Chicago "Make Me Smile" [live 1970] 

Larry Thomas
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Terry Kath - lead vocals and guitar


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26 Abr 2012



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@jackspry9736 Anos atrás
RIP Terry Kath (January 31, 1946 - January 23, 1978), aged 31 You will be remembered as a legend.
@duraace9sp 7 meses atrás
CTA / Chicago needed for me with terry kath……..
@charlesgraves9213 6 meses atrás
Don’t play with guns kids😮😢
@alwag89 3 meses atrás
Awesome singer and guitarist R.I.P
@steveedward5074 Anos atrás
He was so good on the guitar and equally as good on vocals. There aren't many musicians like that.
@acevintura5102 Anos atrás
Well said
@paulcardsfan Anos atrás
Fantastic the whole frikin band is talented the trombone player wrote the song
@rrock2025 Anos atrás
Joe Walsh Lindsey Buckingham Jimi Hendrix
All of them were fabulous
@jeffmcgrory3762 Anos atrás
TERRY …KATH!!! Good Lord….incredible talent. Gone way too soon. If Hendrix once said “he’s better than me”, that tells you all you need to know. RIP 🙏
@user-qy7cn4ks6f 10 meses atrás
And the way he died was so foolish
@laurenval2370 9 meses atrás
You betcha!!!!!
@laurenval2370 9 meses atrás
Still listen to Chicago in my truck. What wonderful memories of my childhood. Terry Kath was a HUGE inspiration for me. 12 years old when he died and I sat on the playground and cried...
@charlesgraves9213 6 meses atrás
Don’t play with guns fellow humans😢
@gregkulig8463 3 anos atrás
Kath is incredible here. Effortlessly handling lead vocals, rythm and lead guitar all at once like a boss!
@HighSpeedNoDrag 10 meses atrás
It's been said that Jimmy Hendrix exclaimed that Kath was the better guitar player.
@user-qy7cn4ks6f 10 meses atrás
@@HighSpeedNoDrag Yes, Jimi said that and you could understand why?
@HighSpeedNoDrag 10 meses atrás
@@user-qy7cn4ks6f Not really but he said it for a reason.
@kvernon1 2 anos atrás
With all due respect to Mr Kath, another group member deserves a shout-out. It might surprise many that this song was penned by James Pankow -- the trombonist! This was an outstanding performance of an outstanding song!
@kineahora8736 2 anos atrás
I play trombone, I know all about it. Pankow was a genius with these arrangements-believe he also did a decent amount of work for Toto later…
@BrianCarnevaleB26 2 anos atrás
Yes, it was!
@kenster007 2 anos atrás
No shock at all. This band is chock full of talent.
@louisevad6091 2 anos atrás
@@kenster007 you don’t get to this point in a performance without dedication to the process. Lots of great arrangements and songwriting in this band. It took every piece of this band to make it work. That being said and without any disrespect to the rest of the band it’s clear to see who the leader was in this performance. What an honor and rush it must have been for Pankow to see Kath shred this song on guitar and carry the lead vocals in the emotional Kath phrasing cementing it as one of the best songs ever performed live by Chicago IMHO .There was 2:Chicago’s with Kath and without Kath. After his tragic death I am not aware of this particular song ever rising to this level again. If someone could prove me wrong or show me it’s equal I would much appreciate it.
@louisevad6091 2 anos atrás
Or in other words . They nailed it
@AyeCarumba221 2 anos atrás
I didn’t pay much attention to Chicago for 50 years. And then I listened to Rick Beato review Make Me Smile. Now I’m addicted to this performance. Kath OWNS that guitar man.
@TimmyOzman Anos atrás
I can't believe that I never heard this song until Beato did a video on it.
@carlisle3469 Anos atrás
Exactly the same here. been listening to them all day for the last several since Beato reviewed Make Me Smile. Especially love when they drop down into that minor rhythm for the verses.
@TheRhNegative Anos atrás
I love Rick Beato & All Things Music. I always learn so much and appreciate more, the music I already thought I knew.
@jwprimetime9795 Anos atrás
Shit Rick did that song?!? Guess what I’m gonna watch now!!! Thanks man!!!
