Celebrities Who Fired Back At Disrespectful Interviewers 

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2 Jul 2019



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@enigma5386 4 anos atrás
Anne Hathaway: 0:00 Dylan McDermott: 1:00 Tom Hiddleston/ Scarlett Johansson: 1:40 Joan Rivers: 2:39 Taylor Swift: 3:08 Justin Bieber: 4:21 Tasha Reign: 4:53 Britney Spears: 5:20 Helen Mirren: 5:54 Kayne West: 7:07 Demi Lovato: 8:13
@PoPMichalpl9 4 anos atrás
@Seth Organs How is she beautiful lol?
@kingdaddy6168 4 anos atrás
Where's Kodak black
@jafrost1328 4 anos atrás
wow. had tho check here who that even was... helen mirren was a hottie once upon a time...
@cashJOHNNYcash17 4 anos atrás
Who gives a shit
@mahams8954 4 anos atrás
Enigma OMG i was just wondering who that was, it’s The Helen Mirren! She was beautiful, i love her as an actor but didn’t think she was that attractive.
@maddidavis4705 3 anos atrás
"Your voice is really high pitched. Were you touched as a child?" I'm sorry, who tf says shit like that?
@eks9225 3 anos atrás
Yea that was weird
@themetra066 3 anos atrás
Serial Killers
@tylorj001 3 anos atrás
I like how you didn’t pay attention to the fact she made his point cuz she literally switched her vocal tone so quick and got defensive
@maddidavis4705 3 anos atrás
@@tylorj001 Huh? She reacted like any normal person would to getting such a creepy question.
@bigmanbeats8582 3 anos atrás
@@tylorj001 what?
@griffj8546 3 anos atrás
She said, "are you trying to fit in a catsuit?" She's great.
@gollumi5046 3 anos atrás
How was the interviewer offensive I might ask
@frankietheghost9385 3 anos atrás
I lost it
@emilior934 3 anos atrás
Talking about her body instead of the movie? Duh. Edit: talking about JUST her body. Not acknowledging her acting skills. I would feel annoyed if they think of me as a pretty face only. Sure ask about the diet and exercise like with the male actors, but not base the whole interview around my looks only. Shit, ask me about how I got into the role of a thieving cat,what was my mental state when wearing the suit, how I prepared mentally for the serious scenes, dialogs, etc. Those are the questions she was expecting after the diet and body ones, not the second rated, trashy ones she kept getting instead.
@gollumi5046 3 anos atrás
@@emilior934 well he asked a relevant question
@ashleywhite4186 3 anos atrás
@@gollumi5046 @@gollumi5046 Literally people asked Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth how the got so buff for their films. Yet it's offensive when they ask her. That lowkey confuses me on how it's offensive, also. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@bunny_god 2 anos atrás
“are you trying to fit into a cat suit?” will never not be the greatest and most well executed clap backs
@edenbrown3470 2 anos atrás
hahaha I come here to see her say that, she's great!
@AronPrince1967 2 anos atrás
@helenafourie8502 2 anos atrás
I burst out laughing at that Sooooo perfect
@encycl07pedia- 2 anos atrás
Are* well-executed* clapback.*
@bunny_god 2 anos atrás
@@encycl07pedia- dont* give a* fuck*
@Delicate_Disaster 2 anos atrás
The dead Mom one was absolutely unacceptable! I really can't believe they did that to him! How can someone be that thoughtless and cruel?!
@brunomarsh1246 2 anos atrás
it was a turning point tho, important moment
@renejimenez1266 2 anos atrás
first time on the internet?
@shanequalove2966 2 anos atrás
Omg I damn near lost it seeing that !!! Like whup his ass and leave!!!!!!!!!!!!
@mr.wahappa2678 Anos atrás
So bro 😂 heard your mum dead 😂 😆 must be rough 😆
@Delicate_Disaster Anos atrás
@Ballen Star clearly I meant I couldn't believe the reporter coldly bombarded the man being interviewed. I don't know who he is. Hence the "*they* did that to *him*" Multiple people doing something to one person.
@thrillcollectors 3 anos atrás
I LOVE how Anne Hathaway handled that situation. She literally just flipped the whole interview to ask him the exact same uncomfortable questions he was drilling her with. “No, no we have to talk about this!” Love it. Perfectly handled.
@hasselett 2 anos atrás
While the questions may have been interpreted one way by Anne, it's not uncommon for interviewers to ask actors about training regimens they took on for their roles. From what I gathered, the man asked the same thing three times, which did feel a little insistent, but he phrased the question differently each time and was very cordial in his approach. I don't feel like he deserved getting embarrassed for such a trivial thing.
@Sykyk777 2 anos atrás
Anne is a pompous bitch!
@thrillcollectors 2 anos atrás
@@hasselett for one I don’t think the way she flipped it was too embarrassing she stayed nice about it and secondly I think he was pushing too much for sure. She made it pretty clear with her body language and even with what she was saying that she wasn’t too keen on going into that subject but he kept pushing. Yes he was cordial but sometimes it’s best to read the room and drop it all together. There are so many better and more interesting questions to ask anyways
@mikeweimer4783 2 anos atrás
I actually got the impression she was trying to playfully divert attention to different questions without insinuating he had negative intent
@andrewkomaniecki480 2 anos atrás
@@thrillcollectors It's very common for people to ask celebrities about their diet regimen. It's only offensive because Anne is a woman. Had the gender roles been flipped, it would've been considered normal. Seriosuly, can nobody ask questions nowadays without it being perceived as rude?
