Celine Dion 'All By Myself'

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In Cinemas February 18 / For One Week Only

Celine: Through the Eyes of the World will bring Celine Dion's 2008-2009 Taking Chances World tour to cinemas. This special motion picture event gives Dion fans who attended the extremely popular tour - which placed Dion second only to Madonna in ticket sales in 2008 - another chance to experience the magical event, this time from a vantage point unparalled by any ticket.

Join Celine as she travels to five continents and 25 countries, putting on show-stopping performances of some of her biggest hits. However, this world tour is different as Celine is travelling with her husband, her 8-year-old son, her mother, and her extended family. Intercutting concert performances with behind the scenes footage, audiences will get the chance to really know Celine, her family , and her co-performers as well as those fans that she meets and performs for around the world. Inspirational, moving, honest and surprisingly funny, Celine: Through the Eyes of the World, is a rare look into the on-stage life of a performer and the off-stage life of a wife, mother and daughter.



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Comentários 80
Katy Parker
Katy Parker 2 horas atrás
who is here on 5th April 2020
megatron 21. Teresa
megatron 21. Teresa 4 horas atrás
The BEST 4ever
Walter Alves de Barros filho
The best número one
Maria Chiola
Maria Chiola 8 horas atrás
Tropppoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo belllllaaaaaaaa senza paroleeeeee❤
Melody Casimero
Melody Casimero 9 horas atrás
You're an angel 💞
addy ainun
addy ainun 11 horas atrás
2020 👍
Rossana Tonesi
Rossana Tonesi 12 horas atrás
Thanks to Rachmaninov
Denise Moura
Denise Moura Dia atrás
Q performance no final da música! Wow! Amazing!
Paris_W.X Dia atrás
Gotta admit shes an amazingly talented person but I do prefer the origional origional
Daniel Pinheiro
Daniel Pinheiro Dia atrás
Uma das mais belas apresentações que ja vi!!
april tandon
april tandon 2 dias atrás
Love her!❤️
Serena a Índia
Serena a Índia 2 dias atrás
O paaaaaai nasceeeeeu no Morumbi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lavinia Baricuatro
Lavinia Baricuatro 3 dias atrás
3:29 let there be light
pete smyth
pete smyth 3 dias atrás
Hard to believe someone born in Canada can't speak English properly..
Eliana Di Nicola
Eliana Di Nicola 3 dias atrás
Urfan Seferli
Urfan Seferli 3 dias atrás
Legend singer...
Aide Sánchez
Aide Sánchez 4 dias atrás
La bandera de México 🇲🇽 😍❤️
Anna Phan
Anna Phan 4 dias atrás
How come isn't Celine one of the Voice judges?
Chester Didzena
Chester Didzena 4 dias atrás
I'm losing myself lol
Jos Rii
Jos Rii 4 dias atrás
Who's here after watching charice pempencos version?
Blissfully Happy
Blissfully Happy 4 dias atrás
Yes queen 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Her voice still gives me chills.
Андрей Григорьев
zaryab malik
zaryab malik 5 dias atrás
Listening to this during lockdown
Anto Silitonga
Anto Silitonga 6 dias atrás
She is legend
Temno Tan
Temno Tan 6 dias atrás
Living alone I think of all the friends I've known but when I dial the telephone number nodody's home
Gianni La Bianca
Gianni La Bianca 6 dias atrás
Tantissimi Auguri, meravigliosa è bellissima cantante. viva la musica, possa la tua voce distruggere questo Schifoso virus, speriamo a Dio.
Ekaterina Dart
Ekaterina Dart 7 dias atrás
Celine the great women
Vegan guy Vegan
Vegan guy Vegan 8 dias atrás
Some of Celine's performances are so good that actually they almost become normal. If you look at any legend, not trying to be shady but simply they don't have so many perfect preferences in 3 decades! She genuinely is a sweet lady too!
Hent 8 dias atrás
Wow. Just WOW.
Idalina Silva
Idalina Silva 8 dias atrás
Celine i love you Diva 😍🌹❤👏
Zai Badloe
Zai Badloe 8 dias atrás
Celine Dione is who you remember when on lock down. "I am alive" despite everything around the world. Saluut Celeine ♥️