@mitchellbell5354 Anos atrás
Rick Beato is amazing!! Same here. I had only heard a couple songs before watching Rick Beato’s video. Now I’m hooked on Chicago.
@charlottebrooks3671 4 anos atrás
The most underrated guitar player in the history of Rock music....
@beadybaby 3 anos atrás
And Alex Lifeson
@pauljr8429 3 anos atrás
I agree
@steven3775 3 anos atrás
I have to agree. He was an insane guitarist - how he left this world is so tragic. Saw a really good bio of this band - Hendrix said to some of the Chicago bandmates, “Ok, so he sings better than me and plays guitar better than me?”
@porsche9302 3 anos atrás
Yes and no. He's more unknown than under rated. People that know him know he is amazing.
@pcallas66 3 anos atrás
You got that right.
@WillieBeard 3 anos atrás
No laser light show, no smoke machines or costume changes...just pure ass rock and roll.
@traceeferrell1734 Anos atrás
Terry is amazing here! I loved him and Chicago in the 70's and I'm still loving this at 65.
@jessicacis8246 2 anos atrás
Just had this on repeat for like 30 minutes lol. Every piece of instrument in this song is perfection! That end sequence always always gets me. Pure music 🎶
@paulcrawford6911 2 anos atrás
That ending reminds me of a western. Like the fact they were comfortable enough to experiment or just do what they wanted.
We've all been there with this jam 😅😅😅
😂😂😂😂😂I had to keep looping in and out of segments to enjoy this masterpiece….
Chicago was blessed to have 3 incredible vocalists in band (Kath, Cetera & Lamm). All of them off-the-charts perfect. But Kath's vocals always give me chills. He was sent from above to share his stratospheric talent.
@jo-annkawakami3373 8 meses atrás
@mr.tapeguy3606 4 anos atrás
There will never be another Terry Kath. Incredible guitarist, possibly the greatest rhythm player ever and that's not even getting into his leads. A uniquely powerful singer and live performer. What a great loss for everyone who knew him and the world of music.Chicago was definitely never the same.
@drumlover1687 Anos atrás
He was a primal force of nature!
@EricBlackmonGuitar 7 anos atrás
That voice. That guitar. There will never be another like KATH.
@georgetroncone492 6 anos atrás
EricBlackmonGuitar why isn't terry in the top ten greatest guitar list
@humbertholloway7701 6 anos atrás
Lists are a joke of course, but other reasons apply as well: 1) Kath was on the scene for a relatively short time; 2) It was a long time ago already....sad, but true; 3) Fans responsible for Chicago commercial success were not necessarily musically sophisticated.....they wouldn't know Terry Kath from Eric Clapton. Looking back, it can be said that Kath accounted for much of the Chicago sound at the time, both guitar and vocals....and he had an incredible set of pipes, didn't he? In same way, Peter Cetera had more influence in Chicago success than he gets credit for. We are a "what's cool now, kind of society" unfortunately and Kath is a distant musical memory.....but his passing was probably one of the most understated rock music tragedies of my lifetime. This guy could have had an incredible career had he lived.....
@markkelly3859 6 anos atrás
Terry is not in those lists for the same reason Rory Gallagher, Roy Buchanan, Mike Campbell are not given the recognition they deserve.
@joshb23 6 anos atrás
Got that right, brother.
@ruudjurriaans 6 anos atrás
is it important? for me he was one of the greatest ever with a very personal style, that you could recognize everywhere. the band in this formation was superb as well, XXX
@DSRQ1 4 anos atrás
What a performance. Maestro at work, step back and enjoy this rare piece of perfection. You're still with us, Terry.
@cindyinnew Anos atrás
Freakin epic. When they lost Kath, Cetera took them into elevator music mode. Chicago used to mix jazz and rock like no other. Huge fan here. So was Jimi Hendrix. Loved Kath.
@ejk6024 Anos atrás
I think Chicago would’ve still went in that direction because Kath’s daughter’s documentary about his life showed that he was very frustrated at the end and was looking to start his own band without a horn section.