@storme526 2 anos atrás
That disgusting question that man asked about her being molested as a child was absolutely sickening. No empathy for victims at all. I pray to god no one he loves ever turns out to be a victim of sexual abuse. What a nasty, vile, human being.
@firemonkey1015 7 meses atrás
Imagine being this triggered over a joke. Grow up lol. I’m sure they can handle it. You can’t survive through life if you’re that offended and fragile.
@3loth205 7 meses atrás
@@firemonkey1015trauma exists u fucking asshole, dark humor is funny but theres a lime between dark humor and disrespect.
@k.a-l2735 6 meses atrás
It’s not like he suplexed her, obviously she’ll survive. It’s just not a very nice thing to say. Also, it wasn’t a joke. Nothing about his delivery makes it seem like a joke.
@justMrAxe 6 meses atrás
@@firemonkey1015hope it happens to you and nobody takes you seriously.
@MatthewArgylle 5 meses atrás
@@firemonkey1015 IT WASN'T EVEN FUNNY. Just made that reporter sound like a creepy pedophile who likes giving other people clues about his unfound acts
@MsFava32 4 anos atrás
Who starts a sentence like "So, your mom was killed." what kind of mess is that?
@sehershazad7715 3 anos atrás
It was so casual
@Emma-in5dh 3 anos atrás
Lori Musgrove right
@d.s.8514 3 anos atrás
That was so messed up!! Then the other interviewer said “ oh, speaking of death”. So disgusting!!!
@MsFava32 3 anos atrás
@@d.s.8514 Right!
@n14ck 3 anos atrás
I do that.
@Sean-uv2di 3 anos atrás
“Are you trying to fit into a cat-suit?” That has got to be the best yet most respectful burn.
@HughMiller98 3 anos atrás
Sis snapped
@Stef861 3 anos atrás
I dont get why the guy deserved that type of comment thrown at him at all
@dannybrown2857 3 anos atrás
I would've just laughed and said yeah so I can be the next cat woman
@Al-Ash 3 anos atrás
@@Stef861 These interviews take place in controlled environments. The range of questions are usually predetermined and semi scripted. That guy was going on about the same thing on and on even as she tried to change the subject. People behind the camera were probably telling him to move on to something else. At some point, anyone would crack. She's only human.
@barrybonds9558 3 anos atrás
@@Al-Ash It's not that deep he asked onl 3 times a relative question but she wanted to be a 12 year old.
@chelseadwest 3 anos atrás
1:38 Dylan McDermott 7:30 Kayne West Why on earth would anybody think its okay to bring up the death someone's loved one like this? I'm appalled.
@eBoySensation 3 anos atrás
so appalled?
@zane2065 3 anos atrás
Spalding ball?
@kylem.9525 3 anos atrás
donald trump taking dollars from y’all?
@Matthewlikesfootball 3 anos atrás
It’s fucking ridiculous.
@nikkikoza1668 3 anos atrás
@@kylem.9525 Not from my Canadian Black ass.
@julialopez5997 2 anos atrás
"Were you touched as a kid?" Wtf??? And I can immagin that if she went mad about ir he would just laugh at this and she would've been labeled as boring and crazy
@JV-ut4fi Anos atrás
that guy might be a covert pedo, if he's asking qns like that
@morgan6361 3 anos atrás
the kanye west clip actually had me so uncomfortable. i felt so bad for him. he was trying not to cry
he did cry
@rangopistacho6928 2 anos atrás
Depsite the guy being a dick you cant help but feel bad for him
@Nevermore093 2 anos atrás
@UCG5zVpXMPtfJcaSwX0zNaOg i feel worse for Taylor still. Kanye was an asshole in front of her
@@Nevermore093 he is an asshole bc he deals with so much and doesnt have someone around who can help guide him cuz cant noone relate to kanye if i was kanye west id act the same way
@boundarysentinel4181 2 anos atrás
@@jarealonsoundcloud2344 what about his big supportive family and kids, not to mention the giant entourage??? Get a grip, he came off like a petty spoiled asshole. Too bad 70% of the world will remember that much. No sympathy for brats. ... meanwhile Taylor Swift the consummate professional 😉
@erika5384 8 meses atrás
The way Tom Hiddleston answered that question so gracefully and SO humbly without even blinking. What a pure man, that woman’s question was so rude.
@claire1rocks225 4 anos atrás
The Dylan McDermott one was just disgusting. His mother was killed, and then think it's something to joke about. Jesus Christ.
@201wudy 4 anos atrás
Well if your going on a show where dougs asking questions then you know that anything goes so you need to realize if your not ok with it you will be uncomfortable that’s him
@@201wudy i dont think anyone could really, you know.Expect someone to make a joke about you deceased mother?
@madrecka 4 anos atrás
Why do you and so many people Sware and Say: "Jesus Christ "? Why not sware the Devil's or Muhammed's name?
@near8300 4 anos atrás
@@madrecka because you're morron idiot may the devil's soul always be with you, you snake head!!!!
