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To close off the year, here are 2.5 hours of the best chillhop / lofi hip hop
tracks in 2019! What's your favorite Chillhop track(s) of the year?
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00:00:00 No Spirit - Careless
00:02:38 dryhope - White Oak
00:04:32 Toonorth - Effervescent
00:06:54 Xander - Our Adventures
00:09:35 Ouska - Alive
00:11:57 knowmadic - Faces
00:14:06 Leavv - Driftwood
00:16:46 Aviino - Goodmorning
00:19:08 middle school - Do You Want To Pretend We're In Love Sometime?
00:21:23 sleepy fish - I Wish It Would Never Stop Snowing
00:24:31 SwuM - Stay.
00:26:32 Tom Doolie - Lemon
00:28:19 Moods - Where I Met You
00:30:35 Swørn - Flower
00:33:08 plusma - Marmots Dance
00:35:33 Blue Wednesday, Shopan - Murmuration
00:38:05 less.people - what will you do?
00:41:10 j'san. - Awakening
00:44:50 blnkspc_ - Quietly
00:47:28 Psalm Trees - Clocks Forward ft. Guillaume Muschalle
00:49:45 L'indécis - Second Wind
00:52:42 saib. - Whale Call
00:56:23 Allem Iversom - 01 Action
00:58:53 goosetaf - Timelapse ft. slowya.roll
01:01:19 SAINT WKND, No Spirit - Sand Under My Feet
01:05:03 Yasper - Good Friends
01:07:41 auv - McCarren
01:10:48 Evil Needle - Moonlight (feat. Venuz Beats)
01:14:00 middle school - The Finish Line (Feat. Mitchel Forman)
01:17:08 Yasper, Louk - The Oldest Man In The Room
01:20:38 Misha, cocabona - Drift
01:22:41 Strehlow - Hibiscus Emoji
01:24:39 junior state - Nice and Easy
01:27:19 sugi.wa - Changing Lanes
01:29:38 Sofasound - Hurt Heal
01:32:25 Philanthrope, sleepy fish - Space Cadet
01:34:45 Kupla - Tiny Sailboat
01:37:14 Ian Ewing - Midnight (ft. Braxton Cook)
01:40:43 sleepy fish - Forgot It Was Monday
01:43:07 Swørn - Sorry
01:45:24 Yasper - Move Together
01:48:43 Shopan - Woodnot
01:52:08 Kyle McEvoy, Stan Forebee - Onteora Lake
01:54:04 C Y G N - Ocean Drive
01:57:07 Miscél - Spring ft. Swørn
01:59:11 Psalm Trees - Céleste ft. Guillaume Muschalle
02:01:28 Dontcry, Nokiaa - Tin Toys
02:03:46 Mr. Käfer - Celebrations ft. Makkako
02:06:20 fantompower - From Nothing
02:08:44 No Spirit - Leaves covered by snow
02:11:43 Montell Fish - jam session
02:14:16 Philanthrope, Moods, The Field Tapes - New Day
02:16:44 Aso - by & by
02:20:34 Moods, Yasper - Sofa Stories
02:23:40 Hanz - Bewildered
02:26:11 sleepy fish - Procrastinating

🎨 Illustration & Animation
Tevy Dubray
Jeoffrey Magellan
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Comentários 80
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 3 meses atrás
Thanks to everyone for listening to our music in 2019! What's your favorite Chillhop track(s) of the year? 💭 🐾
Kawther Koussan
Kawther Koussan 12 horas atrás
hello, i have a question, how do you make these?! youre amazingly so good at these vids!
Francesco Benigni
Francesco Benigni 7 dias atrás
Raining in paris
Spaghetti Lola Xad
Spaghetti Lola Xad 11 dias atrás
Arbour x Darkmind Interstellar
DreamerBlox 15 dias atrás
Stephanie Buchwieser
Stephanie Buchwieser 25 dias atrás
MusicHero 4 horas atrás
Hi! I make lofi beats too! Check me out! Stay safe fam!
Studio Bpm
Studio Bpm 10 horas atrás
Kawther Koussan
Kawther Koussan 12 horas atrás
other songs have things that make me very ditracted while studying but i love this and i focus alot. god bless songs and this youtube channel.
Kenny 17 horas atrás
I really wish everyone was this chilled out and supportive in the world. I wish everyone the best and stay safe! You deserve the best in life!
