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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.
Streaming Weekdays 2pm-8pm PST (but not this week I'm on a trip and giving those tips)
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15 Mai 2019



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Comentários 80
RyuX 5 horas atrás
This Channels Name should be: Perfectly Explained
DallyLama 7 horas atrás
Your tip is included in your salary waiter boy :^) Now hurry it up with my order
Stephen 10 horas atrás
"if you're a Canadian and don't like confrontation" is dat a gsp reference
Joffa99 M
Joffa99 M Dia atrás
The next time someone asks me to tip Il give them a very small amount. Then Il say I bet your not happy? Well I'm not happy as well. This is such a big social inconvenience. Bye bye.
Caleb Dia atrás
I work in a restaurant in the US and I'm unhappy to say that this make up about 60ish% of my income
Jay 2 dias atrás
"Africa, if they had extra money"? Dude WTF is wrong with u
Hero of Twilight
Hero of Twilight 17 horas atrás
Thats his sense of humor
nicoteen33 2 dias atrás
Africa if they had extra money 😂😂
MR Foxer
MR Foxer 3 dias atrás
"Depends on what ending you want"
Daniel García de la Torre Fernández
I've order and received a 100% sandwich, not 115% sandwich.
Katarina Bergqwist
Katarina Bergqwist 4 dias atrás
When I was on vacation to England I was at a restaurant that had a sign saying something like "Here you tip at least [something something] percent." In Sweden you can tip by saying "Keep the change" (or "Behåll växeln" in Swedish) and if the service is exceptionally good. Otherwise, don't tip. I have almost never tipped anyone in Sweden. I can only remember two times, one was when the waitress was exceptionally good and helped me a lot with what I could eat on the menu and went to the kitchen to ask the chef just to be sure exactly what ingredients the food had (I don't have any anaphylactic shock allergies, so it wasn't THAT big of a deal really, she just wanted to be extra sure, and I appreciated it), the other time was in a small pizzeria on the countryside where there weren't many customers at all and they gave us really good service, so I kind of tipped the whole restaurant, not a specific person.
Jasper Oshea
Jasper Oshea 4 dias atrás
We don't tip in Australia
Pierre Bidkhanian
Pierre Bidkhanian 5 dias atrás
why would amazon make me hold a pen?
Thus Imbulagoda
Thus Imbulagoda 7 dias atrás
We don’t really tip at all in Australia
Octave Félix
Octave Félix 7 dias atrás
In France people only tip in restaurants and bars, and you're just supposed to leave a few coins (or a 5€ bill if the waiter was great) on the table before you leave. (Waiters have a proper salary.) It's completely different from tipping in the US.
Gaëtan Chekaiban
Gaëtan Chekaiban 7 dias atrás
No, you don't tip in EU.
piggy little
piggy little 8 dias atrás
at first when he said NA education I was wondering if it was like N/A or if it was North America... then realized that it is the same thing
John H
John H 8 dias atrás
I just realized your videos ave background music
The Mysterious Mustache Man
I once refused to tip at a restaurant because of utter terrible service and the owner of the restaurant literally stood in front of the door threatening to call the police like I had some legal obligation to pay more than required. I said I’d leave a tip after I used the washroom and left through the emergency exit setting off the fire alarm
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 9 dias atrás
Im from newzeland, this will never make sense to me
Samuel Atienzo
Samuel Atienzo 9 dias atrás
Waiter every 5 seconds: “do you need anything sir?” Me (as a tourist in the US): “yes please leave me in peace to finish my meal... I’m going to have to tip you 15-20% anyway”🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
MANUMADRID00 9 dias atrás
In japan they dont give tips, their thinking is that good job should be the norm.
XXXHYPERS 9 dias atrás
Lol in britain you only ever tip someone at a restaurant if they did a good job, nice person, friendly and if you think they deserve it, and no one expects them either
Mio W
Mio W 10 dias atrás
Nooo....we dont tip in sweden.
Frosty 10 dias atrás
Actually you dont tip in australia
ikichullo 10 dias atrás
I'm glad the United States doesn't have universal healthcare
Relax 10 dias atrás
In japan you don't tip at all and in France you don't tip a % of the price, just tip what's you want.
