Chase Young is developing into a quarterback's worst nightmare

Billy Stephens
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Washington Football Team and former Ohio State Buckeye Chase Young came into the 2020 NFL Draft as one of the best EDGE prospects of all time. His rookie season, however, was somewhat underwhelming and did not meet the expectations of many scouts. His game is far from perfect, but I still believe that the #2 pick that Washington used on him will be justified in the future.

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5 Mai 2021



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Ryan Hopper
Ryan Hopper Anos atrás
I shouldn't speak for all of us but trust me us Washington fans were not disappointed in chase rookie year
theresa miles
theresa miles Anos atrás
You’re 💯 on that. I watched him play at Ohio State and I knew he would be a beast. When Washington selected him in the draft I went nuts, i was hollering and screaming with delight.......
TW Anos atrás
@PhilFinessez he took a ton of pressure off the rest of our talented line. Him being doubled allowed his DE partner Sweat to have a great year.
Dwennimmen Anos atrás
Not in the slightest. He did so much more beyond the 7.5 sacks that was disruptive and meaningful.
Juan Fulgencio
Juan Fulgencio Anos atrás
Anyone who is disappointed in his performance is merely a stat watcher (ooooh no double digit sacks). If you watch the games, he demanded the most attention on a weekly basis on a great D Line and was consistently getting pressure. That is remarkable production for a rookie and proves him worth of his #2 draft pick. Next step is converting pressure into sacks. He was 21 years old last year BTW, very likely he'll make that jump
PhilFinessez Anos atrás
@david lewis yeah but it’s pretty close. 2019 niners DL was OC
TheEpicNO Anos atrás
Came for Chase Young, found an amazing explanation of football techniques. Awesome vid!
PhilFinessez Anos atrás
Facts. Gonna teach some of this to my little brother he plays OT
E. Stewart
E. Stewart Anos atrás
Said the same thing to myself, it's more than just running and trying to knock over a guy. Kind of like an art of body movement that I didn't realize.
TheWatchernator Anos atrás
Love to see offensive and defensive line play. Such an overlooked part of the game.
Dwayne Neal
Dwayne Neal Anos atrás
@Joshua Osborne games are won by the refs
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne Anos atrás
Games are won in the trenches.
Wise Rise
Wise Rise Anos atrás
Chase young’s numbers were pretty damn good if u ask me. 7.5 sacks in 14.5 games and 4 FF. I’ll take that from a rookie any day
LC Anos atrás
@The Buzz And was top ten in double teams as a rookie. Pretty crazy.
The Buzz
The Buzz Anos atrás
Not to mention he was playing with a load of other great pass rushers so there wasn’t much to go around
The Noble Marketer
Don’t 4get a touchdown from one of those FF!
LC Anos atrás
He was the cause of a few picks too in clutch situations
kingkong91 Anos atrás
Chase Young is underrated. He will dominate the NFL for years to come.
a3383 Anos atrás
@Max Nobleman he is underrated he gets shadowed by his amazing dline if he was in nick bosa's spot he would prolly be a pro bowler
Max Nobleman
Max Nobleman Anos atrás
Idk about underrated but I think he will destroy
Cataclyst22 Anos atrás
He also has great leadership qualities and is a very hard worker. Chase had a great year lol, against some pretty damn good olineman too
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
@Brian LeAvenger I'm expecting him to be a lot better in his 2nd season .
Brian LeAvenger
Brian LeAvenger Anos atrás
@Silly Goose lol he’s the best pass rush prospect because of his freak athleticism. not because he was going to record 20 sacks his first season you clown
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
@Brian Jungen only 7.5 sacks, and almost all of them were against either backup QBs or backup OTs, pressure rate near the bottom of all starters and against the best coached offenses, he was shut out. he wasn't hailed and drafted to be good. He was hailed as one of the *best pass rush prospecs in the history of college football* . hopefully he makes a lot of improvement this year after his good but not great rookie season. (And i see he hasnt bothered to show up for OTAs, either) we will see. Hopefully he is "lengendary" this year but i dunno.
