Chris Hadfield's Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS - One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches

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Col. Chris Hadfield, the mustachioed Canadian Astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, gives one of the most eye opening interviews you will ever hear.
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"Every single thing that you learn really just gives you more comfort. It's something I counsel kids all the time: if someone is willing to teach you something for free, take them up on it. Do it. Every single time. All it does is make you more likely to be able to succeed. And it's kind of a nice way to go through life."
― Chris Hadfield

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Chris Hadfield

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12 Mai 2020



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Comentários 2 034
ralfydotcom 2 anos atrás
. . . this is very inspirational, I appreciate the brave people like Chris who expand our universe while we sit and watch, and listen, and learn.
rockstarJDP Anos atrás
Canadians will say he is a national treasure, I think this is inaccurate; he is a global treasure! Truly one of the most incredible people of our generation x
Zman44444 Anos atrás
Ya know? Chris. You’ve been a guiding star in my life since early high school.
Paul Woolveridge
Paul Woolveridge Anos atrás
I could listen to him for hours, such a humble & amazing human being with an understanding of the world
M P Anos atrás
I got to meet and speak with Chris a number of years ago. My daughter had hip surgery at CHLA and early one morning in walks Chris and a few others.
Bruce 2 anos atrás
Chris makes me very proud as a fellow Canadian. World Ambassador for sure.
Jake Biddlecome
Jake Biddlecome 2 anos atrás
I've never heard Chris talk like this before - really nice thoughts. With astronauts always talking about their perspective change after having viewed the earth from afar I've wondered how different our world would be if everyone had the chance to see the full circle of earth. It's such a comforting picture, the earth, those bright blues, greens, and whites. It's strange to feel proud having earth as home. As if there were another option. Anyway, I'd bet good money we'd all get along a little better if we all had that opportunity.
myozbubble 2 anos atrás
It's like he hasn't lost his enthusiasm for his job, for being an astronaut, his zest for life from his perspective. I wish everyone could be given the chance to feel that enthusiasm. I'd like to be blown away by awe like he has been.
S.F. Morris
S.F. Morris Anos atrás
This was incredibly articulated. What an interesting person/.
J R 2 anos atrás
"...Shared Understanding is what empowers us most." Wise words from Commander Chris Hadfield I.S.S.
Jayjay Simmons
Jayjay Simmons 2 anos atrás
Amazing. Chris Hadfield expressed the exact same understanding I came to a few years back and it was so heartwarming to hear him speak on this, that everyone goes through their own problems and are not without their own concerns and failings. We should recognise they are suffering too in their own way, regardless of how they may look.
Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch Anos atrás
Thank you Col. Hadfield for your concise efforts to help connect us to visions and understandings of the conditions in which we all, here on earth are a part in. Remarkable. 👍😎
Lee Read
Lee Read 2 anos atrás
Uplifting words of wisdom. Just what we need right now.
chip block
chip block 2 anos atrás
One of the best interviews I have ever heard. In 1962 I was in second grade dreaming about being an astronaut one day. My dream never came to be, but listening to this man took me back to a night in second grade where I looked up to the stars and said I will up there someday!
demilishing 2 anos atrás
Was lucky enough to hear him talk at our university about 5 years ago, such a great guy.
A Little Of Everything
Great message for the young Chris, especially during these times!!!
Gypsynyc10 2 anos atrás
Love this man and I totally recommend his book ‘ An Astronaut’s guide to life on earth ‘ !
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 2 anos atrás
I would give almost anything to experience what Chris Hadfield has been able to experience, but I am thankful that he was chosen as an astronaut. He can so elegantly express and relay his experiences, verbally and through photography, so that the rest of us can begin to imagine what it is like to be in space.
Hand in Hand Together
Hand in Hand Together 2 anos atrás
Not many people get to see the world from that point of view, must have been awe inspiring. Kind of man I could listen to for hours.
Skjoldungen 2 anos atrás
I consider me so great full and lucky to receive so many truly interesting lessons here on you tube from people all over our planet. History, science, culture, and personal story’s... Thank you
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