Chill Study Beats 4 • jazz & lofi hiphop Mix [2017]

Chillhop Music
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Thanks to all 1 million of you who share the love for this music. ♥
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🎧 Tracklist: (* = Unreleased)
0:00 idealism - Both of Us
2:10 Keem the Cipher - [BLOSSOM.] (w sugi.wa)
3:58 Jhfly - Crossings
* 6:42 invention_ - skyrateºº
8:32 leavv - Home
10:28 Allem Iversom - Without You
* 11:23 sugi.wa - pianos
* 12:58 Kendall Miles - isla bella
14:47 The Deli - Moonlight
17:10 j'san - this feeling's too good
* 19:01 baaskaT - Guttered
* 21:30 invention - dw3ll
23:06 Allem Iversom - Held
* 24:40 arbour - red
25:55 nohidea - you dont have to cry
27:31 Joey Pecoraro - Your Favorite Place
31:31 falcxne - Reminisce
* 34:53 Moose Dawa - Bravo
36:03 Keem The Cipher - [DESIRE.]
* 37:58 Moose Dawa - Chances
40:30 Pabzzz - Together
* 43:06 invention_ - brzzy bump
* 44:56 Philanthrope - ID
46:22 nohidea - Apple_Tree
47:37 nohidea - falling down (ft. shiloh)
49:13 Arbour - elusive
50:46 Philanthrope - Hope
53:05 leavv - within
55:47 mt. fujitive - lullabies
57:19 TESK - Green Stamps
59:57 TooNorth - long nights
1:01:26 TESK - Floating Vibes (ft. Philanthrope)
1:04:21 slr - break
1:05:15 The Deli - Everyday
1:07:20 Flughand - Peninsula
1:09:41 Allem Iversom - Tallgrass
1:11:08 Axian x J'san - Autumn Leaves
1:12:50 Philanthrope x plusma - in hamburg
* 1:15:02 delt - sayonara
1:16:32 sugi.wa - senorita
* 1:17:48 leavv - reminiscence
* 1:20:23 Kupla - New Beginnings
* 1:22:10 idealism - dont say a word
1:24:34 Kupla - Saudade
* 1:27:05 walterwarm & cowode - mountain top
1:28:24 nohidea - thirteen. (w- idealism)
1:30:42 KUPLA x Philanthrope - Evening Tide
1:33:09 Keem The Cipher - [REVIVE.]
1:35:00 badsummer - floating
1:37:03 invention_ - vscrl
1:39:20 Idealism - last time
1:42:12 Juan RIOS - Pine Trees
1:44:59 DRWN. - Estate
1:46:47 Tusken. x Philanthrope - Mr.Toast
1:48:46 fujitsu - motions
1:50:38 nohidea - misery
1:52:59 Bassti - Melanin
1:54:16 j'san - rest & be thankful (w I Eat Plants for a Living)
1:56:23 The Cancel - Can't You See
1:58:42 BeatBoxBandit - One Last Thing
2:00:35 Philanthrope - TheEnd (ft. Fujitsu)
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📷 Photo by Louis Raphael
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25 Out 2017



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Chillhop Music
Chillhop Music Anos atrás
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JUANTER DIAZ 3 dias atrás
Severa cancion brooo😉😉😉😉
Samuel Rave
Samuel Rave 5 dias atrás
Where can I find the piano notes to this? I love piano in the beginning
* LivingLife _Rell *
* LivingLife _Rell * 24 dias atrás
Rdr food reviews
Bad boy
Bad boy 25 dias atrás
Nice smooth music very enjoyable and laid back sounds
Prudence Sibanda
Prudence Sibanda Mês atrás
김근태 4 horas atrás
1:11 :10
TheVgasm 7 horas atrás
It's Saturday night sunset and I just ripped my bong. sipping white wine after summoning Lauryn Hill's uplifting af "Guarding the Gates"; the tube suggested this mix after. Thank you, algorithm I am next levvel levitated..
