Catching the guy who stole 20 things from me.

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We all make mistakes, but for your own sake. Please stop stealing from me. I will catch you every time and you will personally help load my stuff back up. As for this case we’ve resolved the matter and I’d appreciate if everyone respects them as we all make mistakes. And dude… please take your wife out to dinner. She deserves it.

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20 Dez 2021



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Gadget Addict
The guy has a big property, nice house, multiple cars and he's still stealing? 🤦‍♂️
Giving the 1400$ back was probably the most humiliating thing that ever happened to the guy
Ant-E Kay
The fact he sprayed the camera is proof he knew he wasn't doing the right thing.
Look Outside
Look Outside 9 horas atrás
i would have still pressed charges even after the apology. dude's lucky. and to find out they watch his videos makes it so much worse. Cody is so nice and forgiving
dj33036 .dj63010
dj33036 .dj63010 2 horas atrás
This is when the local authorities need to take the initiative and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This guy is probably responsible for robberies across the whole county.
"Took some pain pills and drank some beers and wanted to act like a kid" "Just drove over there and walked in" So you just admitted to driving under the influence and grand larceny. Smart.
Ster E
The reason they went in with a search warrant this quickly is likely that this man has been stealing from other neighbors as well. But they didn't have the preponderance of evidence that you guys did. So I would bet pretty good money that the detectives have been on the case of this dude for quite a while but they couldn't nail him until you guys came up with this a considerable amount of Indisputable evidence.
Scott Goodwin
How do you remain calm throughout that ordeal? You sir just gained my utmost respect. You know, Will Smith would've slapped him.
Mad respect Cody. You handled that like a real man.
Common Sense Wins
Intentionally stealing another persons property isn't a mistake. The guy planned to take your stuff and lied about it. He shouldn't be left of the hook that easily.
onkouth 14 dias atrás
I really believe that this type of guy (a petty and probably habitual thief) would not change even if he had been charged. But to literally out him as a low life in front of his wife, film it and then be so graceful about it all was shear poetry, the embarrassment levels are off the scale. This will teach him more about justice than a minor charge and court appearance ever will. Well done WD.
Mitica Foca
Whoever granted that Search Warrant that quickly is a Legend.
He’s only crying and saying “there’s no excuse” because he was caught. He was getting pissed and denying shit at the beginning. Automatically I have zero respect and zero remorse for anything anyone is going through. I would have pressed all charges I could. That’s how you teach people like this a hard lesson. No one learns from their mistakes by forgiving them and letting them off easy. This guys a prick and have definitely stolen throughout his entire life. I feel sorry for his wife.
Austin Stevens
Austin Stevens 12 horas atrás
Your mercy will not be overlooked. God bless
William Jefferson Clinton
The way he is licking his lips… he’s showing deception. He is literally lying his way out of whatever he can. He is not sorry, he is a habitual thief and will steal again.
Mick Meyers
His wife has lost all respect for him.
Lyle Kilpatrick
Lyle Kilpatrick 21 dia atrás
Definitely should have pressed charges. That guy has been a thief for years and will not have learned anything from the experience. No way his wife doesn’t know he is a thief. She is enabling him by looking the other way or not asking where stuff is coming from.
Tyler McCormick
He is not sorry for stealing, he is sorry for getting caught.
George N
George N Dia atrás
That officer was 💯. You're a stand up guy. We need more folks like you in this world and less like him. You just got another subscriber, bud. 👊
Well I didn’t go to jail
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