Chill Study Beats 6 • instrumental hip hop mix [2019]

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🐾Hey folks, here’s our latest Chill Study Beats mix, made out of one hour of smooth instrumentals beats. Cheers to all the artists in this list and good luck with studying for your exams!
🎧 Tracklist (* = Unreleased)
00:00 mommy x Philanthrope - thinking of you w/Kyle Mc Evoy
*02:11 leavv - driftwood
04:54 blnkspc_ - quietly
07:32 Toonorth - Effervescent
09:49 Tom Doolie - Lemon
*11:37 middle school - wannabe w/Aso
13:58 psalm trees - Clocks Forward w/Guillaume Muschalle
16:20 less.people - what will you do
19:26 Ian Ewing - LuvnYou
22:38 saib. - rainforest
28:02 chief. - yesterday
30:36 sleepy fish - i wish it would never stop snowing
33:52 mommy - polarbeer
*36:36 middle school - do you want to pretend we’re in love sometime
38:54 tesk - burnmymind
41:24 City Girl - Eowyn
44:23 Moose Dawa - Remember
46:26 Swørn - Far Away
*48:12 sleepy fish - forgot it was monday
50:46 fantompower - in a new space
53:16 Smoke Trees - takondwa
55:22 Deeb - Swiss

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🎨 Animation by Tévy Dubray & Jeoffrey Magellan

