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Chiefs vs. Rams Week 11 Highlights | NFL 2018

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BornToBeFamed Hora atrás
Closes thing we will get to a superbowl. Because the last 3 have been rigged .
GeniusImmortal Hora atrás
The beast
The beast Hora atrás
Oh mommy
abecker7231 Hora atrás
76 on the geoff td run was moving a good half second before the snap, but ok lol
John Stewart
John Stewart Hora atrás
Deadman 25
Deadman 25 Hora atrás
This game describes playing for the game and not just the money
7ENDRIX Hora atrás
felt like a game of madden lol
VINNY V 1388
VINNY V 1388 Hora atrás
Project Zorgo is watching...
Jimi-J Malfamé
Jimi-J Malfamé Hora atrás
Man.. this score is a french basketball match
Pedromedy Haha
Pedromedy Haha Hora atrás
4:10 Mahomes slides... Learning from Wentz's mistakes I guess... What a game! This could be, if not this season, sooner or later, a SuperBowl matchup Eagles fan who enjoys watching quality football from nearly any team hehe
Gannon TAE
Gannon TAE Hora atrás
This would be the best game I’ve ever seen if the chiefs won
Porsche Hill
Porsche Hill Hora atrás
Game of the year🔥💥🏈🏈
Dark the Goat
Dark the Goat Hora atrás
Even though one team won,I like how everyone is chill and can be adult about the outcome of the game
Franklin Barnes
Franklin Barnes Hora atrás
he said "John Franklin myers Aaron Donald" like it's one long name Wtf lol
ChristSalvation Hora atrás
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B J Hora atrás
Epic game for the football ages
Ancient Wisdom
Ancient Wisdom Hora atrás
Can't wait for the Bears to play the Rams.
Talos 620
Talos 620 Hora atrás
Has a team ever lost that scored 51 points?
Robert May
Robert May Hora atrás
Best offense game of all time no doubt💯
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hora atrás
The chiefs could’ve won if mahomes didn’t make those two bad interceptions at the end those throws were totally unnecessary
Ricardo Pacheco
Ricardo Pacheco Hora atrás
Wow , what a game.... They play with heart....
Brayan Coronado
Brayan Coronado Hora atrás
Chiefs needed an ass whippen
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson Hora atrás
I hate I missed this game.
YG SK JR Hora atrás
If the Superbowl sucks this year I'm going to rewatch this game 💯💯💯
Ramos Chisha
Ramos Chisha Hora atrás
I’ve never witnessed anything like this before American football is 🔥. They should one day schedule some games in Africa.
Greatly G
Greatly G Hora atrás
Well the defenses really suck. That's #1. Chiefs had how many turnovers...5? And they lost by 3. So we'll see. Super entertaining game.
dispute show
dispute show Hora atrás
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Dante Ventura
Dante Ventura Hora atrás
That one guy at 8:34 in a browns jersey i guess he just wanted to see a good game for once! 😂😂😂
Anita Dr•zd
Anita Dr•zd Hora atrás
X3CaseyXCalico Hora atrás
Rams+Zebras vs. Chiefs
francisco darko
francisco darko Hora atrás
WHAT A GAME!!! these 2qbs !! Wow
DOB_Bloody - Fortnite
Rams are officially going to the superbowl
Hunter McIntosh
Hunter McIntosh Hora atrás
Brady’s reign is OVER!!!
GoHard4Home Hora atrás
Goff and Mahomes.....did they blackout or what? Nothing but total instinct and adrenaline, testimonial highlights
Edward Escobar
Edward Escobar Hora atrás
I don’t know who to root for Todd Hurley went to ga and tyreek hill went to my high school
two key
two key Hora atrás
Super bowl game possibly ? In the future
Franklin Barnes
Franklin Barnes Hora atrás
Crowd sounds like a straight up soccer match!
ylan dlam
ylan dlam Hora atrás
This is it chief.
Tavares160 Hora atrás
*Esse em alta do Brasil tá errado só pode Só vídeo em Inglês que eu saiba o Brasil não e um País totalmente Bilíngue 🤔*
Tavares160 Hora atrás
Serge36TS Hora atrás
False start @8:19
Gemeria Collins
Gemeria Collins Hora atrás
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Shaurya Kadiyala
Shaurya Kadiyala Hora atrás
Who needs the Suoer Bowl When you have this?!?
christopher unfus
christopher unfus Hora atrás
This game was awesome!
skibummer100 Hora atrás
That was one hell of a game. Great job by both teams!
Keith Lewis
Keith Lewis Hora atrás
The best ever Monday night football that game was good as hell
Zezoo 210
Zezoo 210 Hora atrás
Best game of football ever played
Gerret Outdoors
Gerret Outdoors Hora atrás
Next year, these two teams should play each other 17 times with the series winner declared the world champ
A thru Z
A thru Z Hora atrás
One for the ages
ktlewis02 Hora atrás
ESPN commentary is trash
Chris Ovi
Chris Ovi Hora atrás
el mejor partido de la temporada!!
