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In this episode, I go around to subscriber's houses, forcing them to watch ads and taking their spare change.
Streaming Weekdays 2pm-8pm PST (but not this week I'm on a trip and giving those tips)
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15 Mai 2019



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Samuel Jesse
Samuel Jesse 4 horas atrás
Bruh tipping is just not a thing in Australia and Nz nobody and i mean nobody realy tips ever
Casper Ockley
Casper Ockley 4 horas atrás
I wish tips didn’t exist, it’s just a predatory way to socially pressure people and make for-profit businesses pay their employees unfair wages.
Gunnar almighty
Gunnar almighty 7 horas atrás
We dont tip here in iceland... like at all its just the price of the food
Gunnar almighty
Gunnar almighty 7 horas atrás
Man just called iceland "the rest of europe" bruuuh
Tomas Moavro
Tomas Moavro 17 horas atrás
Argentina as a first world country, that's s good joke
Drew 18 horas atrás
Ana C
Ana C 19 horas atrás
I cannot stand when a person hands you over the stupid machine for you to sign your payment, but you have to add a tip while they are staring at you. Pretty pathetic for them.
ThunderSweeper 19 horas atrás
Screw tipping I just thank the fucker then run
Eddie 19 horas atrás
Was that a fuckin peso
Deivi Nika
Deivi Nika Dia atrás
Here in Albania you almost never tip. You maybe only tip if you have some random small amout of spare change.
Gabes Dia atrás
Minimum for pizza delivery is $5. Not 3 not 2. FIVE minimum, doesn’t matter how much you spend on pizza. You give more and next time your pizza will come faster. Pizza guy here lol
Pieman1123 Dia atrás
You should've just played the diner scene from Reservoir Dogs
This is A bad name
TBH_Disorder Dia atrás
so from what i understand is make your own food instead of going to restaurants or delivery in america
yochi locochon
yochi locochon Dia atrás
Man, I’m Mexican and I’ve living all my live here in tacoland. We always tip, it’s disrispectful if you don’t tip
Comment Police Unit 12 Grade A
I’m not poor and I didn’t grow up poor so tipping doesn’t bother me. Nice waiters I give an extra percentage, and I never have a bad waiter that I don’t like because I’m in the US where waiters are friendly. Just because it’s not your culture doesn’t mean it’s any worse, and a lot of Europeans are very ignorant in that way especially to Americans. I see no problem we all pay the same amount, at the end of the day the waiters all get paid the same amount. These arguments are childish people are so bold behind a screen, but in the times I have gone to Europe I have had pleasant times, and experienced none of the toxicity that Americans experience on BRvid. Just think before you type, the world doesn’t revolve around you.
MrBigEnchilada Dia atrás
"I don't declare my income tax"
Alex Bowles
Alex Bowles Dia atrás
3:55 move the decimal one place to the left, that’s 10%, take half of that and add it to itself and then its 15%
Hayden Stephen
Hayden Stephen 2 dias atrás
Don’t tip here in New Zealand
Miki P
Miki P 2 dias atrás
In Spain we don't tip if U tip in Spain everyone's gonna know u are a tourist
Donny the Dealer
Donny the Dealer 2 dias atrás
I know its humour. But chief in the UK the NHS isnt free. We have to pay tax for it on top of regular income tax called National Insurance. Its a great system, but its definitely not free chief, shit costs a lot. The values are at 12% of your total taxable income if youre earning less than a certain figure and 2% if youre earning over. (Because it adds to income tax)
gilang ignas raharjo
gilang ignas raharjo 2 dias atrás
Hey! Indonesia also have universal health care system!!!
Taru 2 dias atrás
Mannyyy 3 dias atrás
bootleg gradeAunderA?
NoctoCat 3 dias atrás
Not in Norway, you'll be lucky if the diners are even nice to the waiters
Jekkujee _
Jekkujee _ 3 dias atrás
We don’t tip in Finland
678_hero 3 dias atrás
As far as I am concerned, the only country where tipping is mainstream is the United States. If you tipped in Australia, your waiter would punch you for being so rude.
red x17
red x17 4 dias atrás
UK Proceeds to circle ireland
Gennady Shpak
Gennady Shpak 4 dias atrás
So instead of just paying the staff a higher salary (1 persons decision), you out source it as a moral dilemma to thousands that eat in your restaurant. That is just fken dumb
Joseph Lennon
Joseph Lennon 4 dias atrás
As an American, I have always understood the whole tipping thing.
Subscribe to Pewdiepie Ihaveskillz
We don’t tip in all of Europe
Toarcade 5 dias atrás
The whole argument of "oh yeah poor servers are so underpaid so we gotta tip them or they'll starve" is not valid in Canada because unlike the USA, there is a minimum wage that every server is at least compensated with. You wouldn't tip the paint guy in the Home Depot that will brighten your home for years, you wouldn't tip the friendly consultant in the HiFi store where you spend thousands of Dollars, but sure, give fucking $5 to everyone who literally just carried a bowl to your table.
