Caught On Camera! Paranormal Footprints Leading Away!

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And so the plot thickens. It turns out that the room with the body outline isn't finished with the team, and intends to lead them on another wild goose chase. To where? It's unclear at first, but the discovery itself finally opens up a piece of evidence that everyone's been waiting for since the team first found it. And it seems to provide some new information, hopefully to give them a light in the dark...

‼️ Would you like to know how these videos are made? Warning! The rest of the description will break the spell and take you out of this story world we've worked so hard to make magical. There may be spoilers ahead!
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⚠️ The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and its characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.

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22 Nov 2021



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Comentários 1 988
Yellow Blaze
Yellow Blaze Mês atrás
Let’s all give a huge hand to Michael for the amazing sound tracks every time they come on I get chills
Carter Canfield
Carter Canfield Mês atrás
Ohhhh yeah
GleekNoMatterWhat Mês atrás
Ty for this and agreed amazing job(credit to you yellow blaze for my comment) Michael
Sora Mês atrás
@Shermine Aldiano1984 well done, it is a company there's going to be people walking around 😂
Addison Dealioeo
Addison Dealioeo Mês atrás
@Shermine Aldiano1984 where
Declan Garner
Declan Garner Mês atrás
Great soundtrack, Michael does a great job every season
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn Mês atrás
Can we just stop for a second and appreciate the SOUND TRACKS... chills bro everytime
Tere Montoya
Tere Montoya Mês atrás
Stop another second 3 people had blond hair
Nicholas Baker
Nicholas Baker Mês atrás
Sam: They’re ghost footprints! Bailey: It has shoes?
Gaming Beast
Gaming Beast 6 dias atrás
Beauty Details by Robyn
ZombooMatrix Mês atrás
A detail that I just really loved is at 6:01 where Matthias says, “it's really cold.” If you don't already know, the cold is associated with Paranormal Activity. If a room's temperature is abnormally cold or you feel an area that is abnormally cold, it could be something of the Paranormal. So, them adding that detail to this video just really hits the spot for me and I love it!!
Ena 助けて
Ena 助けて Mês atrás
Dang I was waiting for them to say that and I didnt even know they did-
akash anil
akash anil Mês atrás
Yeah accumulation of yin energy makes the room colder. Amazing attention to detail!
Jelly Leo
Jelly Leo Mês atrás
Theory: What if the body tracing is D3B? What if she was killed and knew it was coming, so before she died recorded the recordings that you guys have seen. Or also possible, her ghost is what was talking to you, which could explain why she always hid her face and used an electronic voice.
Mr. Spitfire
Mr. Spitfire Mês atrás
Matt complaining about nest is officially part of his personality 😂
Heyitseyevan Mês atrás
DANG I HATE NEST WE NEED NEW CAMERAS BUT I CANT FIND ANY MORE THINGS well matt i introduce SIMPLI SAFE its home security but might work
BenBlob Mês atrás
The way Michel adds those footsteps to the music is amazing. It’s the little things, like when it gets faster and faster, this is absolutely amazing!
Sam Westendorf
Sam Westendorf 13 dias atrás
Instead of being scared I was just jammin out I’m def gonna buy the soundtrack
CloudPlayz Mês atrás
The "Radio box" that Bailey is talking about is called a spirit box, there is and app that cost a couple dollars that actually works, you could also use dousing rods
Caleb Fournier
Caleb Fournier Mês atrás
@Simon Keenan Gomez The ultimate crossover
Simon Keenan Gomez
Simon Keenan Gomez Mês atrás
Bring in the ghoul boys. Ryan bergara & shane madej
ZenMaster Mês atrás
the season started off a little slow but it's starting to ramp up greatly and I'm glad we kind of had a little break from the suspense and action to show us what we truly missed about this content.
Expl0sions Mês atrás
I vividly remember when I was 5 or 6, my parents putting $863 dollars into a container, out of reach from anyone, so I could understand the value of saving. It helped me out a lot, and when ever I think about it, you guys are just as helpful to me. I want to thank you for all of the content that you guys put so much effort into, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!
Un Uniform
Un Uniform Mês atrás
One thing about ghosts is that when they walk through walls and things like that, they see the world how they knew it. If the walls upstairs in red base had changed at all then the ghost wouldn't see them. Sometimes ghosts are essentially trapped in the era that they died. So the building layout would be different.