Sam Bury
Sam Bury 9 horas atrás
Whenever it’s rainy or late I put this mix on every time it’s just my favourite and I’m so happy it exists😂😅
Jayla Mountains
Jayla Mountains 11 horas atrás
Where's my June 2020 people🎧
Milky Blxssom
Milky Blxssom 11 horas atrás
Hey you, I dont know you, but I will love you no matter what. Stay safe.
Felicia Fogbell
Felicia Fogbell 13 horas atrás
Am I the only one who is playing Roblox while this beautiful music is palying? Yes? okay..
Manuel 19 horas atrás
Sick tho when you use your airpods
Áron Stajrits
Áron Stajrits 22 horas atrás
I found this gem in a hard time of my life... since then I am returning from time to time just to feel grateful. This piece will stay with me 'til I am alive that is for sure.
Loren Grace Martinez
angit po
julii_charro Dia atrás
Can somebody tell me the name of the first song pls?
Ben Jeremiah
Ben Jeremiah 2 dias atrás
How was your day guys? ☺️
Ben Jeremiah
Ben Jeremiah 2 dias atrás
hello friends :)
mika 2 dias atrás
i LOVE this
貧脚バイカー 2 dias atrás
It‘s better than nothing
Godly_Martian 3 dias atrás
aww this comment section so positive
Moor 3 dias atrás
With everything going around this world I can believe I’m still worried so much about my homework! Epic comment section I had to post stay safe out there.
TRIAKS ARAL 3 dias atrás
amsiez mc
amsiez mc 3 dias atrás
Just keep going, you'll feel great and productive once you've got your work done. Remember, if you think you don't know how to do something, you just don't know how to do it.... Yet. Stay calm and keep studying 😌
Omari Ming
Omari Ming 3 dias atrás
Quarantine anyone
Clay - royalty free music
awesome music beats, i love it
Kyle Fellows
Kyle Fellows 4 dias atrás
comments wonderfull the video amazing but.... 4.5K DISLIKES BROOOOOO GET A LIFE PEOPLE this is amazing if u have a problem leave no point disliking it dummy
JUANTER DIAZ 4 dias atrás
buen video wey lo voy a utilizar en unos de mis videos para youtube😉😉😉
adina's channel
adina's channel 4 dias atrás
Love the ♥
Playstation X
Playstation X 4 dias atrás
Who wanna play ps4
George Jobe
George Jobe 4 dias atrás
this grooves so hard
Henrique Souza
Henrique Souza 4 dias atrás
Have copyright ?
Stephen Tan
Stephen Tan 5 dias atrás
1:15 :02 is a Steins;Gate reference! hit me right in the feels
LinaPlays Games
LinaPlays Games 5 dias atrás
Oh it's 8D :0 a thumbs up for you!❤👍
Truthful Program
Truthful Program 6 dias atrás
hey, i love kiki's delivery service 0:00
Beatz and I
Beatz and I 6 dias atrás
I need new friends 😞😷
is this non copyrighted music?
Flo Panda
Flo Panda 7 dias atrás
this is my jam
Nadra Ahmed
Nadra Ahmed 7 dias atrás
Who is listening to this while online school in quarantine? Before we know it, this will all be over. Stay strong and stay healthy. Jayyy Lynnn said this, soo true
Luke Barnwell
Luke Barnwell 7 dias atrás
padi aij
padi aij 7 dias atrás
I listen this while skateboarding
Mạnh Vlog
Mạnh Vlog 7 dias atrás
Edson Gomez
Edson Gomez 8 dias atrás
Jonboy kickpick
Jonboy kickpick 8 dias atrás
I can't fuckin sleep so I came here.
I AM D,ARTISTE 8 dias atrás
sometimes its hard to study wen the beats are this good
Unicorn master gabs
Unicorn master gabs 8 dias atrás
this helped me so much when i study thank you!
corey Harter
corey Harter 9 dias atrás
i need this thread bookmarked for inspiration and positivity
GearDrop TV
GearDrop TV 9 dias atrás
Hey, we can do this.
