Casually Explained: What Do Artists Do Every Day?

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20 Dez 2019



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Comentários 100
epic sneakz
epic sneakz 7 dias atrás
3.51 can relate
foxtailedcritter 11 dias atrás
"I better start painting these naked boys before someone walks in." Best quote ever.
Stenledtrap 13 dias atrás
Do chicken nugs, not drugs
jeff 13 dias atrás
In a nutshell : squidward
Alex Sullivan
Alex Sullivan 14 dias atrás
Answer: Procrastinating and/or having a mental breakdown.
DesertCow1000 18 dias atrás
I always knew not having a wife to cook me breakfast has been my problem all along lol 💯🖤
John Appleseed
John Appleseed 19 dias atrás
The sound of you’re voice and sense of humor makes me want to marry you haha
Nick Purchase
Nick Purchase 20 dias atrás
you're a lot like the yt samonella..and sound the same...uhhhhh
Mr.President 21 dia atrás
Ps. This channel got me on an fbi watchlist 13 likes for the story
alison hughes
alison hughes 22 dias atrás
alison hughes
alison hughes 22 dias atrás
Holy ahit you made my day youre so fucking funny
cydrools 22 dias atrás
Wrong about Mozart, he really was that inspired, ALL THE TIME. He could cough up a whole symphony in a morning like it was nothing.
Jonathan Shapiro
Jonathan Shapiro 22 dias atrás
The knowledge that most writers only accomplish a page a day is both vindicating and motivating. It makes me feel that I still have a chance.
Joseph Stalin.
Joseph Stalin. 23 dias atrás
i love watching ur videos cause every time time it buffers the loading circle blends in with the white background and makes me think the video is still going
Joseph Stalin.
Joseph Stalin. 23 dias atrás
i love watching ur videos cause every time time it buffers the loading circle blends in with the white background and makes me think the video is still going
Solving The Money Problem
4:31 - 😂
Beastly 26 dias atrás prefect example - Hideo Miyazaki
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 26 dias atrás
You can his barely stifling a laugh at some points and I love it
Chris Marcin Music
Chris Marcin Music 28 dias atrás
Is it bad I double checked the starter pack for pointers...? Eh
crude prude
crude prude 29 dias atrás
thanks dude, this is inspiring.
Youtube Emperor of Mankind
Also EVPN basically gives you spam, cancer and what you just did in germany is a federal offense.
Jeremy Wynn
Jeremy Wynn Mês atrás
“We all know everyone who watches these videos is unemployed.” A little too close to home 😂😅
Topic Mês atrás
we cry all day long because we can never reach the skill level of that one 12 year old
Edc- 202
Edc- 202 Mês atrás
We get artists block
Vunga Mês atrás
Omen Ahead
Omen Ahead Mês atrás
lol dude, recording me in my bedroom is illegal. calling the police.
Jessica Battin
Jessica Battin Mês atrás
smoke your cigars when you walk to your art cottage?!?! bwahahaha
Mr KKC Mês atrás
1:08 oh yeah?
iiSilentFoxx Mês atrás
E_T_31 Mês atrás
2:43 It must be so, lol
iBoolGuy Mês atrás
you attack me so harshly in most your videos and force me to laugh but inside it makes me feel like shit... :(
Jordy Mês atrás
I only write when inspiration strikes fortunately it never strikes
Lara Brightwell
Lara Brightwell Mês atrás
2:06 pretty damn good impression but anyone turned on by it 👀
*I AM AN AUTHOR* My output is considered very high at 1,500 words a day The editing process will hack that down to 500 to 750 I take 5 x 30 minute walks a day 8.00am 10.00am 4.00pm 6.00pm 8.00pm
philip_statho Mês atrás
Aurélie Kakou
Aurélie Kakou Mês atrás
Gosh... You should be an audiobook narrator 😱😱😱😱😱😱
Yis Pinto
Yis Pinto 2 meses atrás
You do sound a little german than usual so i believe you went there
Mina Quest
Mina Quest 2 meses atrás
My schedule: 9:00AM- Wake up 9:00-12:00- Do everything except art 12:00- not sleep
Javon Robinson
Javon Robinson 2 meses atrás
Man did that unemployed joke aged well
Crabs Galore
Crabs Galore 2 meses atrás
I was sceptical that the answer would take 7 minutes to answer
Sam 117
Sam 117 2 meses atrás
I think they draw
TimeWalker 2 meses atrás
Wife are urban myth, i don't believe in them.