Beauty Details by Robyn
According to researchers and beliefs that is correct according to my research on the Internet cause im lazy
•🍄Abigail Ferguson 🍄•
@Grayz maybe Wes moved it after the person died or he had it to begin with because it had employee information and patient information that seems like something the boss would have
Grayz Mês atrás
matt needs to see this but if they see it how they died why would the cabinet be there and not in wes office for th ghost
Belle Dee
Belle Dee Mês atrás
That makes sense why the ghost would have walked through the walls
TimeBucks Mês atrás
this is absolutely amazing
Addie is great
Addie is great Mês atrás
Top comment congrats
hi Mês atrás
The chills
Trey Mês atrás
Hello random verified person.
Levision Mês atrás
Someone : how Many times have you destroyed spmething in your studio Matthias : yes.
MCGEE . JUSTIN Mês atrás
Thank god you still got content coming for us I absolutely love this channel 🤙🏼🧡 hope the whole team is doing good can’t wait for more videos 🙏🏼 god bless the whole crew 😊✌🏻
Bailey Mallchok
Bailey Mallchok Mês atrás
Viewing this post-Thanksgiving so I gotta say how thankful I am for such an in depth, intricate, and thoughtful series! It’s well worth the 20+ minutes every time! Thanks to everyone involved from the fans to the producers!!!
Kerri Proper
Kerri Proper Mês atrás
You’ll be using the same type of ghost hunting equipment that the Ghost Adventures crew uses too,AWESOME 🥰🥰🥰
Zachary Donaldson
Zachary Donaldson Mês atrás
So at 26:40 as the team is talking someone in the background walks away from the Help Me sign, I have replayed that part so many times, and have come to the conclusion that it is Matt. But my question is how is Matt on the couch and walking behind everyone at the same time!! I AM FREAKING OUT!!!
carli perkins
carli perkins Mês atrás
I thought it was woods but woods is on camera but he only talked
Kaden Carter
Kaden Carter Mês atrás
I think it was tanner because Matt isn’t that tall
nigelunknown Mês atrás
Loved this! I got goose bumps when Woods mentioned the cabinet in that room cause I swear Rose caught him putting it there in her vlog! Cross over time: The biggest prank Rose ever pulled! 🤣 Also, its scary when Tanner is so quiet!
Adelle H.
Adelle H. Mês atrás
I literally can't get enough of this! It is so awesome and entertaining that I could watch this for hours and hours off end.
Spider-Prime Mês atrás
Really hyped for this one! This plot is getting insanely good. Can't wait to see what happens next! I'll be happy to lend my theory brain over to you guys after I make a theory...
Mashruba Wazed
Mashruba Wazed Mês atrás
Well the last “writing on the walls” videos were quite boring, this is the only one which had me watch and it seems the next time is gonna be Amazing.
D K Mês atrás
You mean the plot is getting ridiculous lol
odiejam Mês atrás
I'm going to respond to this saying what I think is next
smellyduk Mês atrás
right next year i am going as wes for Halloween like no troll
Leighton Buchanan
Leighton Buchanan Mês atrás
26:35. Keep an eye out in the doorway behind Matt
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Mês atrás
Hey Matt just wanted to say love your videos that creep me out and make me laugh uncontrollably. Keep it up!
awesomeSwc Mês atrás
Theory: Remember when the light was shining up from Wes’ grave, I think that was also plasma or what ever those foot prints were. So I think it’s Wes trying to help you solve his own death.
Ena 助けて
Ena 助けて Mês atrás
I was thinking this too, but we saw him get killed in the parking lot. I think he might be an experiment/victim that is trying to give hard evidence that Deb is the killer because he was a freind of Wes or maybe just wants vengance
Leanne Mês atrás
And the Mystery continues, next episode looks insane. I can’t wait for it
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Mês atrás
I love how Matthias still continues to startle Sam and tries to make it lighter for the whole crew. LOL
Isaac Silva
Isaac Silva Mês atrás
This episode is probably on my top five of all the episodes I've seen. Can't wait to see you guys chat with Ben.
