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Childish Gambino - Summertime Magic (Audio)

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“Summertime Magic” by Childish Gambino
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11 Jul 2018



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Julio Flores
Julio Flores 4 horas atrás
Thanks to this song I got out of anxiety. I dropped out of University months ago because I wanted to pursue my biggest dream: Being a film director. I knew it all. Writting, directing, editing and thanks to BRvid videos. Therefore with the consent of my father I dropped out of University at few months of graduating. I was happy and scared at the same time. I didn't know what to do at the time because nobody wanted to help me to make films for free. They always wanted money for helping. It was a huge letdown until a couple of friends really share the same thought. As a matter of fact they dropped University as well. Now I wasn't alone, so we made a couple short films for a Facebook Page. But I was feeling unsatisfied... I wanted to make a short film so special to me and for everyone to relate. I opened up Spotify and I played this song... That was it, Gambino has been my favorite since Awaken, My Love. He was the one who gave me the idea of making a short film about 2 people meeting for the first time and having a great time to finally fall in love with each other. Now the short film is a masterpiece to me, I watch it everyday and cry of joy. That short film represents a lot to me. It was the responsible of believing in my dreams no matter the circumstances. If anybody wants to see it, here it is:
NORTHSIDE 306 Dia atrás
I remember listening too this in middle of summer with my ex😥🤦‍♂️ fkkkkk!!!!
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hicks 2 dias atrás
They say before my birthday 👍🏾✌🏽
Johnny Grijalva
Johnny Grijalva 2 dias atrás
Fuck yes! Love it!
Shrey angwar
Shrey angwar 3 dias atrás
You feel like summertime You took this heart of mine You'll be my valentine in the summer In the summer You are my only one Just dancin', havin' fun Out in the shinin' sun of the summer Of the summer Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (yeah) I love you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Put no one else above you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (yeah) I need you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Oh! Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do I love you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Put no one else above you Do love me, do love me, do (ohh) Do love me, do love me, do I need you Do love me, do love me, do Do love me, do love me, do Hoo, oh! Is it summertime magic That makes me wanna dance all night long It's your summertime magic Make me feel this way, got me boo'd up Girl, oh you're my world (baby) Baby girl (woo, ah) My whole world Hoo, oh! You feel like summertime (oh, yes you do) You took this heart of mine (you know you did) You'll be my valentine (valentine) in the summer (In the summer) In the summer I love you (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) (I love you) Put no one else above you (Do love me, do love me, do) Your style, your braids, your eyes (Do love me, do love me, do) So summertime (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) All I wanna do is let you shine (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) I love ya (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) Put no one else above you (Do love me, do love me, do) (Do love me, do love me, do) It's your summertime It's your summertime magic
Blkvixon Vixon
Blkvixon Vixon 4 dias atrás
yeah.. i can rock with this...
David Williams
David Williams 5 dias atrás
I liked this at the end of winter
chris&klovia dreams
chris&klovia dreams 5 dias atrás
chris&klovia dreams
chris&klovia dreams 5 dias atrás
This is a really good aong
Ross G
Ross G 5 dias atrás
Trying to make a good playlist for work brought me here.
Xenoslyce 6 dias atrás
Why am I listening to this in the spring?
Xenoslyce 6 dias atrás
That moment when you're listening to this and it's snowing outside
Gabreya Bradley
Gabreya Bradley 7 dias atrás
The Google Pixel commercial brought me here. This song is the epitome of romance, sunshine, and groove.❤️
Kendrick J Glover
Kendrick J Glover 8 dias atrás
I love my family, just saying
JV Mack
JV Mack 8 dias atrás
Instagram brought me here
NYITEIJ Louise 8 dias atrás
Do love me do love me do love me do love me do
Laquentin Poke
Laquentin Poke 8 dias atrás
Okay now childish it’s time to make a video bro plz. And thanks for music and memories
mercyyy. Okayyy
mercyyy. Okayyy 9 dias atrás
*Childish Gambinos voice is just 😍*
Justin Suazo
Justin Suazo 9 dias atrás
When is Human Sacrifice Coming OUTT!!!!
Justin Suazo
Justin Suazo 9 dias atrás
Been listeining to Gambino since 2012.
Justin Suazo
Justin Suazo 6 dias atrás
+Jake Evan Eh, I'll have it later, ;)
Jake Evan
Jake Evan 7 dias atrás
Want your cookie now or later?
tote lo perelini
tote lo perelini 10 dias atrás
deez nuts
tote lo perelini
tote lo perelini 8 dias atrás
deez nuts
Soumia Maamri
Soumia Maamri 10 dias atrás
The Resident
Rayane Danielle
Rayane Danielle 11 dias atrás
Essa melodia me faz bem demais!
