CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)

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Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie

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18 Abr 2019



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Comentários 80
Nate NA
Nate NA Dia atrás
Pyro_Fuziøn 2 dias atrás
I remember the trailer coming out i was so hyped i remember everyday when school got out i would tell my 1 only loyal friend about it
Ellie 2 dias atrás
this chucky looks gross
MnMS1904 2 dias atrás
Aubrey plaza😍😍😍😍
Larry Fleetwood
Larry Fleetwood 4 dias atrás
What a god awful movie, lame script that borrows situations from other movies, actors phoning it in, Chucky's monotone voice (I know, he's not possessed this time), irritating kids and a terribly intrusive constant music score.
Ashanti Flores
Ashanti Flores 5 dias atrás
Ariel Perez
Ariel Perez 6 dias atrás
I don’t get why it’s so hard to defeat chucky...just kick it and step on it...
-xXAlphaFoxyWolfyCheetahXx υωυ Playez
2017:IT 2018:Chucky 2019:Buddi 2020:CoRoNa ViRus!
R. R
R. R 6 dias atrás
Dani Asia
Dani Asia 6 dias atrás
Chucky was always funny but scary at the same time.
Laura Shilavula
Laura Shilavula 8 dias atrás
Like chucky in child's play freaks me out
Rama Yassine
Rama Yassine 9 dias atrás
I love this film and the trailer is more scary than the film like if u have watched it millions of times and love this movie
Jeshaiah IntroOutroNew
Jeshaiah IntroOutroNew 10 dias atrás
Horror:Yes Thriller:Yes Funny:No
Bucketneck Duker
Bucketneck Duker 10 dias atrás
Wow...when the original is better you know you fucked up
razi ahmad
razi ahmad 10 dias atrás
Daniillee 12 dias atrás
Watching the trailer I felt like they ruined a perfect masterpiece and I judged it at first but Honestly it was a pretty good movie! I mean it does take a different path then what chucky usually is but it can’t be worse than “cult of chucky” this was actually a great movie and was very entertaining 🙂
HurBrowns !
HurBrowns ! 13 dias atrás
This movie was shit
Ronald Rosete
Ronald Rosete 15 dias atrás
I see the sequel similar to IT: Chapter 2 where the kids are grown-ups. It's hard to make horror when children are involved.
Porçay 16 dias atrás
Bitek bu akıllı zaten
Sajeda Sultana
Sajeda Sultana 18 dias atrás
Bad luck and has been a little too
Modicai Doherty
Modicai Doherty 18 dias atrás
1:13 was not in the movie
Ava O'Bryan
Ava O'Bryan 18 dias atrás
It’s a complete reboot. They reinvented the chucky doll from scratch really. And I’m all for it. No one can replace the original voice actor of chucky but mark Hamill could not of been a better choice! I liked it. I think I’d love to see more of the original chucky doll (he never gets old) but really cult of chucky had the ending we all wanted. We all secretly always wanted chucky to get away with everything. It was bad guy wins situation that you want. But know is wrong. And it was a good send off. This is a cool re-imagined version of chucky. Or buddy whatever? I’d watch the sequel.
ACEHAMMERX 19 dias atrás
How tf is that not Mila Kunis starring as the Mom 🧐. Looks just like her!!
ACEHAMMERX 9 dias atrás
@Seek Olivares ooook?
Bucketneck Duker
Bucketneck Duker 10 dias atrás
@Seek Olivares exactly. Couldn't of explained it better
Seek Olivares
Seek Olivares 10 dias atrás
Bucketneck Duker I wondered the same about the original comment tbh. Im great with faces, and I just don’t see similarities besides the hair color, barely. Milas eyes are more stern, she has obvious Russian features. Aubrey has a longer/oval face, larger eyes that sometimes look like ceiling eyes and she often looks like a sarcastic teenage kid, her features are more spread out across her face. Aubrey usually looks like she’s smiling even when she isn’t. While Mila looks very serious even when she is happy.
Bucketneck Duker
Bucketneck Duker 10 dias atrás
Are you blind
Seek Olivares
Seek Olivares 11 dias atrás
They look nothing alike.
Глеб Степичев
OOOOOooo Its Mark Hamill.
Rem Chavez
Rem Chavez 20 dias atrás
#buddi are 2019
CULPAN HD 20 dias atrás
TBH i liked chucky he tried to defend andy
Hebrew Seven
Hebrew Seven 21 dia atrás
People keep saying that not the Chucky I remember. You're right its not because this Buddi!
Ms N
Ms N 21 dia atrás
Cult of chucky is haven't done yet and then they make this one.. i feel uncomfortable
the_elder _chief
the_elder _chief 21 dia atrás
I though this was Shane Blair
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru 22 dias atrás
The voice of Brad Dourif is the only reason I watch the first three finest movies ever made. Should have stopped at 3 - fitting end.
Redderu Glasses
Redderu Glasses 23 dias atrás
1:13 I really hope one day, we’ll have the full version of this scene cause I’m so curious as I didn’t see anything like this in the actual movie
King Mojo
King Mojo 24 dias atrás
As much as I like Aubrey Plaza this movie sucks you can tell this movie was going to be bad from the opening scenes. So you're telling me that all the Calamity that takes place during this film is all because are they crazy Asian Sweatshop worker?
Martin Cowling
Martin Cowling 24 dias atrás
Completely crap compared to the original 1988 version. Nothing can beat any original films by doing a remake as it the same as remaking cartoons today of yesterday's cartoons and films
