Chicago residents attempt to block migrants from moving into former school

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One-hundred migrants moved into the former Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn on Thursday. This comes after neighborhood residents voiced opposition.

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1 Fev 2023



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Comentários 9 480
Karen Jordan
Karen Jordan Mês atrás
They won’t even house our homeless vets. Are you kidding me. This is insane!!
@Tats McGee Perhaps. But there are always consequences.
allen Gina
allen Gina Mês atrás
This is crazy!
Blade GTR
Blade GTR Mês atrás
As a Texan, let me say the phrase I have been hearing for years. "How dare they act so cold to people in need! They should show compassion and help those poor people just looking for a better life." Everyone tries to act all high and mighty, until they come to your local area and start straining your resources.
Antifa hunter
Antifa hunter 27 dias atrás
@Suzie Paris you got that right!
Michael Powell
Michael Powell 29 dias atrás
@Suzie Paris Blatts, migrants or both?
Yisroel Katz
Yisroel Katz Mês atrás
Most evil politicians are so proud of all the pain and suffering they have caused to the people!
maximus1832 Mês atrás
They shouldn't have ever come here illegally then.. there are 4.5 million illegal immigrants that just crossed the border 2million never showed to court they all need to be round up and sent home
Robert English
Robert English Mês atrás
yea this is a little too bizarre Kris is tan because she is from Mexico
mina Mês atrás
@TJ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ann Cervi
Ann Cervi Mês atrás
You get what you vote for. So enjoy!!!
Bill C
Bill C Mês atrás
This is what you get when you don't close the borders
lisa ruffner
lisa ruffner 18 dias atrás
​@Brown 25 carrying their bikes? True asylum seekers normally flea with the clothes on their back as they are that desperate to leave. Plus, they respect the country they are entering, and go to ports of entry!
Brown 25
Brown 25 Mês atrás
Besides the fact these are asylum seekers
Kevin Cuellar
Kevin Cuellar Mês atrás
You can close borders all you want, but they will find ways to climb or build tunnels on the wall, and not enough guards to guard the whole border
DKNHND Mês atrás
Absolutely crazy. No country should be offering anybody from outside free accommodation and meals whilst the locals are suffering, this is pure evil.
Cheryl Parker
Cheryl Parker 22 dias atrás
​@Oscar Gonzalez everyday all day
Lonnie Beal
Lonnie Beal Mês atrás
@Luke York Yet the USA is a Constitutional Republic, with only a light touch of democracy.
My Name
My Name Mês atrás
@Janette B not at all, I just it is so much easier to hate than love and I believe people that wish to make a better life for themselves should get an opportunity to do so. We are all in this together
Patricia Watkins
Patricia Watkins Mês atrás
As a mexican who came to this country legally I really resent this. My dad had to have a sponsor, proof of employment, housing and a bank account before we were given residency. No free ride for us.
meat ball
meat ball Mês atrás
Dont be bitter
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Mês atrás
you voted Democratic
Janice Victor
Janice Victor Mês atrás
What did they think "Sanctuary City" means?? You get what you vote for!
Tom Windom
Tom Windom Mês atrás
The the only way that you going to beat these people you have to take them to court let the judge make the decision y'all tried everything y'all can't. It went to the Senate y'all to try to pass bills y'all to get everything so now you have the right to take it to court and get it set up I was always talk and you do law that you always have to go through the steps y'all have did that now take them to court and let the court make the casinos the only way that you can stop the Democrats
Turnscrew Mês atrás
Legalized pot and fentanyl pays good money for your city
OGShoePlug OGShoePlug
I love how migrants get to live in hotels and in other places like this. Not to mention the free food, that they waste. But here in America our homeless people sleep on the streets. What is wrong with this world today. This is disgusting.
Perry Rice
Perry Rice Mês atrás
@Lauri Jo Emerick I know I really have a girl name and my name is Sherry. My son's girlfriend set this up for me. I said some things that BRvid did not like. So now I guess I'm a dude on here anyway but I'm a real live woman. 🤣🤣 But thank you for agreeing with me. I'm just afraid America's not going to be America.. but I feel like we're not saying like they should get whatever. I'm quite sure they're calling back home. saying come hurry up they're giving away everything. And it's the truth. I'm just afraid nothing's going to be last for my grandchildren.
Lauri Jo Emerick
Lauri Jo Emerick Mês atrás
@Perry Rice oh um sorry I thought your name was male my apologies and yes I agree with you totally we here in America are losing hope under this administration 😟
Jayne Mês atrás
It's incredible that working people's taxes are being held HOSTAGE TO PAY FOR THIS!!!
