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To close off the year, here are 2.5 hours of the best chillhop / lofi hip hop
tracks in 2019! What's your favorite Chillhop track(s) of the year?
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00:00:00 No Spirit - Careless
00:02:38 dryhope - White Oak
00:04:32 Toonorth - Effervescent
00:06:54 Xander - Our Adventures
00:09:35 Ouska - Alive
00:11:57 knowmadic - Faces
00:14:06 Leavv - Driftwood
00:16:46 Aviino - Goodmorning
00:19:08 middle school - Do You Want To Pretend We're In Love Sometime?
00:21:23 sleepy fish - I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing
00:24:31 SwuM - Stay.
00:26:32 Tom Doolie - Lemon
00:28:19 Moods - Where I Met You
00:30:35 Swørn - Flower
00:33:08 plusma - Marmots Dance
00:35:33 Blue Wednesday, Shopan - Murmuration
00:38:05 less.people - what will you do?
00:41:10 j'san. - Awakening
00:44:50 blnkspc_ - Quietly
00:47:28 Psalm Trees - Clocks Forward ft. Guillaume Muschalle
00:49:45 L'indécis - Second Wind
00:52:42 saib. - Whale Call
00:56:23 Allem Iversom - 01 Action
00:58:53 goosetaf - Timelapse ft. slowya.roll
01:01:19 SAINT WKND, No Spirit - Sand Under My Feet
01:05:03 Yasper - Good Friends
01:07:41 auv - McCarren
01:10:48 Evil Needle - Moonlight (feat. Venuz Beats)
01:14:00 middle school - The Finish Line (Feat. Mitchel Forman)
01:17:08 Yasper, Louk - The Oldest Man In The Room
01:20:38 Misha, cocabona - Drift
01:22:41 Strehlow - Hibiscus Emoji
01:24:39 junior state - Nice and Easy
01:27:19 sugi.wa - Changing Lanes
01:29:38 Sofasound - Hurt Heal
01:32:25 Philanthrope, sleepy fish - Space Cadet
01:34:45 Kupla - Tiny Sailboat
01:37:14 Ian Ewing - Midnight (ft. Braxton Cook)
01:40:43 sleepy fish - Forgot It Was Monday
01:43:07 Swørn - Sorry
01:45:24 Yasper - Move Together
01:48:43 Shopan - Woodnot
01:52:08 Kyle McEvoy, Stan Forebee - Onteora Lake
01:54:04 C Y G N - Ocean Drive
01:57:07 Miscél - Spring ft. Swørn
01:59:11 Psalm Trees - Céleste ft. Guillaume Muschalle
02:01:28 Dontcry, Nokiaa - Tin Toys
02:03:46 Mr. Käfer - Celebrations ft. Makkako
02:06:20 fantompower - From Nothing
02:08:44 No Spirit - Leaves covered by snow
02:11:43 Montell Fish - jam session
02:14:16 Philanthrope, Moods, The Field Tapes - New Day
02:16:44 Aso - by & by
02:20:34 Moods, Yasper - Sofa Stories
02:23:40 Hanz - Bewildered
02:26:11 sleepy fish - Procrastinating

🎨 Illustration & Animation
Tevy Dubray
Jeoffrey Magellan
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27 Dez 2019



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Comentários 939
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music Mês atrás
Thanks to everyone for listening to our music in 2019! What's your favorite Chillhop track(s) of the year? 💭 🐾
LB NM Dia atrás
Is the main picture that you intercalate into your vid is about one film
krasno djevojce
krasno djevojce 2 dias atrás
@CPboomlove been trying to find move together, thank you so much <3
krasno djevojce
krasno djevojce 2 dias atrás
@Kristóf Balázs thank youuuuu, i couldn't figure out where i heard this, been looking the last couple of days, thank youuu <3
Zymír 5 dias atrás
Easily Driftwood by Leavv is easily my favorite. Just so peaceful and quaint
McBane 8 dias atrás
Chillhop Music since day one of me listening, fell in love with chillhop music and so have my girl and son 💯💯💯 please continue to provide these super chill beats and cool artworks as well !! P.s Christmas time was the best hope you guys do a halloween theme as well as summer !!!
