Chase Young & Montez Sweat Highlights (Best Young Duo in NFL) *Sack Brothers

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Highlights of Chase Young and Montez Sweat not including week 17

Week 17 and playoff highlights coming soon

I don’t own rights to any clips in this video or music, all for entertainment and fair use only
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31 Dez 2020



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Comentários 376
OKG2000 2 anos atrás
finally one of these videos with great matching music
Covers Upon Covers
Covers Upon Covers 2 anos atrás
The best thing is that when one of them do something good it makes the other better. They feed on each other and its so fun to watch.
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo Anos atrás
@The Lead Commander I agree
The Lead Commander
The Lead Commander 2 anos atrás
@HOFMedia 9 sweat got robbed
Christopher Estep
Christopher Estep 2 anos atrás
@HOFMedia 9 Sweat and Young feed off of Kerrigan - who feeds off them in turn - and from those three it spreads to the rest of the defense (Curl, Holcomb, etc.)
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Sweat shoulda been in probowl
ANDREW SMITH 2 anos atrás
As a Skins fan they made the season worthwhile!
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 2 anos atrás
These guys been ballin so hard we forgot about Kerrigan lol.
simon early
simon early Anos atrás
Miss Kerrigan tbh. Wish he retired with us
VIV4LAJU1CY Anos atrás
They also got daron Payne super underrated
BEASTMODE_404 2 anos atrás
Kerrigan is going to another team now
Charles P
Charles P 2 anos atrás
That play Young had on the Pittsburg goal line might be the craziest play of the whole video...
Richard Page
Richard Page 2 anos atrás
That whole Front 4! I really hope that that Organization Keeps that Unit together for a long time. A true Fearsome Foursome 2.0
DreToo Dope
DreToo Dope 2 anos atrás
Man just imagine running from Montez. That long of a guy running a 4.4 like omg we gonna be wrecking qbs for at least the next 5 years with these two. I’m more excited about montez, i already know what chase is all about.
Timothy Scott
Timothy Scott 2 anos atrás
Reminds of Dexter Manley and Charles Mann. Sweat reminds me of younger Dexter Manley and Chase reminds me Charles Mann. Powerful rushers and great against the run. Glory years when defense was our thing. Pettibon would be proud of them.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
💯 agreed, check out the newer vids of sweat and chase their official highlights 🔥
RUFIORUFIO 2 anos atrás
I remember watching that play Chase young made burrow fumble 3:25 . I knew then Chase Young was going to absolutely incredible. It just gave me that 100% confidence in him.
Eian Kaine Jr.
Eian Kaine Jr. Anos atrás
Seahawks fan here. These dude are going to be a hell of a pass rush duo for years to come. Respect 💪🏾💪🏾😤😤
Allahmein Crews
Allahmein Crews 2 anos atrás
Scary part is, they just getting started!
Christopher Estep
Christopher Estep 2 anos atrás
True. Before he upped his game, I saw that absolutely wack commercial involving Sweat for Unilever (Old Spice deodorant and anti-perspirant); I got it because of his name - what makes it ROTFLMAO is that Unlever has a plant in *Baltimore* - off I-895 - and it has been there longer than Joe Biden has been in politics. Now the entire DEFENSE scares opposing offenses stupid. I didn't have a problem with the commercial - though I use a DIFFERENT Unilever anti-perspirant - Degree Clinical - and it's no sillier than Paolamalao's Head and Shoulders shampoo deal. And considering Sweat's play, he has PLENTY of reason to swagger - all the way to the bank vault.
Dios Divine
Dios Divine 2 anos atrás
Defense is only going to get better. We just need a formidable offense
KJ Martin
KJ Martin 2 anos atrás
That play chase young made on 4th and goal against the steelers was the best play of his entire career
Charles P
Charles P 2 anos atrás
What's crazy is that was like a 6 down goal line stand because of a penalty.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
I like that big hit he had against 9ers for a fumble then his return TD, AND his sacks against eagles weeks 1 and 17 🤧
Kwest727 2 anos atrás
I really enjoyed the forced fumble against Burrow
Politically Correct Redskin
That and the spin move in the first Eagles game.
tiggersboy Anos atrás
The Sack Siblings. One of the best moves the team made was trading up from the second round to get Sweat.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 Anos atrás
Hell yeah man fr ... front office was spot on
ironlion7800 2 anos atrás
Either one of these guys could win a DPOY or several in their careers.