Rich Mês atrás
@Sheeem T you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Please explain the taxes poor people pay when we have Earned Income Tax Credit 🤣🤣 You talking about sales tax?
Jayne Mês atrás
@Tia S. hey I'm right here!! I never went anywhere and I don't know which comment you are talking about.. I stand behind all of my comments!!
MrRheo29 Mês atrás
@Jayne From earth 🌍 I think🤷
Chris Kerr
Chris Kerr Mês atrás
x420-Blue Dream
x420-Blue Dream Mês atrás
Just typing your opinions on BRvid like it’s gonna change anything 😂😂😂😂
locoprospector357 Mês atrás
@try me play stupid games win stupid prizes. bet you'll win big sooner or later lol
SuperRad Mês atrás
It's hilarious how all the Blue states and northern states don't see any issue w/ illegal immigrants crossing into AZ, TX, NM... ...UNTIL it's happening in THEIR towns/cities. You know how the flight attendants say "MAKE SURE you put on your OWN mask before trying to assist another passenger..."
SuperRad Mês atrás
@RICKS WORLD dereaux Quit signaling. If you actually read the whole thread you'd have read that I ABSOLUTELY, 100% support and encourage immigration for/by anyone who wishes to become a LEGAL citizen of this Country. There is a process, and yes that process needs to be cleaned up, but a process nonetheless. You cant steal a car from a dealership because applying for a loan was too difficult or expensive... you cant jump a border and skirt the immigration process because its too difficult for you, or too expensive. its easy to say "just let everyone come over" until a group of +30k show up over night in a town that only supports say a population of 6k ppl...If you know anything about economics then you know what that ends up doing to a local economy. No disrespect but theres a lot that plays into this topic that im not sure you understand/have considered. Have a nice day.
Michael Powell
Michael Powell Mês atrás
Nothing in NM yet.
Jason Cody
Jason Cody Mês atrás
Chicago needs a new mayor ASAP
Jasperella Wolfsbane 🧹🌜
Yes they will
The Supervisor
The Supervisor Mês atrás
They won’t be bringing her back. Believe me
David Rosenbaum
David Rosenbaum Mês atrás
So tired of this government treating these trespassers like guests, deport them all.
James Monreo
James Monreo Mês atrás
I guess you feel just like the people that hated Anne Frank
Abundant Harmony
Abundant Harmony Mês atrás
@Tina Poverty does NOT equal crime. Being poor doesn't mean you have to rob and steal. That's just an excuse nobody's buying. There are millions of impoverished people who are not criminals. YOU have a criminal mindset. Criminals selfishly justify their evil actions. Poor people with integrity are not criminals. Ask me how I know.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson Mês atrás
I agree. They broke the law coming here illegally. Deport and ban.
Aech Dot
Aech Dot Mês atrás
We have thousands of homeless families and over crowded homeless shelters. It's crazy how our people always get the short straw. Not to say those immigrants don't deserve help but dammit keep that same energy for us as well. We need help and have needed help for YEARS!
Vegito Black
Vegito Black Mês atrás
America should help Americans first, THEN others
John Dillon
John Dillon Mês atrás
"you would have to 'axe' the mayor". Literally true.
S Days
S Days Mês atrás
You know what she means. And are is the British dialect better than yours?
Steven Winterhill
Steven Winterhill Mês atrás
SMH pathetic
Janet J
Janet J Mês atrás
You mean the black Diblosio
Vairion suralious
Vairion suralious Mês atrás
After all the corruption I hope this is what finally gets Chicago's people to rise up
Charles Quinn
Charles Quinn Mês atrás
They average the highest number of homicides in this country I don’t think this is what pushes them over the edge
Yisroel Katz
Yisroel Katz Mês atrás
I am tired of politicians becoming rich from their crimes, while the people suffer from these politician's corrupt leadership!
Abundant Harmony
Abundant Harmony Mês atrás
It's Hegelian dialectics. Look that up.
Adam Lenaro
Adam Lenaro Mês atrás
They know you won't do anything about it. So they will continue to keep doing it.
Daquan the Don
Daquan the Don Mês atrás
remember your corporate jobs are pushing this.
