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This of course begs the question: what’s the deal with airline food? And every time I open up the same foil lined plastic tray gilded with condensation along with every other pleb in economy, I can’t help but prod at my reheated lasagna and think “you know, this is incredibly respectable given the circumstances. Good job everyone.”
Real talk though book directly with the airline and probably don't miss your flight.
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10 Jan 2019



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Comentários 100
Tommy Ortuno
Tommy Ortuno 7 horas atrás
Anyone that matters uses eastern time
Mehak Verma
Mehak Verma 15 horas atrás
1:15 that didn't work out too well for anne frank
John Sampson
John Sampson Dia atrás
2:40 “As he compliments your barrett .50 cal and asks how to walk is coming along” I’m dead bro
Nugget Dia atrás
i live in america-lite
Azur Acquaviva
Azur Acquaviva 2 dias atrás
4:16 je m’appelle Lafayette
MJC Imps 42
MJC Imps 42 4 dias atrás
The pauses and unanswered questions make these videos
JetSki Out of Water
JetSki Out of Water 5 dias atrás
lololol corona timeeeee
Joshua Tootell
Joshua Tootell 5 dias atrás
Watching the this video while Americans aren't allowed to travel overseas. Oof
Kyojin, desu
Kyojin, desu 8 dias atrás
ANNE FRANK OMFG XD that was so dark
Tyler Braden
Tyler Braden 8 dias atrás
Youre so intelligent, witty & clever. i wanna get married
Ender _467
Ender _467 9 dias atrás
Casually has a flight attendant uniform fetish while vanripper and his suit fetish
Doctor Sosig
Doctor Sosig 9 dias atrás
That anne frank one was daaaaaaaaaaaaark
Niki K98
Niki K98 11 dias atrás
Always remeber: right is where the arm is up in germany
Humble \\ ハンブル
Humble \\ ハンブル 12 dias atrás
Wow, the activities described in this video is very fascinating What is this outdoors that he speaks of though
Thomas Öllinger
Thomas Öllinger 12 dias atrás
Where did u get the eyebrows!!!!
Çağan Ahmet Yanmaz
Çağan Ahmet Yanmaz 12 dias atrás
if you think about the 3rd travel option,you can come to turkey
Mr. Lavalove
Mr. Lavalove 13 dias atrás
Closed the wage gap..... I just died lol
Akward 14 dias atrás
Charley V
Charley V 14 dias atrás
Best punch line ever.
Matthew Neudorf
Matthew Neudorf 14 dias atrás
“That didn’t work for Ann frank” lol
IExist 16 dias atrás
How bold of you to assume we’re American
5k Subscribers without any videos.
*_"Air America-Lite"_* 🤣
Yufeng weng
Yufeng weng 17 dias atrás
At 2:20 in the video when I first watched it I was like yeah he is talking about his laundry but now I watched it again yeah this joke did not age well.
Missy Faye
Missy Faye 18 dias atrás
Some of these jokes are delivered so damn subtley and straight faced (voiced?) I get them like a sentence later and they're so dark my eyes are popping from my head man lol catch me off guard every time
Junior Nduwayo
Junior Nduwayo 21 dia atrás
Germany is a bad example 🤣
Mudkip76 Lol
Mudkip76 Lol 21 dia atrás
I laugh at these every time and the end was just hilarious
David McCoul
David McCoul 21 dia atrás
true or false the French admit they are charmed by the Canadian accent
bimbo jojo
bimbo jojo 22 dias atrás
This reminds me of the time shortly after I got lazer eye surgery and needed to travel. I had my ESA ( emotional support animal( german shepherd ) ) and prescription sunglasses on ( to protect my sensitive recovering eyes). They asked first for people with disabilities/ special needs first and I figured that I qualified. I went basically first and was greeted with a stewardess that thought I was blind given how she addressed me; I had two options- pretend to be blind or tell her the truth. I told her I was not blind but am thankful for my well behaved dog ( as you may or may not know ESA's are not trained for public behavior). My dog kept still in the very small space in front of me that people after we landed said they had forgotten there was a dog on board.
