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Howdy my dudes, in this video I pretend to be American.
Tune into the stream later today because I'm going to get grandmaster in SC2 but for real this time
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15 Out 2019



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Comentários 80
Naomi Shahgeldyan
Naomi Shahgeldyan 29 minutos atrás
France : slabs with baguette America :slabs with *weapon*
Sérgio Alves
Sérgio Alves 3 horas atrás
Only native English speakers who don't speak anything else could ever possibly think English is a hard language. It's one of the easiest.
Alejandroplayz 6 horas atrás
Screw u I have Alexa
** 8 horas atrás
Having Austronesian language as a native tongue, learning all the grammatical gender in other languages are such a bitch, like why do you even assign inanimate objects with genders wth
El Catrin C
El Catrin C 10 horas atrás
Jokes on you Cas, i have no siri or google home
Colfdra Legend
Colfdra Legend 14 horas atrás
You pronounced Leisure wrong Kappa
Moblivion 15 horas atrás
I'm sorry, What the hell is a kilometre?
oreo cat
oreo cat 16 horas atrás
i was searching this up and spelled explained as "explaned"
a_simple_lolicon 16 horas atrás
We are not just baguette guy! We are also GILETS JAUNE guy lol 😂
Sophia 20 horas atrás
Do u know, ur actually funny do after 2:55 I subbed :)
Box_In_The_Hat 21 hora atrás
Try hebrew as a english speeker already speeking 5 languages. How about that
Noob BLOX Dia atrás
I fell for that "I love you". but still I love you, no homo
Nguyen Vu
Nguyen Vu Dia atrás
What the heck is “Mikasa wa doko desu ka?”?
Yours in another universe
Assembly lolli
Yours in another universe
and i always sink.. pretty sure that wasn't a th sound
Rohil Budruk
Rohil Budruk Dia atrás
Bruh when you said hey Siri ok google Siri woke up and said wow awkward I’m a very sarcastic tone.
Fahren Dia atrás
Feuc iou
Elo Fon
Elo Fon Dia atrás
No one: NO. ONE: Canadian English: What did you think I was gonna put? SoRRy aBOUt thAT bUd, DidN't MeaN tO Be RuDE tHERE
Ricardo Fabila
Ricardo Fabila Dia atrás
I speak 5 languages, and I can tell that English is on of the easiest, mostly because it only has present, past and past-participles. Also, it has no "accents" like spanish or french. E.G: Más or Él, etc...
looking Terrible in every way possible
I think Khmer is a hard language to learn. I'm going to use Google translate for examples. ស = S សស = White សសសស = The White House សសសសសសសសស = White Sox White If you did that with English S Ss Ssss Sssssssss
L'oiseau Noir
L'oiseau Noir Dia atrás
France not a super power for 300 undred years ? I guess learning history is more needed than learning a new language in USA
The L Giver
The L Giver Dia atrás
I know English, y español, e tambem português !
dxmoniczz Dia atrás
The English language explained in the English language
Ben Winter
Ben Winter Dia atrás
It’s not British English it’s English. Americans use that term to make their version of the language sound more legitimate. But it’s not legitimate and the is only one version of English that is correct and it’s the one that is spoken in ENGLAND. It’s arrogant to say anything else, and also if Americans say ours is closer to “original English” that still doesn’t make it the right English because no one is claiming to speak original English because no one says “ye olde tavern”. Finishing statement to say to Americans get your own language and stop claiming someone else’s as your own.
Caíque Marlon
Caíque Marlon Dia atrás
If you think Australian English is hard, go check on irish English
mooseboy Dia atrás
Actually Polish would be In the 2200 hours section its considered harder than some Asian languages
GachaStarie 135
GachaStarie 135 Dia atrás
Ah yes, I know 1.6 languages.
Niels Vanveen
Niels Vanveen Dia atrás
"South African sounds cool" Me: (*sad Dutch noises*)
Sheryl Beilschmidt
I totally "did not" fell for the "I love you" sentence .
Usjhehe Jejdjhr
Usjhehe Jejdjhr 2 dias atrás
00:28 😂
Nero 2 dias atrás
My first language is arabic and I feel like English is easy
Rémy Manigart
Rémy Manigart 2 dias atrás
4:42 jokes on you I have a 90 $ LG phone that can barely run a call without overheating. And my Google assistant, pssh, if I'm lucky enough that it even works, it takes 2 minutes to even show the "ok Google" hub. And my mom, she died of adenocarcinoma (stomach cancer) when I was 10. Love your content btw.