Lumpia in Texas
Lumpia in Texas Mês atrás
Lol democrats
Josue Martinez
Josue Martinez Mês atrás
I'm in Joliet, and they move thousands of people from Venezuela here months ago. Has anyone else notice that they are young military aged men.... this is an Invasion, not migration. If you really want to freak out, look at the political asperation of that country an how it correlates with what is happening now. Bless america
James Monreo
James Monreo Mês atrás
So what was the political aspirations in Cuba!!! I would like to know how does that correlates with the Cubans that’s living in America now
James Swaney
James Swaney Mês atrás
You know it's bad when Chicago residents are trying to stop it
JD Sheleg
JD Sheleg Mês atrás
A meaningless statement, put some context into it.
Brown 25
Brown 25 Mês atrás
Those migrants are likely much more law abiding than the locals.
Jose glenn
Jose glenn Mês atrás
@LunaLogicRadio Yep it'sgoing to be a Dumpster fire.
ChrisH4 Mês atrás
There are so many LEGAL homeless people in Chicago already! Of course people are angry! Why didn't the mayor do something like this for her legal residents? Oh, wait, she wouldn't have gotten all the bad.
Sharky McStevenson
Sharky McStevenson Mês atrás
I bet those native Americans said the exact same thing about Europeans in the 1800,s.
Desra Adams
Desra Adams Mês atrás
Or the money from Congress
lar Mês atrás
@Crazy J 🤣🤣🤣
Palace Of Wisdom
Palace Of Wisdom Mês atrás
Don't worry, in a few weeks I'm sure they will be bused to a polling place and reminded who's providing them lodging with our tax dollars.
Jasperella Wolfsbane 🧹🌜
@Lani McCarthyno ID so yes they can vote and they do.
Christopher Hazell
Christopher Hazell Mês atrás
@Lani McCarthy by law, yes however does not mean they have not before & those votes counted 👍
Lani McCarthy
Lani McCarthy Mês atrás
No non citizen can vote.knock it off.
Christopher Hazell
Christopher Hazell Mês atrás
Yes, you are correct! Shhhhh, dont tell the b l a c k community, let them think wy te supremacy is their problem.
Sammie Missy
Sammie Missy Mês atrás
Deport them ALL & prohibit their return upon penalty of immediate death
LittleOnion Mês atrás
Finally, other states are starting to feel what Arizona has felt for decades. Americans have become second-class citizens in their own homes.
LittleOnion Mês atrás
@jesse guzman 😘😘😘
Clark  Kent
Clark Kent Mês atrás
This is intelligent and Kind God bless America.🇺🇸
Russian Old Spice
Russian Old Spice Mês atrás
Can’t house your homeless but you can find room for these people
Andrea Hernandez
Andrea Hernandez Mês atrás
Robert English
Robert English Mês atrás
someone help solve this crises the politicians and religious organizations have to do a lot right now Kris is tan because she is from Nicuruagua
Stephen Thpmas
Stephen Thpmas Mês atrás
Jose glenn
Jose glenn Mês atrás
Damm Right
Cwtrucker49 Mês atrás
I agree stop voting democrat
James Monreo
James Monreo Mês atrás
Florida votes Republican all the time and we have migrants everywhere! Georgia also votes Republican and there’s immigrants all over the State. Matter of fact Texas is half Latino! So can you please help me understand the point you were trying to make!
Charmingpreppylife Mês atrás
This is what y’all voted for. It’s all fun and games when it’s not on your doorstep. Welcome to your world forever changed.
Chess1458 Mês atrás
@Anthony Willis democrats
Molasor Rosalom
Molasor Rosalom Mês atrás
Good. Maybe people will finally take notice when it starts affecting them personally
Donte Hill
Donte Hill Mês atrás
1230sandrag Mês atrás
“Blindsided by the mayors office…” 😂 YOU VOTED FOR THIS!!
Pesky Logic Chillinsky
@Misanthropic Servitor of Mars yep
Misanthropic Servitor of Mars
@Pesky Logic Chillinsky”if voting mattered we wouldn’t be allowed to do it”
CopperManArrowz Mês atrás
Voted hell lol
Helen Valdez
Helen Valdez Mês atrás
Good residents need to stick together
Ciera Cooper
Ciera Cooper Mês atrás
So funny they can open old schools for them… but couldn’t do it for our homeless people that was outside in the freezing cold
Strongheartwoman Mês atrás
@Chris Other countries would not let illegal immigrants in. Their laws are actually enforced.
MrSophire Mês atrás
@Wolveslair the city keeps voting for people who will not remove this ruling.
Tobreezzy Productions
@Krusty Madridthey speak nothing but facts
David Dillard Johnson
They don’t have homeless shelter?
usalltheway Mês atrás
Blame your mayor and Brandon..Glad to see the people making a move
Lonnie Beal
Lonnie Beal Mês atrás
@Tina Liar.
usalltheway Mês atrás
@Tina Get real. Facts are facts.