fashionably sensitive
fashionably sensitive 9 dias atrás
So nasal 🤮🤮
Sveta Belka
Sveta Belka 9 dias atrás
Талант !!! И песни просто космос!!! Молодец!!!
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 9 dias atrás
During Self quarantine here in Indonesia 🇮🇩 Stay safe, guys!! 💗
Julius Fanfut Moykari
Julius Fanfut Moykari 9 dias atrás
I Love You Voice Celine Dion..
Charlouf SpeedCubing
Charlouf SpeedCubing 10 dias atrás
Auto tune
music an news per
music an news per 10 dias atrás
janet wahl
janet wahl 11 dias atrás
Just amazing! She is fabulous.
Paulo Roberto Ribeiro jr
with a slight scratch in the voice at the end, note 1000
Julia Lueders
Julia Lueders 12 dias atrás
She is legend...
Alessandra Castro
Alessandra Castro 12 dias atrás
Brasil, 2020, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aerine Zephyr
Aerine Zephyr 14 dias atrás
ACCA 14 dias atrás
Ar Balinto
Ar Balinto 14 dias atrás
she's example of a strong woman
Luan Guimarães
Luan Guimarães 15 dias atrás
The best voice 😍
Aleyda Andrade
Aleyda Andrade 16 dias atrás
Un gran ser humano!!! Saludos desde Colombia!!!
Kenneth Lloyd Canete
Kenneth Lloyd Canete 16 dias atrás
Celine Dion is so close to her fans and thats why we all love her so much
Cedz Amaricuz
Cedz Amaricuz 17 dias atrás
March 19, 2020 during Lockdown 🇵🇭
Dark cadence
Dark cadence 17 dias atrás
What a voice
Vinzmor Gerida
Vinzmor Gerida 17 dias atrás
2020 during lockdown❤🇵🇭
Vinzmor Gerida
Vinzmor Gerida 5 dias atrás
Stay home and stay safe y'all!
Kelly 5 dias atrás
Vegan guy Vegan
Vegan guy Vegan 11 dias atrás
hahaha yes ! literally just sent it to my friends hahah
Alsy Kasum
Alsy Kasum 19 dias atrás
Боже какой голос у Селин,вокал великолепный, Браво Селин
Róger Rodríguez
Róger Rodríguez 19 dias atrás
Cover en español:
Martine Beterams
Martine Beterams 20 dias atrás
you are my insperation,you are the greatest strong woman in the world that i now,i need your voice,its help me when am little down,Thank you very much Princes CELINE DION,you are my best friend i love you friendship.......
ซุ้มไก่From the Feel เชียงยืนconvey
All by myself Don't wanna be All by myself Anymore All by myself Don't wanna live
piero awuy
piero awuy 20 dias atrás
wrong title
Erika Martinez
Erika Martinez 21 dia atrás
2020 me CEBA TU VOZ.
Charles Escarmoso Almosa
I love you celine since 2005
Temno Tan
Temno Tan 23 dias atrás
Temno Tan
Temno Tan 23 dias atrás
Nhat Vo
Nhat Vo 23 dias atrás
Whose here in 2020 still love celine dion
Mia Leroy
Mia Leroy 12 dias atrás
Hère i am!
Laura Patterson
Laura Patterson 23 dias atrás
Some seriously great singing chops! !
Paola Cuartho Garcia
Paola Cuartho Garcia 23 dias atrás
I wanna be all by my shelf lol ‘tis bitch
Марина Шихарева
Счастливая и красивая женщина, просто с божественным голосом... восхищаюсь!!!
patris lemair
patris lemair 24 dias atrás
Why this nosy Mickey Mouse voice is considered sexy I do not understand
Ako To
Ako To 24 dias atrás
Oh my god i
James Arguello
James Arguello 24 dias atrás
I can’t hear this song in the same way after listening Sasha zazarashvili singing “all by myself”.
Ashley Hughes
Ashley Hughes 22 dias atrás
Listen to Charice
Chouchana Padovani
Chouchana Padovani 25 dias atrás
Jelyn Villaseñor
Jelyn Villaseñor 26 dias atrás
I love you Celine ❤️💋
Elina Sinaga
Elina Sinaga 26 dias atrás
The 1,8 K dislikers are kpopers wkwkwkk
Qi Liu
Qi Liu 26 dias atrás
TOP Musica
TOP Musica 26 dias atrás
chaa chiii
chaa chiii 27 dias atrás
a living legend ❤👑
Plarvella Crovackia
Plarvella Crovackia 27 dias atrás
my favorite song
Marie 27 dias atrás
lilie rogers
lilie rogers 28 dias atrás
On a beau dire, elle est la seule à envoyer autant !
Rakhmat Arif
Rakhmat Arif 28 dias atrás
Diva dunia.....
Алия Изтулина
Isabelle Odant
Isabelle Odant 29 dias atrás
Belle chanson !!!
Eleni Chanel
Eleni Chanel 29 dias atrás
Class act truly a gift to the world! Keep going Celine we need you❤❤
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