Kenzie Chapman
Kenzie Chapman Mês atrás
Bailey: "He's wearing shoes?" 😂 I don't know what about that was so funny to me, but that was the best part!! Love you bailey! keep doing what you do!
Tiana Sierra
Tiana Sierra Mês atrás
At 6:40 Bailey was talking about a radio that ghosts can talk through. It’s called the Estes method, where a spirit box, which typically is just a radio, flips through a lot of radio stations and the ghost puts its energy into it to make a word they want to use sound louder than the rest. It’s typically used with noise cancelling headphones so that way the people around you can ask questions and you won’t be able to hear them so whatever word you here won’t be swayed by the questions that are asked.
Baba Mês atrás
this is AWESOME!!! 🔥
Beauty Details by Robyn
Um he's been watching for awhile and people have to be entertained
Potatoe Mês atrás
Yo I watch your videos lmao
Ena 助けて
Ena 助けて Mês atrás
@Irshaad Rahim if you translate this by google... it means “midwife” 💀
Ena 助けて
Ena 助けて Mês atrás
@Chompers so what? Maybe he just got into it, maybe he doesnt like commenting cuz so many people respond to him. Or maybe cuz commenting is honestly overrated (i still do it lmao)
Ena 助けて
Ena 助けて Mês atrás
BABA WUT- I didnt know you watched the Key Series! Damn I thought you were too bust doing the ✨😈 d e v i l s t a n g o 😈✨
RosaEvy Daemoniea
RosaEvy Daemoniea Mês atrás
I know what Bailey is talking about. It cycles through frequencies super fast and allows spirits to talk through it. Theres two main ways to use it. Theres an open box where the box doesnt have anything connected and everyone can hear it. But there is also the Estes Method. The Estes Method is where one person has the spirit box connected to a set of noise cancelling headphones and has a blindfold on, and the other people in the room ask questions and the person with the spirit box says what the spirit box says, and if it works then the answers should line up with the question. For example, if you were to ask "How many people are in the room right now?" And you have 5 people in a room then the box might say "Six" as they dont know they are dead. Also, the effect over the footprints is almost the exact same as the effect that was on top of Wes's grave in the GoPro footage
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Mês atrás
OMG I've got chills. When you followed those footprints I leaned so close to my phone I almost fell out of my chair! Can't wait to see more!
bluelenne22 Mês atrás
Man things are getting crazier by the second! And now also a look at some of the man behind the mask in the next episode, I'm even more excited to see how things will play out
BOLTZZ Mês atrás
Imagine they meet DEB one day and she says “I would have gotten away with the murder if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”
Lucy Williams
Lucy Williams Mês atrás
"Scooby-Dooby Doooo!" 🐶
Coldness Mês atrás
The collaboration we always needed. Dope or Nope and Matthias!!
EmpireX Mês atrás
No The old 2017 matthais and Dope & nope
DannyIsNoMan Mês atrás
dope or nope??
Charli B
Charli B Mês atrás
Matt said Benjamin started working at syntec in 1988, he also stated that was when he was born. Now I know this is a long shot but Benjamin - in a previous video - said that he and Matt were just the same. What if Matt were to look at all the files and see if any of them state that an employee started working there at any of the teams birth year.
CJ _is _okay
CJ _is _okay Mês atrás
“This is obviously connected to 863 so welcome back Matt” That was the highlight of this video for me
SCP 999
SCP 999 Mês atrás
I'm genuinely excited for the end of this series because imagine it either it will be a major reveal of who is all behind this or it will all out like action movie fight scene
AdventureKitty101 Mês atrás
Thank you for getting a spirit box. I've used one before and it's so interesting.
Big_Country_45 Mês atrás
This might be stretching a little far but you need to look at this Matt. So in Debs file, it said blonde hair, but in the murder tape, the hair look dark. It may have been the lighting of the scene. Why is it important in the files of the color of the employees hair if there was a greater reason. You might want to look into this
Shelbie Williams
Shelbie Williams Mês atrás
@chemicapsule lol cringe to cringe
Big_Country_45 Mês atrás
@Jenna Pearman, she might be trying to protect someone that she knows and loves. It could also be why deb never showed her face
Jenna Pearman
Jenna Pearman Mês atrás
@Alexander Keller hear me out though, what if it’s John Doe’s file cabinet. He said he used to be investigating the whole case before the case was shut down. And he said with enough evidence he could probably reopen the case.