@jackieguccione94 Anos atrás
Jimmy knew what he was talking about
@kellylundy6329 Anos atrás
@jeffreyjohn2037 Anos atrás
Is that why Cetera is cropped out of this video?
@DIAMONDGIRL57 Anos atrás
Like no other!!!!
@davidhock8297 Anos atrás
In my opinion one of the greatest guirarists ever...
@jeffturbert2196 2 anos atrás
Chicago at the height of their powers. This is off the charts great!
@markiampietro6225 Anos atrás
Here's a song with every element... each instrument strongly featured, great backing vocals and Terry Kath's gutsy lead. They were revolutionary.
@hinglet 10 anos atrás
I'd just like to thank those who made this video available. Terry Kath was an amazing artist.
@studog57 6 anos atrás
Live at Carnegie Hall was my first rock album. Got to see them live once with TK. He's "The One".
@MrToddling 2 anos atrás
Shut up and sit down
@audreydakin8130 2 anos atrás
Terry Kath…. There are no words to describe his talent.
@terryf5131 Anos atrás
Watching this Terry’s skill epic. He has the guitar right where he wants it and it is going to do exactly what he tells it! There is not a shred of doubt of his superb talent. As was previously stated, Terry Kath is the most underrated guitarist in rock history.
@HighSpeedNoDrag 10 meses atrás
I fing hate Underrated comments.
@user-qy7cn4ks6f 10 meses atrás
A great description of Terry and his guitar!
Man that boy is the true definition of Rock and Roll!
@larryrhindress2972 2 anos atrás
No other band on the planet like Chicago! All of the musicians are beyond world class and Terry Kath is so far beyond any guitar player in my life time. Nova Scotia will always love Chicago!!!!
@user-qy7cn4ks6f 10 meses atrás
First heard it in my car in May of 1970. Going to HS, I would graduate in a month. Terry's guitar playing and the percussion instruments were outstanding. There first radio hit! Many more years of a distinctive sound would follow!
@alcambrola2834 6 anos atrás
It cracks me up, when Rolling Stone has their best 100 guitarists of all time and Terry doesn't even make the list.............Are you shitting me? I had the opportunity to see them 8 times with him at the helm and it was an experience!
@MajorCaliber 5 anos atrás
Little, if any, credence can be given to Rolling Stone, or Duh Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, when you look at their rankings of just about anything, incl. who they completely overlook. Record label Politics.
@cosmicheretic8129 5 anos atrás
That's a crime for the love of God! He may have been the best...even Hendrix said it.
@gsmarin1 5 anos atrás
Just stupid that he was so underrated
@fatmanrocked 5 anos atrás
Jimi Hendrix said Terry Kath was the better guitarist of the two of them. 'Nuff said!!!
@johndoedoe8812 4 anos atrás
I'm Jealous Dude!!!!!!!!!-----and that's f#@ked Up for those IDIOTS to not Recognize, ...
@helenekane3129 4 anos atrás
That voice! Listening to Terry sing Makes Me Smile! WooHoo 😍
@IzthatafaC 2 anos atrás
I always thought Chicago were a middle of the road 80s power ballad group until I heard this song and came to the conclusion that they're all phenomenal musicians and a really great band.
@NickRatto 2 meses atrás
Chicago power band of musicians throughout the latest 60s till or still Today
@chaplainmattsanders4884 10 meses atrás
I was about 7 or 8 when I fell in love with their sound-that trumpet+tenor+trombone combo -I still find it amazing all these years later!
@bennyaromojr7452 3 anos atrás
One of the greatest bands of all time, RIP Terry Kath
@jefflewis5546 Anos atrás
Terry Kath !! One of the greatest ever !! Untouchable !!
@Mrsomewhatevil 9 anos atrás
Terry Kath, a guitar god that people forget.
@rjsaua 9 anos atrás
true my friend.
@JonathanGreen18 8 anos atrás
JoJoGunn and yer mum :-D
@lawrenceevans4475 8 anos atrás
samuel erneston So true.
@BlackLocustMusic 8 anos atrás
samuel erneston I haven't.