Ernesto Martinez
Ernesto Martinez Hora atrás
I've never regretted going to sleep early this much.
jax ball
jax ball Hora atrás
look at number 43 at 1:50 tell me if it seems weird
Robert M
Robert M Hora atrás
My L.A Rams kiddos! Been a FAN since 81", not a BAND WAGON fan all of a sudden like so many other people I'm noticing. Go L.A Rams & L.A Dodgers kiddos!
Steve Hawtzy
Steve Hawtzy Hora atrás
S/o that one guy at 8:34 in the browns jersey
Russell Robertson
Russell Robertson Hora atrás
The defense is abismal
real deal
real deal Hora atrás
Game of the year last 5 years no doubt :P
Connor Harber
Connor Harber Hora atrás
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Alex Dexter
Alex Dexter Hora atrás
Dats major
Sword Arm
Sword Arm Hora atrás
Turbo set hut
XxbomerboyxX Hora atrás
i need subcribers
Wat er
Wat er Hora atrás
Game of the year
Nick Brink
Nick Brink Hora atrás
They put up 100+ pts collectively
Kyle Crossley
Kyle Crossley Hora atrás
The REFS had a bet on the RAMS what a joke KC got screwed..
castleburry Hora atrás
Garbage defenses are garbage.
João Vitor
João Vitor Hora atrás
Que jogo! Inesquecível
Chaney Hora atrás
Man I wish Parker woulda intercepted that ball there at the end
Erick Sancho
Erick Sancho Hora atrás
some rookie mistakes from Mahones, great game overall!!
Osiris Hora atrás
Rams have the best offense in the NFL. No argument needed.
Kinq Ayala
Kinq Ayala Hora atrás
Take a shot every time they complete a pass to an open receiver. Difficulty, DEATH.
Terrell Miller
Terrell Miller Hora atrás
Only the Saints could have beat either them 🤔 no team in history would have beaten the Rams that night other than the Saints with a 40 percent chance
Jay Boi
Jay Boi Hora atrás
The Best Game This Season But Saints All Day!!!
Czarcasm Hora atrás
This ain’t it chiefs
GOAT Allen
GOAT Allen Hora atrás
Browns making the Super Bowl calling it
Samy Roman
Samy Roman Hora atrás
closest or what
Reignstorm -!
Reignstorm -! Hora atrás
Now that was a Nail biter lol
GOAT Allen
GOAT Allen Hora atrás
I’m a Steelers fan but I still believe in the chiefs
elicar Hora atrás
You know who is the most beautiful person in the world Read the first word! Have a nice day :)
Chronic Warfare
Chronic Warfare Hora atrás
#2 on trending
Ashley Ridley
Ashley Ridley Hora atrás
Technically this is Mahomes first season so he still has a lot to learn this game is preparing them for the playoffs it was a good game I’ll admit the Chiefs were a little rusty but that’s ok congrats rams
joshua phoenix08
joshua phoenix08 Hora atrás
Colin Kaepernick not being signed = NFL supports racism.
Slitherio23e Hora atrás
Why chiefs why you lose
Jonny Leach
Jonny Leach Hora atrás
Can I please ditch my Lions and become a Chiefs ... wait Rams... No Chiefs.... No Rams fan? Man what a game!!
Matt Troll
Matt Troll Hora atrás
You know this game was bonkers when you see that just its highlights can almost fill a 21 minute network slot!!!
Juzzo Onzo
Juzzo Onzo Hora atrás
I bet u these teams will face again in the SB
Liliana Yanez
Liliana Yanez Hora atrás
#2 on trending what!?
Dexter Morgen
Dexter Morgen Hora atrás
Aaron Donald man not human
Ahmed Saad
Ahmed Saad Hora atrás
Football as it should be
Terry Wds
Terry Wds Hora atrás
Yaaaa Rams
Kevin Merriwether
Kevin Merriwether Hora atrás
Even the commentators were into the game.
Meek Zilla
Meek Zilla Hora atrás
Truly one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen. Two future greats going head to head and they did not disappoint. The defense stepped up big as well. 105 total points. Just Incredible. Welcome to the 💯 + Club boys!
Miggie Mike
Miggie Mike Hora atrás
Now that was a "GAME"!!
Zoey Russell
Zoey Russell Hora atrás
pat mahomes threw 3 pics and gets no hate but Big Ben does and it’s a crime
The Executor
The Executor Hora atrás
Can’t wait to play the rams in the super bowl. Go Chiefs
Mac Anthony
Mac Anthony Hora atrás
I guess total defense was optional in this game... lol
Twine Kinks
Twine Kinks Hora atrás
I can’t wait to see saints play the rams
RDA FC Hora atrás
That was freaking amazing!!!!
Joseph Petro
Joseph Petro Hora atrás
We (Patriots) better not go to the Super Bowl, might be embarrassing playing the Rams...they are too good.
mikeandmars2345 Hora atrás
Renato Cvikic
Renato Cvikic Hora atrás
hugh jorgan
hugh jorgan Hora atrás
Gambler's remorse is not betting enough on this game. And reading stories of guys who bet 6 figures on the over. Or bet 5 figures on Mahomes and Goff each surpassing 350 yards passing. In hindsight, these were locks.
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