delphina joe
delphina joe 7 dias atrás
omg poor dog
Declan O'Neill
Declan O'Neill 23 dias atrás
I’m Canadian and this is deep
Rawan sadeq
Rawan sadeq 24 dias atrás
You didn’t talk about Frankfurt Aurport.. that experience itself gives you life skills for the next 30 years
John H
John H 25 dias atrás
2:33 I thought this was a joke but I recently(before corona) had a layover in Amsterdam and there literally was a handsome Dutch man in a box who spoke like eight languages and had already stamped my passport by the time he ask me any questions or asked to see some sort of identification
Shadow Creature
Shadow Creature 26 dias atrás
Who forgets their tools😂
LDGK 26 dias atrás
That Anne Frank joke hit me like a fucking truck. Holy shit man
Tennis India
Tennis India 26 dias atrás
When I watch a couple of your videos and those of Cracked! I feel like I just want to get rid of all my stuff and then do what, I don't know yet. we've got so much unnecessary shit IN our lives and AROUND US ON A DAILY BASIS we're forgetting or NOT ATTENDING to our own PERSONAL GROWTH. thanks man, whoever you are :) ❤🙌
Josh Jackson
Josh Jackson 26 dias atrás
Wait holy crap you live in Victoria??? I live on the island as well!!
Felix Desilets
Felix Desilets 28 dias atrás
1:04 Glad to see the use of both official languages. As someone born in Québec, I appreciate and respect that a lot.
Techno 28 dias atrás
I died with the Anne Frank one hahahah
Raymrmcnugget 28 dias atrás
honestly now a days everybody needs to get "traveling" reexplained
Ryad Achaïbou
Ryad Achaïbou Mês atrás
Where in north Africa were you ? I live in Algeria and you're describing it like a stereotypical Lion King/safari thing lol we're a country like any other
brotherhood paladini
Imagine having to use passports to cross borders This post was made by schengen zone gang
Noah Henderson
Noah Henderson Mês atrás
"seperate your coloreds from your whites" GOD I LOVE THIS TYPE OF HUMOR Too bad you would be labeled as a racist today on Twitter and be fired 8 hours later.
Chona Castillo
Chona Castillo Mês atrás
6:42 Yooo that was genius
Nicolas Marazuela
Nicolas Marazuela Mês atrás
speaking english in russia: customs: xaxaxaxaxaxa
eodred di acquaneve
Oh yes, we are a guilt based society
Philip Cleres
Philip Cleres Mês atrás
You just reminded me how horrible American Airlines are...
Ogonna Nwasike
Ogonna Nwasike Mês atrás
I hope I never have to see just this depiction of Africa again. sigh
Galaxy Mês atrás
4:55 really pushing that Africa is a trash place huh even tho the cities there are better looking than nyc
Alicia Mês atrás
Your videos are just so damn great.
Eli Le Fevre
Eli Le Fevre Mês atrás
This aged well.
SaamonRoe Mês atrás
the Anne Frank joke made me pause the video
rekany Mês atrás
The wage gap one got me ngl
DNB 8 Mês atrás
3:21 oh yeah I'm feeling that. Always, if you don't do that you're doing something wrong on your flight.
Sarrah the Explorer
out of curiosity, which country in Northern African did you stop in?
Pearle Mês atrás
"who you wanna do, uh, what you wanna do" *looks at computer* *types* Do other countries find Canadian accents hot? XD so much lol right now
Psyfuentez Mês atrás
Oh nice you were a block away from me and I didn’t even know lol
Railgun Gaming
Railgun Gaming Mês atrás
"Level 5 Duolingo" 😂😂😂😂😂
Vicente Aguilera
Vicente Aguilera Mês atrás
you could have driven to seattle and had time to spare
The Creepy Cuck
The Creepy Cuck Mês atrás
Where and who you wanna do Yeah i go to thailand for “the culture” 😉🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nick Maille
Nick Maille Mês atrás
take a shot for every innuendo.
TheMagnificentPony Mês atrás
Go to Lithuania and try not to starve just with English you pampered prick.