Brian Jungen
Brian Jungen Anos atrás
@Silly Goose you live up to your name.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
wrong. he was a dissapointment.
daGovenah Anos atrás
great breakdown. + the fact we have daron payne ionaidas jon allen for interior.. yea. best defense in the league
H8R Abella Danger
H8R Abella Danger Anos atrás
giving up 31 points a game lol best defense my ass
Eric Glenn
Eric Glenn Anos atrás
@tha Bruh from 94 Honestly not that big of difference when Tom Brady is your QB
FootballWins32 Anos atrás
@Micah Parsons They didn’t lose their defensive coordinator and several key starters like the Rams
Jacob Hur
Jacob Hur Anos atrás
Secondary lookin weak
SWIZZY Anos atrás
They don’t even know about the fact ioannidis is a damn monster who was out for what 14 games? It’s going to be a nightmare!
Awallacethegoat Anos atrás
Expecting a DPOY type of year from Young this year
tiggersboy Anos atrás
My favorite Chase Young moment last season had nothing to do with his defense. It was him running down the field after Taylor Heinicke scored on that flying TD against Tampa Bay. Young pointing to his QBs name on his jersey for the tv audience was a great moment.
AE Anos atrás
Well most of the reason he didn’t have as many sacks is because he was not only double teamed a lot sometimes even tripled and also he had to share the wealth with sweat and Payne and Allen. Not disappointed at all and he is only going up from here
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
According to ESPN's Next Gen Stats, Young was doubled on 22% of his pass rush snaps, which did not rank in the top 10. I probably should have mentioned it, so that's on me, but while writing my script I didn't think it was worth mentioning. Because Sweat, Allen, and Payne were there to support him, defenses couldn't double him on every snap, so their presence should have actually increased his win rate the same way it did for Nick Bosa in 2019. If Bosa didn't have Armstead, Buckner, and Ford there to support him, his pressure % and win rate would likely have been much lower.
Oc Levi
Oc Levi Anos atrás
That’s what I’m saying! These so called sports analysts don’t know shit. He’s just jealous.
jango Shepherd
jango Shepherd Anos atrás
This channel is CRIMINALLY underrated! Thank you for explaining things in extreme detail for both sides of a position and everything else you put into it.
DarkWolf Anos atrás
45 years old.... Been a fan since I was 8 of Washington and I'm still learning the have. Thank you so much for this breakdown. Amazing work 🙏🏽
M Loftus
M Loftus Anos atrás
Chase was getting double teamed from snap 1. Also, his impact was felt well beyond just sacks. He was batting down balls, chasing down plays with his huge motor (see goal line fumble vs. CIN) often making plays across the field. And was stout vs the run, including key stops during the 6 play goal line stand vs PIT. He is an all around player, not chasing sack numbers, but just making plays on the ball and never stops his motor. He is a special player.
Dayon Greene
Dayon Greene Anos atrás
I think more than anything we also have to remember what he brings to us culturally! Excited for his future! HTTFT
Big Slimm
Big Slimm Anos atrás
I never looked at the linemen plays this deep. This actually takes skill, strength and coordination. Having a high/low sack rating is pure d line and o line talent
Matt Furry
Matt Furry Anos atrás
Excellent video. I would absolutely donate to you in the near future. Wish you the best as long as you are on this endeavor
kennethpierson82 Anos atrás
He's also pretty amazing in the screen & option games. Which is the current trend of offense these days. Alot of read option, he will get so much better. He was all over the field. You couldn't say he's overrated if you watched the games, every time a play is made, he's right there.
Axel Villanueva
Axel Villanueva Anos atrás
Great videos, really like how you methodically explain everything
Zachary Tucker
Zachary Tucker Anos atrás
Terrific video, the chess match between the o-line and d-line is rarely talked about. Really interesting to see to thorough breakdown.