@claire1rocks225 4 anos atrás
@@madrecka Well, saying "Jesus Christ" is common parlance in the English language.
@wtv993 3 anos atrás
5:09 imagine being in a relationship with someone and trusting them with a horrible and private childhood trauma just for them to mention it during a random interview that will be available to millions of strangers
@adamlion3495 3 anos atrás
Well atleast he kept her anonymois
@adamlion3495 3 anos atrás
Well atleast he kept her anonymois
And saying “did you experience this or are you normal “
@wahdhandnanw2759 2 anos atrás
@@adamlion3495 it’s anonymous though is it, everyone in both of their personal lives who knew that they dated would know who exactly he were talking about
@omarbernal2408 2 anos atrás
LoL that guy was funny. Legend
@SchoolyardKiller 2 anos atrás
I never cared for Taylor Swift. Don't like her music, don't follow what she does. But every time she pops up randomly in some video, I'm impressed with how well she handles situations.
@OpheliaFantasy 2 anos atrás
That's what we call a backhanded compliment!
@loversandlosers 2 anos atrás
Wow what a nicely crafted comment. You successfully captured the “I don’t like popular things because they’re popular” demographic AND the “I’m super intelligent with seemingly paradoxical opinions” demographic. TL;DR go fuck yoursef
@mauhanoviardo 2 anos atrás
@@loversandlosers What a poorly conducted statement. He never stated that he "hated" her because shes popular, nor bash anything, at any point. The only point of the comment is that he does not like her music, follows her, nor cared for her, but in awe due to Taylor's personallity, which he wouldnt have really known, due to not following her. Are you that oblivious to the fact that people have different taste in music? TL;DR : Read before replying
@hamiltonmcgregor5534 2 anos atrás
@@mauhanoviardo comments like this make me love the internet 😂 love that you took his words but made them better lol
@hunniii2356 2 anos atrás
@@mauhanoviardo omg i love you for that😭
Scarlett Johanson actually helped that awkward interviewer out of the situation by not taking it personal.
@tallisonrausch5719 2 anos atrás
Kanye West’s mother was a brilliant woman to whom he was so close, Jay’s question was patronizing and insensitive in the extreme.
@drak3661 2 anos atrás
Big shit
@Julia-wh4hl 2 anos atrás
He killed her
@SmokeyCherry467 2 anos atrás
@@Julia-wh4hl bruh shut up bruh
@RyukyuStyle 2 anos atrás
fr fr. that isnt something to play about especially like that, on tv! wtf! but ye handled it with class.
@SmokeyCherry467 2 anos atrás
@@RyukyuStyle bruh facts bruh, Jay Leno is always very disrespectful bruh
@shaikymandel7593 Anos atrás
Interviewers ask the most violating questions, it’s so frustrating to be interviewed about personal shit.
@judejohnson9645 3 anos atrás
The "girly voice" interview was absolutely CRINGE. Like why tf would you ask someone that? Hope he got fired
@animefreak4161 3 anos atrás
Fired? His job is to make them feel uncomfortable
@judejohnson9645 3 anos atrás
@@animefreak4161 BRUH, that's not funny nor entertaining on any scale. However, if that's the theme of the show, then good for them
@Danimal77 3 anos atrás
@benjiii3407 3 anos atrás
Jude Johnson I actually thought it was funny. Especially how he brought up his gf
@IbrahimAhmed-lx8bz 3 anos atrás
Absolute cringe. What’s his name?
@thrillcollectors 3 anos atrás
Wild how the creepy dude who asks the infamous “creepiest question ever” literally stops the whole interview to ask it. He’s like “hold up a second I just gotta know” like wtf this guy is insane
@elijahwinchester6690 2 anos atrás
that, and he just talks about someone else's childhood abuse so casually. my boyfriend was so comforting and understanding when i told him what had happened to me ( though it was a bit of a different situation, arguably not as horrific ). you'd think he'd have some sort of respect for the situation considering his ex girlfriend experienced similar trauma, but it was almost like a joke to him. horrible.
@alexavila3960 2 anos atrás
All yall soft🤣
@elinanatvik7454 2 anos atrás
@@alexavila3960 no way you’re defending that weirdo
@mimi-gs7cw 2 anos atrás
@@alexavila3960 youre disgusting
@alejandro5363 2 anos atrás
@@alexavila3960 maybe to pedophiles it seems that way
@gingyboi1557 3 anos atrás
When the interviewer said all that about Kanye's mom, I'm surprised Kanye kept his cool, if someone talked about my mom like that I would have beat him to a pulp, just so disrespectful
@Aaron-he3qd 3 anos atrás
He wasn’t really saying anything disrespectful about his mom but I agree that it was a tone deaf and hurtful question to ask.
@nomorepartiezz 3 anos atrás
@leahmadalyn 3 anos atrás
Jay Leno piece of shit.
@robertpolanco1973 3 anos atrás
@@leahmadalyn - Leah, that is a little way out of line about what you said about Jay Leno! Like come on!
@leahmadalyn 3 anos atrás
@@robertpolanco1973 My apologies. Jay Leno, racist piece of shit. There.