Volkan AKBIYIK 13 dias atrás
This dude sometimes talks about global warming and sometimes does music for global motherfucker companies, shame on you gambino, shame the fuck on you dude
SpeedbirdAviation9023 13 dias atrás
*G O O G L E P I X E L 3 A D ! ! !*
Jamaree Bell
Jamaree Bell 14 dias atrás
Amazing song hands down
Vanilla Conover
Vanilla Conover 14 dias atrás
So hot
Vincent-Eloi ROSSO
Vincent-Eloi ROSSO 15 dias atrás
came here thanks to riri
kplunkett0002 15 dias atrás
That 90s feel R&B.
PANDABOY PLAYZ 15 dias atrás
This was made on my birthday
WishIWasLike PewDiePie
WishIWasLike PewDiePie 16 dias atrás
Am I the only one who searched the Google ad after reading the comments? Cause I went here just for some true music that will clean my ear from trash ones
Norma Leticia Valenzuela Guzman
Why do the background sounds at 0:20 sound like Cardi B's “Eoww”?
Jikook 17 dias atrás
Definitely playing this when it’s summer✨😌☀️
Harrietta Menjay
Harrietta Menjay 18 dias atrás
Anyone else here from the google pixel 3 playmoji commercial
Max Dhillon
Max Dhillon 18 dias atrás
It’s amazing 😍😍
Stephen V. Tran
Stephen V. Tran 18 dias atrás
Can't help but dance
Anton McDonald
Anton McDonald 18 dias atrás
This song should have been on 2k.. Like if you agree💯
Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma
21-Chase Roger
21-Chase Roger 19 dias atrás
Speed it up to 1.25 for a treat
Isabelle Luz
Isabelle Luz 19 dias atrás
Just for ban ❤
Lemon 19 dias atrás
The beggining sounds like noteblocks from minecraft
kailevi218// TheGamerYT
Rashaun Wilkins
Rashaun Wilkins 20 dias atrás
I brought myself here
Marvin Noonan
Marvin Noonan 20 dias atrás
Makes me think of my summer Love.
Rasheeda Rogers
Rasheeda Rogers 21 dia atrás
Cute song love it
bacon burger on your mom's booty
I wish he had a video for this just like it feels like summer.
Rodrick Young
Rodrick Young 12 dias atrás
Same here it would've been great
RACKOON 22 dias atrás
Who else been here since they got the notification wayyyy back cus their die hard fans like me... was literally one of the first hundred to hear it
Claire Stawnyczy
Claire Stawnyczy 22 dias atrás
This is song is so underrated
Claire Stawnyczy
Claire Stawnyczy 22 dias atrás
Who's here because they an OG
Nico Cervantes
Nico Cervantes 23 dias atrás
Who else came for the @1:38 Google Pixel commercial 😀
Writehse 23 dias atrás
Who’s here because of their music taste?
Vince Pat
Vince Pat 22 horas atrás
+SwiftJustice2020 nah. its completely fine
Armoredlizard 01
Armoredlizard 01 2 dias atrás
Me m8
SwiftJustice2020 3 dias atrás
Ahh shit. Does this mean I have bad taste in music now?
Ibriumequil21 17 dias atrás
I'm obsessed with this song
Brown Gamer
Brown Gamer 23 dias atrás
Who came her because of the google pixel advertisement on BRvid
Aaliyah Walker
Aaliyah Walker 23 dias atrás
I don't know why but this gives me on my block feels
legacy 23 dias atrás
i played this album all winter just to keep warm.... #missingsummer
Travis McGhee
Travis McGhee 24 dias atrás
New challenge Gambino all day long...
mtobias phillips
mtobias phillips 24 dias atrás
For those who are late to the party Donald Glover is a bad mutha fucka
Musical Lover
Musical Lover 24 dias atrás
Google Pixel 3 Ad Anyone? 🎶 + 📱 = 💥 🔥 🎵
g m
g m 25 dias atrás
This dude stay with that off the main stream music and makes it go harder then that r&b (rapping bu!!sh!t) that be playing over the radio.
Louis Salads
Louis Salads 25 dias atrás
Lando Calrissian sure makes some groovy music
TROLLZOR808 25 dias atrás
Every video I play has the google pixel ad .... Never skiped it cause I love the song
Lori Bravo
Lori Bravo 25 dias atrás
Good song ♥️♥️
Stephany Ward
Stephany Ward 25 dias atrás
I lovvvvvvveeee this song!!!!
h8_3xtra 25 dias atrás
|~•______•~| |______|《🖤 | |
Michael Huber
Michael Huber 25 dias atrás
Clearwater beach, Fl 2019!!