@BlackLocustMusic 8 anos atrás
BlackLocustMusic and VOICE
@jayb8745 2 anos atrás
They’ve always had a unique sound! Nobody sounds even close!
@dea4590 Anos atrás
Again, Terry Kath doesn't disappoint! Danny Seraphine is a MASTER on the kit!!! Should never have been released from the band!
@NVRAMboi 4 anos atrás
Man Terry Kath is missed. What a powerful presence he was.
@daleharapat4984 3 anos atrás
I don't think there is an American group that had a better collection of songs. Chicago is now the greatest selling American group of all time.... They were unmatched by anyone, the Beatles never could do anything this good....
He was absolutely awesome
Terry Kath wil be missed forever. IMO one of the best guitarist EVER!
@glencadieux886 7 anos atrás
Even Hendrix, agrees with you !!!!
@fldude46 6 anos atrás
without a doubt !
@stetrak1967 6 anos atrás
Yeah, and a wonderful singer too!!!
@jeffurbanski5627 4 anos atrás
I’ve heard this song all my life and was never a big fan of it until seeing the passion in which they perform it , I’m completely blown away! It’s now one of my favorite Chicago songs!
@gagemoss1075 4 anos atrás
For HALF A CENTURY I lumped Chicago with Adult Contemporary Rock but realized I had underestimated them for that long. Glad I wasn't alone....
@johnp556 3 anos atrás
@@gagemoss1075 you're thinking cetera Chicago
@DeepOwl1073 9 meses atrás
Played like Jimi, and sang like Ray. R.I.P., Terry. You were a legend.
@projecthealthy9862 7 meses atrás
Great analogy on the vocals!
@biffful 6 anos atrás
what a power house band! Kath, Cetara and Lamm on vocals. Kath one of the best rock,jazz fusion guitarist ever. Awesome. And the horns...damn!
Just lost a close friend and when I hear this, makes me think of them. Amazing performance. Terry Kath is unbelievable.
@Smedleydog1 6 anos atrás
His was the voice that I really identify with Chicago. Don't get me wrong, the songs that Cetera sang were good, but just listen to Terry's soulful wailing. When he was with the band they were much better. One of the best rock guitarists of all times.
@edlawn5481 5 anos atrás
Terry, Peter and Bobby did some of the best harmonies, this side of the Beach Boys, just listen to "All Is Well" from Chicago V.
@MoMoMyPup10 5 anos atrás
Pretty equal to me. The difference is, they just made better songs when Kath was alive.
@turcoloco57 5 anos atrás
Kath and Cetera.... worlds apart. No Kath ---- No Chicago
@57highland 5 anos atrás
I like bands where lead vocals are varied; that it, bands that have at least two competent lead singers.
@grgl140 5 anos atrás
@mojorisin6793 9 anos atrás
"Your guitar player is better than me"--Jimi Hendrix Long live Terry Kath
@richardgreenleaf3259 5 anos atrás
Highest praise coming from the guy so many consider the best guitar player. Personally, for Hendrix to say that says he found Kath was even better, yet Kath get's so little love. Too many of the lists I see compiling the X number best guitar players either fail to include Kath or they put him so far down on the list that they might as well not have included him.
@JohnBlessingPaligap 5 anos atrás
This is what Terry said about Jimi... But then there was Hendrix, man. Jimi was really the last cat to freak me. Jimi was playing all the stuff I had in my head. I couldn't believe it, when I first heard him. Man, no one can ever do what he did with a guitar. No one can ever take his place. Terry Kath
@gregdahlen4375 4 anos atrás
wonder if it's coincidence both died young
4 anos atrás
@@gregdahlen4375 the only coincidence, ,,, alcohol and drugs. The menu to an early death. 💥🔫
@edcollins9377 3 anos atrás
Hendrix also said Billy Gibbons of ZZTop was the best guitarist. Jimi was either extremely modest or suffered from lack of confidence. I think he was just modest and complimentary of others.
@russbradford266 6 meses atrás
Best musician I ever Experienced! Love and miss you Mr.Kath
@louisevad6091 2 anos atrás
What an emotional vocal.