Giovanni 2 meses atrás
2:00 this man here pulled an amazing English accent out of nowhere
Marnise Nicole Art Diaries
Wow this literally has made me remove all of my negative feelings towards how slow I create new paintings or how long it takes me to edit videos
Cody Grimm
Cody Grimm 2 meses atrás
Shut up Drew
Rishabh Dave
Rishabh Dave 2 meses atrás
Causally Explained: Writing too much every day inevitably leads to lower quality and sad social lives Brandon Sanderson: 19k words in one sitting while his wife, kids, and creative team wait for him. The man is a book printing machine and I love it.
mystic majin
mystic majin 2 meses atrás
how is this guy so good at accents
Anthony massey
Anthony massey 2 meses atrás
So your a professional at painting naked boys?
Violet Foronjy
Violet Foronjy 2 meses atrás
As an artist I wake up at 8 go back to sleep then wake up at 11 and draw pretty much all day not because I have a lot of inspiration but because I’m bored, then I go to sleep at 1 am. Don’t forget your Duolingo
Billy TheKid
Billy TheKid 2 meses atrás
Why would you ever try to "be" a creative person? Especially The lifestyles of these so called creative people seems boring and shallow.
rik van de wijgert
rik van de wijgert 2 meses atrás
The me is not unemployed RIP. So I watch this video from my workplace.
philip_statho Mês atrás
Andy W.
Andy W. 2 meses atrás
Well, I'd say in 24 hours: 40% sleeping 25% gaming 30% drawing 5% other
MentalPeanut 2 meses atrás
And high school students 20 pages in 15 minutes
WesNohathas Mês atrás
Highschoolers are at their most powerful in the moments immediately before a looming deadline.
J. Bae
J. Bae 2 meses atrás
“Already be rich when you start.” Oof. I’m an aspiring writer and I felt that.
Someone I don't know
Someone I don't know 2 meses atrás
Sleep to 2 am to 11 am. Play games to 12 am to 9 pm. Watch tv till 10 pm to 2 am. Repeat till you're 69.
Caden Williams
Caden Williams 2 meses atrás
am I the only one who is so annoyed of that little spot in his hair that isn’t black?
Grace Dumdaw
Grace Dumdaw 2 meses atrás
your British accent is gooood
soph farwell
soph farwell 2 meses atrás
the breaths-
Pavor 2 meses atrás
Pretend it is still the renaissance and that they matter at all to society.
Nguyen Tri
Nguyen Tri 2 meses atrás
You heard it here first. He’s gonna be the new Serral.
Lans Elocher
Lans Elocher 2 meses atrás
wait! prostitutes are artists?!? DANGG news to me!
Noe Garcia
Noe Garcia 2 meses atrás
was that dick proenekke's cabin
Alberto Jimenez
Alberto Jimenez 2 meses atrás
one unemployed here!
powerpc127 2 meses atrás
''What do artists do every day?' Wait tables...
Keegan 2 meses atrás
“Already be rich when you start” haha most truthful words ever spoken Check out my vids i don’t think anything I’ve ever done is complete. You just get to a point where you go fuck it that’ll do. Then it all goes tits up when you upload it any way. I use DAW and make music..none of it sounds like it did when I made it, simply rendering audio on a video changes the whole mix then it sounds different on BRvid on top of that so yeah fuck it I’m just addicted to posting vids, feels like I achieved something that day
Tamir Polyakov
Tamir Polyakov 2 meses atrás
1:07 and 6:01 are the first times I heard Casually Explained laugh
Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson 2 meses atrás
When I’m sat here at work and he said “at work and about to get fired”, my boss walked in and I shat myself
Andrew Nibbi
Andrew Nibbi 2 meses atrás
It’s funny that he put up a picture of George Carlin to talk about comedians routines. Carlin was famously unusual in that sense, as he would generally refresh almost all of his material year by year - not being one to let old material hang on.
Marius9T 2 meses atrás
6:00 Joke's on you, I'm watching these videos while at work.
Julia Green
Julia Green 2 meses atrás
"...we all know everyone is unemployed" Me: or they're 13
Hall Of Tunes
Hall Of Tunes 24 dias atrás
Sweat shops: thats supposed to be a problem?
Rattatouie 2 meses atrás
Oltan S.
