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Is fortnite back? is chapter 3 good? does lazarbeam win??
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5 Dez 2021



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Comentários 7 451
AlexFallingDown Hora atrás
I really don’t like fortnite but lazerbeam can make anything cool
Velocity Hora atrás
1 on trending
YoiBenito Hora atrás
It's good to see him back in the action, I've really missed this!!!
GNR SHADOW Hora atrás
1:56 now I’m in zone POV no in zone
Fierce Cobra1298
Fierce Cobra1298 Hora atrás
#1 on Trending. Good Job 👍
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones Hora atrás
It's like call of duty
Lil_Jalapeno Hora atrás
As a community we need to name the new dinosaur Dean the Dino 🦕
Master Rock
Master Rock Hora atrás
Le4fy Xisk
Le4fy Xisk Hora atrás
#1 world wide trending yuuuuuu🏠🥵🍑🤷‍♂️🤣👏🏼👍💕🧐😩🎉👋🏼✌🏼💭🍇🤩😌☎️😆👻🤞🏼💗☝🏼😂👻😧👻👻☝🏼😂💗😌☝🏼🆙🙌🤤
skamer uk
skamer uk Hora atrás
How’s the new season
Mickie Colven
Mickie Colven Hora atrás
Fortnight would be nothing without lazar
Pogchamp Hora atrás
Hes going to have to pay mrbeast back by planting some more tres after this video…
Ant pig
Ant pig Hora atrás
Guzzle Joyce gives 150 health
tractorthree Hora atrás
i cant belive they added spiderman from the hit game spiderman (2018) (feat. spiderman)
Pwolar Hora atrás
my mum came into my room and he said "get on your knees spiderman" how do i explain this?
macaidan plopper
macaidan plopper Hora atrás
i like all the content lately keep it up
Maxpowertx Games
Maxpowertx Games Hora atrás
Bro #1 trending
Mr. Baksh
Mr. Baksh Hora atrás
what is the song
IDK my nn would be
IDK my nn would be Hora atrás
his 26 year old man playing a kids game
Honor Hu
Honor Hu Hora atrás
Hi, i wanna get reply...
Alina Paya
Alina Paya Hora atrás
"I haven't broken enough trees." RIP MrBeast 2021-
Bentley the king
Bentley the king Hora atrás
You and SSundee have the same amount of subscribers
UsernameDJB Hora atrás
I'm sad. I now know lazarbeam lies sometimes. 8:11 ,He already won. You need a win to get that emote :( I'm now sad he's lied
Geobros Gaming
Geobros Gaming Hora atrás
Wow even lannan got his vicroy before fresh did whoa
Ghostface👻🔪 Hora atrás
Tinkie Tunky
Tinkie Tunky Hora atrás
"get on your knees spider man"
James devor
James devor Hora atrás
It the old fortnite mapppp
Ahmed Tarek
Ahmed Tarek Hora atrás
Use code lazar ❤❤❤
Gabriela González
Gabriela González Hora atrás
Lazar can You get your Pokémon fresh
jasmine Day
jasmine Day Hora atrás
Hey I bought the never gonna give you up emote using your creator code
Cody Bagshaw
Cody Bagshaw Hora atrás
face off
Can u do an I’m bored
Kaison Rakestraw
Kaison Rakestraw Hora atrás
Try to put the Spider-Man mythic in a tent
Monke Hora atrás
KrilloKri Hora atrás
Spider bob
Dominic McCallan
Dominic McCallan Hora atrás
Lazarbeam please make a video about the log physics and how you can put them on water and sail on them
dan brice
dan brice Hora atrás
Melissa Barnes
Melissa Barnes Hora atrás
Who else thinks lazerbeam should make a channel called "lazermeme". I think it would be cool lol
Beignet party :3
Beignet party :3 Hora atrás
Here comes the laser beam he’s true blue he’s a piss pot
Bradley White
Bradley White Hora atrás
My gf for over a year just broke up with me lazar make the pain go away
LC nail designs Lisa coldwell
#1 trending
Aiden Hermosillo
Aiden Hermosillo Hora atrás
What if you stay in a tent while in storm because if you go in the tent it gives you health 😳😳😳😳😳
Mr Penguin72
Mr Penguin72 Hora atrás
4:53 I wonder if he is saying this because of what he was saying about the old map on stream.
Demi and Her❤
Demi and Her❤ Hora atrás
"get on your knees spiderman" That gave me spooks
this is very cool
Pure Danny
Pure Danny Hora atrás
If tilted comes back im coming back
Josiah Paponette
Josiah Paponette Hora atrás
That is the rock song
Webbiergoose Hora atrás
But u can’t fix the playerbase this game has
Bahd Streams
Bahd Streams Hora atrás
Use this as a dislike button.