Diamura Mês atrás
@Tinabro makes no sense
Eli Mês atrás
@Tina they’re not vulnerable… 😂😂
Tina Mês atrás
Stop blaming vulnerable populations for all of your issues and start questioning your employer at why they exploit you and fight for more workers rights. Poverty = crime and immigrants are not the ones causing the poverty. Read between the lines. Are you not aware of all of the unrest the US has caused in South America that probably put a lot of these people where they are today?
dyerseve07 Mês atrás
There's a thin line between helping and enabling.
LooterCris Mês atrás
Chicagoans are like: "Hey we don't need you ruining our city, we already got that under control." 😆
Lambda Lambda Lambda
It's ridiculous how much this migrant issue has really become a problem since Biden took over. Smh.
@erwinsm10 Vote for Trump then. He's been screaming Americans first since the 80s & 90s. Literally. On videos doing it.
And y'all STILL gonna vote for Larry Lightfoot and Blow Biden.
Truth Is Out There
Truth Is Out There Mês atrás
Nate Rodgers always has the best clothes. I don’t think I have ever seen him wear the same outfit twice. It’s amazing.
Christy Hamm
Christy Hamm Mês atrás
This is so messed up won't use the building to house the homeless but will house others
Michael Vazquez
Michael Vazquez Mês atrás
the homeless don’t want to be helped
David Dillard Johnson
It’s hard to believe that Chicago doesn’t have homeless shelters yet so many people claim this
Olivia's daily life.
@Pot Black I’ve been all over the world. The USA is a 100x better. My complaint is people who complain haven’t lived in other countries
Pot Black
Pot Black Mês atrás
@Olivia's daily life. Simple answer. The US is still better than their origin nation. I'm annoyed with people who boast on how good life is here, then not understand how that makes us desirable for immigrants. Take it as a compliment! I do.
james knotts
james knotts Mês atrás
Thank God for those true Americans actually fighting to stop this hell that this country's in.
Gina Just-me
Gina Just-me Mês atrás
@Mr. Stark God is not partial Acts 10:34. Then it's time to take away your statue of liberty.. Might wanna look up what that statue symbolize.
Mr. Stark
Mr. Stark Mês atrás
@Gina Just-me he’s saying this thanks to God for making these true Americans
Gina Just-me
Gina Just-me Mês atrás
God has nothing to do with your statement...
Renea Koons
Renea Koons Mês atrás
This super sad,but we shouldn’t take on other countries problems when we have our own!Chicago needs help in many ways! Who is paying for this to happen is so wrong,it is an overload to the system.
Rachel F
Rachel F Mês atrás
Who is paying for this? It's us. The law abiding working class, that's who.
BellicV Mês atrás
You voted for this
Holly Moore
Holly Moore Mês atrás
YOU are paying for this. They aren't. Wait til you see they all have CELL phones. Poor huh? How poor is a person that has a CELL PHONE? I hope y'all know MEXICAN...because a lot of them do not speak ENGLISH...ask me how I know?
Daquan the Don
Daquan the Don Mês atrás
remember your corporate jobs are pushing this.
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug Mês atrás
It’s easy to be a “sanctuary city” until you have to actually provide sanctuary.
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Mês atrás
In the off season, Martha’s Vineyard, with all their b&b’s and motels, has an incredible amount of vacancies
Patrick Gragg
Patrick Gragg Mês atrás
Eye Capitan, thats a suptle hint if'n Ah eber did hear one
David Baptiste
David Baptiste Mês atrás
They voted for this and I’m supposed to feel sorry 😂😂😂
Dilithium crystals
Dilithium crystals Mês atrás
This country is unbelievable. Taking care of these illegal immigrants but we can't even take care of our own soldiers. What a goddamn shame.
try me
try me Mês atrás
@Dilithium crystals I know but complaining is. That's the word I was typing but I rushed it throughout what I wrote. You are not as bright as you thought you were 2 hours ago. lmfao
Dilithium crystals
Dilithium crystals Mês atrás
@try me arecating is not a word. lol
Al M
Al M Mês atrás
This is happening in the UK too. Economic migrants are being housed at tax payers expense in impoverished areas of the country, away from the affluent areas, where there is already underfunding for local people. The government keep allowing more and more invaders to come expecting working people to foot the bill for accommodating these freeloaders.
Al M
Al M Mês atrás
@Smacks How so?