@maeokee6010 Anos atrás
Anne Hathaway has my respect for that response, it made me so sad when he was like “so when you found out you were going to be cat woman” and her smile she looked so excited to talk about the role and he immediately went to her body. smh.
@bigboymatthew7471 6 meses atrás
It wasn’t even that bad he was complimenting her
@MSN539 Mês atrás
@angrycat6954 Dia atrás
@@bigboymatthew7471it’s so fucking old. Women just want to talk about one thing and then people just make it about their bodies. We’re tired of it. I don’t care if it’s a compliment or not, it has nothing to do with the role.
@gambinosclown1254 3 anos atrás
Are we not gonna talk about the dude degrading his daughter while on the air with demi? How do talk show hosts have no sense of bounderies??
@yelizovo4830 3 anos atrás
he obviously invented that with his daughter, just to get a reaction from demi. so rude.
@maurice8180 3 anos atrás
@@yelizovo4830 I don't think that it is _that_ obvious when a lot of people actually believed him? And how do you know that he made that thing about his daughter up - Do you personally know the interviewer?
@chrisedwards3640 2 anos atrás
@@maurice8180 He's pretty clearly trying to make up something in an attempt to fix the awkward atmosphere but only made it worse. It's no secret interviewers twist/fake people's words just for a reaction. This is not an uncommon thing.
@Poeticfloetic 2 anos atrás
@Symone_A95 2 anos atrás
That's Matty from the "Matty in the morning show"from Kiss108 in Boston.He's literally so annoying and is disrespectful pretty much all the time and yet people love him 🙃
@OnFight1997 2 anos atrás
“I know your mom was killed” yeah man, lets bring that up in live radio, FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.
@hillary1668 4 anos atrás
That guy asking if she was touched at a young age!? Wtfff
@Oswadomob 4 anos atrás
Hillary Jauregui so creepy
@shroud4269 4 anos atrás
I actually saw that clip earlier but with no context and I think that the dude was a troll so I actually laughed bc it was so random and troll. But then I watched it again in this video with context and I was actually creeped out, the lady(idk who that even is) actually had a perfect reaction, and he kept on with the weird pedo interest in if she was raped as a child tf, then gave a personal example of a 6 yr old he knew that got sexually abused, fuckin weird man
@Petrslav 4 anos atrás
@@shroud4269 is he not a troll? I feel that has to be a some sort of prank
@shroud4269 4 anos atrás
@@Petrslav honestly I think these people just get paid to say the most random and/or offensive thing that relates to whoever they are interviewing with the sole purpose of making them angry or uncomfortable
@Petrslav 4 anos atrás
@@shroud4269 it has to be. They never seem to get fired. They get public backlash, but keep working for these companies. Like that one interviewer for the BBC, that often has celebrities walk out on him.
@rachelcontreras2965 3 anos atrás
people get so mad at the celebs, but imagine if someone said something like that to you. brought your murdered mother or if you’ve been touched before. they get way too comfortable and get away with it
@maiatinsley6466 2 anos atrás
@Joe Rogaine how are you that fucking stupid ?????
@gothicmoonchild3629 2 anos atrás
@Joe Rogaine eat a snickers
@jonessa802 2 anos atrás
I agree
@TheLucidSpecter 2 anos atrás
Literally no one is mad at them 😂🤣
@shelbymiller894 2 anos atrás
@@TheLucidSpecter hi, welcome to the internet. anyone known by the masses is deeply critiqued.
@betotrono 3 anos atrás
That Russian girl seemed sweetly unsophisticated, not disrespectful. Edit: also, Jay Leno is an absolute tool.
@SanaSamaha 2 anos atrás
I think so too. I think there was a culture barrier as well.
@keroppi6876 2 anos atrás
i agree, just different culture tbh.
@annapavfan4680 2 anos atrás
Same thoughts. I’ve met plenty of Russians and they are certainly not rude on purpose.
@mirellalastar 2 anos atrás
Yeah, luckily, Scarlett didn't blast her for that question, she just kept going with a smile. So the interview continued smoothly.
@manaalmuneef3684 2 anos atrás
@melissachapman1674 2 anos atrás
“I’d like you to explain what you mean by my equipment.” & the, “are you trying to fit into a cat suit?” are deadass some of the BEST clap backs I’ve seen!! And Helen?! So ahead of her time but in the same sense; not really. Ugh what beautiful moments I would’ve LOVED to witness in person.
@noorahnn376 3 anos atrás
That guy who calmly opened up the topic about the other guy’s mom being murdered is AWFUL!!!!!!
@locomocochocotaco 3 anos atrás
That was disgusting
@mroy88 2 anos atrás
Yeah he's one of the world's biggest pieces of shit
@DollySvengali Anos atrás
He's awful and he STINKS!
@kevinj920 2 anos atrás
I cant stress enough how happy I am its not you talking about the clips for 3 minutes, and then showing the actual clip for 10 seconds. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
@pancon9947 4 anos atrás
When she said that is the creepiest question she was right it was so creepy
@jackskellington4198 4 anos atrás
I knooww so fucking weird 😬
@ilovemycat3537 4 anos atrás
and also so fucking personal??????
@RonnyWho 4 anos atrás
his response was fucking hilarious though
@joshuapost6039 4 anos atrás
RonnyWho no, man. It was equally as creepy, if not more.