@inquiry7 5 anos atrás
Never remotely the same without Terry who was the heart/soul/talent of the group.
@oleboy4332 8 meses atrás
Incredible that he had that guitar ability and voice! Amazing voice, one of the best
@jo-annkawakami3373 8 meses atrás
Yes, yes! Amazing voice ! Magical guitar!
@shawnward361 Anos atrás
Loved all early Chicago music with Kath. Such a loss! Always like seeing the old performances. It keeps the memories alive.
@russelldeanna5210 8 anos atrás
Such great singing. So powerful and so distinctive, and no flamboyance. Just flat-out playing music. The good old days.
@dougmisantoni4384 6 anos atrás
Pretty clear who led this band....TK .. outstanding singer..writer..whoop ass guitar. lots of energy..damn...
@grubbs104 6 anos atrás
Russell Deanna no flamboyance just flat out. Could be called flatoutulance
@zombywoof9188 4 anos atrás
This song makes me smile. Always has.
@sundaynightdrunk 2 anos atrás
I love how he just beats the hell out that guitar. So surprised he didn't break a string playing like that. Just an incredible player.
@kevinoconnell2408 6 anos atrás
Astonishing! The passion and fury that Terry Kath unleashes in this live version of the normally radio hit songs "Make me Smile/Now more than ever" was and is simply astonishing. Kath's voice is hooping and hollering while he simultaneously strums along jackhammer style on that Stratocaster with wild abandon. Okay, i'm already sweating now... but he's not done! Terry Kath then proceeds to melt faces-a-plenty with an incredibly ferocious guitar solo!!!! You can see James Pankow (trombone in hand who wrote it) cat-calling throughout the song obviously proud of the monster he helped to create and Terry Kath just slays it!
@projecthealthy9862 7 meses atrás
I love Pankow's reactions in the background. Musical genius having a blast!
@michaelthorpe821 5 meses atrás
Kath was the best guitarist ever and had a great voice
@michaelthorpe821 5 meses atrás
​@@projecthealthy9862 he wrote this 😂
@71rcode72 3 anos atrás
Terry's vocal powers and expression ... off the charts, man.
@Mike20216 9 meses atrás
Just Brilliant, Early Chicago were right up there with the greatest acts, Superb Musicians.
@AngelusMortisify 8 anos atrás
As much underrated as Terry Kath is to guitar, so too is original drummer Danny Seraphine on drums. 3:29 has some pretty sweet licks there!
@JBCo2012 8 anos atrás
+Vitreous Lamella I noticed you like Phil Collins and Rush so in all due respect darling (and if that's really your current pic you look hot-I doubt it though) your musical judgements are not unerringly valid imho. Sorry.
@getrichcolorify 8 anos atrás
+MusicMC1 Here you go again... Don't you have a US Soldier's funeral to protest in the name of God? Or a gay, black, Mexican or anyone else who could care less what a HATER thinks, insult? Go Away.... No One want's you here. You bring nothing to the conversation but insults.
@jillfikus2616 8 anos atrás
uhh... I'm not sure what rock you live under but Terry was never underrated. you're cracked. Jimi Hendrix said and I quote "that guy is better than me" it's long been known how good it is since he hit the scene
@getrichcolorify 8 anos atrás
Jill. As a musician myself. I only wish I could one day be as special, and even have one tenth of Terry's talent. He is my inspiration. I'm very lucky to have been around at a time I could enjoy his music. He saw the world and personal relationships in ways only he could. Another was Dan Fogleburg. Seeing the world, and putting to poetry is a rare gift.
@jillfikus2616 8 anos atrás
Amen. And the chick above again has no idea what she's talking about because Danny was never thought to be anything but phenomenal. I'm not a musician but I know plenty of them that play professionally and I work with Bands. I know talent.
@amrinejohn2792 3 anos atrás
Ive listen to a ton of music for a lot of years. I keep comming back to Chicago just musical perfection evey single one of them.
@petegrape3872 Anos atrás
Chicago at its best! Terry one of a kind ! Thanks for putting so many Great tunes for us all to enjoy!