Stan Hunt
Stan Hunt Mês atrás
Israel thanks you for your participation
Smacks Mês atrás
It’s called karma
Mark Temsic
Mark Temsic Mês atrás
didn’t realize that.. so sorry.☹️
Mattyo Mês atrás
About time people start standing up!!
Jo Mês atrás
Unfortunately, this will be short live( Beetlejuice will see to it). CRIMINALS has more RIGHTS that the regular law biding citizens here in Chicago
48BC Mês atrás
@Uptowndunker Voting doesn't work regardless. Get a grip on reality
J E Mês atrás
Yeah all ten of them
meana alday
meana alday Mês atrás
Frank Ernest
Frank Ernest Mês atrás
Everyone wants to be a sanctuary until it is time to be a sanctuary
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Mês atrás
Good for you Chicago residents!
Chas Burns
Chas Burns Mês atrás
@De kin They did. That is why the entire state now lives under these wierdos rule.
De kin
De kin Mês atrás
I wish they would have work that hard when it came up to elections
Below Me
Below Me Mês atrás
Action and effort. Need more
Frank Natty
Frank Natty Mês atrás
So they could've been using this building the whole time for their own homeless people?
Clark  Kent
Clark Kent Mês atrás
Not lazy, Dirty and thirsty/hungry and alot of them are addicted to drugs.
Ty'Eisha Mês atrás
@Eliseo Garcia lol oh ok.
Eliseo Garcia
Eliseo Garcia Mês atrás
@GABBY CARTER you help them
Eliseo Garcia
Eliseo Garcia Mês atrás
You mean your brother and sisters
Georg Koenig
Georg Koenig Mês atrás
As a Texan I have run out of I care for these criminals. Charity begins at home, to our own. They trashed out the streets of one of the border towns while they refused to go back. Where the hell is Mexico stopping what must be illegal immigrants crossing through?
Georg Koenig
Georg Koenig Mês atrás
@Sharky McStevenson I feel the same. You aren't wanted.
Georg Koenig
Georg Koenig Mês atrás
@S. Smith Very well could be. I won't watch anything democrat or biden related.
Ryan Brue
Ryan Brue Mês atrás
Every business within a walking distance should arm themselves. Protect your children.
Mac M
Mac M Mês atrás
@Antoine Nichols Venezuelan cartels? There's lots of vsuela folks around here and they just say they moved because the economy was horrible, crime was gnarly, and even if you had money there was hardly anything you could buy, legally. If youre gonna white knight random Latinos please attempt to understand the individual situations of the peoples. They are all different countries and ethnic groups, not a monolith.
D Mês atrás
@Tara King ehhh don’t know about that one it’s more than one race getting active I don’t think they scared 😭🤣
Tara King
Tara King Mês atrás
You don't have to worry they are in the CHI! I think they should be worried being dropped off there.🤣😅
R B Mês atrás
Fika with Friends
Fika with Friends Mês atrás
It would be unnerving if a whole bunch of people just moved into your neighborhood without resources all at once!
lilyred Mês atrás
@Derick Smith Yes, why do you think city planners want to run public transportation into the suburbs? Makes it easier for criminals to get around and escape back to the city.
DejuhVu Mês atrás
Not to mention not knowing ANYTHING about them. Could be moving in a group of sex offenders right next door & the community has no idea
Anna Mês atrás
Say "NO MORE" time to Rise!
Simple girl
Simple girl Mês atrás
Dude as a hispanic American I was so pissed knowing immigrant mother were given formulas and there was a shortage on formulas for residents here smh! America need to fix itself rather than helping others.
doninmichigan Mês atrás
@Saiyan Osval, I'll be happy when she steals from your house, homie.
Saiyan Osval,
Saiyan Osval, Mês atrás
@ShaolinDave McAlias i seen a mother stealing that at Safeway aye I was happy for her that’s expensive
John ETA
John ETA Mês atrás
If you care start by going back to wherever your people fled from.
Arguitnick Mês atrás
The placing of enemy combatants throughout the country is strategically important. Thank you for understanding.
kevin dunn
kevin dunn Mês atrás
"Wait a minute. When we said we accept all people with open arms we were just doing that to virtue signal. You didn't actually think we were serious?"
PBW Mês atrás
Keeping America W
You Remind Me of the Babe
@Johnny Bandit He's mocking the politicians; he's being sarcastic.
kevin dunn
kevin dunn Mês atrás
@Johnny Bandit I'm not the hypocrite that said my house was open to anyone who wanted to come.