Erick Velasquez
Erick Velasquez 2 anos atrás
we didn't even have matthew ioannidis who had 8 sacks last year.
Raquel Byrd
Raquel Byrd 2 anos atrás
@gaurdian.... I agree totally. And that’s something no one talks about! Our best interior rusher is out for the year huge deal! One of our starters at safety(who should prbly jus b a sub package LB next year with way curls killed it) but still missing some of r best playmakers on D Matty the Greek bein the beast he is
Guardian 2 anos atrás
He would be so great vs Brady to push the middle. That’s where he excels
Tony Feo
Tony Feo Anos atrás
Love watching them play, absolutely electric
C Truth
C Truth 9 meses atrás
The dynamic duo Montez Sweat & Chase Young brothers of disruption..
Chris B Kickin It
Chris B Kickin It 2 anos atrás
"Capital punishment" 🔥🔥💯
OKG2000 2 anos atrás
they are gonna get better too...sweats potential is just as high as chase youngs
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Y’all go watch BOTH of the sweat and chase individual highlights, gonna love them 💪🏽 check out Logan Thomas and Gibson as well 🔥
S1ighted 2 anos atrás
@OKG2000 honestly we already have 2 good middle line backers its just a matter of health for foster
pandamanYTss 2 anos atrás
Nah I think chase has a higher ceiling but Montez sweat still has lots of potential
Barak 2 anos atrás
@OKG2000 you need the linebacker from Illinois #5 Milo Eifler
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
@Reggie Brown curl is strong safety, we need a true FS who can complement curl, and yeah a stud lb to solidify the lb core hopefully Reuben is at full strength now
Politically Correct Redskin
These are some fast, gigantic dudes.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Check out the latest vids bro 💪🏽 even better
Jonathan Tomita
Jonathan Tomita 2 anos atrás
Over 7 mins of highlights for these two 😲. WFT did the right thing drafting them in the first rd! HTTR 🙌
Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told 2 anos atrás
Dope video my dude. We should just call that line the "Freakshow"
Munze 2 anos atrás
These freaks love to put on a show ❤️
NeverTalkToCops1 2 anos atrás
Sweat ran a 4.4 at the combine. We don't know how fast Young is, but he's plenty fast. Great to see players have such tremendous fun playing football!
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 2 anos atrás
@Hunter Griffin he was playing the game alone. philly benched LITERALLY HALF OF THEIR STARTERS for the game. Washington, if they werent GOD AWFUL THEMSELVES, should have run philly out of the building. And yet, they couldnt. hurts practically tied the game late in the 3rd playing the game by himself. philly is bad. but washington isnt much better.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
@Silly Goose this is my video lmao so all ur dumb ass comments come up, ur clearly hurt you’re replying to half of my comments talking about hurts 😂😂 he didn’t do shit
Silly Goose
Silly Goose 2 anos atrás
@HOFMedia 9 so do u since you're reading it. Hurts was singlehandedly going to send washington to their offseason before phillys owner and gm called down to have him removed...they were afraid of WINNING the game. They were shocked how trash washington was
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
This silly goose guy really has a lot of time on his hands he’s big mad 😂 hurts 7 for 20 clown he didn’t do anything in the 2nd half
Mr. Pickles
Mr. Pickles 2 anos atrás
I hope these two are together for a while.
NeverTalkToCops1 2 anos atrás
2:40 Sweat shows his 4.4 speed running down Russell Wilson. Speed is fun, speed at that size is rare.
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo Anos atrás
As a Rams fan watch Sweat run down our RB Akers! that scared the hell out of me! lol
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Hell yeah that’s scary for Russ. Check out the full sweat highlight video I just posted 🔥💪🏽
Löüïş Anos atrás
This is what Jadeveon Clowney and JJ Watt should have been like.