@RonnyWho 4 anos atrás
@@joshuapost6039 it was inappropriate, but really funny
@Anvyy 3 anos atrás
This is why so many of our favorite artists have stopped doing interviews.
@godofpain 3 anos atrás
You can feel the hurt in Kanye’s voice yet he finds the words to answer the question without losing his mind like most these days
he loses his mind these days bc of the strain it put on him to not lose it in situations like that
Oh shut up even if he did get mad he had the full right to "without loosing his mind" my foot
@lmao9526 2 anos atrás
man i feel bad for ye disrespectful asf to bring up his mother in that question smfh
He was probably still taking his medication back then, he doesn't now.
@xMrsGontierx 9 meses atrás
Scarlett doing the sarcastic "YES" when that lady tells her all men fantasize about her will forever humor me
@HRaeN 3 anos atrás
Every time I watch an old Brittany Spears interview it makes me mad. Could you imagine being so young, in your first serious relationship, and the whole world is persecuting you because they think you cheated? And having to do interviews about it. The media and these journalists owe her an apology for exploiting her the way they did.
It's no wonder that she is the way she is now.
@jaquelinezini 3 anos atrás
the whole industry owes her an apology she totally had her life exploited and still is under control of her father, which is sickening
wait i thought she did cheat though
@zyqx4365 Anos atrás
Imagine being an artist and sitting in an interview and someone asks whom you fucked, when you had sex the first time, who you slept with, why it ends. This is demeaning, highly inappropriate, intrusive, embarrassing. And that's not journalism, that's schoolyard gossip in front of a camera.
@ltfringr Anos atrás
@@higher.consciousness9099 She did with Wade Robson
@SuzyL35 2 anos atrás
bro that helen mirren interview is gonna stick with me. I know we have come so far it wouldn't slide today but that interviewer was staring at her chest the entire time she was talking... the ignorance I cant.
@faded039 4 anos atrás
Wtf did that interviewer just start with "So your mom got killed"
@sehershazad7715 3 anos atrás
@sehershazad7715 3 anos atrás
@hi people Yeah but you don't casually mention someone's mom dying
@sehershazad7715 3 anos atrás
@hi people His act is bringing up someone's dead mother?
@sehershazad7715 3 anos atrás
@hi people Ok so that means I can go ahead and say stupid shit like this and it's ok since it's just a joke
@faded039 3 anos atrás
@hi people its not about being a tiny bitch its about having common decency. Its not funny at all to ask someone or start by "So your mom got killed"
@davidschwartz5614 2 anos atrás
I can't believe how maturely Kanye handled the situation, I was surprised he answered in the first place. Unbelievable.
@SuperLari1234 6 meses atrás
What was the context?
@feelinfizzy1383 6 meses atrás
@bazylbazyliszek7138 6 meses atrás
@@SuperLari1234 Kanye interrupted Taylor Swift when she won award for if i remember correctly best music video. She started talking and Kanye took her microphone and said that even though he's happy that she won she didn't deserve to win because Beyonce had the best music video of all time. Taylor was like 20 years old in that moment. Kanye apologized for it. The interviewer asked what would his mum said about this situation. Kanye's mum died 2 years prior the Taylor accident in 2007. She was his best friend and he has trauma because of her death to this day. It is really difficult matter to him and that question is really rude and inappropriate.
@andrewzanvettor8741 5 meses atrás
Not only is it rude and inappropriate he has no right to be asking it. He’s not related to Kanye in anyway
@CherryRedBanshee 3 anos atrás
I’ve never heard Helen Mirren’s voice when she was a younger woman. I know this detracts from the video but her voice and accent were (and still are) so very elegant.
@zeonmoo192 3 anos atrás
Yeah, the way she said "how dare you" so quietly and calmly radiated high class.
@bboydevs03 3 anos atrás
I thought she was so alluring. My heart skipped
@theempress1104 3 anos atrás
She sounds like Princess Diana. 😊
@nanaof3991 2 anos atrás
Reminded me of Princess Diana. And HM is just beautiful.
@twinmothz 2 anos atrás
The way Anne Hathaway casually and gracefully turned the attention from her diet and fitness to the interviewer’s physique is commendable. She always handles herself so well, so classy.
@roxlife8173 Mês atrás
That’s not Anne Hathaway.
@stheticuchiha4454 2 anos atrás
i feel like the russian lady wasn’t rude. she seemed very sweet but i believe that there was definitely a culture barrier within them.
Nah. She was rude.
@amyhiatt1177 Anos atrás
What the freak? Why the heck would that guy think it was decent and appropriate to ask someone if they were molested as a child because their voice is girly? That's appalling right there.
Whoa... how could you be so disrespectful to someone who's mother died...
@RustinChole 4 anos atrás
Right? Fucking gross.
@ghosttsohg7861 4 anos atrás
some people are disgusting
@TheNibiru720 4 anos atrás
Yeah I punched my nads got me so fukon mad bruh bruh
@willhunt7204 4 anos atrás
Kanye sacrificed his own mom for the fotune and fam. Do your research and find out how fake ALL of these people are. For real. Dont call me crazy till you look into the Satanist Illuminatti, that runs the world and everything in it, yes, including the music industry. He sacrificed his OWN MOTHER just like DABABY SACRAFICED HIS OWN DAD. Facts... Look into it. God bless, follow the one and only savior Jesus Christ.