Shroomstep 24 dias atrás
What a load of SHIT...The original is WAY better.
ToonTheNoot 26 dias atrás
This movie was good, but it didn't feel like a Chucky movie. All the Wi-Fi stuff and the things with Kaslan just made it feel like a completely different movie. If you took away the name of Chucky, the name of the movie, and anything that references Child's Play, you'd have a completely fine movie that didn't make fans of the series angry.
Laceyxkelly 27 dias atrás
I watcht this it was so funny
Karon Coolio
Karon Coolio 27 dias atrás
I feel like if i watch this it will ruin all the other great chucky movies for me ..
Robbie Knight
Robbie Knight 28 dias atrás
These remakes of classics are pure shit !!! they really don't know how to make a decent film anymore!! Chucky in this crap remake looks ridiculous!!! the whole film was awful.
Marko Janković
Marko Janković 28 dias atrás
I hate remakes/reboots. I'm not going to watch this shit, this doesn't have have anything to do with the real Child's play franchise. Dislike!
ELII 29 dias atrás
Descansa en Paz John el muñeco que siempre quise :’(
Michael Myers
Michael Myers 29 dias atrás
From "good guy" from "buddi" lmaoo
Aidan Kendall
Aidan Kendall Mês atrás
Theres only one Chucky and thats brad dourif.
Altaf Rezai
Altaf Rezai Mês atrás
Everyone: WE NEED TO STOP HIM! Me: casually taking out the battery
Angela Plays!
Angela Plays! Mês atrás
I finished watching the movie a few mins ago and it's a good movie, IDK why so many people hate it
i dont like that chucky it looks stupid like if hes gay or somthing
Jose Ronald Boliver
The original chucky is best than buddi lol
Daniela Rivera Alejandra
- D ani.
Daniela Rivera Alejandra
Daniela Rivera Alejandra
| va| e riaa
Music Premium
Music Premium Mês atrás
I was looking through my liked videos. (I have 2350) this was the first video I liked.
suman banik
suman banik Mês atrás
Best reboot ever
Josiah Anunciacion
Josiah Anunciacion Mês atrás
This trailer: AHHHH *cut* AHHHHH *cut* AHHHHH
Rem Chavez
Rem Chavez Mês atrás
Hi I’m #Chucky wanna play? just kidding
Rem Chavez
Rem Chavez Mês atrás
I am not #chucky
Julio Rivera
Julio Rivera Mês atrás
One year ago, and l still want my money back, damn..
עוז מגר
עוז מגר Mês atrás
Rule no 1.....original is always better by all means...
Why do i exist
Why do i exist Mês atrás
Always keep nostalgia goggles on
Daria Nosdrahcir
Daria Nosdrahcir Mês atrás
I just watched it. It's really good (to me).
B K Mês atrás
Best movie of childs play version
Total Drama Object Shows Official
Chucky did do something
VitalityAfrican Mês atrás
I really enjoyed the movie 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
Stackz Mês atrás
Chucky the savage is back
Stackz Mês atrás
D G M M G D Mês atrás
I think it was a pretty good film, compared to most of the others
They should hve kept the old chuky it was better this new one isn't good
Leonard Guzman
Leonard Guzman Mês atrás
I hope there gonna add another one 2021 or 2020
Leonard Guzman
Leonard Guzman Mês atrás
im nine years old im not scared of him im not scared of anything
Leonard Guzman
Leonard Guzman Mês atrás
ok so I dont now why they invented chucky like that his eyes are red he dosent have blood his clothen is red blue and yellow he has like a big knife not that big
England Mês atrás
LOL don’t even have to watch the film after that trailer
Harold Bayotas
Harold Bayotas Mês atrás
Ok so I have the full movie and right now I'm watching it. I just paused it to watch the trailer hahaha
Pennsy District Railfan
I thought Orion pictures was out of buisness
ASCHC Drill Mês atrás
This movie is the aftermath of 5G
The magicbeard
The magicbeard Mês atrás
Watched the movie and is not so bad. I feel like they messed up slightly. They should have had Chucky watch a documentary on Charles Lee and his killings then went out and killed everyone has he thought he was Charles lee. Would have been 100x better
Kartar Bhogal
Kartar Bhogal Mês atrás
When you realise Mark Hamill's Chucky is more Luke Skywalker than Disney's Luke Skywalker. They will both do anything to stop those who will bring harm to their friends
Seymur Alin
Seymur Alin Mês atrás
this movie made me realise that this world is becoming so modern its actually scary
guilherme bannach
guilherme bannach Mês atrás
This Chuck seems made a botox.
Tristan Ndianga
Tristan Ndianga Mês atrás
Is this 2019 movie?
Jess Lana
Jess Lana Mês atrás
Seen one, seen them all
Power pink
Power pink Mês atrás
Nah sorry was crap , no way in anyway lived up to the 1988 one
BiteMe19781 Mês atrás
pales in comparison to the original
ella Mês atrás
this was the worst film i’ve ever seen what are y’all talking about lmao
ici Mês atrás
ikr the acting was so poor
Jin Mês atrás
It's really good.
Kimora Lawrence
Kimora Lawrence Mês atrás
I watched it and it was a great movie. l Love it.
sara skye
sara skye Mês atrás
This was the absolute worse remake ever!!!!! The original chucky was scary this one looks soo stupid with its plastic face.. I would have thought a re boot of the original years later would make this movie well worth watching.. But it was one of the most worse movies I've ever seen. You can not beat the original chucky, please don't waste your time on this.... But if you want to kno how really crap it is then go ahead and waste your time.
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