Tico Nice
Tico Nice 5 dias atrás
Tips started in the 1920s to cut the wait time for the meal. No in North America they have table service, which means they take a percent and tip the waiter no matter how vad the service was.
RacingRalphEVO 5 dias atrás
Tipping is considered disrespectful in Swizerland.
Anders Buch Jeppesen
Anders Buch Jeppesen 5 dias atrás
I was in America once and the tip was on the bill when we got it, it’s so stupid
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham 5 dias atrás
I don't tip at restaurants because the god damn customer isn't the one who's supposed to be paying the employee. That and I'm a broke twenty-something with 10k in college debt and I literally can't afford to go out to eat.
Teh Leels
Teh Leels 5 dias atrás
I tip 10% because that's completely reasonable as well.
ANNABELL CANNON 5 dias atrás
As an American, the reason we tip is because you just look like a selfish asshole for not tipping
Bruce Gilbert
Bruce Gilbert 5 dias atrás
A lot of anti-tipping opinions in the comment section. I like tipping because the service in Europe is garbage. The waiter takes your order then smokes a cigarette and completely ignores you until you literally shout for them to bring you the check. No asking if you need anything. They don’t care because their salary is guaranteed. It’s why salesmen get commission. “Hurr durr you shouldn’t have to pay someone extra to do their job.” Welcome to the real world. It’s almost impossible to guarantee quality service and a fixed salary. Only seen it in Japan.
BransonGaming HD
BransonGaming HD 5 dias atrás
They started doing that card thing in the US now...tears
MrFiltry69 6 dias atrás
As a Spanish saying that the wairtress salary is under average is not enough for obligatory tipping. We our salaries on wairtress are under average and tipping isn't obligatory so... Srry for my bad English (i'm from Spain).
Jonathan Dunlop
Jonathan Dunlop 6 dias atrás
Idc if I get takeout I’m not tipping. If I’m at a sit down, I’ll tip whatever I can afford while staying reasonable
g scantron
g scantron 7 dias atrás
i thought this said casually explained: TRIPPING
Luiz Catizane
Luiz Catizane 7 dias atrás
In Brazil we pay the bill + 10%, but only in restaurants and bars. It's a standard ratio in all states
twitertaker 7 dias atrás
Why do you even write your tip on the receipt? In Germany you just give it additional to your normal money you have to pay and say "Das passt so" (Something like "That's just right") to signal that you dont want change back and the rest is the tip.
Harsh sinha
Harsh sinha 8 dias atrás
Ik India is not a first world country, but here some ppl tip when they go to a restaurant, not everyone does that but yeah some do.
jelly cream
jelly cream 8 dias atrás
No one tips in New Zealand
Emiko Fernandez
Emiko Fernandez 8 dias atrás
Don’t tip in japan they literally won’t takenit
The Decent Doodler
The Decent Doodler 8 dias atrás
*annoyed North African noises*
거미moarachne 9 dias atrás
Mexico is part of north America
BenTheStar 9 dias atrás
I'm British and we always tip the delivery guy (pizza ect.) but never really tip for anything else.
Cobalt Cactus
Cobalt Cactus 9 dias atrás
people don't tip at all in New Zealand what are you on about
Hervis Daubeny
Hervis Daubeny 9 dias atrás
As an australian, what the fuck is a tip
Rhys Williams
Rhys Williams 9 dias atrás
this you "have to tip" bugs me. pay them. you employ them not me.
༒Gorm Auslander༒
༒Gorm Auslander༒ 10 dias atrás
This is not relevant in Japan, as you incorrectly stated
Whiteboes 10 dias atrás
Tipping in east asia is a no no. They will cut your balls off and make jalapeno poppers with them
Theory or Will
Theory or Will 10 dias atrás
When he said cactus club I almost crapped my pants didn’t realize you were from bc like me brother!
Bryan Masis
Bryan Masis 10 dias atrás
Let's go ask Canada how Universal healthcare is going....
The AK Plan
The AK Plan 10 dias atrás
The saying shouldn’t be “if u can’t tip out u can’t eat” it should be “if u can’t tip don’t dine in” bc Togo is at Damn near every place. If the solution is “if u don’t like not getting tipped don’t be a server” than who would serve u if they all quit. The only reason tipping matters in the US is cuz we don’t get to keep what u give us. We have to give money away to kitchen staff, bussers, etc. If that wasn’t the case i wouldn’t care bout not really getting tipped. But at the end of the night i could be giving out 40 dollars
Oliver Handy
Oliver Handy 10 dias atrás
If the tip is a percentage of the bill, staff at expensive restaurants (where rich people eat) get bigger tips. Therefore these restaurants are more desirable places to work. Therefore there is more competition for the jobs. Therefore the staff are of a higher calibre. So rich people pay more for their service, but get better service from better staff. So it's fair. Unless you are poor.
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