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White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
Is She Into You:
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6 Fev 2017



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Comentários 4 455
Noah Dia atrás
Wait the BRvid algorithm is passive abrasively trying to tell me it's into me wtf
Reten h
Reten h Dia atrás
Okay okay, the minesweeper joke got me real good. Instant sub.
Magnus Emeritus Engen
"I don't like rock or metal". I know music taste is supposedly not that important, but this one kinda turns me off. She would have to be really cool and really hot to get away with that one! And ROCK ME LIKE A HURRICANE in bed! Even though she probably prefers Justin Bieber over Scorpions! One time in real life I could not even believe my own ears when a girl said "Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and The Doors are shit bands." She must have said that to mess with me, but for me it was a MAJOR red flag!
Eon LastWow
Eon LastWow 2 dias atrás
“They have the same last name, that’s a bad sign... in most places” I get it and that got me dead 😂
Hazardfly 2 dias atrás
3:10 You just did
Archie McGeoch
Archie McGeoch 2 dias atrás
Why does this keep happening to me? Am I a red flag? Oh no. What could I be doing wrong?! Oh boy.
Archie McGeoch
Archie McGeoch 2 dias atrás
I have seen every level of red flags in each girl I have ever tried to date. And now I wonder why I keep getting such girls. Only two out of 7 of them (or maybe 10) were good ones.
Sultanine NWO
Sultanine NWO 3 dias atrás
8 inches
Ronn Pre
Ronn Pre 3 dias atrás
"Best son, 2nd place" dude.. u okay?
rationalguy 3 dias atrás
You won't ever make a permanent connection unless you take some of these so-called "red flags" with a bit of skepticism. Nobody is 100% compatible. You gotta compromise and accept your differences. Otherwise, you'll end up as an incel. Just a bit of advice from an old fart.
Ka - boosh - ka
Ka - boosh - ka 3 dias atrás
I instantly thought of the Soviet Union as I saw this video
TheReal Dre
TheReal Dre 3 dias atrás
This stickman is the sexiest nigga alive
The Golden Sealion
The Golden Sealion 3 dias atrás
Aww thought this was a video on socialism
slovak4life1991 4 dias atrás
She laughs at all my jokes, she tells me everything about her past, and she’s way out of my league. What do I do?
Manuel Enrique Solano Rodriguez
Be more confident and ask her out.
Jason Lee
Jason Lee Dia atrás
Yossiaa aalrdpddncdossyss STAHP duels the shaves dnsssn
Stephen Ebenezar
Stephen Ebenezar 3 dias atrás
A good way to tell is if she also laughs at everyone else’s jokes, and is just as open with her other friends.
LockenJohny101 4 dias atrás
Under 18... Americans lmao. In civilized countries its under 14. Because girls over 14 arent children. This is why your society sucks even harder then ours.
Lamin Sillah
Lamin Sillah 4 dias atrás
Your sense of humor is high iq level, phenomenal! How can I get in touch with you?
abbey 4 dias atrás
Elijah Fuller
Elijah Fuller 5 dias atrás
3:57 XD
Todd Sperling
Todd Sperling 5 dias atrás
I thought he was going to talk about the history of the term "red flag"
fico110 6 dias atrás
>18 not a red flag if you are a teen to🤷‍♂️ You can see i am cuse i use emojis
ANNABELL CANNON 6 dias atrás
Marriage: The men say "wow this food is delicious!" Even though it's discusting, while women say "haha that's so funny" to your joke she doesn't like at all
Riasat202 6 dias atrás
silentfox8 7 dias atrás
It me...
Sergio Haas
Sergio Haas 8 dias atrás
truthly i expected an "unless you are into that" at the fellony part to hahahaha
Jumpy_Bunny 8 dias atrás
Just go with the Russian spy
Kate Parker
Kate Parker 9 dias atrás
The minesweeper joke is GOLD.
- -
- - 9 dias atrás
"If you do find yourself attracted to girls who are still in high school, a great way to get over that is to talk to one of them."
Nazar Dudyk
Nazar Dudyk 9 dias atrás
The internet Explorer was pretty obvious tho
the RAE
the RAE 10 dias atrás
Con cuidado, hay peruanos cerca >:(
DCdangerbrooks 10 dias atrás
When you described red and white flag I thought wait that’s somewhat normal then I found out why
Evan Geusebroek
Evan Geusebroek 10 dias atrás
3:58 my dumbass would still click the mine.