Daight Tokèmo
Daight Tokèmo 21 hora atrás
Am I the only one who noticed that the TV is showcasing the Jazz Beats stream? I just noticed lol
depeiza1 21 hora atrás
Matthew Lambert
Matthew Lambert Dia atrás
During these times of quarantine...may this bring you all peace...we are all 1 👊👊
SAM Dia atrás
who the hell disliked this masterpiece. please don't kill my vibe
mori ko
mori ko 2 dias atrás
SwuM - Stay is just remix of lily by eevee
mori ko
mori ko 2 dias atrás
a nice one tho
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal 2 dias atrás
I like the dim light and the little plant they put around,cozy carpet that i can feel under my feet, i can imagine the smell of coffee and freshly baked cinnamon bread. Warm and beautiful. This would be a great room inside of my head.
Maria Alejandrina Vargas Teran
¿Alguien habla español?? v:
Esperanza 3 dias atrás
A List with the names of the songs minute by minute would be great, tbh
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 12 horas atrás
You should check the description ;)
Isthat Ra
Isthat Ra 3 dias atrás
Diana Renoj
Diana Renoj 3 dias atrás
Hello! I was wondering how you created your logo? I'm trying to create a logo with movement for a school project and I've always liked yours and this playlist. Any pointers?
ONDAT AZZ!! 3 dias atrás
Black Seed Oil or Elderberry Syrup for all viral strains. Organic Neem Powder stopped the Bubonic plague...
anton brouwer
anton brouwer 3 dias atrás
Love this music, we have a ocean view balcony and i always love putting lofi's music whiles watching the sunset and laying in my hammock
AerialAsturias 3 dias atrás
ok but did anyone notice that they´re playing the "chillhop radio" live on the tv ?
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 12 horas atrás
Some people did yes :) Good catch
Mr_ Kiko
Mr_ Kiko 3 dias atrás
1:55 :27 MY NAME IS JEFF
Javi Encarnacion
Javi Encarnacion 4 dias atrás
did you ni\otice the TV has the lifestream of chill hop !?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!
FairyTail Lover
FairyTail Lover 4 dias atrás
Quit scrolling through the comments and go do your work! If you study hard enough you can get A's!
Andrew 4 dias atrás
So is the sleepy fish on the bar a reference to the colab with the sleepyfish video?
Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music 12 horas atrás
It is :) Can you catch the other references in this artwork?
Emerald Pixel Gaming
Emerald Pixel Gaming 4 dias atrás
This isn’t jazz at all, insulting
Aeden A
Aeden A 4 dias atrás
I know that nobody else gets the same advertisements but the epoch times ad is take a look at this.
Kudzai Mushoriwa
Kudzai Mushoriwa 5 dias atrás
That first track is blowing me away bruh!
German Dorta
German Dorta 5 dias atrás
joshua galvan
joshua galvan 5 dias atrás
Working from home now that the school district has shut down , i am going out of my mind, but ever since i started listening to lofi , things have just gotten a bit better......stay safe everyone .
JujimonNoComment 5 dias atrás
The little raccoon is very cute :)
현이 5 dias atrás
what is your favorite?
Anna Grishchinsky
Anna Grishchinsky 6 dias atrás
I dozed off while working, and suddenly I heard through the music a whisper: "Mom!" 2 times. Did it seem to me? Or is it part of the music track?
Steve Rogers
Steve Rogers 6 dias atrás
Ozuna-Alive. My favorite.
Carly Brennan
Carly Brennan 6 dias atrás
Damn this is such a good mix
Jess Owen
Jess Owen 6 dias atrás
I'm obsessed with this artist's work- does anyone know any other illustrators that make a similar type of art? Like cosy settings like this?
Ari Liebman
Ari Liebman 6 dias atrás
How about "LiberTEA?" But seriously what is the actual name I NEED TO KNOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dewey Tucker
Dewey Tucker 6 dias atrás
My Dad is safely recovering from heart surgery. Thanks Chillhop for pulling us through. Much love.
owl freak
owl freak 7 dias atrás
this picture in the backround its fild with emotions you kan feel the womth an happyness from the picture not evry one can make that efect
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott 7 dias atrás
Great to listen to while working from home due to COVID19. Very useful, thanks.
hajra 7 dias atrás
did y'all notice that its the gryffindor common room?
TomOnComms 7 dias atrás
1:43 :08
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in march This performance is fantastic 1:51 💚🧡 👇👇👇👇👇
Greg Luginsland
Greg Luginsland 7 dias atrás
1:05 :03
Kym Meade
Kym Meade 7 dias atrás
thank you for being here during this time I need to relax and unwind and this is my go to subscribed channel every time
Janette Kerry
Janette Kerry 7 dias atrás
00:41 :10 j'san. - Awakening THIS song damn when they brought out the trumpets I couldn't focus on my studies - it was a PURE BOP
Francesco Benigni
Francesco Benigni 7 dias atrás
victor schneider
victor schneider 7 dias atrás
hello les zgegs
kiøw \\
kiøw \\ 8 dias atrás
want to be one of animal in this picture, calm , relaxing, enjoy with friends.