Johnny Bandit
Johnny Bandit Mês atrás
Invite them to your house
MelanatedRN #reparationsnow
Kudos to them 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
GenocideVirus Mês atrás
You know how much trouble was likely brought upon the local residents due to this school being shut down? I don’t blame them for reacting this way.
Hannah Welsh
Hannah Welsh Mês atrás
Good for them!!! Maybe that is what we need to start doing all over this country. We just have way to many now!!!
Mute Mês atrás
Imagine the states that border Mexico that delt with this for decades
Tyler baxter
Tyler baxter Mês atrás
@Swerve o I love this. As you type to me in English.
Swerve o
Swerve o Mês atrás
@Tyler baxterlol cmon bud the US doesn’t have an official language 😂 I guess you forget the country was built on the principle of immigrants coming here and building themselves, and consequently, building up the nation. Lol white Americans when they find out the US wasn’t created just to cater to them😂
Flame-Sky Mês atrás
Imagine if they just had built a border wall, but they were too lazy to build it. They love cheap labor.
TWEAKLET Mês atrás
@My Name a large portion of the people coming through mexico into the US are not mexican
Picasso Mês atrás
"Venezuela is at level four. That means nobody should travel there. Do not travel to Venezuela because of its crime, civil unrest, kidnapping, arbitrary laws enforced. Reconsider travel due to unlawful detentions, terrorism, and a poor health infrastructure." Just what America needs.
Picasso Mês atrás
@Tina that is irrelevant to this conversation. Try not to make it about you, it's what is going on at the border. We have no idea who is coming into the country. I don't care about your tangent.
Tina Mês atrás
Stop blaming vulnerable populations for all of your issues and start questioning your employer at why they exploit you and fight for more workers rights. Poverty = crime and immigrants are not the ones causing the poverty. Read between the lines. Are you not aware of all of the unrest the US has caused in South America that probably put a lot of these people where they are today?
TomaytoTamaato Mês atrás
Reporter: "And one last question if I may? Will you still be voting democrat at the next election?" Resident: "Hell yeah, bicches"
Earl Jackson
Earl Jackson Mês atrás
Crook county
Wolveslair Mês atrás
Your "votes" don't count in Cook County 😂 Never have 😅 People are selected and put in It's Chicago's way
StoneColdGem Mês atrás
It's the crooked politicians of all tea party
toomanybears Mês atrás
Apparently its a lot easier to say you're a sanctuary city than to actually be one.
Wayne Adams
Wayne Adams Mês atrás
Keep the buses coming. I love it
Margaret dundas
Margaret dundas 12 dias atrás
The same problem in the UK 😢
WmTRiker Mês atrás
If I were an _American_ homeless person, I'd show up there trying to get a space just to see how _I_ got treated (guarantee they'd most likely _arrest_ me).
Nixon's Head
Nixon's Head Mês atrás
Just put on a fake slavic accent and claim you are a Ukrainian refugee.
De kin
De kin Mês atrás
@bob shagit they really shouldn't use our hotels as treatment centers?? No American Dream😥
tom mas
tom mas Mês atrás
that would be Very dangerous for any American to go there unless it's to give MORE FREEBIES.
Lolo Rosa
Lolo Rosa Mês atrás
I remember the man that bought a bunch of tents and set them up for the homeless only to be told to remove them, and meanwhile there was a school they could have been housed in. Lightfoot needs to go.
Truth Teller
Truth Teller Mês atrás
Larry Lightmuncher creating new Republican voters everyday. I love it. Don't say we didn't try to warn you, but we were called "rAciSt" for simply wanting people to do things the legal way.
Donnell Okafor
Donnell Okafor Mês atrás
Under God
Under God Mês atrás
Ridiculous hold their government accountable sad
Mpaulsive333 Mês atrás
Go Chicago!!!! We support you here in Philadelphia! Kick out those dirty, ungrateful freeloaders NOW! A dem my whole like til last year, never thought I’d say this but I miss trump and regret making fun of his wall & not voting for him
Donnell Okafor
Donnell Okafor Mês atrás
You voted for Biden this is you fault
John ETA
John ETA Mês atrás
I’m in Philly as well. What’s up with the African immigrants in southwest and Darby? Not feeling it at all.