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo Anos atrás
LOL C'mon man don't even lump Clown Show to either Sweat or Young! Clown Show is a BUST!! that's total disrespect to both of them.
Adrian 2 anos atrás
Reminds me of the time we had watt and clowney together just destroying opposing O-lines. Yall are lucky to have those two studs
w41duvernay Anos atrás
I know there are a LOT of teams regretting on passing on Montez Sweat in the first round right now. Grudens's brother was trying to get him but the Skins picked him before he got to the Raiders.
dbarr4455 Anos atrás
Man I watch these highlights all summer. Got me ready to see Washington football
Joshua Seagle
Joshua Seagle 2 anos atrás
Man, I get so hyped about a dominate defense than offense. Imposing your will, making them do what they don't want to do - Ray Lewis
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Check out the lastest videos w the payne and Allen duo bro 🔥 also just posted a gibson highlight too
SSMG ENT 2 anos atrás
Best duo in the nfl
Royal Family
Royal Family 2 anos atrás
@SSMG ENT check the stats
SSMG ENT 2 anos atrás
@Royal Family nah not even close
Royal Family
Royal Family 2 anos atrás
Tj and Bud💪
savini 2 anos atrás
More like best quintuplet
Hairline Lawyer
Hairline Lawyer 2 anos atrás
nah kyler and hopkins
joseph bantum
joseph bantum Anos atrás
If Davis lives up to the hype, the three will be unstoppable. Scary good defense.
94nMd got down
94nMd got down 2 anos atrás
Frightening to opposing offenses!!!
Shawn Newcomer
Shawn Newcomer 2 anos atrás
I heard someone say they pretty much neutralize the LOS, seems pretty accurate👍
John Iijima
John Iijima 2 anos atrás
We cannot let any guys on this d go, even for Watson, we have a gem here on defense truly legit
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez Anos atrás
Collins and Bostic can go
John Iijima
John Iijima 2 anos atrás
@Brandon JacksMaybe, we have a hella lot cap space we need to use some to resign guys like Allen before we go on a spree for guys like Lavonte, or Robinson
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
@Brandon Jacks hopefully not, he’s one of the leaders I think he’ll get extended first and the good thing is they’re all in different years so it’s possible they could extend each one every year .. we have a lot of cap rn just hope they budget it so we have a good amount in the coming years but we’ll see
Brandon Jacks
Brandon Jacks 2 anos atrás
I hate to say it but, Jonathan Allen will probably be the first to go.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
I would not let any of them go unless it’s Tim settle or collins.. ioannidis needs to stay in that 3 way interior rotation. He has to. He’s an elite interior pass rusher, the best one we have just extremely underrated. I’m doing a video on him very soon
John Zuba
John Zuba 2 anos atrás
Great vid man love the sound track. Can't wait to see what they do against Brady and Co.
John Zuba
John Zuba 2 anos atrás
Sounds good I might just do that
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Check out the new Gibson video 🔥
John Zuba
John Zuba 2 anos atrás
Lol ok
Rase-Iwnl- 2 anos atrás
Itll be a close game but they lose 30-23 the game will be 27-23 late 4th quarter about 6 minutes and 43 seconds buccanners will make a field goal, and what will ensue is a defensive standstill until the game ends 30-23 officially
Amber Brown
Amber Brown 2 anos atrás
Lose lol but I like this duo 🔥
the real spaceman
the real spaceman 2 anos atrás
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥anyone else pumped for next season?