I ment the actor on the radio show, not Kanye.
@Angeltears295 2 anos atrás
I am shocked with the Dylan McDermott interview. How clueless can you be bringing such a sensitive subject on air? And then saying “speaking of death”… 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Honestly. It is just vile. So sorry he had to go through that.
@DG-ee9hi 8 meses atrás
@bigboymatthew7471 6 meses atrás
The first part was ok the second one absolutely not
@_.addi_06 4 meses atrás
@@DG-ee9hithere’s edgy humor, but that just wasn’t it.
@BenniekdaReal 3 anos atrás
That Kanye one messed me up-his pain was incredibly obvious. I felt it. We often forget that celebrities are human beings. Dang Jay Leno you ain’t had to go there.
@katdujka4760 Anos atrás
“When you found out you were playing catwoman…” Anne was hoping he’d ask a cool question. If I was interviewing her I’d love to ask her a more in depth question about about such an iconic character.
@jugglergirl20km 2 anos atrás
Helen Mirren used one of the greatest ways to handle a person who says something insulting, degrading, racist, etc......" What? I don't understand? Explain it to me". Usually, when asked to explain the awful thing they just said, they become very uncomfortable and change the subject.
@parkergiele Anos atrás
compared to the other interviewers he wasn't that rude though
@yennefer440 Anos atrás
@@parkergiele did we watch the same thing tf
@Owen2131_ 2 anos atrás
@natalieking2780 4 anos atrás
Anne Hathaway gave a masterclass on how to shut someone the hell down without raising her voice or getting personal with insults.
@tfoshohoe 4 anos atrás
It was funny IMO.
@thespooke7950 4 anos atrás
Absolutely, what grace
@user-sp5ck4fs1n 4 anos atrás
Clayton Catlin doesn’t make the question ok just because men and women are healed to different social standards.
@Gabrosoft 4 anos atrás
Clayton Catlin yeah but when she answered he kept asking ..he definitely could have moved on
@heyitsbethxo9957 4 anos atrás
She was classy and shut him down
@oldirtybuzta5786 2 anos atrás
I like how this channel puts up the actual interviews instead of just talkin about em and only play a few seconds like mojo and all those “top 10” videos. shout out to u !
@kallen868 2 anos atrás
Mojo sux!
@I_Hate_My_Cat_ 3 anos atrás
And that boys and girls, is why Joan Rivers was a real fuckin G 😂
@darabennett4316 2 anos atrás
A fucking men!
@SneezyKeegz 2 anos atrás
Fucking loved it. No snap back, no passive aggressive answer, just nope fuck you I'm done.
@autumnfox523 2 anos atrás
Agreed! God loves you btw :)
@trentisdying4728 2 anos atrás
Her entire career was built off of crude and insulting humor and yet she gets mad when a dude does it to her. Please.
@elijahhill6602 2 anos atrás
@@trentisdying4728 There’s a difference between just busting your balls, and going a bit too far.
shawn mendez 4 the iphone entry if it is not too late ... watched until the end of courseeee!
@hdfilmsthings 3 anos atrás
I honestly LOVED Anne Hathaway’s roast “are you trying to fit into a catsuit”😂 this interviewer better have been fired u don’t need to ask actresses only about their bodies, ask about their role and other things instead!!!
@LifeBySpades 7 meses atrás
7:26 this is the point where Kanye snapped and it's so tragic. I legitimately think his mother's passing had such a huge impact on his psyche and I can't blame him. She seemed like such a wonderful person with how he sang, rapped and talked about her and I don't know if he ever processed it in a healthy way. May she rest in power 💜
@LaurenAusEngland Mês atrás
Snapped? You mean 'broke down'? Why do you always have to categorise pain and grief as anger for no reason? Kanye was literally crying.
@angelg6593 4 anos atrás
Ok wtf did this dude just say “I know your mom was killed” in the chillest of ways. Like he said it like it was nothing
@anklegod3700 4 anos atrás
It’s like they don’t see these people as humans. Like what makes you think it’s okay to just ask someone about their dead parent out of the blue.
@thelifeofpewpew3290 4 anos atrás
Angel G those guys should get fired, like, honestly
@axelaerroc9385 4 anos atrás
To which person they asked that question?
@mikeanderson3762 4 anos atrás
That was Jim Norton and Doug Stanhope . There normally funny but that was strange to ask ...
@firdausxoxo9019 4 anos atrás
Angel G I thought it was fake cos they said it like it’s a joke, like wtf 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
@RandomRyan 3 anos atrás
5:17 The transition here is GODLIKE!
@DavesPlace99 2 anos atrás
The reactions of the newscasters after Joan Rivers got deservedly angry, made my blood boil.
@Sam_Stewart-pr6vn 2 anos atrás
I feel really bad for Ye in that interview he looked like he was holding back tears
@yourgirlchase 2 anos atrás
Kanye didn’t fire back at all, and for him that speaks volumes, poor guy, his mom was his world 😢
@mickymcbryan4814 2 anos atrás
Honestly, I don’t like what’s happened with Kanye is recent years. I think he’s shown a lot of crummy views. But watching him dissociate at the mention of his mother makes me want to punch that interviewer. How dare that man do that to him. That was disgusting and my heart breaks for Kanye there.
