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A prince then, a prince now...

Meet The Daemon Prince, a new Legendary Lord risen in the name of Chaos Undivided!

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18 Jan 2022



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Comentários 2 229
Being able to fully customize your own Daemon Prince is the coolest thing i never thought could happen. Its now seriously difficult to pick a race to play first
I just want to say one thing: this is probably the best thing that CA could've ever done. So many people allways wanted to create their own Demon Prince, and now, we can't just create one ourself, we not only control him and his actions ourself, we also can command every kind of demon army we want. We can play as the strongest Demon Prince that ever existed. This is just genious
I like how this trailer hypes him up to be the hero.
The Ascendent
The power of Chaos is a pathway to many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.
William Bell
Is it strange that a find the sight of all these Daemons with wildly differing philosophies putting aside their differences to work together oddly...heartwarming?
Fiend Matador Slayer of a Thousand Noobs
I like the touch of the Cathayan wizard trying to shield herself from the firestorm The Godslayer summons, only to immediatly keel over anyway.
InsightfulPara: Symbiotic Broadcast
The Tzeentch Daemon Prince just softly flicking their wrist to dispel a huge fireball was pretty cool looking.
Customizable Lords is something I wanted since Game 1 and I'm so happy that CA is confident enough in their own creative skill that they can give us this mechanic. Cheers lads we made it :D
Jakob Tarras Ericsson
Got to love that smirk he did after messily crushing that poor Kislevite under his foot. Just oozing with Slaaneshi delight in it.
WaRLORd 33
Im glad they did a build up with the prologue of the Prince killing Ursun and then turning into the demon prince of chaos
Man, got to appreciate that music - they need to release a full version. Warhammer was always Heavy Metal.
Interesting legendary lord
Charles Lewis
Creative Assembly needs to give a raise to the people that work on these trailers cause they are so amazing and give me so much hype for this game!!
The best part is when he just deflects the fire ball as if it's an annoying little fruit fly and then sprays some magic Raid on those pesky Cathay soldiers
bowen voowy
I absolutely love Chaos as a faction. Its so cool theyre letting you design your own chaos leader.
I was gonna go Nurgle in my first playthrough, but this faction seems really fun and a good way to play around with all the deamon units, so I guess this will be first pick. I can always make a Nurgle aligned later
Vlad The Lad
Before I was struggling to pick a chaos faction. Now CA has made my choice for me. Great job!
Not That guy
You can feel they had a blast doing the soundtrack, as well as the animations... I just hope that stuff plays during battles, and a secret weapon that is a guitar.
The Spiffing Brit
"I Was Mortal Once" Same dude same...
Sean Allerdings
I don't know if it's just me but the music in this trailer sounds like it would fit perfectly on a Dynasty Warriors level. I like it a lot it seems too perfectly fit for what Koei usually puts in the games.
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