Oltan S. 2 meses atrás
"Depends on what works for you. Just kidding, I hate when people say that shit." Holy fuck, yes. Someone finally said it
Anvil Games
Anvil Games 3 meses atrás
"Everyone who watches this is unemployed"... quote has not aged well
Cuthbert Nibbles
Cuthbert Nibbles 3 meses atrás
5:50 *OOF*
Schneduard 3 meses atrás
I woke up at 12:30 today and the first thing i did was watch this.... Fuck
Fauzan Lubis
Fauzan Lubis 3 meses atrás
this is great. you can make a longer version of this and put everything, i will watch it
Minechof 3 meses atrás
seeing casually explained laughing is the most cursed and blessed thing ever
J-Lon 3 meses atrás
“7:00AM wake up. I usually fucked it up by then”
Gustavo Dutra
Gustavo Dutra 3 meses atrás
5:55 c'mon man. I barely got my first job....
26CLT 3 meses atrás
Well fuck, this seems depressingly accurate. Time to get rich to fulfill the basic requirements my dream of being a minimum wage earning artist!
David Lopez
David Lopez 3 meses atrás
As a creative type this is 100% accurate to me except I'm not rich I'm not successful and I'm creative without drugs more than with OH and I'm employed.....part time
Ria Rose
Ria Rose 3 meses atrás
Legit........... Why does this help me feel better about being a laxy creative
Half_Finis 3 meses atrás
"wake up before the sun comes up" , so, 3 in the morning in Norway?"
mattjeffrey 3 meses atrás
When he slipped into the accident, I didn't realize it at first
Tenzin Lungtok
Tenzin Lungtok 3 meses atrás
nice powerpoint
Juan Pablo Grajales Canseco
"Acomplishing anything worthwhile is more about consistency than it is about creativity or even motivation"
Vincent Grego's Sound Art
You may have forgotten who that guy was, but based on the dialect I'm gonna go ahead and claim it was probably Morrissey
thecoolknifekid uhh
thecoolknifekid uhh 3 meses atrás
Why do you sound like a different person every video
Red x p0p
Red x p0p 3 meses atrás
I saw the title and just said “art”
Jeff xd
Jeff xd 3 meses atrás
That British accent is absolutely fantastic, you sound more British than me and I’m British.
Alex Gee
Alex Gee 3 meses atrás
colab with salmonella academy
Lillian Early
Lillian Early 3 meses atrás
I do digital art as a hobby, and like, honestly? I eat and then draw for like 20 minutes, and I dont expect to like them. Then I do shit I need to and then like 2 hours before I go to bed if I'm feeling creative or have stewed on some of the ideas at the begining of the day then I'll draw before passing out. :) Doing stuff all stutter out like that helps to make sure you improve but don't get burnt out. Most of the time i only actually draw for like, 40 minutes a day tops (unless I'm deppressed then I just sit down and give up) Pretty cool shit
Dink Bros
Dink Bros 3 meses atrás
@Lillian Early thats cool! I've been trying to do some comedy cartoons, I'm not the best artist but it's still fun
Lillian Early
Lillian Early 3 meses atrás
@Dink Bros same! I also like to do horror and monster desgins
Dink Bros
Dink Bros 3 meses atrás
Nice, I spend time drawing too! I like to do cartoon stuff
Janelou42 3 meses atrás
I came here for casual explanations, not to be attacked xD
99tacogirr 3 meses atrás
“Everyone who watches these videos are unemployed” You inspired corona
Lily Jones
Lily Jones 4 meses atrás
every graphic designer here : CoMiC sAnS -_-
Turtlesman6969696969 4 meses atrás
I’m just a ten year old
Ty. explorer
Ty. explorer 4 meses atrás
Dark Humor,facts,and stick figures? That's my type of channel😁
ThisIsCam 4 meses atrás
What do artists actually do every day? Go to their minimum wage dead end job. Get a burst of inspiration 1-2 hours before the end of their shift and get completely burnt out by the time you get home. In my experience anyway.
Dink Bros
Dink Bros 3 meses atrás
That's true, I'll spend time drawing so late at night and its hard to get stuff done
Alec 4 meses atrás
I am an artist. Built up my career from the age of 12. I make around $5,000 a month doing my thing. I've never had a job. I've never advertised myself. I've never applied. I quit a prestigious university. I know it could end any day but even the memory of what I am doing is way worth it. Do NOT stick to your dreams, stick to what you WANT..
Dink Bros
Dink Bros 3 meses atrás
I respect that! I've been grinding trying to do the same thing but it's tough, I just wanna do my own thing!
Alec 4 meses atrás
Monopoly never ends, but if you are in my situation you'll understand.
Cypher791 4 meses atrás
I would like to spend my days drinking wine and painting naked french girls in 1971...
Shura 4 meses atrás
0:55 I know that chill stream XD nice one
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