Chase Young Rookie Season Highlights/Top Plays | Washington Football Team - 2020-21 NFL Season

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Chase Young had 44 tackles, 10 for loss, 4 forced fumbles - 3 recovered, 12 QB hits, 7.5 sacks & one TD in 15 starts (was injured after 13 snaps in week 3).
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13 Jan 2021



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Comentários 31
T Church
T Church 2 anos atrás
He is only going get better 🔥
JGULY I 2 anos atrás
After that lions game, chase young took his game to another level
Stephen Stackz
Stephen Stackz 2 anos atrás
Bethesda Gamer7
Bethesda Gamer7 2 anos atrás
He had an unbelievable game against the 49ers. His best game of the year in my opinion.
Dios Divine
Dios Divine 2 anos atrás
Dude plays like a vet, so grateful for him.
Big Slimm
Big Slimm 4 meses atrás
The beast is back! 💪🏽 Can't wait to see him out on the field this Sunday
Tim Lyles
Tim Lyles 7 meses atrás
We gotta support the players more man 🥺
No1SPCL 4 meses atrás
In what ways?
petis1976 2 anos atrás
Getting Matt back next season, possible pick up of a veteran CB to sure up the DB corps, a solid LB or two, hopefully a solid QB if it's not Taylor, a TE and a wide out to compliment Terry. This team could be scary for years to come with just a few pieces added.
Dylan Snell
Dylan Snell 2 anos atrás
The goal line block on Burrow to cause a fumble was my favorite play of the year.
SouthVA NotBlue
SouthVA NotBlue 2 anos atrás
That was the type of play we hadn't seen around here since Sean Taylor was patrolling the field for us.
Infinite Jr
Infinite Jr 2 anos atrás
HTTR 4 life❤️
Heisenberg 2 anos atrás
Anyone else still wish we would have beaten the Giants Week 16 in the 2019 season??? 😁
Redskins the Braves
Redskins the Braves 2 anos atrás
Humans are not designed to have that athletic ability being 6'5/270 pounds!!!! Chase Young (Predator) - Hold my beer
No1SPCL 4 meses atrás
It's going to be legendary 🪶🏹🏹
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson Anos atrás
Goddell said Washington Redskins by mistake...loved it..!
Issa 6.2
Issa 6.2 2 anos atrás
I named my son after Chase Young lol !! O-H!!! Forever!!! 💪🏾
Chris B Kickin It
Chris B Kickin It 2 anos atrás
tattoomurphy 4 meses atrás
Ryan kerrigan was amazing
Christian Sorto
Christian Sorto 2 anos atrás
Bro said kamren rule. Who tf is kamren rule? 😂
Darrell Catlin
Darrell Catlin 2 anos atrás
HTTR 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson Anos atrás
Chase Young & Montez sweat have a chance to be better than Mann and Manley.
Kenneth Mccarty
Kenneth Mccarty 2 anos atrás
NFC East champion HTTWFT
Heisenberg 2 anos atrás
Pick up a LB or 2, and another corner?? Awwwhhh man!
Peter U
Peter U 2 anos atrás
If reuben foster can be the same Reuben foster before...Jesus Christ. If Landon Collins can just play linebacker like everyone wants him to anyways... Jesus Christ. Imagine if London fletcher or Sean Taylor played on this team lol. It’s comical
Jerry Love
Jerry Love 2 anos atrás
He different.
Darien Farmer
Darien Farmer 2 anos atrás
Are u a Washington football team fan because your logo reps their colors
Cyntrelia Ingram
Cyntrelia Ingram 2 anos atrás
4:45 ohh-sh!T
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 2 anos atrás
Kind of concerning he's been a ghost in the two biggest games of his life.
Timothy Noble
Timothy Noble 2 anos atrás
Congrats Chase Young Welcome to The HTTR4Life/WFT4LIFE Rookie Defensive Player of the Yr 2021
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