Neodymus 13 dias atrás
A bit late, but i don t totally agree on the last part. My friend are similar to me in a way, but also very different in their way of thinking (which is why i could like them - there is no point talking to someone who is just like you, because you have nothing to gain from such a conversation) So obviously if you hate their friend it s a red flag (because you re going to see them anyway) but other than that it s not terrible
CallMeBradon 13 dias atrás
Bruh, almost every red flag happens in my most recent relationship which ended on her cheating on me so :))))))
Noob dude
Noob dude 13 dias atrás
yeah its called communism
Freedom Martin
Freedom Martin 14 dias atrás
Minesweeper: Red Flag
AndroidDoctorr 14 dias atrás
Wow, that Minesweeper analogy was clever
FionHen Elf
FionHen Elf 14 dias atrás
İran wants the US dick soo hard
Tristan Dumoulin
Tristan Dumoulin 14 dias atrás
That canadian joke was on point. Thanks
Dust Rider
Dust Rider 15 dias atrás
The last point most definitely doesn't fit for me because nobody sent me this link. So I'm fine :) And I don't have friends.
Archie 'Enry
Archie 'Enry 15 dias atrás
>Has no hobbies so will try to insert themselves into your life and this will weigh you down I came here for lighthearted comedy not a personal attack
Archie 'Enry
Archie 'Enry 15 dias atrás
>Has no hobbies so will try to insert themselves into your life and this will weigh you down I came here for lighthearted comedy not a personal attack
Qusai Mustafa
Qusai Mustafa 16 dias atrás
If your into girls under 18, just date a british chick
by lap
by lap 16 dias atrás
8 i n c h e s
I don't know what I'm doing but I'm doing it.
Canadian 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Annie. exe
Annie. exe 16 dias atrás
Just came from my therapist, who told me that I'm a good person and that I should trust myself more, and then you come along and say that I "take more responsibility to deal with than I previously thought"???
Annie. exe
Annie. exe 16 dias atrás
Quick question: Are you using Comic Sans to annoy us or do you actually like it?
Kim Bomb
Kim Bomb 16 dias atrás
2:03 Take me home, country road intensifies
krnflash 16 dias atrás
I’m a freshmen, so I have to still date girls over 18?
Help im on tik tok too much
krnflash absolutely yes i’m a gay , yr10 (sophomore) but i exclusively date over 18 women because i don’t wanna catch a case 🤧
m bain
m bain 17 dias atrás
This all happened in a week: we work together, every female coworker I talk about she says she hates them, she got my number through private files, she got kept hinting to say I love her we hung out I didn't like it so I said it to make her feel better and she said i should've waited, I was like "WTF your confusing", she slept around with a lot of guys and talks shit about ex and she even flirted with co-workers before i got hired. Im a seasonal worker so when she got jealous for the first time she asked my manager when could we fire the seasonal workers (which i found very discriminating to lower status) and when was i leaving cause i overheard her, and when we started talking i wanted her to say the truth and she admitted i was like l"mao" then she stabbed my self-esteem a few times. She literally talks bad about her so-called friends/co-workers. Her friend when i told her i grew up from a bad place she would say like " MY EX BOYFRIEND DIED IN THE HOOD SO DONT EVEN START." I was so uncomfortable with her after that. im still talking to her only because she told me how much she loved communism and i was like maybe this isnt so bad.
Sui Des
Sui Des 16 dias atrás
get yourself an actual communist and not that budget version lmao
Ab Valles
Ab Valles 17 dias atrás
Does anybody know the name of the background song?
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon 18 dias atrás
If you’re underage then you can date someone else underage.
Doodle Guy
Doodle Guy 18 dias atrás
Wats ur problem with canadia eh?
Nachit 18 dias atrás
Sounds like the storyline from how I met your mother
mmmpunch 19 dias atrás
Who's the celebrity?
SirDogs Gaming
SirDogs Gaming 19 dias atrás
0:28 White Flag > Peruvian Flag > Red Flag
tantai nguyen
tantai nguyen 18 dias atrás
*French flag>Peruvian flag>Soviet flag
Bert Siimon
Bert Siimon 20 dias atrás
8 inches
UseFreeSpeech 20 dias atrás
3:28 unless you into th... w...wait wha... ehh never mind. hole is hole ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Amritraj Dash
Amritraj Dash 21 dia atrás
Girl: Has passionate s*x with you for 16 hours straight and asks you to marry her. Is she into you? Again, you really can't tell maybe she is just a female Ted Mosby...
SaftSchinken23 21 dia atrás
Level 4 red flag, not finding any
SquaskewBros 25 dias atrás
They have the same last name as you - that’s a bad sign... in most places Banjos intensify
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