás
If that was my child she can catch these hands
ellie lorrance
ellie lorrance 25 dias atrás
The way she walked off after grabbing Chucky 😂
ellie lorrance
ellie lorrance 25 dias atrás
Who else had dirty thoughts when Chucky said “you’ve been very naughty” 😂😂
Patrick Henry
Patrick Henry 26 dias atrás
Ngl I’m glad mrs kettlewell died
Diana Marcus
Diana Marcus 26 dias atrás
Cineva roman
Сева сева
Сева сева 27 dias atrás
Учитель алоаа
Сева сева
Сева сева 27 dias atrás
Alaettin Karadag
Alaettin Karadag 28 dias atrás
You english
Maria Contreras
Maria Contreras 28 dias atrás
Chucky: *i promise i wont kill anyone* Chucky: *kills ms kettelwell*
Jesus Sánchez
Jesus Sánchez 26 dias atrás
María Contreras • Hace 1 día Chuky: i promise i wont kill anyone Chucky: kills ms kettell
Tee Ttt
Tee Ttt 28 dias atrás
Ini pasti palsu benerkan
JYD2019 Y
JYD2019 Y 28 dias atrás
I can't believe Chucky framed Andy for writing bad words on his grade work to his teacher
Princess_ Nazzy
Princess_ Nazzy 29 dias atrás
This was my favorite one 😭😭
Mark Clemens
Mark Clemens 29 dias atrás
1:09 when I give a kid a medkit and don't give him a gun on fortnite
Momin Bulaich
Momin Bulaich 29 dias atrás
Tatiana Diask
Tatiana Diask 29 dias atrás
eu assistia muito
Has Meraj
Has Meraj Mês atrás
So funny 🤣😂👋👏👏
Olan Rich
Olan Rich Mês atrás
Poor Andy. He just keeps going through a lot of shit as his young age.
Lord Rye
Lord Rye Mês atrás
How does one kill another with a goddamn ruler ?
Ezequiel Moncada Hernandez
.espero ver otros videos tan buenos o mejor que este
Ezequiel Moncada Hernandez
Espero vr Espero ver otros videos tan
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