Team ReverT
Team ReverT 9 dias atrás
To anyone reading this remember that you are loved, love yourself. stay safe and live life to the fullest
Regis Ham
Regis Ham 9 dias atrás
I use this while playing league. it makes me so calm and not mad at my team
MonstieBoyNL 9 dias atrás
Oh yeah
LG TABLET 9 dias atrás
Lighting up the blunt when I'm thinking of you 26:55 only real ones will get it
Glenn Drake
Glenn Drake 10 dias atrás
Hey you have a good day/night life is short so make the most of it Be happy enjoy the little things ❤️ UwU ❤️ UwU has sent all their love to you
LilZach 10 dias atrás
lol just found this chill relaxing music vibing stuck in quaritine 🤦🏽‍♂️
Alyssaplays Roblox
Alyssaplays Roblox 10 dias atrás
Who else is using this for a speedup build for there Yt XD
Sophia Ruiz
Sophia Ruiz 11 dias atrás
no one knows me like the piano
SawanKMusic 11 dias atrás
Love this mix! 🔥🔥
Saim Baig
Saim Baig 11 dias atrás
One day our dreams come true Our ideas will modify this world into better place Their will be no stress only satisfaction One day our dreams come true😊
Calvin Tucker
Calvin Tucker 11 dias atrás
Blessings to the whole lofi family. Much love
Calvin Tucker
Calvin Tucker 11 dias atrás
Lofi is such a masterpiece. It puts me in an automatic zone, especially when off the "herbs🌿" lol.
Luis Jose Lopez Young
Luis Jose Lopez Young 11 dias atrás
Fake Banana
Fake Banana 11 dias atrás
I love being here in these comment sections
Estefani Cardona Villa
Estefani Cardona Villa 11 dias atrás
Nice 10/10
ADHVAITH MAHESH 11 dias atrás
What time you studying?
Ravizzy. plays
Ravizzy. plays 12 dias atrás
Stop reading the comments.And do your work!
T Tyyygg
T Tyyygg 12 dias atrás
I feel so alone
Lonewolf_199 12 dias atrás
Why this makes me feel sad for no reason
BOXING WORLD 12 dias atrás
나단뮤직 음악듣기 - NadanMusic Label
i like this playlist. It is emotional and cool for studying. Thanks for your work. :)
MD GEISTo 12 dias atrás
Coming back to this one a lot recently while working at home. Loving it a lot - especially in conjunction with that image. Just awesome!
Naftali Santos
Naftali Santos 13 dias atrás
Algum BR além de mim procurando um pouco de Paz que tem aqui no mundo a fora e só aonde as músicas podem nos proporcionar? Pqp que bom
Christos Karassavidis
Christos Karassavidis 13 dias atrás
hamnah amir
hamnah amir 13 dias atrás
you are amazing, you are perfect, you have people who love you even though it seems like there isn't. I promise you from expirence that it WILL get better.
Dislascope 13 dias atrás
great vibes. Thank You.
sw. ferx
sw. ferx 14 dias atrás
Have some rest and be happy not like me couse I cant get subs
JGilly 14 dias atrás
Anyone in uk near hull or surrounding areas
쏘토닉 14 dias atrás
한국인 손🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️
jvr604 14 dias atrás
dope mix
Gabrielle Margarette Mohler
Listen to this while doing online school. It helps
Vieri Aditya
Vieri Aditya 15 dias atrás
32:00 🤙
Gamer Kat Productions
Gamer Kat Productions 15 dias atrás
Does anyone know if this videos music are copyright free
Simply Life
Simply Life 15 dias atrás
Omg.. that girl voice at the beginning sounds like my voice..😳
Ainara Argüelles
Ainara Argüelles 15 dias atrás
1:50 :41 animal crossing new leaf soundtrack remix?
MININOMONO 626 15 dias atrás
Hey you, yeah, I meaning you, have a very nice day, chill up and remember that every day is a day less for this quarantine to end. also, thanks to every single person that commented this vid to be so nice, i wish all comments where like this
Prince Mayag
Prince Mayag 15 dias atrás
reading the positive comments on here genuinely makes my smile wtf
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