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
💪🏽 go watch the latest video, Ioannidis video dropping today
stldsfine Anos atrás
God willing....September thru February will be quite a time to witness this team
Zach B
Zach B Anos atrás
Dope ass video. Hype and intensity level on a thousand and the music selection fit this video perfectly 💯
Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos Anos atrás
I don’t follow Washington. But as a Colts fan, I knew when we traded our 1st rounder to Wash. they were going to pick Montez Sweat! I wanted to Chris Ballard to get him so bad but at the time, the Colts saw 2 extra second rounders and thought we won the trade man, I KNEW the trade was going to come back to bite us! After Chase Young went 2nd overall, I Knew they were building something over there in DC
Quintin Ruiz
Quintin Ruiz 2 anos atrás
I love it!!!!!!!! 💪🏾
Bradley Parks
Bradley Parks Anos atrás
I do want to thank Kerrigan for showing them to slow done for screens and use their abilities
Monroe Mullinix
Monroe Mullinix 2 anos atrás
Imagine if we get lucky and hits on a solid QB in the draft. For real, look at the great QBs in the NFL who WEREN'T drafted in the first round. This team could be freakin bonkers.
Stan Janeczko
Stan Janeczko 2 anos atrás
Couple of studs can’t wait to see how much better they are going to be next year
Kwesi Anos atrás
6:20 I’m pretty sure Baker just shat himself😂
stldsfine 2 anos atrás
Man...imagine the potential of this team if they had a dynamic QB?
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
I’ll be making an ioannidis video soon 🔥 go check out the latest videos w Gibson & the bama brothers some of my best work!
Raquel Byrd
Raquel Byrd 2 anos atrás
And no one talks about Matt ioanidis aka our best interior rusher being out! This D should be crazy as hell next year with him back and more time in the scheme for the players along with reinforcements at safety in LB that will be here thru draft and FA
Raquel Byrd
Raquel Byrd 2 anos atrás
If Ruben comes back to bring 80% of what he was even!
Guardian 2 anos atrás
@Chase Buesking ya at least he used to be, but we haven’t seen him in 2 years now. Imagine if he comes back like he used to paired up in the middle with Holcomb? Geez..this defense
Chase Buesking
Chase Buesking 2 anos atrás
@stldsfine I always forget we have a potential stud LB on ir
MG 2 anos atrás
Gonna be tossing bodies for years to come HTTR!
Lonny Thomas
Lonny Thomas 2 anos atrás
Great video i can't wait until next season already!! Rivera get some more weapons on Offense we will be right!
Martin Si
Martin Si Anos atrás
If we draft an insane MIKE like Nick Bolton or an insane SAM like Zaven Collins at 19. That's it its lights out this will be the best defense in the NFL. Look up their tape on youtube and image one of them playing with Mississippi Thunder and Ohio Lighting as I like to call em ; and one phase will enter your mind " Unleash Hell"
Oc Levi
Oc Levi Anos atrás
Whoever play us are going to be scared. Defense and offense. I’m so excited to see my team back in the groove.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 Anos atrás
Hell yeah bro HTTR 🔥
ijams sum
ijams sum Anos atrás
I must admit Sweat is much better than i expected and Chase is a terror for offenses !
PMM526 2 anos atrás
Here’s a nickname: “Capitol Punishment”
w41duvernay Anos atrás
That name was already taken by the last Joe Gibbs superbowl team.
A.W Gilbert
A.W Gilbert 2 anos atrás
You. Knew all. Along. Didn' You
Shawn Newcomer
Shawn Newcomer 2 anos atrás
Very Very Good👏
Anonymous1451 2 anos atrás
best d end duo
Pat Webster
Pat Webster 2 anos atrás
Damn man Washington's D Line scary AF
Aiden Tann
Aiden Tann 2 anos atrás
chase young was so good at OSU, HE LOOKS EVEN BETTER IN THE NFL.
Marty 2 anos atrás
Matty Ion will be back this season too.. he will help these two guys eat. Expecting an even better season from this DL than last.. hopefully everyone stays healthy. Sucks Kerrigan is leaving though :(
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Fr.. check out the ioannidis video I posted 💪🏽 also they will be adding some help to the offense this offseason so that will help the defense even more having an offense that can complement them and give them rest, along w us getting injured players back
Grimm Sleeper
Grimm Sleeper Anos atrás
Postit Randomly
Postit Randomly Anos atrás
Lmao damn that really took turns on #75 with the Panthers
brock_is_key™️ 2 anos atrás
My boy chase made me like the redskins
Perry Caldwell
Perry Caldwell Anos atrás
It's like seeing Lion's snag Gazelles.