Philip Otero
Philip Otero Mês atrás
good for them. chicago just became more patriotic than most the country, thats crazy
Ladyred32 Mês atrás
They can find shelter for them but there are people who are homeless who still needs home this is crazy
Ladyred32 Mês atrás
@Clark Kent mines and your as well are from Africa. But I’m born and raised in America well below the poverty and I see decent people trying struggle to stay afloat one paycheck from being homeless and the government doesn’t give 2 shits I said what I said
Ladyred32 Mês atrás
@spank buda not all of us are born with a silver or bronze spoon in our mouths, not every body has families or good friends to lean in our time if need and the costs of living is too much for most Americans, some homeless people had homes but had to leave everything and it’s really hard starting from 0 and constantly trying to pull themselves up but is having a hard time and they just checked out. Not all homeless people are on drugs,
Ladyred32 Mês atrás
@spank buda not all of us are born with a silver or bronze spoon in our mouths, not every body has families or good friends to lean in our time if need and the costs of living is too much for most Americans, some homeless people had homes but had to leave everything and it’s really hard starting from 0 and constantly trying to pull themselves up but is having a hard time and they just checked out. Not all homeless people are on drugs,
spank buda
spank buda Mês atrás
Well the migrants are here for a fresh start. The homeless folks were born here and had a chance to make something of their life.
Elijah Sabo
Elijah Sabo Mês atrás
“Our residents feel safe”- Lori Lightfoot That’s actually a real quote!
Wolveslair Mês atrás
@Sandi O Like she cares 😂 She's got armed guards protecting her Can't even go down her block My daughter lives by her in Logan Square
Sandi O
Sandi O Mês atrás
Let's see how safe she feels if they send them to her house like they did with Kamala.
colourfaze86 Mês atrás
She's referring to feeling up money safes 😂
Dennis Waterman
Dennis Waterman Mês atrás
That is actually bull sh*t!
J K Mês atrás
5,000 people over several months - LMAO - we here in Texas see that every couple of days. Thanks Joe.
dingus Mês atrás
Every couple hours
Debra Helicke
Debra Helicke Mês atrás
I'm from PA and a feel for Texas. Sorry you have to deal with this.
rocknrobert1 Mês atrás
I love it when you get what you voted for.
Jerrold Bates
Jerrold Bates Mês atrás
More bus loads on the way! You're gonna love it! ❤️
petestreet Mês atrás
They probably thought it was a welcoming committee.
Skipper Mês atrás
I'm not from Chicago. I am from NYC. We are having the same problem here. It is a disgrace. This country never wants to put their own citizens first.
Reaper Mês atrás
Sorry but both cities voted for this. Make Stupid Choices, Win Stupid Prizes.
Don Lange
Don Lange Mês atrás
@Ginio Lamy Homeless people don't get all of what you said. I got hit by a drunk illegal immigrant with no license insurance or registration. I was in a hospital bed for 18 months and in physical therapy for 14 months. I shouldn't have survived, my back was broken in so many places I shouldn't be walking. My pelvis , most of the ribs on my left side, collar bone, left leg were all broken as well. I lost my house and almost everything I owned . I live in Michigan and was homeless for over 7 years fighting to get disability. I did 3 winters in a tent and 3 winters in a camper - MOSTLY IN THE NATIONAL FORREST. The illegal immigrant was not prosecuted or deported
Ginio Lamy
Ginio Lamy Mês atrás
But they give homeless people shelters and government assistance etc what else do they want
MK718bx Mês atrás
Love that my chicago folks are growing some balls... I wish new yorkers would do the same
Hummer VS
Hummer VS Mês atrás
They get what they vote for once in a while and it’s a problem. SMH
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Mês atrás
Great going by the citizens of Chicago, For standing up to the invasion.
Anonymous Anonymity
Josh Nalley
Josh Nalley Mês atrás
Yes time to stand up great job keep this up 💪🏻💪🏻🔥🔥
Turnscrew Mês atrás
Black and white unite
Marie Morgan
Marie Morgan Mês atrás
If that is one of the public schools that was closed in Chicago, those buildings were constructed about 100 years ago. The elementary school I attended ,in Chicago, was built in the 1910s. I wonder if the city is maintaining the plumbing, electricity, and heating in that school! From what I remember , my old elementary school still had the furnace from the 1910s. There are so many homeless people that could benefit from turning those old schools into a shelter.
Marie Morgan
Marie Morgan Mês atrás
@Jo Etta Harris Thanks for the information! I love Chicago,it's my childhood home!💕
Jo Etta Harris
Jo Etta Harris Mês atrás
@Marie Morgan , I know they have new wiring and copper pipes as of last summer.
TheMusicolophile Mês atrás
@Pot Black But the illegal immigrants come first, don’t they? If they truly had planned for the homeless to be taken care of in that school, it would’ve happened. Instead, the homeless continue to freeze as the Mayor decides how much room is left for them after their political posturing has been exercised and secured.