Arthur Thomas
Arthur Thomas Anos atrás
Look forward to more vids like this, you explain everything very well.
Suthgd Anos atrás
Fantastic video. Extremely informative. Keep doing this and you will have a lot of success coming your way.
Semper Fi
Semper Fi Anos atrás
Great breakdown and knowledge of the game. Well done
Dale Betterton
Dale Betterton Anos atrás
Thanks for pointing out the run defense aspect of his game.
Vainian Craze
Vainian Craze Anos atrás
And let's not forget that covid took away a lot of time for young to learn these techniques and counters which like you said he showed signs of learning towards the end of the season so if young had an actual training camp.... I believe his numbers would have doubled
Dustin Ford
Dustin Ford Anos atrás
I really learned something new today. And i been watching football forever! Offensive lineman have a hard freaking job lmao. Especially tackles.
Jroots99 Anos atrás
Pay roll usually goes QB, Edge rusher, Left Tackle that should let you know how important that left tackle is
Mitchell Wasmus
Mitchell Wasmus Anos atrás
See I love analysis like this as opposed to prazing a guy for his rookie stats we look at him compared to other nfl players as it should be he has a ton of room to go and his ceiling is incredibly high he’s raw in most areas but his athletic abilities are insane if he can refine his game he will be one of the greats
ddorma21 Anos atrás
No excuses to be made because Young had a really good season and made a handful of game changing plays with strip sacks, fumble recoveries, and a TD. However, Young had a tough groin injury week 3, missed some time, and admitted it affected him most of the year. I think that’s the main reason you didn’t see him bull rush because he couldn’t drive a big OT with that kind of injury. Let’s see how he does this year!
BurtIsMyDogsName Anos atrás
Crazy that holding wasn’t called in the cardinals game, the tackle was holding his hand and trying to pull of his arm
Zach Coates
Zach Coates Anos atrás
Chase’s impact alone vaulted him into the DROY. When he cleans up his technique mixed with his impact it’ll vault him into a All-Pro/HOF player.
The.King.Pin Anos atrás
Love the content. It sucks that you get demonetized even though you purchase the All 22 film.
stldsfine Anos atrás
I like this break down Chase has a lot to improve on but that's bad news for the competition
SSMG ENT Anos atrás
I love how you broke it down , I really believe we have the best defensive line in the NFL and ah couple more pieces away from being the best defense in the NFL and I’m so glad we drafted chase young last season we got ah great player and leader we haven’t had in ah decade.
98763 Anos atrás
Can you do a vid on the entire line, and what you believe are their ceilings. Amazing vid btw, earned a sub
Nutty Chilli
Nutty Chilli Anos atrás
Could you make a film review of Bears second year WR Darnell Mooney? He isn’t that well known, but his route running and ball skills are absolutely BONKERS. He has been severely hindered by bad QB play. I’d really like to see someone shine a light on this awesome young player!
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
I've got some videos in the works right now, so I'll be occupied for a while, but Mooney is a stud, and I'd love to make one on him later in the offseason!
Politically Correct Redskin
I think much of this can be explained by the fact that they had him essentially spying and being a run defender all season. With Kerrigan you know he's not going to give you much there, so you can just let him loose with bull rushes and things. But Chase was more concerned with being in position to shed his block and crash the run than necessarily pressuring the QB.
Politically Correct Redskin
@Sean Dooley Indeed. And his buddy, Curtis Samuel is there now too. I am allergic to optimism after the last 25 years, but it's looking good.
Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley Anos atrás
@Politically Correct Redskin I loved him as a buckeye. And I love that Washington is becoming Columbus east! Scary Terry looking great for y’all too!
Politically Correct Redskin
@Sean Dooley I know I saw it. That's why I always dismissed all this talk about the low sack numbers. Go look at the goal line stand against the Steelers first, then come talk to me about sacks. He made many plays as a run defender that were almost as good. We know what he did. He only had one bad game, and sadly that came against the Bucs in the playoffs. He was invisible in that one, and credit to the Bucs offense for stopping him dead. Hopefully he learns a lot from that tape and gets even better.