Northland Mês atrás
Kendall could also be posing as Deb. It would make sense since Wes died with Kendall's stuff in his pocket. My theory is that he was confronting her and she killed him. Then posed as Deb.
Alexander Keller
Alexander Keller Mês atrás
Who else thinks the file is a cold case 😂😂😂
Michael Sanger
Michael Sanger Mês atrás
I'm surprised that no one is talking about the person walking through the big doorway at 26:41
Courtney H
Courtney H Mês atrás
Matt: “that’s not natural” Me: “ it’s SUPERNATURAL”
Mama Thomas
Mama Thomas Mês atrás
So glad that it's picking back up in excitement. Still didn't get my heart racing but hopefully it will get there again 🙏🏻
Jason Townsend
Jason Townsend Mês atrás
Congrats Matt and Spellbound team, video is on trending
jassant724 Mês atrás
Matt's reaction to the file being cold was awesome, "should I touch it?"
chemicapsule Mês atrás
Oliver Mag
Oliver Mag Mês atrás
Russell Seaver
Russell Seaver Mês atrás
I love watching u very funny always giving me new ideas to try. Thx guys ur the best
akjackie 907
akjackie 907 Mês atrás
Matthias is just like Dad on BRvid I am really getting the Dad feeling
Alexis Brockway
Alexis Brockway Mês atrás
Being a huge Sam and Colby fan I was screaming when they were looking for the ghost hunting equipment
Zoie Merideth
Zoie Merideth Mês atrás
girl literally same😭
Kate Elle
Kate Elle Mês atrás
You know the writing on the walls is two different spirits trying to talk to each other
Isla's World
Isla's World Mês atrás
Gary Reynolds is GR from the chat logs. There was a very little description for him and he worked closely with Syphus. He was the one in the chat logs with D that seemed like a government official who was not humane and didn’t care.
Carla W
Carla W Mês atrás
Zoe Bower
Zoe Bower Mês atrás
I really need to stop watching Matthias’ videos at night. 🤣
xXMr HolmesXx
xXMr HolmesXx Mês atrás
Can't wait to see the conversation with Ben!!!
Belle from Oz
Belle from Oz Mês atrás
So keen for the next one!! Don't take too long with the upload please!! 🥺🥰
Shannon Stibor
Shannon Stibor Mês atrás
Confused the heck out of me when watching what I thought was Woods walking in the background at like 26:41 but then also thought he was the one recording lol
Built Different
Built Different Mês atrás
Hey Matt just wanted to say love your videos that creep me out and make me laugh uncontrollably. Keep it up!
Dr.WORM👩🏼‍ Mês atrás
Matthew Dwayne Tennyson Brown
The radio thing is called either a Spirit box or an EVP detector which stands for electronic voice phenomenon I am an amateur ghost hunter myself Look into an SLS camera that is a camera that if an apparition is detected will map them out in stick figure form also look into a rempod that is a detector with an antenna that if anything touches the antenna or gets close to it will go off and make noise also try the Asus method what you do is get the spirit box with noise canceling headphones and a blindfold and have someone ask questions and someone writing down what words you say that you hear relayed back from the spirit box Basically what it does is cuts off all outside senses and the person with the noise canceling headphones can’t hear the questions the other people are asking so you are literally getting answers from the spirit box that the other people are asking all in all a pretty compelling method of ghost hunting
hi Mês atrás
Talk about a good story they nailed it once again!
Spider-Prime Mês atrás
wow this video is #17 on trending! great job guys!
Randi Victoria Western
I can't get enough of this series!!
Xando 34
Xando 34 Mês atrás
26:41 I got so scared when I saw that person walking in the background
ash 15 dias atrás
who no idea who that is im like huh who is that??
Quackery Gaming
Quackery Gaming Mês atrás
@James Thomas yeah i realize that
James Thomas
James Thomas Mês atrás
@Quackery Gaming woods is holding the camera
The 3 m's
The 3 m's Mês atrás
@Zachary Donaldson It does look exactly like matt🤨🤨
Zachary Donaldson
Zachary Donaldson Mês atrás
If you slow the video down and look at specific areas you will see that it is somehow Matt!!