@WilsonEatsASMR 6 anos atrás
Love this song. so much energy & emotion..terry was a monster on that guitar
@markhavens8082 Anos atrás
One of the greatest bands ever !
@marylondonszpara1628 5 anos atrás
THIS is the voice that I loved to hear. This was the passion, energy and sound that hooked me from the moment I first heard CTA
@int53185 7 anos atrás
Never loved Chicago more than I do at this moment!
@paulcrawford6911 2 anos atrás
That was incredible. What a great great talent. I am still trying to process what I just watched. R.I.E.P Terry.
@darinjames3313 3 anos atrás
What Magic they shared....Terry was a ball of energy....they were ALL in it together.....
@themistermax 4 anos atrás
Just remembering Terry Kath this morning. I was 13 when this concert happened, Chicago was all over the airwaves. Such a great band, timeless. RIP Mr. Kath.
@tinoizzo709 Anos atrás
In every band’s history there are always a handful of shows where everything falls into place and the synergy on stage takes the band to completely new heights. I think this was the case with Chicago during the Tanglewood show. Thank god it was captured on film. Terry and the band were at their absolute best. I’ve watched it a countless number of times and will continue to do so. What a guitarist, vocalist, artist…sadly underrated as one of the all time greats
@MIKE-ej6ud 2 anos atrás
I thank God that I got to see this monster group 3 times in my youth! They crushed it....all the time! Kath was simply amazing. His skill, his effort, and he put his soul into it....he WAS indeed, the soul of Chicago and CTA may he rest in peace forever
@mikekolodz8383 7 anos atrás
Even Terry Kaths Hair rocked during this song!!!
@douglashock8136 Anos atrás
One of the greatest groups to ever enter the stage seen them several times and I am grateful to be a huge fan no better group out there
@greensombrero3641 Anos atrás
spectacular performance. can you imagine being there during this time? it must have been mind blowing insane great time!
@doubanjiang Anos atrás
Just crazy how good these guys were.
@AyeCarumba221 2 anos atrás
Man, I can just feel the energy oozing out of this song!
@mike840621 6 meses atrás
I recently watched this Tanglewood concert. Terry Kath deserves to be on every top 10 best guitarist list.
@blackdot3538 7 anos atrás
Terry Kath was a rock star.
@mexxbone 7 anos atrás
Of the highest order
@estes0104 7 anos atrás
Romeo Frankenstein
@johnwalsh5057 6 anos atrás
I cant tell you way
@speedracer1945 6 anos atrás
A underrated and unknown to many Rock Star .
@hmackie6823 6 anos atrás
u know how he died...right?
@Blap552 Anos atrás
Beautiful! Love that guys' voice,and the Horns!
@spizzolato1086 2 anos atrás
Wish I could go back to these days again. For you younger people, this is when we had real music.
@dmdixon7256 2 anos atrás
Terry Kath, taken way to soon! Rest In Peace!🎸🎸🎸
Chicago, well always be one of my all time kick ass bands
@curtiswallen8977 5 anos atrás
This song got me through a very difficult time in my life. Tears of joy, every time. Peace on, baby.
@brianwensing4766 7 anos atrás
Played like Jimi Hendrix, sang like Ray Charles..... Any questions?
@ClueSign 7 anos atrás
@markl.2299 7 anos atrás
Brian Wensing - Just one, why did he have to check out so early...
@kbraun474 7 anos atrás
You are so right Brian.. This band is so incredibly talented.. Please for the sake of all that is holy, take me back to the '70s..
Are you stupid or what. Apples and oranges Brian, Apples and oranges.
@brianwensing4766 7 anos atrás
Perhaps you should stick to chess videos, since you clearly have no clue about music....
We grew up with great music. We were spoiled.
@fishdirect 2 anos atrás
Hearing this song while I work daily on my Pandora station makes me smile.
@marceltiel7919 Anos atrás
Gee Im almost 45 and still discovering this nice to uncover the gems still....
@patrickr.5900 3 anos atrás
RIP - Terry Kath. He was the heart and soul of Chicago. Never the same band or music after his passing. Never would have become a "ballad" band in the 1980's if he would have lived. Lost their edge when he died.