Charles Kevin Lique
Charles Kevin Lique 10 dias atrás
the US tipping culture just shows how privileged Americans are
Ulfur Brjánsson
Ulfur Brjánsson 10 dias atrás
You don't tip in Iceland
Mogsy Games
Mogsy Games 11 dias atrás
people think not tipping is a huge statement, if you have a shit experience you should either never comeback or ask for a percentage of your bill
acesblue 11 dias atrás
Doordash; tip in the app ;)
D- devil
D- devil 11 dias atrás
2:55 I find it funny how he edited out that pic and made it look so smooth I only realized it was edited until after 2 minutes staring at it lol
Rory Spoons
Rory Spoons 11 dias atrás
Here in ireland we just have a potato donation sack.
Ganjalf il verde
Ganjalf il verde 11 dias atrás
I want to go in the usa.. just to dont leave the tip..
Joel McHugh
Joel McHugh 12 dias atrás
The one thing that always concerned me about visiting the USA was the tipping. I know id always be doing it wrong and annoying people. I'd probably try and avoid using services that I think would require it. Might be getting drive through Maccas each night (I assume thats a non-tip place?)
TheChodenOne 12 dias atrás
Please don’t circle Ireland as well when saying the UK
smilezseriez _
smilezseriez _ 12 dias atrás
I work in retail as well as in the service industry. I don’t tip ever. I live in America. When I was working sometimes the tip wouldnt even go to just me. We were all suppose to take our tips together and then split it evenly. It’s for this reason I don’t tip unless I KNOW that it will go to the ONE server I meant for them to take it. Plain and simple.
Airplane What
Airplane What 12 dias atrás
In Italy we tip in restaurants only when you spend at least 50 euros and it's like 1 or 2 euros. For the other thing it's just keep the change
kimie chinova
kimie chinova 12 dias atrás
If you tip in japan u will die
Craron 13 dias atrás
America is really primitiv when it comes to insurance. If you don’t have a job you don’t get help from the government like in germany you literally land on the streets
jShico 13 dias atrás
"Romania" "first world country" lol
HarryWooldridge 13 dias atrás
In Australia we don’t have tipping
Theo Lee
Theo Lee 13 dias atrás
In New Zealand (and a bunch of other places), whatever the price tag is on the item, that's what you pay. Tax is already tacked on to the price advertised and when you get your receipt, you can see how much of your purchase was tax. There's a flat rate on tax (15%) that doesn't change from region to region. It must be so frustrating in North America to have $20 in your pocket and not know whether or not you have enough for what you want without doing a quick calculation in your head.
Verix Lin
Verix Lin 13 dias atrás
As a Chinese I'm deeply offended. It's a violation on human rights to take people's children away from them. They just offer them a position in the military to be trained to become superhuman communist soldiers.
Thami Stoppelli
Thami Stoppelli 13 dias atrás
I was about to give this video a thumbs up right up until the China joke, too many people joking about China already, we don't need anymore of that. Great video though
sLuRrYbEe yee
sLuRrYbEe yee 13 dias atrás
I'm so confused I don't see people tip in Ireland.
Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz 14 dias atrás
Yes!! I hate that card machines automatically ask you to tip at buffet’s for example . It’s like ; I got my own plates and my own drinks ....why would I add a tip when I’m paying ?
MattMan 14 dias atrás
That is The stupidest thing i’ve ever heard...
Nick Goodwin
Nick Goodwin 14 dias atrás
Personally, I think 80% of the restaurant/sever industry/culture can burn. How does a mediocre chicken wrap with fries being served to someone who your kids tuition depends on inspire people to do better with their lives? That being said, when I get tipped it's usually $50-100 once a month/week if I'm lucky (I'm an Arborist). But I dont rely on tips because my industry won't function properly without willing and skilled workers. The restaurant industry just takes innocent people in need of work and sucks them into a void where 20% of people care about their job and 79% couldn't give a shit. Which, incidentally, is the right ratio for 1% of people to be stuck not knowing how or why they should get out of it. What a shame. Just charge people $5 more for food and stop selling garbage food by garbage people, for garbage people. Pay your workers and take pride that your establishment actually made someone genuinely feel good. Not the "I need to get drunk so I can feel good" kind either. Or the "I'm already drunk and need a burger" kind either.