05Jam Mês atrás
I haven't quite finished the video yet so if I need to, I'll update this. Original: There's a theory that ghosts are essentially just like a repeating tape. Constantly going through the motions of whatever traumatic experience they had. When the ghost goes through the wall, there may not have used to be a wall there, so the ghost travels through it as though it's still in the way the building used to be. Update 1: Should've just kept watching lol, it led them to what they need to look at and it defiantly wasn't always there Update 2: I can't wait for next week. Also this might be a bit much but in Deborah's file it says that she succeeded her predecessor when they got in an unfortunate accident. Could Deborah have killed her predecessor so that she could have the title/power?
心の悪魔 Mês atrás
Who ever walked in the back scared the life out of me for a second around 26:40 I thought it was woods but realised woods is holding the camera lol
Alligator the investigator
26:40 anyone else notice someone walks through the hallway behind them
The Survivalist
The Survivalist Mês atrás
17 on trending! Great job guys😃
Covert X
Covert X Mês atrás
The ghost radio that baily is talking about is called a "voicebox" in ghost hunter tech. It rapidly changes radio frequencies multiple times per second to try to allow ghosts to use the radios to speak. I watched a lot of buzzfeed unsolved.... :)
Aquxal Mês atrás
@Lizzierational yessss sad it ended though dang
Pepega Man
Pepega Man Mês atrás
@Lizzierational facts 🤣🤣🤣
Lizzierational Mês atrás
I love how all the BFU people are here
Pepega Man
Pepega Man Mês atrás
Yeah I think what your thinking of is a spiritbox
Edik Dulak
Edik Dulak Mês atrás
Just unsubscribed to them as soon as the last episode finished the last episode knowing Shane and Ryan are done with buzzfeed unsolved, since they were the only good part of the channel lol 😆. Incase you love them and don't know. They have their own channel now called watcher.
Kitty R.
Kitty R. Mês atrás
I would get a physic on the sight since they can get information about the ghost that you wouldn't get without them. They can help you figure out why and what they are doing here. That would be my best help for you guys. There is a physic that I would recommend called Chip Coffey.
Liv Winchester
Liv Winchester Mês atrás
Back with the next times i love seeing what’s coming looks so good
After Sam said “is the ghost one of these patients?” I had a heart attack because somebody walked in in the background and I thought it was a ghost😭
NatalieFloridaRose Mês atrás
Clerit ……… cleric. Drewet……… Druid. Y’all made dnd characters for your campaign of 863. I’m so here for it.
Rage gamerix
Rage gamerix Mês atrás
Use the detector on a stakeout then use it at a recent spray painting so you can see where I think deb went. Deb has been seen virtually only right? You haven’t seen her, she has a full description that’s redacted, and she has a description for S.P.I.R.E and mentioned finding S.P.I.R.E, so maybe someone killed deb and we don’t know what happened since we’ve only heard her “story” and seen the after math. So maybe deb possessed the computer to talk with you. If so, check the computer too!
Bby Alli Son
Bby Alli Son Mês atrás
im so happyyyyy lately ive been interested in ghost hunting so... 🤩
Bradley gill
Bradley gill Mês atrás
usually when a ghost has seemingly walked through a wall, it means that there was a door there at some point in the past
The Hobbit
The Hobbit Mês atrás
Woods: “Are you guys saying the ghost lives in this cabinet?” lol imagine if they opened it and there was a little home in there! like a kitchen and everything 🤣
Benjamin Cobalt, I am the absolute…*project 863*
so cool. But I gotta question, WHO YOU GONNA CALL? GHOST BUSTERS. Petention for Matt to get a ECTO 1? Edit: I bet y’all excited to see my face lol
ANGELO CO Mês atrás
Idfk Mês atrás
Imagine next video he pull up in the ECTO 1
Idfk Mês atrás
The absolute
The absolute Mês atrás
God yes
Colinkay Mês atrás
Yes Matt should 100% get an ECTO 2
Adam Brown
Adam Brown Mês atrás
New theory: The ghost is present with them at that moment, somehow not leaving behind a Plasma Trace, because is it just me or is the camera very staticy-ish after they start exploring from the crime scene in red base..?
tom fragassi
tom fragassi Mês atrás
You should reach out to Sam and Colby to see what they use in their ghost hunting videos
Shark Mês atrás
6:40 I know what Bailey is talking about. It's called a spirit box. It goes through different channels and if it hears anything... weird.