@rosexthorn5015 3 anos atrás
@nikidon99 3 anos atrás
He is a fool
@kleber7563 3 anos atrás
Fucking creepy guy
@DopelyTV 3 anos atrás
theres videos dedicated to him, i think he may have been fired but im not totally sure
@user-df8oh4vx9l 3 anos atrás
He's clearly a pig.
@candiceguerra7795 3 anos atrás
He is disgusting
@Flip-a-dip-dip 3 anos atrás
I think there’s a lesson to learn here: never ask about someone’s dead Mother. EVER
@The482075 2 anos atrás
Even Batman would be angered.
@jamesthompson8084 3 anos atrás
Ann Hathaway is just the epitome of classy sass in that clip
@jhaesworld5717 2 anos atrás
the Kanye one actually hurt me so much, people knew the impact her death had on him and would still use her as a conversation topic😕
@1uhot426 3 anos atrás
This is part of the reasons your favorite celebrities go crazy. Imagine having to sit through this stupidity multiple times in your life. With the world watching your reactions, preparing to critique n criticize.
@kaitlynmarcak3725 Anos atrás
the interviewer who said _“my mom’s dead justin”_ said it like he didn’t deserve it lol if you patronize someone else forcing them to imagine their mom being seduced or something similar then don’t act like yours is off limits or you deserve more respect because she happens to be dead
Omg the first interviewer is the same guy who asked Scarlett Johansson of she wore underwear. oh my god someone please FIRE him
@anklegod3700 4 anos atrás
No they won’t he gets their company lots of money
@@anklegod3700 true
@Marshall Davis really...lmao
@jessicarattle4164 4 anos atrás
Really? Ewww that was creepy too. Best thing we can do is not support these people or companies
@Marshall Davis ew dude
@bananabread5072 3 anos atrás
This makes me cry. This is disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Imagine someone asking you this. You don't know the person then they ask you about your personal life. This is awful.
@elainegallagher7423 3 anos atrás
Interviewers need to treat interviews like a conversation. Having respect for another person in a conversation should be just a given, it's like they don't treat them as human here, just asking shock value disrespectful questions !
@Naomiyaela 3 anos atrás
The way Taylor dodged the question of the annoying interviewer was really classy. I’m not the biggest fan of her but she handled that with grace and class.
@princessofjedi 2 anos atrás
Asking about Kayne's mother when he was already admitting that what he did was super fucked up
@Itachi-nd1lo 4 anos atrás
“Do you want to fit into a cat suit?” 😂😂
@Benza96 4 anos atrás
I feel as though that was unnecessary She clearly has some insecurities with her body cause you could tell the interviewer wanted to interview her without seeming “preyful” / or anyhow disrespectful He was cautious and she was really rude Sies
@ramonmercado6039 4 anos atrás
He earned that one 15 questions on diet wtf
@Itachi-nd1lo 4 anos atrás
timothy johnson the guys a bit of a creep when interviewing women, like for example asking questions about Scarlet Johanssons underwear like why even go there lol. He seems like a closet perv which hey, do what you gotta do but still, don’t be surprised when you get a sarcastic response from one of them about your out of place questions, it’s only natural. Just thought her response was funny, that’s all 😅
@@Benza96 she wasn't rude at all lol, if anything she was jus trying to make it less awkward BC that guy was being weird af
@TheNibiru720 4 anos atrás
Snow flakes cant see the humor on the dialogue. Why ppl be offended for other people's sakes when they probably aren't even offended, or if they are, have enough social maneuverability to pivot the conversation.
@catarinasilva1494 3 anos atrás
"I know your mother was killed" I can't get over that one
@lethalbeauties6182 3 anos atrás
Between that and the was you touched as a child question. I’ve never wanted to punch someone so bad
@alkassim1988 2 anos atrás
first time seeing Kanye being honest, he could not hide his emotions this time.
@abiebeyda1279 2 anos atrás
He’s honest in all of his music btw
@yespls4184 2 anos atrás
I have to say that Taylor Swift handled that question about who "Style" was about like a complete expert and maintained her poise. I'm not a Taylor Swift megafan or anything, but she holds herself very well
@grosspuppy 2 anos atrás
It’s sad to see such interviewers lost in their work.
That Justin Bieber one always has me crying laughing🤣 “do you get worried when Harry’s around your moooom?”
@michaelroy6630 4 anos atrás
Not a Taylor fan, but she handled that pushy interviewer so well.
@Bendrix27 4 anos atrás
Agreed, I was impressed, guess she's not as brain dead as some of the other "celebrities" these days. Really liked how she talked about her music too, you can tell she respects the art form and takes it seriously.
@bobhill5429 4 anos atrás
She's all about business. Even if she didn't sing well. She could sell gas door to door.
@lauras3612 4 anos atrás
Totally. She answered that perfectly. I'm not even familiar with her music, but its obvious that she has a lot of respect for her fans.