@patrickeh696 4 anos atrás
I've been listening to this for 50 years and it is still "new". Where has the time gone Terry? Make me smile
@judyadlard9393 7 anos atrás
1970 live version of Terry singing Make Me Smile. One of the very best songs EVER.
@kennyfisher7295 Anos atrás
My wife and I were fortunate to see them at the Norfolk Scope in the 70s! Chicago was always playing on 8 track in my 67 Camaro(still own it 47 years later) and I got a ticket one night travelling 200 miles to Portsmouth while on active duty- but Chicago was and always will be my favorite group of all my time!
He was 24 in this clip. TWENTY-FOUR! He was born to be amazing.
@projecthealthy9862 7 meses atrás
I realized that a few years ago. I've played in bands and NO ONE was this great and soulful at 24. Fucking unreal.
@morrisfoster5106 4 anos atrás
Chicago was always best with Teri Kat he had so many hits and a absolute great guitarist and vocalist
@alanc1491 Anos atrás
I had just turned 14 when I saw them live at the Texas International Pop Festival two weeks after Woodstock. I forgot how amazing they were - killer brass section, too! RIP, Terry. Such a tragedy.
@randymann2392 5 anos atrás
What a titanic group of talented musicians! That horn section is the best ever assembled in one rock band.
@5151jovin 10 anos atrás
Terry Kath... best guitar on the planet. ( even Hendrix admitted to in an interview). They did a " thank you" gig at the Whiskey in '71, where they started out in '66. The Whiskey took out all tables and chairs and sat us all down on the floor in order to admit more people. I sat about 10 ft. from Kath. I'll never forget. The guy made that guitar WAIL like no one else could. The best and never recognized, except for those of us that know.
@JohnBlessingPaligap 5 anos atrás
This is what Terry said about Jimi... But then there was Hendrix, man. Jimi was really the last cat to freak me. Jimi was playing all the stuff I had in my head. I couldn't believe it, when I first heard him. Man, no one can ever do what he did with a guitar. No one can ever take his place. Terry Kath
@dmon1854 4 anos atrás
Was fortunate enough to see Chicago with the big man when I was only 14. I remember how he made his guitar look small ! What a horrible, senseless tragedy. RIP Terry, there will never be another .😪
@ricksullivan3800 3 anos atrás
The best, amen!
@donpaladino 2 anos atrás
@petegobeckli1386 Anos atrás
@@dmon1854 RUSSIAN ROULETTE is uh FATAL! game. Sometimes u get the BEAR 🐻. or... the 🐻 BEAR gets U!!!
@bksalkrook8716 2 anos atrás
i have an older sister theresa she was a big chicago fan in 1970s,, i was only 5 yrs old in 1970 ,,,but in time i would grow to love chicago too !! and will always think of her when i hear chicago TERRY rip
@Delatta1961 8 meses atrás
Nothing but absolute raw talent that puts “artists” today in the trash
@soniatorres5227 7 meses atrás
Terry Kath the most underrated guitarist . Too bad we only had him got short time in this world
@duanetwo 4 anos atrás
What a drive!! Wow!!..unpolished, pure, fantastic!
@grassroots8269 2 anos atrás
GREATEST band of all time!
@snootlyO 8 anos atrás
Terry was the greatest rock vocalist and guitarist. For me. Simply he was just the best. He was pure performance. Imperfect but just so fucking real. God I miss him.
@brucecutter2416 6 anos atrás
Me too
@peterk8909 6 anos atrás
Amen, guys.
@carollipton4584 6 anos atrás
And sexier than most of the pretty boys out there
@bonnieetc 5 anos atrás
The drunker he was, the better he played and sang!
@frostingoyahoo4709 5 anos atrás
True dat!!!
@teresarocha599 Anos atrás
What a Loss, Terry, That you've left this world so soon, so young. Wonderful that you've exited but immense sadness that you've gone. What a talent!
@mizzo9 7 meses atrás
So glad I got to see him live in ‘73.. he was a force of nature.
@elikess3961 3 anos atrás
The 70’s ain’t coming back so we’re grateful for That block of time...
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