Shylah Kobal
Shylah Kobal Hora atrás
Stop swearing in your videos besides that you’re my favorite you tuber
Supermario Kari
Supermario Kari Hora atrás
I’m going to buy the whole battle pass using code lazar 😃
Supermario Kari
Supermario Kari Hora atrás
My username is sugerbday1
Mr Penguin72
Mr Penguin72 Hora atrás
2:04 Now all we need is skeletons added to fortnite.
Nicolas Gonzalez
Nicolas Gonzalez Hora atrás
RIP Headphone people 3:14
JS Hora atrás
You can skybase
Claudette_main Hora atrás
#1 on trending wow
Logan Branham
Logan Branham Hora atrás
#1 trending
animeweeb91 Hora atrás
Hey lazerbeam if you see this the cactus meme strat is back
jie li
jie li Hora atrás
Tesla has just announced a car recall in the Chinese market! Share price flash collapse 70 billion! So how much will Toyota's recall share price collapse?
Dell the Man
Dell the Man Hora atrás
stonks senpai
stonks senpai Hora atrás
Lazar ur voice looks like trevors from gta 5
Jacob Barros
Jacob Barros Hora atrás
It is the original map but with some changes because nobody has been there in a looooong time
Ichigo Anime Lord
Ichigo Anime Lord Hora atrás
me teacher no boomer she mega boomer at fortnite
Travis Squad
Travis Squad Hora atrás
Kids Milliron
Kids Milliron Hora atrás
weird try squads the 2nd game i played on squads i won
lil fahm
lil fahm Hora atrás
snek Hora atrás
they took sliding from apex and boinked it into fortnite
David Andreasen
David Andreasen Hora atrás
He probably has a emote called face off
hot pocket burned my plastic plate
Bro i am excited as hell to play chapter 3 tomorrow
Coopah Davies
Coopah Davies Hora atrás
Next video be like “getting a battle royal with only trees”😂
flying hans
flying hans Hora atrás
number #1 trending
Daniel Zuniga
Daniel Zuniga 2 horas atrás
way didn't i see this earlyer i needed this
Kj Felix
Kj Felix 2 horas atrás
Pls make a Friday night funkin vid I'm begging you.
flamingo 2 horas atrás
U can ride the logs like rafts in the water btw
Gracyn Perry
Gracyn Perry 2 horas atrás
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NJR fans channel
NJR fans channel 2 horas atrás
Me casually Eating a lemon thinking am I normal
Zevi Krauss
Zevi Krauss 2 horas atrás
No 1 trending overall!!! congrats bro you're the best lannan
That Māori Guy
That Māori Guy 2 horas atrás
Les gooooooooo
aduckgod 2 horas atrás
This chapter is actually the chapter 1 map if u go around the edge you can see the arm that went flying off of the robot in the season 9 event.😁
Bradley Reed
Bradley Reed 2 horas atrás
You can float in the air inside the tent place the tent on a platform then edit the platform for it to break and then destroy the stair case below and hop in the tent
yokee dude
yokee dude 2 horas atrás
it's nice to see the beam having fun
turtleless 2 horas atrás
I won a game while watching this so i guess this show is good luck Btw im subbed with notifications on
Numerokix 2 horas atrás
The uzi was in for 1 day
Deprezzed Dez
Deprezzed Dez 2 horas atrás
Were is Jason
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 2 horas atrás
Bigboi 2 horas atrás
Spider man is my favourite
alexgameboy 2 horas atrás
I love the snow and no snow map it looks like old season 7
237chucky 2 horas atrás
Mandalorian: sorry you have to see this Lazarbeam: Just letting baby yoda see everything in the backround
dark shadow
dark shadow 2 horas atrás
Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson 2 horas atrás
Lazar sky basin is back, if you go to max Height and put down a tent you can’t die of fall damage
Team Fortress 2 Gaming
Team Fortress 2 Gaming 2 horas atrás
Holy shit he seems a little different to when i last watched him.
ya see i was excited for chapter 3 but i was more excited for this
JaMeRs Hi
JaMeRs Hi 2 horas atrás
Me waiting for the meme olympics
Michelle gray
Michelle gray 2 horas atrás
make a sus imposter video
Mauro Faz
Mauro Faz 2 horas atrás
I do not care about anything else in the video I just care it’s number one on trending
Guy Gamer2367
Guy Gamer2367 2 horas atrás
I got my first win of the Chapter on the first match in trios with my friends
Abraham Martinez
Abraham Martinez 2 horas atrás
#1 on trending
Clipthetrick 2 horas atrás
What triggers me the most is his key-binds his wall is my edit
The Wok Xina
The Wok Xina 2 horas atrás
+15 social credit points for Lazar
Noah Ambriz
Noah Ambriz 2 horas atrás
Spider-Mau and Spider-Beam :)
X4 Zxotics
X4 Zxotics 2 horas atrás
Me: “Mum can I get Spider-Man PS4?” Mum: “No, we have Spider-Man PS4 at home” Spider-Man PS4 at home: 3:40
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