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Check out this amazing VFX breakdown from the 2017 Sci-Fi Film "Attraction" by the talented team at Main Road Post!
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Music: Original score by Ivan Burlyaev and Dmitry Noskov
Sound design and mix: Flysound
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22 Abr 2017



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Comentários 80
WIlis matrix
WIlis matrix 4 dias atrás
Awsome VFX 😍😍
joodi princess
joodi princess 23 dias atrás
name of the movie
Cory Seaward
Cory Seaward Mês atrás
so alien ship crash lands, kills hundreds of people then drops 70 tons of cocaine on the city before it leaves. Best party ever, I like these aliens.
This is the kind of shit I dream of and visualize whenever I stare in an open field
Shuvo Speaking
Shuvo Speaking 2 meses atrás
I almost never miss Sci-fi content. I was wondering how I missed this beauty! Russian. Small budget. Not enough marketing. Now I get it.
marcelles sharpe
marcelles sharpe 2 meses atrás
As much as it's a marvel too look at the way they move is so cartoony
marcelles sharpe
marcelles sharpe 2 meses atrás
Like it looks like a video game cinematic
Ryle Dan
Ryle Dan 2 meses atrás
Holy fu- this is just a scary amount of talent.
Entrepreneur Network
Entrepreneur Network 2 meses atrás
Bad Ass!
Samuel Roman
Samuel Roman 2 meses atrás
SAJID LTD 2 meses atrás
its my dream
Romane Lovaski
Romane Lovaski 2 meses atrás
What is VFX and CGI??
Universe of pk
Universe of pk 3 meses atrás
which film is this? ? ? ? ? ? plz tell that was really amazing near to marvel movies
Top Craft
Top Craft 4 meses atrás
And there's a movie that they can't even make a red flying metal thing look realistic for only 1 shot
ايهاب السعدني
Please, I wanted you to show me a video tutorial on how to do a Dragon Ride trick and how it should be on my shoulder
Roman Goliaf
Roman Goliaf 5 meses atrás
Хорошие эффекты, но блин, так запороть фильм...
Bruno Blanco
Bruno Blanco 5 meses atrás
pixar quiere conocer tu ubicacion
Jared Crown
Jared Crown 7 meses atrás
mr. ciiltire
mr. ciiltire 8 meses atrás
which softwares are used to this Movie ?
Jabi Jabi
Jabi Jabi 8 meses atrás
WOW. This Is really awesome. I Will have to download this. I even dont know if this Is a film. I have not seen this on internet
The Commenter
The Commenter 11 meses atrás
This city destruction is so real. Best CGI I ever saw.
Sabi Ukasha
Sabi Ukasha 11 meses atrás
damn that shit have nuts in it
than tun zaw
than tun zaw Anos atrás
At 6:17 , why do they create every internal parts of car? Why don't they only external appearance of car ? Somebody can explain about that?
chadiwack 4 meses atrás
was just thinking the exact same thing. I guessed it was so when it breaks apart or crashes they have more control over debris.
T DUB Anos atrás
This gotta be the best cgi I've ever seen
DARKSIDE Anos atrás
This is russian film! Я из России если чё
Danny Benhur
Danny Benhur Anos atrás
For 6 million dollars, the CGI in this movie is freaking awesome.....20 times cheaper than a Hollywood's blockbusters...
DevRoot Mês atrás
However it is visible in the story probably.. i havent watched it but imdb rating is only 5.5/10
alienpioneer 2 anos atrás
Such a pro level ...
Prasath Rajendran
Prasath Rajendran 2 anos atrás
Hey buddy This video BGM is really amazing !!! U have single tracks ???
orlanduce 2 anos atrás
Industrial Light and Magic worthy
volduong 2 anos atrás
Phim chi rứa tụi bây ?
J Jackson
J Jackson 2 anos atrás
An amazing piece of work. Amazing.
CineWorld vfx
CineWorld vfx 2 anos atrás
Ink 2 anos atrás
Awesome work.
Nam Khanh Ng
Nam Khanh Ng 2 anos atrás
Great CGI but the movie plot is terrible
BizzarousTurtles 2 anos atrás
freaking AWESOME
Michael Kendall
Michael Kendall 2 anos atrás
How many computers to render and how many ram memory used?