Swimmer Strength
Swimmer Strength 8 horas atrás
sandy Sinnhussey
sandy Sinnhussey 17 horas atrás
This music is a life saver
CaseyOhhsilly Dia atrás
These videos inspired me to make my own lofi videos
Aaron Varghese
Aaron Varghese Dia atrás
You can see the red panda walking in the TV on the wall the scene from another video
Aaron Varghese
Aaron Varghese Dia atrás
The frames that show all the chill hop essential titles and also the Chill hop logo on the window the whole designing is so well done
Sara AQ
Sara AQ 2 dias atrás
Ryan Sinn
Ryan Sinn 2 dias atrás
The clap beat around 16:00 overpowers the track and is really distracting
Red Sky
Red Sky 2 dias atrás
Beautiful sound.
Jonathan Ahrens
Jonathan Ahrens 3 dias atrás
I left my browser on 2x speed, came in to this video and felt I was in the wrong genre. I suppose Chillhop becomes two-step if you double the speed!
Yasmeen Cornwell
Yasmeen Cornwell 3 dias atrás
Good to see raccoon socializing.
Julie Holmes
Julie Holmes 3 dias atrás
stupid li'l mike ads
Endtimeguitarist Endtimeguitarist
Am I the only one that is creeped out that the only thing that is moving is the picture in the background? Look at the back left. It’s the only thing aside the purple pink star dust
Gabriel Melnik
Gabriel Melnik 2 dias atrás
It's a smart tv with the racoon walking
Eric Jones
Eric Jones 3 dias atrás
Man i am feeling this chilled out music. I'm in my office like, ( i need me a glass of wine). Thank you for taking the time to put this chill music together. Positive flow.
Kadu Camilo
Kadu Camilo 3 dias atrás
Every time I come here and can listen and imagine a rainy day with coffee, bed and Netflix
Mental Health Reddit
Mental Health Reddit 3 dias atrás
Have a great day all! I always start my day with jazzhop and coffee you?
Mental Health Reddit
Mental Health Reddit 3 dias atrás
Have a great day all! I always start my day with jazzhop and coffee you?
Jennie Huebner
Jennie Huebner 3 dias atrás
After a long day at work with all the hustle and bustle it is refreshing to be able to sit and listen 👂🏻 to something soothing to my Soul!
Katie Kat160
Katie Kat160 3 dias atrás
This is by far my favorite mix
tjs_. 3 dias atrás
Do or do not,there is no try- Yoda
Rakka Gustyan
Rakka Gustyan 3 dias atrás
Bruh i love this community
Benjok 4 dias atrás
this flute on the track at 17mn ...
Tasha Tolbert
Tasha Tolbert 4 dias atrás
This is really dope to listen to at work at home just chillin by urself!
Kyle Simmions
Kyle Simmions 4 dias atrás
00:21:23 sleepy fish - I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing
Jason Mailloux
Jason Mailloux 4 dias atrás
Great mix! The song starting around 25mins is much louder than the rest though. Please fix!
Lucesita Reyes
Lucesita Reyes 4 dias atrás
The first 2 minutes of this is everything in my soul!🥰
Jonatas Lima
Jonatas Lima 5 dias atrás
PQP TNC que perfeito essa track
Ellie Drake
Ellie Drake 5 dias atrás
I wish my room had lighting and the aesthetic like this, its so peaceful
Soyul Park
Soyul Park 5 dias atrás
The Squirrely Lady With Autism
I love this painting, it's brilliant!
Adhistie Prianti
Adhistie Prianti 5 dias atrás
the picture has a harry potter ish kinda vibe
Siddhant Saxena
Siddhant Saxena 5 dias atrás
This channel is so beautiful... truly the best thing for relaxation. It gives me such an ethereal feeling and helps me focus... awesome job. Love it
Péter Hódi
Péter Hódi 5 dias atrás
Lovely music in a lovely bar, with lovely people, whose looks like lovely animals! And the painting picture on the wall, is moving! LOVELY!