@ascendingneet2263 4 anos atrás
same. i dont like her at all except for in interviews, she's an interview queen tbh
@savions4005 4 anos atrás
Michael Roy they always tryna get some drama out for views and ratings. It’s like they’re not even human anymore
@jessicamoore2511 2 anos atrás
I found your Channel today love your content most channels are just people talking about it you actually show it without interruption freaking love you
@BlackLegSanji66 3 anos atrás
Oh god its baffling to think there was a time when a reporter wouldn't consider Tom an A list actor
@skynotaname2229 Mês atrás
And these are only the bad ones that still got aired, imagine how much aweful stuff gets said to celebrities that never gets put out.
@AnFig 2 anos atrás
I love the way Helen Mirren replied
@maureenamadi1566 Anos atrás
Anne Hathaway's clapback got me rolling. 😂😂😅
@kavetta 3 anos atrás
Who tf asks “What would your mom think about this” to someone who’s still grieving..?
@craigmoon2121 3 anos atrás
Yeah, seriously.
@notbot8830 3 anos atrás
Only thing would be if he knew them personally. Still awkward question to ask.
@samwelch8085 3 anos atrás
Kanye didn’t seem angry about the question though, but the question was still weird😬
@taylorcliff6609 3 anos atrás
nah seriously its the only way to talk to people with mental health issues. kanye was cloase as to his mum he needed to be asked that question. you can legit see the moment he really thought about what she would have said and you could see his whole outlook on it change. ive battled with being bipolar for the last 27 years and i feel bad for kanye. its not easy just dealing with it as a normal person, cant imagine what it its like when youre famous.
@urworstnightmarefr 3 anos atrás
@@taylorcliff6609 on television though? also it shouldn’t matter if he’s mentally ill or not someone should be able to see how that question was totally uncalled for. celebrating or not they’re fucking human beings and we should exploit them like they’re gods. shame on that reporter.
@jaykeii 3 anos atrás
taylor swift was so classy and so professional during that interview, you really knew that she loved talking about her craft. huge respect
Kanye's ANSWER is what I've been saying all along. When his mom was mentioned in this interview he shut down completely. His mom was obviously his everything and when she died he definitely wasnt 100% the same. He never took a break he just kept going full speed until you started seeing him acting oddly and having outburts. People can say he sucks and he's such an asshole but just imagine what it's like to not have someone you're close to.
@ronaldweasley6175 Anos atrás
5:18 sick transition to the next clip. it sounded so perfect.
@lisa-qk1yp 3 anos atrás
"I think you should worry about me around your mom" had me wheezing ahh his comeback was something!! Skssks
@morganbarfield108 2 anos atrás
YES TAY TAY SWIFT 👏🏼 she handled that so perfectly.
@thomaskaupish8841 3 anos atrás
He says "when you figured out you were going to play catwoman" and she got so excited to talk about that then he just went into her diet and fitness plan and her heart sank.
@janayaht9367 3 anos atrás
I noticed that too!!
@elisemark6393 3 anos atrás
Ik it made me so sad, since she was expecting an actually interesting question
@elisemark6393 3 anos atrás
@@tyffannief8822 true, true
@Zero-ln7ru 3 anos atrás
It’s not that disrespectful people ask about a diet, it happens to people in super hero movies in from magazines and other interviews.
@blackwingdragonmasta 3 anos atrás
It's not that he asked that it's that he didn't ask about anything else but her looks.
@R_iah 2 anos atrás
I feel bad for Brittany, she needs to be forgotten and left alone by the media and live a normal life
@MontanaDior 2 anos atrás
Taylor Swift handled that interview like a queen… because I definitely would gave her the dumb face and silent treatment LOL! 😂😂😂😂😩
@Sammie551 2 anos atrás
I wish she did the same with Kanye west
@Cadventurer 11 meses atrás
5:17 Is anybody going to talk about how smooth that transition is?
@lotanowo 3 anos atrás
Say what you will about Kanye but the way he reacts about any topic surrounding his mother proves that he’s an emotional human being, far more than any of the other celebrities shown here.
@ludger0 2 anos atrás
“ You had to make sure u were on perfect shape for this one didn’t you ” *ē*
@tristin3489 3 anos atrás
**asks a man about his dead mother in a creepy casual way** ***proceeds to say “speaking of death” and laughs while saying it*** do people really have no perception of other people’s emotions?
@chamekamcclellan4661 3 anos atrás
Only wypipo
@hifive7366 3 anos atrás
They are just bad interviewrs. Some people are where they are just because of pure luck.
@buggaluggachug9570 3 anos atrás
thats a sociopath
@FrancisHD 3 anos atrás
@@chamekamcclellan4661 only bad people*
@slicedbread5692 3 anos atrás
@@hifive7366 those aren't really interviewers those are comedians.. Jim Norton and Doug Stanhope. Both of them are that style of shock/vulgar/dirty comics.. Not saying it's cool of them but Mcdermott had to know some fucked up shit was going to be discussed.. And if you watch the whole interview Stanhope actually was steering the conversation away from Mcdermotts mom
The first interview was the best, she told him of in such a cute, funny way
@mochixsaito 2 anos atrás
"Are you trying to fit into a cat suit?" BESTIE ATE HIM UP AND LEFT NO CRUMBS 😭✋
@cocoshauntel5979 2 anos atrás
With Ann’s interview I feel like the interviewer wanted her to say she starved herself for the role, Ann handled that so well “do you want to fit in a cat suit?”😂😂😂