TrqHardPvP 2 dias atrás
4:43 my google didnt say anything for 5 seconds so i thought i was in the clear and then google just says some random stuff at max volume. it scared me
Nebrets 2 dias atrás
lmao assembly
natam 2 dias atrás
TIL idk how to say the
i will eat your kids
i will eat your kids 2 dias atrás
English: squirrel Dutch: eekhoorn Arabic:السنجاب Chinees: 松鼠
itsWi11iams 2 dias atrás
2:51 you di...
lou ztihcs
lou ztihcs 2 dias atrás
"No one is allowed to feel good about themselves on my watch, especially myself"
Max Kupfer
Max Kupfer 2 dias atrás
i'm dying. how is America on 0.8??? XD
Polodosky 2 dias atrás
English is ridiculously easy, even latin language speakers will have a harder time learning other latin language than learning english that's what it makes great
Александр Новиченко
"This is why you haven't been a world superpower for 300 years" Casually Explained is definitely living in 22nd century
BassFartz 3 dias atrás
ian 3 dias atrás
how is it 0.8? i can only think it’s because of baby’s?
Wasif Zaman
Wasif Zaman 3 dias atrás
How's that possible!? It actually worked and activated Siri!
SIKE nah
SIKE nah 3 dias atrás
Me running to my parents to see if they can pronounce those words
Kara Fitzgerald
Kara Fitzgerald 3 dias atrás
Santiago Duque-Baird
Santiago Duque-Baird 3 dias atrás
JamisonMac013 3 dias atrás
“Not so easy now baguette boy”
Pandu Pangestu
Pandu Pangestu 3 dias atrás
Spell "psychiatry"
oofties 3 dias atrás
english is actually really easy how's I difficult?
vincent leduc
vincent leduc 4 dias atrás
You drink to much thea gay uk
Matthew Vale
Matthew Vale 4 dias atrás
Google says no
Common Dirtbagz
Common Dirtbagz 4 dias atrás
I swear people who say nitch instead of niche pisses me off.
sl9hter 4 dias atrás
In one summer I watched a lot of PewDiePie video and learned English (my native language is Slovak)
RoTTing De'Cuir
RoTTing De'Cuir 4 dias atrás
Why couldnt I get him as my english teacher and Sam O'Nella as my history teacher?
Cool Doggo
Cool Doggo 4 dias atrás
[ ][ ]
[ ][ ] 4 dias atrás
A R E P 5 dias atrás
I love how we Australians shorten everything and we talk lazy 💀
Monstache 5 dias atrás
@ 5:06 Congratulations, you played yo self
El Gringo Bandito
El Gringo Bandito 5 dias atrás
A lot of people struggle with saying the word “world”. At least a lot of native spanish speakers
Le Troll Musclay
Le Troll Musclay 5 dias atrás
A world super power for the last 300 years ?? Wtf learn your history vil faquin, la France has been in the place for the 2000 years and without us u would have a shitty cross on your flag and still harvest for the crown
Drakonus 5 dias atrás
Suddenly I feel better about being a trilingual
c e r m e t
c e r m e t 5 dias atrás
You’re not so easy now is it baguette boy
mutaz_ahmed Alnuaimee
mutaz_ahmed Alnuaimee 5 dias atrás
For an arabic spaeker i can say that english is pretty easy. The pronounciations are easy because arabic has so much sounds. Probably the only thing that You have to get used to is 'not rolling the R' and for an arabic spaeker that's really hard
Nicole Brandy
Nicole Brandy 5 dias atrás
OOF that momma joke at the end caught me off guard... Well played, Casually Explained. Well played.
ILHAM RAMADHAN 5 dias atrás
well jokes on you because i can't read 👊😎
MarkoWasHere YT
MarkoWasHere YT 6 dias atrás
In my school we learn 2 launguages plus our
Supvic 6 dias atrás
baguette boy
pelikovits 6 dias atrás
Wait if it took me 1100 hours to learn English does that mean that for me to learn it will take 600 hours to learn French nice....
Tanner Petteruti
Tanner Petteruti 6 dias atrás
i dont have a google dot so i subscribed for it :)
MacIzer 6 dias atrás
This is the first video of his I've seen and in the first 40 seconds of watching I subscribed...I like him
iron gaming480
iron gaming480 6 dias atrás
How the .....
MintieCfB 6 dias atrás
i have an alexa idiioottt
ScoodWhichu 6 dias atrás
i loved the “i love you” bit
Ally Wu
Ally Wu 7 dias atrás
Squirrel is the hardest English word to pronounce in my opinion. ( I am not a native speaker) Like... squirrrrre? Skweral? :(
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago 7 dias atrás
Yo I legit put my headphones on right before this video and my phone always goes off to ok google
Austin Tyler
Austin Tyler 7 dias atrás
Siri liked the joke. My HomePod replied with "haha very funny"
Cozcoz's Starbreak
Cozcoz's Starbreak 7 dias atrás
milky candle
milky candle 7 dias atrás
Where are you bb
Nakazi 7 dias atrás
Cmon english is easy af
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