Marie Morgan
Marie Morgan Mês atrás
@Pot Black No offense taken, thank you for your reply. I grew up in Chicago,it's my childhood home.(1971-1982) I remember how our neighbors, in our apartment building, were just like family. Every city has it's crime and problems. I hope that someday I can visit again to my old neighborhood,in North Ashland and Paulina. Take care💕
Pot Black
Pot Black Mês atrás
@Marie Morgan My apologies if I came off salty. I agree with you and I see your point. While having shelter is better than none, I could imagine that bar isn't very high with these old buildings. I'm sure this one isn't that bad if they chose it over others, but just the same they probably all require complete renovation to modernize the building and convert it to residence use. My tone was because I thought you one of the many other commenter's complaining that this building should be used for homeless first before immigrants. Not that I disagree with the practicability of that proposal, I am just of the personal opinion that if immigrants were out of the equation, these same people would be complaining that this building was going to be used for the homeless.
shitWalkerOG Mês atrás
Let's make this a nationwide think like the trucker convoy, let's make it a huge deal and get the government's attention And the media we need that kind of energy
robert givens
robert givens Mês atrás
This is what happen's when people vote blindly for a party instead of whats best for them
Raising_Arizona Mês atrás
As a resident of Arizona, this makes me smile. 5,000 is chump change. Happy Sanctuary City Day 🤗
Nixon's Head
Nixon's Head Mês atrás
@Randolph Tolbert It's 4 degrees outside RN in Northern AZ. Thanks for proving you know nothing about geography.
Show Bread
Show Bread Mês atrás
Randolph Tolbert
Randolph Tolbert Mês atrás
You’ve been in the hot sun too long.😅
Benjamin Thame
Benjamin Thame Mês atrás
Until Joe stops them Texas will keep sending them! The Chicago mayor said their welcome so their coming!
Debra Helicke
Debra Helicke Mês atrás
You know she is gritting her teeth no matter what she says. Who wants that financial problem.
Denise Hill
Denise Hill Mês atrás
@prometheusrex1 Martha s Vineyard in Massachusetts is sanctury city too but didn' t keep them. Rules for thee but not for me
Benjamin Thame
Benjamin Thame Mês atrás
@M3rcylessMex Go Texas
M3rcylessMex Mês atrás
From Texas here, we're the last state to stand up, y'all can keep them
Benjamin Thame
Benjamin Thame Mês atrás
@prometheusrex1 I agree
watthe deuce
watthe deuce Mês atrás
It's sad when ordinary people have to step in and do the government's job.
Gary Siders
Gary Siders Mês atrás
Thank JB he made this all possible.
blackbelt Mês atrás
Stand up..! Salute
John Robi
John Robi Mês atrás
Chicago schools finally good for something.
InBrad Mês atrás
Jeffrey Epstiens friends walk free nationwide. WTE Power.. in m1nors 😏
Alex D.
Alex D. Mês atrás
Haha 😂
Greg B
Greg B Mês atrás
FTW! Well, dome. You won the internet today.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Mês atrás
👍 lol! F-in good one!
Over there Yonder
Over there Yonder Mês atrás
It should be a rule that if you voted for Biden you cant complain and you have to take a family in
Awesomesauce Mês atrás
I'm just glad that they're getting what they voted for.
Don Lange
Don Lange Mês atrás
@Nixon's Head I don't live in Chicago - thank God.
Nixon's Head
Nixon's Head Mês atrás
@Don Lange Well, leave chicago then.
Don Lange
Don Lange Mês atrás
@Bob Bugwithoneeyesking is King!!! I DIDN'T VOTE FOR ANY OF THIS SHIT.
Dee Mês atrás
The world has gone Mad ignoring our own homeless.
D.M. Corr
D.M. Corr Mês atrás
Helen Dyle
Helen Dyle Mês atrás
They need to help them who are on streets
Aron Mês atrás
What about the people here? I'm sorry for these people, and the situation they're in but we gotta look out for our own first.
Flora Childress
Flora Childress Mês atrás
Call me ThreeOne.
Call me ThreeOne. Mês atrás
Why weren't you fighting for the people here before?
Wayne Hand
Wayne Hand Mês atrás
Sounds like something Trump said 🧐
White Cheddar
White Cheddar Mês atrás
They don't like it in their cities but in Texas AZ and NM we should just deal with it, right? Finally they're feeling it
The T.I. Experience
Finally, someone takes a stand.
John Anthony
John Anthony Mês atrás
"You gotta axe the Mayor"...Not a bad idea...😂
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