Chase Young | Ultimate 2019 Ohio State highlights 

Colton Denning
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Ohio State DE Chase Young's full 2019 highlights. Young set the Buckeyes' single season record for sacks (16.5) leading the nation in that category, while also racking up 21 total TFL's. Young won both the Chuck Bednarik and Bronco Nagurski Awards (Top defensive player in the country) and won the Chicago Tribune's Silver Football Award (best player in the Big Ten). Young is expected to be one of the first picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.


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1 Jan 2020



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Comentários : 47   
@pogiboy7478 3 anos atrás
These highlights are insane. His speed rush is insane. He's around the corner before the tackles get set. HTTR come home now.
@connorjohnson4008 3 anos atrás
cant wait to see him on the redskins...that team is heading in the right direction
@bogota83 3 anos atrás
Yes sir! #HTTR
@goldeneagleboy3 3 anos atrás
@DaZsCentral 2 anos atrás
This comment didn’t age well
@DaZsCentral 2 anos atrás
You mean you like to see him on “the football team”
@CorazonV1 2 anos atrás
@@DaZsCentral well they're in the Playoffs
@benjiduhgoat3192 3 anos atrás
His get off is unreal. And unlike Clowney he's not gonna be taking plays off. Get ready for the next best DE in the league.
@willis5615 3 meses atrás
He is the best player I have ever seen in person. I've seen Joey Bosa and Justin Herbert, and I have never seen one player impact a game the way chase young did
@justinsugay1149 Mês atrás
Welcome to the Bay! Thank you WAS. I love how he just goes for the ball. Go Niners!
@benmangrum8626 3 anos atrás
Washington is getting a franchise player in Chase Young
@ProjectChaos77 3 anos atrás
Ben Mangrum The skins haven’t been much since Sean Taylor passed away.
@omaroba1490 2 anos atrás
Happy my Washington football club got him. 😆 yall know whats funny the last game of 2 seasons ago. Washington was playing the Giants. I was ROOTING FOR THE GIANTS. THANK YOU OHIO STATE. Dude is an Alien.
I’m here after trying figure out why Will Anderson is playing as bad as he is. I see the same thing that’s happening to Will happen to Young and Young is still beating people
@muckyou8 3 anos atrás
Chase Young got that HGH thing going on...He Barry Bonds his body from last season.
Man, I really wish Zach Harrison had panned out. Hopefully he does well in the NFL but I feel as if he's at his ceiling.
@TimLee356 3 anos atrás
looks like washington redskins will get him. haskins, mcclauren and chase young. damn, maybe get dobbins too.
@firec8670 3 anos atrás
Mineral Tim 79 Montez sweat and Goldilocks will be the best duo of edge rushers
@raguel8395 Mês atrás
Came here after the trade to the Niners!!!!!
@nukedrum5219 27 dias atrás
Same!! Now we,l see him in action against the jaguars! Bang bang💯
@issajoke2437 3 anos atrás
All year Miami had a real shot at getting a premier pass rusher to rebuild the franchise around... All they had to do was play Rosen. Why trade all your talent away for 1st round picks and then ruin it with a bunch of wins at the end of the season? Hopefully we suck this year too so we can get our franchise QB when he comes out next year
@NGGamer-nb6bu 3 anos atrás
I know it doesn’t seem like it. But I believe dolphins have a bright future. I love your head coach. I think having him and all those draft picks will eventually help turn that team around. It’s gonna take a few years but they are on the right track.
@Tylan0212 3 anos atrás
How does Pete Werner get chased down by that big ass O lineman 🤦🏽‍♂️
They were all in front of him and he didn't get any good blocks on that side.
Redskins nation baby.
@bizman45390 3 anos atrás
Coach do we really have to play Washington omg? 🤕🤕
@pogiboy7478 3 anos atrás
@12:18 Chase knocks the ball loose before the qb's arm goes forward but never looked at to see if it was a fumble? He was robbed a sack jus sayin. It was deja vu of the same game the year before against Northwestern and was changed to a fumble from an incompletion.
@PickpocketJones 3 anos atrás
Does he have any highlights when facing NFL level talent at tackle?
@ColtonDenning 3 anos atrás
OK Jeff Gmailaccount
@uglyworldwidw7455 2 anos atrás
What do you mean by that so your saying that D1 athletes he’s facing are thrash
You're saying that these B1G Offensive linemen have no NFL level talent? You do realize that they went up against some of the best Offensive lines in the country that year.
@petejones5260 3 anos atrás
Bengals really gonna pass up on the best pass rusher since Khalil to draft tall Alex Smith? Smdh
@ryan-yv4dk 2 anos atrás
Like 90% of these highlights are against no name teams like florida atlantic and miami ohio hahaha
@connorbreivik9695 2 anos atrás
what about the 4 sacks against #8 Penn State
What about both games against Wisconsin? Or Penn State? Mich State, Cincy, Clumson? Hell, Indiana had a good O-Line that year.
@briankitis3734 3 anos atrás
He isnt near as good as Bosa. Bosa is a better pass rusher and good against the run. Young is solely a pass rusher.
@firec8670 3 anos atrás
Briankitis According to draft experts, he is better than both of the bosas
@briankitis3734 3 anos atrás
@@firec8670 LMFAO "experts" Those experts were all over Rashan gary last year and numerous other guys in the past who tanked. Think for yourself and watch them play. Don't rely on what these "experts" tell you.
@firec8670 3 anos atrás
Briankitis, I was being sarcastic. He is not as athletic as the bosas when watching film. I honestly feel the same with the quarterback situation. Kiper and Mcshay are dumb. How is Jacob Eason a better quarterback than Jalen hurts
@briankitis3734 3 anos atrás
@@firec8670 Hard to tell that is sarcasm in words. Gotta make it more obvious lol
@katfish2516 3 anos atrás
Httr! We will take Chase Young. You guy's say bosa is better, fine.
@chiyeung8236 2 anos atrás
Over rated
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