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22 Mai 2019



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Comentários 80
Austin Funk
Austin Funk 14 horas atrás
30:36 is the start of it!
Austin Funk
Austin Funk 14 horas atrás
31:00 is my favorite!
Ov3rTon3 17 horas atrás
let's be honest, were all here just to say "let's be honest"
Loann Nguyen
Loann Nguyen 17 horas atrás
Who likes Lofi better or Chillhop, honestly I like Chillhop better even tho my friends listen to Lofi
D. A. I. Z. Z. Yy
Got back to whatever your doing and don’t read the comments
Ana Carolina Naves Dias
this musicis is so god!!!
Elinor Petersen
Elinor Petersen Dia atrás
got exam week tomorrow ( a whole week of exams ) wish me luck :)
I have to A lot of work
Hendra Adyatama
Hendra Adyatama 2 dias atrás
ok i just finished my exam :D
Liz A. Diaz
Liz A. Diaz 2 dias atrás
Cute image catching relaxing 😌song
hafizah yusof
hafizah yusof 3 dias atrás
Am I the only one see the raccoon is not reading but sleeping.
Sophiebuggie 3 dias atrás
Lets be honest, his coffe is gunna be cold sooner or later
P0tatoMaster225 3 dias atrás
Mauricio Cabezas
Mauricio Cabezas 3 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we're all here for the comments.
Is that a Jojo reference?
Today will be the first time I´ll be going to school after this entire corona shit, it will only be for a test tho. Wish me luck, its gonna be a mess.
Sunshine_ BlueSkys
Sunshine_ BlueSkys 4 dias atrás
Lets be honset your in the commets to say lets be honest :)
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo 4 dias atrás
Let’s be honest here, we’re all here cause we got nothing else to do and nothing else to listen to
kurt wysocki
kurt wysocki 5 dias atrás
you say run goes with everything
Kendra Ferrell
Kendra Ferrell 5 dias atrás
Christolic Vibes
Christolic Vibes 5 dias atrás
Let's be honest, ain't it weird that we aer saying "Let's be honest"
Christolic Vibes
Christolic Vibes 5 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we're here mfor a God damn school
Lspo 5 dias atrás
tseonh eb s'tel
Marcos Rufino
Marcos Rufino 5 dias atrás
11:37 unexpected ATLA memory
zorzi alvise
zorzi alvise 5 dias atrás
SubtleAsSound 6 dias atrás
One of the best study mixes🔥🔥... But I always get distracted and get inspired to make some beats, love it tho!
Linye Chonco
Linye Chonco 6 dias atrás
Fire beats! 🔥
david merano
david merano 6 dias atrás
Super Nova
Super Nova 6 dias atrás
tata9omg Nguyen
tata9omg Nguyen 7 dias atrás
lets be honest! We love this person and we love the raccoon! I have a test! Wish me luck everyone!
BullDog 7 dias atrás
Let's be honest...we are all way more perverted that we admit
Turai May
Turai May 7 dias atrás
I'm creepy
Turai May
Turai May 7 dias atrás
Turai May
Turai May 7 dias atrás
dino pw
dino pw 8 dias atrás
Listening to this while online class amazing
Jfutureboy 8 dias atrás
Paloma Canedo
Paloma Canedo 8 dias atrás
I was here minding my own business studying and got horny out of nowhere because of the female little moan at 16:48 (no homo) 😭🤦 quarentine is rly making us DRY man
Jyka 9 dias atrás
Jerah12 Israel
Jerah12 Israel 9 dias atrás
This is Rocket's Back Story of Guardians of The Galaxy
Ruth Restrepo Cruz
Ruth Restrepo Cruz 9 dias atrás
Let's be honest, that raccoon has a great hand with plants.
Skibble Smoothie
Skibble Smoothie 10 dias atrás
Lets be honest, we think that raccoon is adorable *he just chilling bro*
TORNADO 10 dias atrás
How many people here are doing online school?
Skinhead Dread
Skinhead Dread 10 dias atrás
bless up, nice sound, PEACE!
Krithika Kailasam
Krithika Kailasam 11 dias atrás
I have listened to this on loop for 4 hours
joao guilherme Ferreira
this is saving me right now...
RS - 05PM - Ingleborough PS (1491)
we all are listening to this while doing online school. :(
Ruben Ortiz
Ruben Ortiz 11 dias atrás
lexus lfa
Emily Wong
Emily Wong 12 dias atrás
I love the subtle animations
Joaquín Letizia
Joaquín Letizia 12 dias atrás
If you are in PC, press T (Theater mode), then press *Impr Pant*, you now have a screenshot. Go to Paint, then Ctrl + V or press "Paste" Cut all the screenshot except for the video image Now u have a nice Racoon reader wallpaper, enjoy
Justine Le juste équilibre
J'adore !!!!! C'est génial ce que vous faites. Je travaille en écoutant ce mix tellement agréable. MERCI ! 🙏👌
Blazehh 12 dias atrás
Let's be honest, Donald Trump looks like a Pumpkin
cotah johnson
cotah johnson 12 dias atrás
I'm not here for the raccoon here bc of school and for da music
Alias Bercenaru
Alias Bercenaru 13 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we are all here because of weed
Alias Bercenaru
Alias Bercenaru 13 dias atrás
true true
Felipe Rabello
Felipe Rabello 13 dias atrás
22:40 shit, this is so insane!
PotatoBoiii 14 dias atrás
WhY iS eVeRyOnE sAyInG “LeTs Be HoNeSt”
Caleb Peeples
Caleb Peeples 14 dias atrás
This is really calming for us, am I right?
Lance Hobbs
Lance Hobbs 14 dias atrás
This is the best one so far. That bear at the start is dope. Yeah I said it. What, it is.
AJ 15 dias atrás
Let's be honest, you want to write a comment that starts with "let's be honest..." and get likes.
Luis Coronel
Luis Coronel 15 dias atrás
Muy bueno
Emma Rabolini
Emma Rabolini 15 dias atrás
I haven't slept in two days because of school and I just keep listening to lo-fi
Zephyr 13 dias atrás
Hope everything is okay. Hang in there, and try as best you can to get your schedule back on track!
Owen Fisher
Owen Fisher 15 dias atrás
Anyone else got love for the raccoons plant collection? 😍💚
Fade 15 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we're all here on account of covid 19
Боян Тодоров
50:45 im not in online school anymore
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
I really like cheese and anime. How about u?
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
Golden Wind
Golden Wind 16 dias atrás
JOSE DIRCIO - RAMIREZ 16 dias atrás
que es eso 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
jocelyn flores
jocelyn flores 16 dias atrás
this is my fav lofi 4 studying now
Adeel Ahmed
Adeel Ahmed 16 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we 're all here because of school. Although I am the teacher, currently grading assignments, all while vibing to this..
Libertad Cueva
Libertad Cueva 16 dias atrás
: )
Melvin Ngari
Melvin Ngari 16 dias atrás
My favorite part is when the raccoon flips the pages
Anabelle Podolak
Anabelle Podolak 16 dias atrás
let's be honest. you first.
RANDY WYATT 16 dias atrás
lets be honest almost every comment starts with "lets be honest"
Layla WATTS 16 dias atrás
lets be honet,nobody cares ab ur lets be honest
Alejandra Jiménez
Alejandra Jiménez 17 dias atrás
Let's be honest, we need to know the name of the raccoon
Leonardo Matute
Leonardo Matute 17 dias atrás
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 punto de vista.😋
Leonardo Matute
Leonardo Matute 17 dias atrás
Igual 😀
Leonardo Matute
Leonardo Matute 17 dias atrás
How cool is the music 💪🎶
stephcrank 18 dias atrás
let's be honest.. and kind, and lovely people who study/relax.
Bob 18 dias atrás
stop with these "Let's be honest comments" smh
Rebby Green
Rebby Green 19 dias atrás
Peter Bogolub
Peter Bogolub 20 dias atrás
Awesome! Check out this channel. Also, if you ever want to collaborate, let me know. Have a good one. @YehE
jocelyn flores
jocelyn flores 20 dias atrás
i'm so glad i discovered these lofi music video and chill beats before the end of school. they really help me in stressful moments and make me dream about my future, when i will have a diploma and travel the world with a carefree soul. now it's may, in a month i will have final exams, in this month i have to study hard but it's just a final effort. i can do it even if i'm a very lazy and procastination girl lmao. the schoold enden in march due to this corona virus pandemic. we didn't do the last school trip, we didn't celebrate the 100 days to befor the exams (in italy, 100 days before the exams you celebrate with your classmates and have a big party, and we didn't hear the last bell of our last day of school... those would have been the moments that would end your adolescence. btw it doesn't matter, now that i'm at home i don't feel so much stress and i can relax and planning the study better. i lived these high school years quite well and have supportive classmates, who helped me a lot. btw i also passed very stressful moments when those damn professors gave us a lot of study but now the bad is passed. in a month i won't be anymore a student, i can't wait for the summer and for not study anymore (especially math, i mean i hate math) but i think maybe in the future, i will miss this moments. i already do that sometimes. expect 4 the study school years are the best!
Exoburn 21 dia atrás
What the heck is going on with all the “Let’s be honest” THE FRICK (ง'̀-'́)ง
김현철 21 dia atrás
Hi 🐾you and women,which will take place at the wrong way of saying I think it would🎧🎁🎀😍
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