Hannah Mês atrás
Love that casual diss on air Canada because we all know it’s true
ST. Cloud
ST. Cloud Mês atrás
Manitoba Canada here, post your general location below!
Bravo Wong
Bravo Wong Mês atrás
1:27 Who and what you want to do, uhh, what you want to do....
Wicked Man
Wicked Man Mês atrás
He almost broke character this time around lol
Donovan D
Donovan D Mês atrás
I lived in South Korea for a year and it was pretty fun. The military can be a pain but the cheap alcohol made it worthwhile
Mic_Glow Mês atrás
One of my dream destinations is Japan. I know women there are unshaven but I'm not wearing braces so it shouldn't be a problem.
Mr M
Mr M Mês atrás
After watching so many of your videos I realized your low-key racist
John Paul
John Paul Mês atrás
that last joke had me on the floor
Tristen Arctician
Tristen Arctician Mês atrás
1:57 Gordon *FEETman*
Yolanda Mês atrás
You're too funny. And thanks for sharing the twitch channel! Would love to sit in sometime.
Chris! W
Chris! W Mês atrás
hey u should get back on twitch
Kuzon Mês atrás
“Trying to reattach a 20000 horse power turbine with fucking scotch double sided.” lmaooo😭
Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins Mês atrás
That TSA joke didn’t age well. (June 2020)
Thomas Mês atrás
This hits differently during the present time
Gustavo Dutra
Gustavo Dutra 2 meses atrás
JcSpain 2 meses atrás
Maybe you need to stop being ignorant and learn other languages 🧐
Jesse Groomes
Jesse Groomes 2 meses atrás
Touchscreens at McDonald’s
bananas stuff
bananas stuff 2 meses atrás
0:31 bean water
Liviu Valache
Liviu Valache 2 meses atrás
All I learned : if something is big, it must be important
SCW 2 meses atrás
I think this video needs an update for the 2020 version
Nerfi Mcnerfnerf
Nerfi Mcnerfnerf 2 meses atrás
Remember when we were able to travel freely?
Sam Burton
Sam Burton 2 meses atrás
Moritz Bödeker
Moritz Bödeker 2 meses atrás
I don't speak English natively. I'm not even that good at speaking English. So there's that.
Ant Dem
Ant Dem 2 meses atrás
caught me out w the anne frank one ngl
李智 2 meses atrás
Air Canada may not be there after the pandemic
helphelp11 2 meses atrás
2:51 Why not just take a nonstop flight from Bellingham? Should be cheaper because you’re not crossing the border. (Yes, I know it’s the 31st of May, 2020, so?) And yes, Air Canada does suck.
alto accountin
alto accountin 2 meses atrás
Zenok'oo 2 meses atrás
The casually explained character: **goes to France** Also him: so anyway i'm broke now Well he do spittin' facts tho
battletoads22 2 meses atrás
My favorite bit was when you nonchalantly cracked the code to sounding confident: actually having something to talk about.
Vered Thacker
Vered Thacker 2 meses atrás
"We actually landed there quite smoothly. that absolutely SENT ME🤚🤚🏻🤚🏽😭😭😭
cityraildude 2 meses atrás
Ah yes, back in the days when international travel was a thing
Joran van den berg
Joran van den berg 2 meses atrás
Did that guy just say 'stroopwafel'?
Rohan Baidya
Rohan Baidya 2 meses atrás
6:20 - attaching 20 000 hp turbine with scotch double sided .. lol
Dfuentes601 2 meses atrás
50 pesos is like 2 bucks which is pretty cool
fuba 2 meses atrás
Stop calling the USA america, Canada is north america too
Yura Re’tord
Yura Re’tord 2 meses atrás
Bruh youre sense of humor is shocking
PewDiePíe 1
PewDiePíe 1 2 meses atrás
4:00 lmaooooooooooooo
tharo 2 meses atrás
Air canada is such a bad airline almost all of the flights I had with them were always delayed or had some sort of technical difficulties
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 2 meses atrás
We're gonna need separate instructions for 2020
éêè çïà
éêè çïà 2 meses atrás
the french sentence @1:38 badly google translated
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