Sandra Mayer
Sandra Mayer 5 dias atrás
than be like one of them ^^
j8ck8ll 8 dias atrás
Perfect tunes while working from home in isolation...hope everyone is safe 💕💕
William Piotrowski
William Piotrowski 8 dias atrás
Dave Spitz
Dave Spitz 8 dias atrás
Chillhop? Completely new concept to me, been listening to clannad and celtic music for ages. My ears are doing a little happy dance right now and my brain is (finally) chilling out. Sitting back with something to smoke after a long day with this on. Bliss.
bruno vinicius
bruno vinicius 8 dias atrás
eu quero aovivo
Berrypicker 8 dias atrás
My grandpa passed away today.. so I'm listening to this to relax and ease my mind. Love you teo..
Kawther Koussan
Kawther Koussan 12 horas atrás
my grandpa died a couple weeks ago and his last words were "i love you" to my dad in arabic. at least he is happy now.
Aysia Hawkins
Aysia Hawkins 3 dias atrás
im also 11
Aysia Hawkins
Aysia Hawkins 3 dias atrás
@FairyTail Lover same here.
FairyTail Lover
FairyTail Lover 4 dias atrás
Oh my gosh! i feel so bad for you guys, ik what that feels like Grampa died a few years ago, and i still miss him.
Aysia Hawkins
Aysia Hawkins 4 dias atrás
my grandpa died last year in February. It was the day after his birthday. at least he had a good wonderful day be for he left.
Nick 8 dias atrás
Might want to check for asbestos with the amount of dust floating around
PlayEngage 8 dias atrás
I miss Christmas already.
Belu 1003
Belu 1003 8 dias atrás
I just figured out that the tv is playing the video of the radio 😂
D Vignali
D Vignali 8 dias atrás
Anybody else agree that another version with the cafe ambiance included would sound great?
Edd Mtz
Edd Mtz 8 dias atrás
one of my fav chill hop
Kbs Ltd
Kbs Ltd 9 dias atrás
1:39 :51
ENKii 9 dias atrás
Bro, i just saw Kerli listen to your mix on instagram, its in her stories ;)
Leylinar _
Leylinar _ 9 dias atrás
I got so much anxiety recently, I've been stressed a lot, it's hard to calm down, to sleep or focus. The only thing that mostly calms me down is to study while listening to this kind of music, so relaxing. Hope I succeed my exams!
Edward Butler
Edward Butler 9 dias atrás
Thank you for this great mix
TrulyChill - LoFi Hip-Hop & Chill Beats
Love the visuals.
chris shin
chris shin 10 dias atrás
still listening even it's 2020😃 relaxing and good for chilling thank you Chillhop❤️😊
Pilot V
Pilot V 10 dias atrás
I just noticed the TV screen was looping ✨
clarki. 10 dias atrás
why can't this be a real placeeee ;(
Patrick Ibrahim
Patrick Ibrahim 10 dias atrás
where is the jazz in this? yall need to stop confusing shit together.
Катерина Пилипенко
The best mix I've ever found! I can listen to this all day long! Thank you!
Yetiii Games
Yetiii Games 11 dias atrás
Bruh that fish looks dead
Eric Krapf
Eric Krapf 11 dias atrás
Is there a way in real life to have floaty lights move around your room while listening?
Minshii 12 dias atrás
I just realized that the TV on the top was moving
Belafonte 12 dias atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening all the time This voice is fantastic 1:17 💟💯 👇💖
Chineselistic Jerry
Chineselistic Jerry 12 dias atrás
this bring so much memories about 2019 and these amazing albums... I just love it. good work, thanks so much.
love dude
love dude 13 dias atrás
Life is ruff so ill try to relax and fall apart gracefully.
ThatGuyPanda 13 dias atrás
Has anybody noticed the TV is moving in the backround
Idyllic Sky
Idyllic Sky 13 dias atrás
My teacher always plays this is class lol
François Ferreira
François Ferreira 13 dias atrás
The best mix ever!
Katherine Manger
Katherine Manger 13 dias atrás
Did anybody think that this would be good if u r a BRvidr and u make art and ur done and u make a montage wouldn't this be amazing music for that?=) =-
Courtney Simpson
Courtney Simpson 13 dias atrás
I just discovered this station and am SO happy it exists!! It's amazing for work
music guy
music guy 14 dias atrás
rap and hip hop is a form of mind control where you are sold on the idea of revolution but you end up giving your paycheck to the man
David Merwin
David Merwin 14 dias atrás
= )
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