Cryptic-Dimrrzz Mês atrás
26:40 look in the back left I saw someone randomly walk by through a area with no door
Trazor17 Mês atrás
"This is related to 863 so welcome back Matt." lol love that
Heyitseyevan Mês atrás
Welcome Home. Seriously they've unlocked a world with no escape nothing can stop it
Jersey Girl
Jersey Girl Mês atrás
I think I, know how, or what was used. To paint the sayings on the walls. Especially in the hard to reach areas. As to why, I have not figured that part out yet. And now the foot prints. Someone really is going out of their way to mess with. Get noticed. It’s getting old.
Shadowy_animel :psn
26:40 scared me so bad with the dude walking through the background
idk 15 dias atrás
21:05 I feel not enough people are talking about this, this was hilarious
Carson Haney
Carson Haney Mês atrás
26:40 The person walking in the back scared me to death
AK Mês atrás
Thank God, it's back. I hope we get videos regularly from here on, I missed them SO MUCH !!
Dr.WORM👩🏼‍ Mês atrás
I know I've been waiting so long
Lily Ruyle
Lily Ruyle Mês atrás
Same. My tuesdays arent the same without this channel. Its what gets me through the afternoon at school
mollie stimpson
mollie stimpson Mês atrás
I love watching this I wish that could do this every dah
Jack Guntrip
Jack Guntrip Mês atrás
Just the two second clip of Matt bald had me laughing for like five minutes straight
Masked Ballistic
Masked Ballistic Mês atrás
Everyone who watches Matthias: Matthias it’s been two weeks And you still owe me videos about the crime scene Under your floor boards
ACID RL Mês atrás
Bro have to give it to you, great to see such dedication and hard work only for us, makes me kinda feel special 😢😢😢
msprincesss115 Mês atrás
2:16 there is movement, in a way. in front of that rolling desk chair in the middle of the room, the brighter white light there flickers brighter, like maybe a reflection of something out of view?
ECHO Coilu
ECHO Coilu Mês atrás
Btw matt I love what your doing with ness the slowness of it bullies suspense so I think you should keep ness
Michael Owens
Michael Owens Mês atrás
Now that we know this is part of 863 it's time to get the server repaired and talk to Deb again.
Funtime Ian
Funtime Ian Mês atrás
26:41 Am i tripping or is there someone that looks like Matt walking past the hallway O_O
skyler hanks
skyler hanks Mês atrás
Funny how Matt’s hand was covering the thermal camera when they found the foot prints
HackerHunter Mês atrás
I am really hyped for the next episode, we can actually see who I think is Benjamin, who I thought needed the serum to live without the serum in his possession
Ashlynn Fields
Ashlynn Fields Mês atrás
There’s a person that walked behind them at 26:40
shahab Ign
shahab Ign Mês atrás
Remember the light that was above Wes’ grave after the Phantom/Benjamin left. This “Creature” might be Wes’ spirit/Ghost helping you guys because the crime scene has something to do with Deb, something suspicius…
Sylvan hathaway
Sylvan hathaway Mês atrás
woah that episode was really good cant wait for the next one
Idk&Idc but hello
Idk&Idc but hello Mês atrás
It’s Wes’s ghost and he is trying to help you figure out the murder. He doesn’t want you to give up and he wants you to finish project 863.
Quintin Lintner
Quintin Lintner Mês atrás
Towards the end, I saw someone walk in the background
RaenyVamp Mês atrás
26:41 Left side of screen, someone legit walked down tht hallway. 😱
Lil Lee
Lil Lee Mês atrás
At the time stamp, 28min 40sec, I noticed a figure or person in the background behind Bailey, didn't know if it was an employee or something else. Also keep up the great work everyone😁
Lizzie B.
Lizzie B. Mês atrás
Mike, perhaps?
The Grand Faz Father 1st
It was Conner I’m pretty sure
RiskyReads Mês atrás
I saw that too but it’s probably another employee.
CurryKingWurst Mês atrás
You seem to forget that there are still people working there, it's not just Matt, Sam, Bailey, Woods and Tanner.
Dang, Kat
Dang, Kat Mês atrás
26:40 definitely an employee but good eye!
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