Sean Dooley
Sean Dooley Anos atrás
Every Buckeye fan knows what an underrated run stopper he is. I think you saw that this year with Washington.
ronugo1997 Anos atrás
Can you do one of these on Jaelan Phillips? I love the content definitely subbing.
Alca_Pwn_ Anos atrás
Ohio state makes good recruits, and he was a standout on that team
Nate Meadows
Nate Meadows Anos atrás
Idk if this is something you noticed when watching film but Kerrigan is unbelievable power rusher.
FireeStyle Anos atrás
WFT has the potential to have the best DL for years to come.
marcell jackson
marcell jackson Anos atrás
Well done sir 👏great breakdown
Mr_Ree Anos atrás
This is quality analysis.
Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man Anos atrás
As good as the Predator was at OSU, he definitely relied too much on his freakish athleticism. Urban broke down the edge rushing technique they teach there, and you can see it the Bosa Bros: quick off the ball, 4 steps up field to build speed, then turn in. Young rarely used that, and it showed in a few games. Once he figures that out, he'll be right there with Joey and Nick.
Grumpy Old Man
Grumpy Old Man Anos atrás
@Joshua Osborne Uh, yes. That’s what I said.
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne Anos atrás
The fact that he hasn’t used refined technique and he had already shown that much results means that it’s going to be bad when he he figures it out.
Frederick Jordan
Frederick Jordan Anos atrás
I was not disappointed at all. And I would draft him again and if we drafted first I would draft Chase Young. Great video though
Cool guy 64
Cool guy 64 Anos atrás
You’d be insane to draft him over Herbert lol
steve Johnson
steve Johnson Anos atrás
If the Redskins can keep this line together for 3 more years OMG this D will be the 2000 Ravens D all over again. Super smart move from them not to sell the house to get a QB in this draft. Getting that LB from Kentucky was also great pick. With his speed he will be cleaning up what that monster line leaves behind.
Brian LeAvenger
Brian LeAvenger Anos atrás
hopefully with that LB he can clear the gaps so Young can line up wide 9 more
Saeber Blank
Saeber Blank Anos atrás
I wish u get more recognition and more hype. You have amazing videos
Average Asian
Average Asian Anos atrás
what if combined the bull rush and outside speed rush move..kind like the outside shoulder stab..using his long length to hold keep the tackle out of range with his inside off hand and ripping to the outside once the tackle tries to hug.
Cannabis Garden
Cannabis Garden Anos atrás
Highly informative. Great video! 👍
Austin Day
Austin Day Anos atrás
chases stats were disappointing for sure. but if you go into the impact plays on film it’s unbelievable. he gets doubled almost every play by someone and still manages to mess up the offensive play.
JordanK illian
JordanK illian Anos atrás
Chase young made Washington fun to watch again
LilBig G
LilBig G Anos atrás
He said Chase had a some what disappointing season my boy won DROY 🏆😂 I luv it
bang Anos atrás
Subscribed. Incredible my guy ! Keep it up !
Fr3shKicks17 Anos atrás
It’s a lot of things that factor into the comparison from his rookie year to nick... A nick did not get the attention chase got until about halfway through the season.... B chase had no off-season and a crash course training camp... if you think that doesn’t matter for a rookie you trippin.... but they are both getting better and will terrorize them league for years to come
Sam Hawkins
Sam Hawkins Anos atrás
Young had a hip strain first month of the season. Probably why
John Noll
John Noll Anos atrás
Trust me when I saw Kerrigan didn’t bull rush that Lions tackle because of any tendencies he saw, it’s literally because Kerrigan has only had 1 move his entire career and it’s the bull rush. I’ve never seen him attempt a spin move or club move in my entire life. Bull rush, bull rush, bull rush, all the way to 95 sacks lol
Burhan Ahmed
Burhan Ahmed Anos atrás
A possible updated video on him?
