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Thanks to Jurassic World for sponsoring this episode. Catch it in theaters on June 22nd. Tickets on sale now at
Chris Pratt relives his Twitter history and surprises super-fans Courtney and Olivia when he joins us for You Posted That!
Ian Hecox
Chris Pratt
Courtney Miller
Olivia Sui
Shayne Topp
Directed by Ryan Todd
Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
Produced by Ryan Todd
Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
Director of Photography: Billy Yates
Editor: Leonard Wilkes
Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
Producer: Garrett Palm
Producer: Kristina Nikolic
First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
Production Designer: Taylor Frost
Camera: Brennan Iketani
Camera: Mitch Anderson
Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
G&E Swing: Trent Turner
G&E Swing: Justin Thatcher
Sound: Greg Jones
Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
Art Director: Steven Smyka
Art Assist: Talia Brahms
Art Assist: Jake Sperling
Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
DIT/Media Management: Tim Baker


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11 Jun 2018

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Comentários 15 314
TvFun #TvArmy :p
TvFun #TvArmy :p 2 horas atrás
9:31 is that Shaynes laugh in the background? xD
awesomelego24 awesomelego24
This is totally staged, but its still pretty funny
Haise KuzaLure
Haise KuzaLure 6 horas atrás
Courtney loves him ;)
Expert Gamer
Expert Gamer 6 horas atrás
Courtney tries to hard to be funny
Macray Flanders
Macray Flanders 11 horas atrás
Chris Pratt grew up in my town. Lake Stevens
Nea Dietz
Nea Dietz 11 horas atrás
Olivia :D
Olivia :D 12 horas atrás
Shane in the audience 😂
Mister sprinkles09
Mister sprinkles09 13 horas atrás
I could see Courtney saying in her mind, “Why me?”
Supergummytaco 14 horas atrás
OMG that was so adorable XD
Crazy Cactus0702
Crazy Cactus0702 14 horas atrás
that would be me lmfao
Crazy Cactus0702
Crazy Cactus0702 15 horas atrás
chris pratt is my dad...
KillsterDanger321 18 horas atrás
I think the half horse half man guy was Tonska...
xXShadow_LordXx 19 horas atrás
9:43 if they were beautiful would that make it a hot pocket
Sfrijol Duraznos
Sfrijol Duraznos 19 horas atrás
Happy_Hannah 77
Happy_Hannah 77 22 horas atrás
Courtney is mood wtf like it’s so accurate
abdul malik
abdul malik 23 horas atrás
what is the song they are dancing to?
jp green
jp green Dia atrás
Ok, this is super funny...sorry it's at your expense Courtney, but you were great! :) 😂🤣
Kyisoe Thant
Kyisoe Thant Dia atrás
i don't even know girls poop 😂😂
Mr.ThunderChief Dia atrás
9:30 is that Shane laughing super loudly in the background? hahaha
Jadyn Manning
Jadyn Manning Dia atrás
I'm so jelly and I luv Chris Pratt
dino team 9641
dino team 9641 Dia atrás
Oh my f***ing god!!!!!! Thats the real one ong wtf man its soooo cool!!
Chrl3 s
Chrl3 s Dia atrás
9:33 you can hear shane in the background
heyitzchris m
heyitzchris m Dia atrás
Everybody know Chris Pratt because of guardians of the galaxy
Infinisauraus Dia atrás
I can hear Shayne laughing in the background the whole video
gavin davis
gavin davis Dia atrás
I love how embarrassing this was for Courtney
Ryu Sotelo
Ryu Sotelo Dia atrás
I fell bad for courtney
Coby Sims
Coby Sims Dia atrás
I bet Chris is like screw this
jpkirby242 Dia atrás
You can here Shayne in the background at 9:33
MakeupTroll Dia atrás
I nearly peed myself laughing at this
Mark McShane
Mark McShane Dia atrás
both hotter than his wife
Christopher Delagarza
Christopher Delagarza 2 dias atrás
y ee aaaa...
Maverick's Arcade
Maverick's Arcade 2 dias atrás
OMG, this was so perfect the entire time, I kept having the skip back 5 seconds to see her awkwardness when she's try to talk and pay attention to anything LOL
CraxPlayZ 2 dias atrás
Chris pratt looks like Star-Lord
CraxPlayZ Dia atrás
+I steal my friends videos ik jk😂😂
I steal my friends videos
CraxPlayZ he was the actor of star lord. Never knew?
Satturn 2 dias atrás
Swoozie is mad rn
If you listen closely you can hear Shane laughing in the crowd
tac7777777 2 dias atrás
Poor courtney 😂😂😂😂😂
Kayden Covel
Kayden Covel 2 dias atrás
Im sorry chris pratt
rita gonzalez
rita gonzalez 2 dias atrás
MorganWolf09 2 dias atrás
Courtney was so happy XD
DJ at the Disco Gaming
I legit cried at the slow dance part, because I wanted a slow dance with Chris Pratt
KefkaFanatic 2 dias atrás
this was actually such a sweet prank omg ♡♡♡
Scp-069 2 dias atrás
Why is it when I meet a stranger I’m all cool, but I meet a person a like, I can’t a count to 5 in Spanish
Justin Tran
Justin Tran 2 dias atrás
More Game Shows lmao
Kiara Polifka
Kiara Polifka 2 dias atrás
Does anyone else hear Shayne laughing in the background at 9:32?