Lela Zeigler
Lela Zeigler 26 dias atrás
Awwwsome song...very very talented for his age and era...just saying...
Keytric Robertson
Keytric Robertson 26 dias atrás
Google sent me here...
Nirobiscloset 26 dias atrás
This song just makes me feel good!! Love it! 🕺💃🕺💃🕺💃🕺👫👬👭👪💑💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
123 it's just a chilly
123 it's just a chilly 26 dias atrás
Ahhhhh new fav song and j am just barley heard it around feburary 14th can't wait till summer u am living with snow
Demonheart 543
Demonheart 543 26 dias atrás
Who else *insert things that other people have done to ended up too this video/song*
Tulip J
Tulip J 26 dias atrás
Do love me, do love me, do love me, do 💖
[havoc] 26 dias atrás
the beginning sounds like someone fiddling with note blocks in minecraft
Felishia Kilian
Felishia Kilian 26 dias atrás
Im here because of the commercial!! .😅
Liam Kavan
Liam Kavan 26 dias atrás
1:38 who just skipped to here and started danceing like ur danceing to kahoot music
Anti T-Series Clan
Anti T-Series Clan 27 dias atrás
Playmoji anyone?
Sierra Ferguson
Sierra Ferguson 27 dias atrás
I really love childish Gambino..he's clearly a combination of two very good artist ..Bruno Mars and Miguel..and I just think he's on another level of musical genius..he's one of few legendary talents of today
colleennicole32 27 dias atrás
You feel like summertime (oh yes you do) You took this heart of mine (you know you did) You’ll be my Valentine in the summer, in the summmmerr 😍❤️❤️
Africanknight88 27 dias atrás
Team Goggle Pixel - playmoji
Nightmare Blade
Nightmare Blade 27 dias atrás
Never really was interested in childish gambino, but this spng is pretty good though
magcon is boss
magcon is boss 27 dias atrás
I love how that google commercial came on right before this
Evil Prince
Evil Prince 28 dias atrás
9.6K motherfuckers finna have a fucked up summer.
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 28 dias atrás
Google pixel ad anyone
Matt Grutsch
Matt Grutsch 28 dias atrás
Gambino forever
John Quist
John Quist 28 dias atrás
Like to elect the superior Donald
Potency Records
Potency Records 28 dias atrás
Make sure you check out my verse at the end of this song here:
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth 28 dias atrás
Lol I got the pixel add on this video
Verlincia Jones
Verlincia Jones 28 dias atrás
That commercial brought me here...
infinitydrag0n 28 dias atrás
ITS RWAAAMEN 28 dias atrás
*holy shit this is fucking amazing*
Sincere Supreme
Sincere Supreme 28 dias atrás
Rob Ander
Rob Ander 28 dias atrás
I get Bruno Mars Vibes
bobbi lanobi
bobbi lanobi 28 dias atrás
That Google commercial got me here. I searched the lyrics and here I am.
Always watching
Always watching 28 dias atrás
This is weird to listen to after This Is America. Glover made an intensely political subversion of popular music, only to follow it up with what is possibly the most generic summer-fun pop beat to ever top the charts. It feels like a fake song, as if he intends it to be a parody of the genre. Just compare it to this fake-parody song from Regular Show: Lyrically they’re very close, it’s just that Glover’s song doesn’t have an 80’s flare or overtly comedic lines.
Myron L.
Myron L. 28 dias atrás
Goober Taylor
Goober Taylor 28 dias atrás
I did not know this was bino's song.. that dude is so talented
Nintendo Storyteller
Nintendo Storyteller 29 dias atrás
Winter is almost over but I just want it to be summer already.
itz ssg
itz ssg 14 dias atrás
Iveyxo 16 dias atrás
Nintendo Storyteller Me too. I was dreading winter last summer 😂
wayne kristjansson
wayne kristjansson 29 dias atrás
Click with it.
Jay Tunes
Jay Tunes 29 dias atrás
I'm not here cuz of the Google pixel commercial, I'm here cuz I fuck with Donald Glover 💯💪🏾
chris&klovia dreams
chris&klovia dreams 29 dias atrás
I like thus song it is amasing
Red's sinful snek
Red's sinful snek 29 dias atrás
Sounds like someone's farting in different pitches in the background
Constipated Snake
Constipated Snake 29 dias atrás
The Google pixel commercial got me here
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