ProDucktions Anos atrás
I'm actually surprised some Washington fans have the balls to say he had a "disappointing" season.
Silly Goose
Silly Goose Anos atrás
he had 3.5 sacks FOR THE SEASON against QBs who are currently starters. he was drafted and hyped as a LEGEND before he took a snap. So, Im NOT surprised that WFT fans havent figured out yet that he ISNT the player that he was hyped to be. their fans are not known for catching on too quickly.
Zach Weber
Zach Weber Anos atrás
Jeremy Chinn on that Burns X David B. clip is nuts.
Ryan LaCasse
Ryan LaCasse Anos atrás
Can you do an analysis on Danielle Hunter?
Virgil Roberts Jr
Virgil Roberts Jr Anos atrás
Excellent Analysis! ☆☆☆☆☆ 😎
DMVFELLA !!! Anos atrás
Going to get better over time like wine ...can't wait httr
Devon Mangiarelli
Devon Mangiarelli Anos atrás
Ohio state sure cant put out good QBs but they surely can put out good Defensive end
CapitolBeatOK com
CapitolBeatOK com Anos atrás
Guys chase was rookie of the Year and will just get better so don't underestimate...
Do a Montez sweat breakdown next
KMC Anos atrás
WFT fan here, not disappointed at all. Also, Young finished 2020 with 7.5 sacks. Not 6.
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
PFF doesn't count half-sacks
NoLoveMari Anos atrás
He is getting doubled sometimes. So ofc his numbers won’t be to good
Pat Donovan
Pat Donovan Anos atrás
I like Chase, but I watched a lot of skins games and he never really stood out. Solid season, but I'm not gonna lose sleep any time soon. Once he's bigger (some lineman made him look small) and more technical I'll shit my pants
Curt Liggett
Curt Liggett Anos atrás
Dude you're a beast.
Samuel Castillo
Samuel Castillo Anos atrás
He’s just 22 years old, scary thought
illbyno1 Anos atrás
I love Chase. Love having a guy that stands out every play.
RyRy Anos atrás
He said he was disappointing even though he won rookie of the year lol
Atilla Hun
Atilla Hun Anos atrás
That bosa example against the Broncos tackle was not a pressure.. bosa got owned and was still 4 feet from pressure
Neda Nother
Neda Nother Anos atrás
through all of this all I could see was Cam Newton. Ive never seen a single good game out of him. I know they're there. Always disconnected with whats going on around him and then pouts about it. Im not sure but I think I'd rather have Jonny Manzel than Cam. I'll never forget the image of him shying (running)away from his own fumble. Big wrap around replay screens are awesome for him so he can see how pretty he is during every strip sack. Yep I do hate me some Cam. I hope to goodness that Belichick gets his mind right and goes with the new guy.
CSUGTV Anos atrás
Helluva breakdown
Jroots99 Anos atrás
Man nick bosa playing on a line with 4 first rounders
Bol Bil
Bol Bil Anos atrás
Turned into a tackles dream, let him run himself out of the play
C_amelx26 Anos atrás
Ethan Linehan
Ethan Linehan Anos atrás
How do you know so much? Your film study is very impressive. How'd you learn all the jargon?
Jump Anos atrás
He had 7.5 sacks and missed 2 games. The way Opposing offenses game plan against him already is unheard of.
Don Cooper
Don Cooper Anos atrás
@Joshua Osborne Agree Chase Young was double teamed a lot if u go back and look at Game films
Joshua Osborne
Joshua Osborne Anos atrás
I think that was the bigger issue is that he was being double teamed at a higher rate than a lot of star pass rushers as a rookie.
Joe Dimes
Joe Dimes Anos atrás
He's no Khalil Mack. Everytime I caught one of his games, he was Lights Out.