Máté Vajas
Máté Vajas 3 dias atrás
Az szerintem egy televízió és épp az egyik összeállításukat vetít, amikor a mosómaci megy haza.
Penis Fish
Penis Fish 6 dias atrás
If everybody was this chilled, life would be a dream
Saahil JJ
Saahil JJ 23 horas atrás
@john pahilanga yo ikr
john pahilanga
john pahilanga Dia atrás
and then u wake up... back to reality :|
Kenshi Dia atrás
Penis Fish
Penis Fish 6 dias atrás
This music can get you through anything ;)
Olimar 6 dias atrás
My grandma and dog passed away last year but this music makes me feel better
V, Love & Crystals
V, Love & Crystals 7 dias atrás
Thank you!
Andrea Muhailiw
Andrea Muhailiw 7 dias atrás
I need that wallpaper please!)
Romain 7 dias atrás
Are any of these songs copyrighted?
Cicely Dickerson
Cicely Dickerson 7 dias atrás
The track at 35:33 is so sweet!!!
田中くん 7 dias atrás
きいたことないのに、落ち着く (´-`).。oO
Jules Maneki Neko
Jules Maneki Neko 8 dias atrás
Awesome background music, but also a gorgeous video! Special thanks to all the hard work you and design team put into these videos, truly amazing work! Also, the artwork is stunning Jeoffrey Magellan and Tevy Dubray :)
K 8 dias atrás
Enjoy the sounds while writing my paper. I would love to be in the cafe presented on the video. Where is the picture from and how to get a copy, please?
Tawonga 8 dias atrás
Cam 8 dias atrás
Anyone know where I can find this artwork as a wallpaper :)
Jon Blanford
Jon Blanford 9 dias atrás
As the deer relaxed in his plush arm chair, he looked up and wondered how long would he be safe sitting beneath an open fire place...
TrulyChill - LoFi Hip-Hop & Chill Beats
Love this! Keep it up, so relaxing. 🎶
Jennifer Felice
Jennifer Felice 9 dias atrás
in my honest opinion this one made me have anxiety imma just stick to non year mixes too up beat sorry
Виктор Косян
Thank's for this fank music...deep fank!
Micah Jewel
Micah Jewel 9 dias atrás
Dope Beat!! also if any of you get time AND you like Lofi/chill songs- id love for you to check out my new single on every platform "Stay on the Ground"( Micah Jewel.) Im also always looking for people to collaborate with-- IG :@micah_Jewel & @
Riffs with Larry
Riffs with Larry 10 dias atrás
Riffs with Larry
Riffs with Larry 10 dias atrás
that guitar at 20:04
Thyanne Garcia
Thyanne Garcia 10 dias atrás
i love how the raccoon is famous and he's on the tv
Cynthia Kirkland
Cynthia Kirkland 10 dias atrás
I LOVE IT ALL....LOVE YOU CHILLHOP 💖🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊😃🎊🎊🎉🎊😃💖👍👍👍👍👍👍💖💖🎊🎉
R vine
R vine 11 dias atrás
this setting seems super chill
Cat&Bunny 11 dias atrás
The bunny is my favorite. What's yours?
Ellie Drake
Ellie Drake 5 dias atrás
D.W. Stratton
D.W. Stratton 10 dias atrás
Bunny is always best. 100%.
Michi 11 dias atrás
Anyone notice the painting on the wall moving?
D.W. Stratton
D.W. Stratton 10 dias atrás
It's a TV set I think.
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes 11 dias atrás
Great channel. Thank you..
Darin Boubekeur
Darin Boubekeur 11 dias atrás
25:36 is just a note for me its soooo good.
TrueVegeta1 11 dias atrás
Yo, the art work is sick and some sweet sweet tunes to boot, just got yourself a new sub 😊
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