Iseeu16 Anos atrás
They comin from everywhere! It’s beautiful 🤩
Island Rebel Ent.
Island Rebel Ent. 2 anos atrás
Ima eat 75 lunch get a sack then you can eat what's left...Eats lunch passes leftovers to sweat....dope combo...
Terrell Moore
Terrell Moore 2 anos atrás
No lie Washington looking scary for years too come there whole D line has potential become the best in NFL and this is from a Eagles fan
kixxva 2 anos atrás
potential? They already are the best Dline in the league
Ben 2 anos atrás
already are the best Dline
EJ RO28 2 anos atrás
Still can’t believe my Raiders drafted f*cken Clelin Ferrel with the 4th pick of the 2019 draft🤦🏻‍♂️
NeverTalkToCops1 2 anos atrás
Your Raiders may lose Marcus Mariota to Washington, where he might light things up!
Jalen Villarreal
Jalen Villarreal 2 anos atrás
Politically Correct Redskin
The actor?
Marcus Anderson
Marcus Anderson 2 anos atrás
First, it was baseball's "Smash Brothers," Canseco & McGwire. Then, basketball's "Splash Brothers" Curry & Thompson. Now, it's football's "Sack Brothers," Young & Sweat.
BEASTMODE_404 2 anos atrás
Great compilation imagine Washington next year 😬
Oscar Brown V
Oscar Brown V 6 meses atrás
We need chase back 😢
John Davis
John Davis 2 anos atrás
Chase and Montez needs to develop spin moves or rip moves some other ways to get to the QB instead of just relying on speed and strength.
John Davis
John Davis 2 anos atrás
@King Bran they both have quick hands still need to develop more athleticism Dwight Freeney and other HOF D lineman had everything.
King Bran
King Bran 2 anos atrás
These are counter mover edge rusher with supreme athleticism. Montez Stab move with 35 1/2 in arms. Chase has extremely quick hands. Imagine Julius Peppers & Khalil Mack. Then Imagine Chase Young & Montez Sweat.
Hunter Griffin
Hunter Griffin 2 anos atrás
I think chase can but montez has a little different of a play style he’s more a power rusher
J Area52
J Area52 2 anos atrás
That’s showed In the playoff game
Kevin Ball
Kevin Ball 2 anos atrás
Oh I believe that will come as they develop more of their skills. Adding that will make them more dangerous.
The.King.Pin Anos atrás
1:28 "I'm bout to eat on 75, after I get the sack we can switch [sides]. [So you can get one too]"🥶🥶🥶
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 2 anos atrás
If Washington does nothing else, they better keep these two together.
Aiden Tann
Aiden Tann 2 anos atrás
chase young straight up top 3 DL in the nfl
mknewlan67 2 anos atrás
These 2 remind me of Mann and Manley.
Lee Deville
Lee Deville Anos atrás
so fun to watch these two.
Jabari Paris
Jabari Paris 2 anos atrás
Bro I have never seen a rookie get dbl n tripl teamed😭
bolt man
bolt man Anos atrás
No surprise by Chase. Once every 50 yrs you get a guy like that to fall in your lap. With Sweat, thats an added bonus. With some patchwork on the secondary and some Fitz majic they can do some damage
BLACK KING SPORTS 2 anos atrás
You wait till they get a full mini camp and off season this team is going to be hell
martian78 2 anos atrás
Sack Brothers 🤔... Hopefully that catches on. I like that!
Maria Blanc
Maria Blanc 2 anos atrás
Washington jump high and are very aggressive; that may works against Bucs.