FroztByte Gamer
FroztByte Gamer 3 anos atrás
this is way better than stormlight
GIZMO 3 anos atrás
que pelicula es?
Don't you think that they copied the incredibles?
Бундестаг Комфортаблинамб
Extremely meh film with awesome CGI
Soluchi {Michael Jackson Lookalike, Dancer, VFX}
Very realistic CGI. Amazing.
Frank Simmons
Frank Simmons 3 anos atrás
Tassanee Poon-am
Tassanee Poon-am 3 anos atrás
knight night
knight night 3 anos atrás
who knows what the movie is?
inactive channel
inactive channel 3 anos atrás
Eric Douglas
Eric Douglas 3 anos atrás
Why isn't this beautiful Russian masterpiece in American Theaters too?
Max Shishkin
Max Shishkin 3 anos atrás
Better than full movie
Когнитивный Шатун
Провели инет в село и начала колхозная молодежь видяхи клепать. Масоны, сатана, коза, перевернутый крест. Ну какой сакральный смысл может быть в этих жестах и геометриеских фигурах?
Алексей Франк
Местами даже графика очень очень хуевая((
Herp Tamvan
Herp Tamvan 3 anos atrás
wtf.. wow..
`2strokeboy` 3 anos atrás
Ricky De Pina
Ricky De Pina 3 anos atrás
Naeem Raza
Naeem Raza 3 anos atrás
gre8 vfx....
er ni
er ni 3 anos atrás
Бондарчук не достоин этих ребят.
Vern Fields
Vern Fields 3 anos atrás
Was this movie backed/funded by Donald Trump?
5even5eals 3 anos atrás
I'm in love with that power suit.
GilBr 3 anos atrás
Best CGI!!! Congratulations!!!
OUTLANDER1968 3 anos atrás
Movie Time.
Ds C
Ds C 3 anos atrás
George G
George G 3 anos atrás
David-Alexandre Leparoux
Excellent travail !! Le réalisme est totalement bluffant ! BRAVO !!! ( very good job !!!!!!)
falcrum 3 anos atrás
Very good VFX of very average movie. It is a pity that the acting and storyline is not at the same level as the CGI
Steve Caffrey
Steve Caffrey 3 anos atrás
Aynur Zakirov
Aynur Zakirov 3 anos atrás
Main Road Post умеют делать шикарные демонстрации своей работы, также можете глянуть ролик про "Сталинград"
Juan Josè Chirino
Juan Josè Chirino 3 anos atrás
Impresionante todo, gracias por compartirlo
AlligatorBytes 3 anos atrás
another happy landing
Gamer 304
Gamer 304 3 anos atrás
Name of this movie?
phillip kalaveras
phillip kalaveras 3 anos atrás
Released January in Russia. Anybody know if they going to have an English version?
phillip kalaveras
phillip kalaveras 3 anos atrás
Thank you for taking the time
baddcarma 3 anos atrás
The international release dates vary, some in April, check if your country is listed:
driveman 3 anos atrás
Amazing what they can do with calymation/stop-motion these days!!
Mathieu Prezelin
Mathieu Prezelin 3 anos atrás
Oh shit ! That is just AMAZING
Michael Mellon
Michael Mellon 3 anos atrás
Very, very, good.
Ür Future Music
Ür Future Music 3 anos atrás
De Koop
De Koop 3 anos atrás
It looks better than the guardians
Przemek X
Przemek X 3 anos atrás
destruction scene is very realistic ..but aliens dont move in natural way .. ..but on the whole well done for great job
Nilesh ghumare
Nilesh ghumare 3 anos atrás
wow what a work
Дмитрий Иванов
Klabauter Jan
Klabauter Jan 3 anos atrás
wow wow wow .. hope the film come to germany
Ahmed Aissa
Ahmed Aissa 3 anos atrás
Absolutely amazing, how is the workflow. Which app maya, max etc. How do you do this breakdown? It will be a big challenge to create a trailer like this. Respect
Alex mena liriano
Alex mena liriano 3 anos atrás
Braden Currah
Braden Currah 3 anos atrás
I dropped a gyroscope on my Lego city. (100,000/10 this was *the best* VFX breakdown I have ever seen)
NiniWonder 3 anos atrás
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