Adam Fitzpatrick
Adam Fitzpatrick 14 dias atrás
Here's my guidelines: His example of 14.89 I would pay with the next 5, and an 0.11 tip is ridiculous, so I'd go to 20 I'd pay 5.11 tip and hand over a 20. That's about a 30% tip, but next time, it'll be $13.10 and paying a 50% tip is ridiculous, so they get $1.90 which is still about 15%. Unless the service leaned exceptionally good or exceptionally poor, I always tip like this.
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war
Luckily there's no tipping in korea
MetallumCaput 14 dias atrás
As a finn, this gives me many confusion.
SANDO 15 dias atrás
Germany: We don’t do that here
Shion 15 dias atrás
We don't do it in Poland. When I did it once they literally were like hey you left your money take it :)
LandoDaGod 15 dias atrás
you can get a special ending from tipping the cleaning ladies too ;)
natural 15 dias atrás
Bruh whatever I’m paying out of that damn bill is a tip
popeye 15 dias atrás
What is this "tipping" you speak of?
ImPoppy 15 dias atrás
Here in UAE. If I tip they will kick me out and call a Lamborghini police car lol.... However, charging Western tourists more money is considered mandatory and if you don't do it you are a traitor xD
Saucy Gamer
Saucy Gamer 15 dias atrás
The usual tip in Pakistan is a bullet in the head.
HAPPY ! 15 dias atrás
And then there is japan
James Andrew
James Andrew 15 dias atrás
Mr.Pink told a story about tips and after Reservoir Dogs I dont tip
Lando Cubing
Lando Cubing 16 dias atrás
My favorite part of his videos is when he breathes
juzar bharmal
juzar bharmal 16 dias atrás
Here in India, If waiter saves me from chocking food then I would tip him 14% to make a statement.
squiglio 16 dias atrás
When you said cactus club straight away I thought you must live in Vancouver
Kawsar A
Kawsar A 16 dias atrás
We dont tip in the UK. We put them in a spliff
Kieran bru
Kieran bru 16 dias atrás
Grade A under A 2.0
Zack E
Zack E 16 dias atrás
In the uk the waiters get paid properly
Albrecht der Herausforderer
In Germany you normally tip 10 percent at a restaurant and nothing anywhere else
Some 17 dias atrás
Well that's good to know if I ever visit the USA. Do I get murdered if I don't tip?
ThatWhiteGuy 14 dias atrás
You won't get killed, just a dirty look. I've gotten dirty looks before since I don't tip.
Dimpho Solo
Dimpho Solo 17 dias atrás
15-20%???!!! 🤯 In South Africa 10% is standard and only if you really want to.
DenBergs 17 dias atrás
In belgium we don’t tip.
Hans McReary
Hans McReary 17 dias atrás
This reminds me of Reservoir Dogs where mr Pink refuses to tip Great scene
Levina Louw
Levina Louw 17 dias atrás
i read the title as ‘tripping’ not tipping i got so confused
Jacob Whiteman
Jacob Whiteman 17 dias atrás
"Africa if they had spare money"
Zuvorr 17 dias atrás
As someone who has had many different waiting jobs I can say that a tip is a Feedback to how good we’ve done our job to deliver the guests a nice experience. Also waiting can be really tough and if the service is good I always tip
Zach Baker
Zach Baker 18 dias atrás
Yes, restaurants should pay their employees more, but don't punish your wait staff by not tipping. If you can afford to waste $50 at olive garden, you can spare enough for a reasonable tip
trip zuco
trip zuco 18 dias atrás
Tipping is a business guaranteeing getting paid and offloading the employees salary onto the generosity customer.
Ericboss gaming
Ericboss gaming 18 dias atrás
Actually japan does not accept tips
Liam Ryan
Liam Ryan 18 dias atrás
I actually think tipping is very good
Masked Blaze
Masked Blaze 18 dias atrás
We don’t tip much in Australia. I think it’s coz we have high minimum wage idk
Basil II
Basil II 19 dias atrás
When I, a Non-Londoner Brit, went to London, I saw this American tipping and then some chavs come and steal the uncollected money
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