Stephen Grinkley
Stephen Grinkley 2 anos atrás
This felt like a movie preview lol.....Coming to a playoff screen near you.....January 2021
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
New Gibson video out! 🔥
Raquel Byrd
Raquel Byrd 2 anos atrás
Yo silly goose what are you doing on this comment section. Y’all not aloud to watch any more football til next year haha
Stephen Grinkley
Stephen Grinkley 2 anos atrás
@Silly Goose dude your team went 6 - 10. All controversy aside y'all didn't deserve to make it to the playoffs. I mean it look for all of us NFC East fans to have that ugliness representing all of us. 🤮🤣
Paul Ortiz
Paul Ortiz Anos atrás
Man who else is hyped up for next season woo hoo
Paul Ortiz
Paul Ortiz Anos atrás
@HOFMedia 9 yes definitely will will always love my team no matter what
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 Anos atrás
Hell yeah man draft comin up 💪🏽 check out the other videos!
Troll Killa
Troll Killa Anos atrás
Best D line in football , Washington got 5 potential pro bowlers on they D line
Schticky Anos atrás
Already got the young jersey on the wall 👌
steve Johnson
steve Johnson Anos atrás
To me this is the correct D to play with these two dudes and Payne, Allen and Matt the Greek in the middle. 4-3. And if this kid from Kentucky pens out at LB with his speed I dare say this D will be like the 2000 Ravens d only faster.
Hussain Embiid
Hussain Embiid 2 anos atrás
Yh the streets been waiting for this one
SonOf202 2 anos atrás
we got the best line in the league..we got dogs still in the kennel...Tim Settle a beast and Matt was out for the season. It can only go up from here
Mark Mills
Mark Mills 2 anos atrás
It's a shame they wont be together long because of the salary cap .
James Martens
James Martens 2 anos atrás
Best highlight video I’ve ever seen
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Appreciate you bro! Check out their individual highlights too along w the other players 💪🏽💯
ropinckney 2 anos atrás
"Coming soon to a stadium near you"
Nick 2 anos atrás
Sweat is the biggest pro bowl snub this year, dude balled out. I feel sorry for any QB that has to face these two
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
@DntPeekMe TE ok? Lol who said anything about jc Jackson or that he wasn’t good? Sweat was a pro bowl snub and I agreed. Jackson was snubbed too. As well as plenty others
DntPeekMe TE
DntPeekMe TE 2 anos atrás
@HOFMedia 9 jc Jackson was just as big if not bigger had the 2nd most picks in the NFL in regular season
Raquel Byrd
Raquel Byrd 2 anos atrás
For real!!!!!! It’s alright tho these dudes bouta make sure we get plenty of limelight in the coming seasons and bet if we had 3-4 prime time games and play in the playoffs every year it’ll be real hard to keep him out of he plays as well as he did this year n I expect the sweat man to get better n better
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
Yes he is
Lisa Hall
Lisa Hall 2 anos atrás
Dj Brown
Dj Brown 2 anos atrás
Without the defense winning those 7 games this team easily is 0-16.A lot to look forward to next year with a new quarterback,another wide receiver and inside linebacker help,WATCH OUT HTTR
DJ Dee Axis
DJ Dee Axis Anos atrás
Wish my cowboys would get a duo of '''sack brothers''' 😞😩😩😩😩
Jackson Morris
Jackson Morris 2 anos atrás
Dope ass video
TXguy82 2 anos atrás
Can you make a sack reel for Carson Wentz? I wonder how many times JP and LJ gave up with their injury bull crap this season.
HOFMedia 9
HOFMedia 9 2 anos atrás
A sack reel of all season? Pay me
J3rryTh!rd J0n3sF0urth
Next Season if they get Deshaun and Allen Robison or Cam Newton and Allen Robison, you will see them in the SB against the Bills.
Top Notch Bullies
Top Notch Bullies Anos atrás
They need to get an offense together while they have that defense
bolt man
bolt man Anos atrás
Titans fans saying "" bring that defence to us. We got the offence taken care of"" Lol
John D
John D 2 anos atrás
The 2 dt's are good too. Just missing a qb for the future and some more offense besides #17
Aquarius Leviathan Prophecy 🦈♒
This Reminds me of Tuck N Osi Giants pass rushers
Mini_Ninja Anos atrás
They feed of each other. Like X factor in madden bro. One starts feasting than the Dt get hungry then it’s over and they are all getting through. Pressure after pressure
Anya Israel
Anya Israel Anos atrás
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