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28 Set 2021



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Just Some Guy without a Mustache
It's utterly mind blowing how Gordon Ramsay has so much patience for these restaurant owners
Aficionado Avacado
I love how respectful Gordon is to the servers-
Leonard Wilson
What I don’t understand is why people invite Ramsay to their restaurant and then get offended by his constructive criticism?
"we don't have an issue with mice"
Kevin Lee
I've definitely been there before. As an exterminator I've been accused of planting rodents and insects at homes just to get a sale. It's the most infuriating thing ever especially when they call you out there to do an inspection for the thing you end up finding. One lady really called me for a termite inspection and accused me of placing termites on her house.
That man literally took staged pictures of himself cleaning 😂😂😂😂
Never thought I'd see the day.."Certified hood classics" on the Kitchen Nightmare channel
Ishla Corrin
As an Australian, I'd just like to say that the Pie at
Chris Darcy
Straight up respect for this media guy, you can tell when it’s his title over another member of the team 😂 he understands his demographic better than anyone else on the team, take notes
LOL they accused him of planting mice. This show has so many people that try to lie to Gordon.
The fact that they think he would plant a mouse is so embarrassing
This is a certified hood classic
"I thought I drained it pretty well!"
The young cook was the only one who made sense. Telling them to be honest about the place being infested. He’s like how else will we get help. Thank you for your honesty 👏👏👏👏the only person who was courageous enough to admit what they called Gordon for. Help. Everyone else they will stay the same with that type of pride. Humble yourself. You asked for help. And now your blaming him for your issues. How rude and disrespectful to someone offering help
Sarah Miller
I like how the wait staff usually just laugh because they're the ones on the frontline and they KNOW how shitty the food is and they're glad someone with authority is finally saying it.
It’s so funny to me that those people thought Gordon would just bring a dead mouse in his pocket and plant it to make them look bad, as if their food didn’t make them look bad enough 😂
Gabriel Rodriguez
I love how Alan walks into the kitchen with a smile all proud about his meat pie and then David tells him he isn’t going to like it and the smile goes away
Zaid Nasser
I really wish Gordon Ramsay would start a new season of Kitchen Nightmares.
"i wouldnt come into your restaurant and do that" "you wouldn't find gum under my table" gordon put that man in a coffin
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