Jimm Girdler
Jimm Girdler Anos atrás
I wonder, who do you think is the best pass rusher on the team after last year, given everything you just talked about
Jimm Girdler
Jimm Girdler Anos atrás
@Billy Stephens good to know. Fans may like someone like Young's hype but it's the technique and pressures that make a pass rusher. Thanks for sharing you thoughts
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
Probably an unpopular opinion, but right now I think it’s Montez Sweat. I honestly had no idea how good he was until I started watching Young’s tape.
Jason Peltz
Jason Peltz Anos atrás
The side scissor technique looks like Wing Chun Kung Fu
Spencer Hughes
Spencer Hughes Anos atrás
I understand what you're saying but you're examples weren't great. The first clip you used, chase literally caused pressure almost immediately but Stafford got the ball out fast. You also failed to mention how he was one of the most double/triple teamed defenders in the league.
Duce🦇🦇BIGGA9 Anos atrás
Bruh hold this subscribe this was incredible
Southfield Trill
Southfield Trill Anos atrás
Excellent video bro. Got u a new subscriber.
JimBob McDougal
JimBob McDougal Anos atrás
Top 2 defense next season guaranteed
JimBob McDougal
JimBob McDougal Anos atrás
@Caleb Velez clearly not
Caleb Velez
Caleb Velez Anos atrás
Didn't age well
monchich 83
monchich 83 Anos atrás
Nice video 🤙
Bozer Anos atrás
Anybody has an underwhelming season when you get their stats wrong 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 0:27 Edit: He had 7.5 sacks
703EvoIX Anos atrás
@Billy Stephens but they are wrong. PFF isn’t the leagues official scorer. You can use PFFs stats if you want but officially they’re incorrect.
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
I should have worded that response differently. PFF doesn't give two players credit for one sack. They give credit for the sack to one player, and they generally give credit to the player who got to the quarterback first, even it it was by a fraction of a second. My opinion, though, is that sacks don't carry all that much weight in grading a player's performance. The much more telling categories are pressure %, hurry %, and win rate. Sacks are important, just not all that meaningful when grading pass rushers.
Bozer Anos atrás
@Billy Stephens Actually they do count half sacks but they just round it down if it ends in .5. I don't know why but PFF and ESPN seem to disagree on how many he had. You can see though if you look at T.J. Watt's sacks for each game that he has half sacks and they both agree he had 15 on the year. Weird.
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
They aren’t wrong. PFF doesn’t count half sacks, and that’s usually where the stats I use come from
Adam’s Angry
Adam’s Angry Anos atrás
.... unless you’re Tom Brady and the Bucs in the playoffs.... then Chase is just a fly you wave away like an annoyance.
Fonzi Anos atrás
Good stuff, subbed
Tae Lo
Tae Lo Anos atrás
Chase had 7.5 sacks, 4 FF and missed a game and a half. You have 6 and t-31st.. it makes it hard to trust the numbers you put up here knowing the 1st category was wrong..
Billy Stephens
Billy Stephens Anos atrás
The stats aren't wrong. PFF only gives the credit for any given sack to one player, so they don't count half-sacks.
spencer creech
spencer creech Anos atrás
He’s a rookie with no preseason
Oc Levi
Oc Levi Anos atrás
Chase had 2 offensive players trying to block him. These other guys only has 1. Chase young is better. Your facts are wrong.
Mark Workman
Mark Workman Anos atrás
NO SHOW against Tom Brady in the playoff game (BTW they gave up 500+ yards in that game)
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis Anos atrás
Great video
Julian Anos atrás
J hurts review next?
Jacob Eberhardt
Jacob Eberhardt Anos atrás
Chase went to the same high school as my brother. DeMatha Catholic
TTS Cam Anos atrás
They need a quarterback or his career gone be wasted that’s y they would’ve traded up in the draft
Duce🦇🦇BIGGA9 Anos atrás
Can we send this to Chase
ILee Frazier
ILee Frazier Anos atrás
7.5 sacks
Frodo Watt
Frodo Watt Anos atrás
Can you do a vid on Alex Highsmith
Ju De
Ju De Anos atrás
Who’s here after he got his ass handed to him by reshawn slater
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