Manuel Chavez
Manuel Chavez Dia atrás
I think everyone hear him xD
Dominic Playz
Dominic Playz 2 dias atrás
Star lord 101
Javier Tovar
Javier Tovar 2 dias atrás
Who is this Chris Pratt I know him as Andy Dyer
Sebastian Schiøttz 7D Vestskolen
I really hope they bring in the yogscast at some point. I don't think so though
Ian Flores
Ian Flores 2 dias atrás
I turn on the notifications and I subscribed
Meghan Ancheta
Meghan Ancheta 2 dias atrás
I would FREAK
Julie Parker
Julie Parker 2 dias atrás
Chris was so cute in this video😭
trippie redd fan
trippie redd fan 2 dias atrás
Omfg were is anthony omg it's not the same without him
Hunter Wheeler
Hunter Wheeler 2 dias atrás
Chris Pratt was so uncomfortable the whole time
whaddyamean99 2 dias atrás
I wonder if courtney wants Christ to poop on her chest?
Aditya Kushwaha
Aditya Kushwaha 3 dias atrás
October 2018.???
Cringey vlogs32 - Entertainment
i feel so bad for courtney
Keisha Priddle
Keisha Priddle 3 dias atrás
i know shanye is in the auddince
Brie !
Brie ! 3 dias atrás
I dont know what this is, but Im loving it.
Fytz *
Fytz * 3 dias atrás
I could just hear shayne laughing in the backround
Dimension Destroyer
Dimension Destroyer 3 dias atrás
the starlord has arrived!
Andrew Bonafilia
Andrew Bonafilia 3 dias atrás
Dont even know who she is but Im really happy for her
Olivia Cole
Olivia Cole 3 dias atrás
love this for Courtney, I'm jealous
Rose Rain
Rose Rain 3 dias atrás
Omg Chris Pratt!!
Random Ambipom
Random Ambipom 3 dias atrás
I MUST KNOW WHAT SONG PLayed during the slow damxe!! Anyone D:
TheCrow Scavenger
TheCrow Scavenger 3 dias atrás
Looked like Chris was going to cringe
L.Ash. RbunnyWolf
L.Ash. RbunnyWolf 3 dias atrás
Shane's laugh in the backround
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin 3 dias atrás
This is how I would be except I would pass out after the dance
burdened with glorious purpose
I love smosh so much it is the best show and I really want the other guy to come back
Mikey_Suze Four
Mikey_Suze Four 3 dias atrás
Anthony NEEDS to swallow his pride (or Ian does) and get him back here! We're @burdened with glorious purpose.
Matt Lewis
Matt Lewis 3 dias atrás
1:29-1:32 NSFW lmao
A random YouTube channel Loll
When the tweet said: could someone write a fanfiction where starlord and I get super spicy and groot watches it made me cringe so hard I think I broke some of my teeth 😂 poor Courtney
fredbear adventures the coolest
Not inspired by gaurdians of the galaxy?
Hades 4 dias atrás
I like how i can here shayne laugh in the bg.
Patient Ache
Patient Ache 4 dias atrás
Why didn't they have james gunn instead of Chris Pratt?
BlondeThr4iam 4 dias atrás
That was absolutely sweet!
jahrta 4 dias atrás
They need to play this with James gunn
Duxx 4 dias atrás
Better get james gunn on next!
Shift 4 dias atrás
OMG Macklemore and Courtney has the same birthdate
Silver Other
Silver Other 4 dias atrás
Idk.. Chris seems wanted that dance with Ian..
Deren Korkut
Deren Korkut 4 dias atrás
I love the passengers
Al Spider-Man Horford
Al Spider-Man Horford 4 dias atrás
This is so awkward
JTD472 4 dias atrás
Boyyyyy the editing is tough but shes funny. Glad I finally clicked on this garbage!!!
A Fangirl
A Fangirl 4 dias atrás
Teeso Lane
Teeso Lane 4 dias atrás
Can i met chris Pratt
anoja31 4 dias atrás
*Lmaoo this was everything!*
Kaylee & Marissa
Kaylee & Marissa 4 dias atrás
Aww she was so happy
Kian Mcritchie
Kian Mcritchie 4 dias atrás
At 9:31 who else only heard Shane laugh in the background
Bryan Bokser
Bryan Bokser 4 dias atrás
Courtney's a cutie!
Abigail Martin
Abigail Martin 4 dias atrás
She’ll never be happier!
James Tsindos
James Tsindos 4 dias atrás
at 6:59 Chris checked up on Courtney and checked if she was alright. such a sweetheart!!!
gamingboy1590 4 dias atrás
Maso Oma
Maso Oma 4 dias atrás
courtney is so me when she sees chris 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍
Rya N
Rya N 5 dias atrás
This was really funny
Chris Katsigiannis
Chris Katsigiannis 5 dias atrás
Tae Tarik
Tae Tarik 5 dias atrás
9:33 is that shane?? AHAHAH what a laugh that stood out so much xD
allan das
allan das 5 dias atrás
WHERE IS GAMORA! ( I know this is Jurassic world promo but u know......)
Amelia Cairnes
Amelia Cairnes 5 dias atrás
Tell chris that I love his show I all ready got the new show jurssic world fallend kingdom
Amelia Cairnes
Amelia Cairnes 5 dias atrás
jinki jin
jinki jin 5 dias atrás
Can i....have an Ian please??
jinki jin
jinki jin 5 dias atrás
This video wasn't long enough, I could have watched 30 more minutes of it lmao
jinki jin
jinki jin 5 dias atrás
I honestly feel like Chris was just as uncomfortable with this embarrassment, but they're all getting through it together 😂
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