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White and Red Flag: Disappears for January without a trace, comes back in February expecting you to pretend nothing happened.
Is She Into You:
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Comentários 80
Felix Aubert
Felix Aubert 3 horas atrás
Them being married is a red flag? Well shit.
Alex C
Alex C 11 horas atrás
fucking hell i wish i'd taken this seriously when i first watched it about 3 years ago
sam 17 horas atrás
i see 👀 you hate women
Ever Alexis Burga Peralta
Oh man... I saw the peruvian flag, that was unexpected :'(
Xavier NS
Xavier NS 22 horas atrás
Why Me
Why Me Dia atrás
"There under 18" unless you're into that
AgentRedFalcon Dia atrás
Ok so the first three tiers were kinda funny just kinda taking stuff in as I go and then he gets to the part about its probably me and that just was a kick in the shins
PaperMind 2 dias atrás
I used an ultimatum once. I said “if you want to keep this relationship going then you can’t fuck other people”
the_souless_gamer next_door
Dude, lets be honest we all dream about dicking a hot female Russian spy, dosent have to be a spy either just a female russian
Pro Odermonicon
Pro Odermonicon 2 dias atrás
2:03 whOA THERE.
koya Mensah
koya Mensah 3 dias atrás
8 inches
PietPanzer Panzer
PietPanzer Panzer 3 dias atrás
I have a big red flag in my room but its not such a flag
Kos 3 dias atrás
Licking the yoghurt off the lid is disgusting, its like yoghurt waste, a yoghurt refuse product that makes my skin crawl when thinking about it.
Flare 4 dias atrás
i have a friend... shes a girl.... and laughs at all my jokes... should i be concerned? 😳
FrnchFriez Dia atrás
Yeah, she might be canadian. Check to see if she opens the door for you
3:59 Well, with this example, the middle spot isn’t necessarily a mine. It’s possible for there to be 4 mines surrounding the ring of 1s which would account for all of them
CK 4 dias atrás
Imagine having a red flag This Comment was made by the Soviet Union
Arctic 4 dias atrás
6.9M views lol also almost 5,000 comments.
JC Corbes
JC Corbes 5 dias atrás
I like girls who are in high school bc I myself am in high school
Gomi Animations
Gomi Animations 5 dias atrás
At this point, I'm just one walking red flag for girls.
Sleeves play’s Tf2
Sleeves play’s Tf2 5 dias atrás
If you add a hammer and sickle it gets way worse
Your Sleep Paralysis Demon
Am Russian: Russian spies are hot. 100% are hot. I also live in alabama (no joke). Last names are a Mississippi hot thing. Although if we really w-
Flamix 6 dias atrás
6.9M views nice
Casey Beckman
Casey Beckman 6 dias atrás
drew gooden
Mitchel Reimer
Mitchel Reimer 7 dias atrás
Don't blaspheme
Rudolf Janse van Vuuren
This was actually really wise advice. Thx.
Prairie Climber
Prairie Climber 9 dias atrás
0:52 "Is she into you?" a) Yes b) no c) Can't tell Just wait for more signs....
Milica Mihajlovic
Milica Mihajlovic 10 dias atrás
You forgot to mention lying, huge red flag.
Asdf 11 dias atrás
4:13 yeah because your a homosexual
L Faker son
L Faker son 11 dias atrás
When he said “imagine I’m in bed with a girl” I pictured two stick people going at it like rabbits. Whats wrong with me.
Thomas Seillers
Thomas Seillers 12 dias atrás
4:31 "Unsinkable II" on the ship. I friggin love all these small details sprinkled in almost every frame
JoZePerson 12 dias atrás
8 inches
Ernst Otto Oehler
Ernst Otto Oehler 12 dias atrás
i dont get it I tougt this video would be about communist flags witch are mostly red
Th!nk How
Th!nk How 12 dias atrás
I am incredibly offended as every good Canadian licks the yogurt off of the lid. and trust me when I say we are *all* good. we are definitely **not** planning to invade Alaska next winter. definitely.
Igor Piasecki
Igor Piasecki 13 dias atrás
3:57 If would have known before...
Cow The mooshay
Cow The mooshay 13 dias atrás
Shut up meg
Tristan Wahlin
Tristan Wahlin 14 dias atrás
That minesweeper metaphor was incredible
Creepy Soul
Creepy Soul 14 dias atrás
Not wanting to talk about the past can also be a clear sign of trauma and not wanting to be awkward af though too.
Steven O
Steven O 14 dias atrás
The best part about dating someone from Switzerland? Honestly idk, but their flags are a big plus.
Another Wolf
Another Wolf 15 dias atrás
Man I can't 100 % agree with you about the " if he/she doesn't want to talk about the past with you that's bad ", there's people that know that it's not an happy story and it may scare the other so because of the fact they care about this other person they won't talk clearly about it with any kind of details because they fear that the other one stay distant after that
BigMindTime TV
BigMindTime TV 16 dias atrás
8 inches xD
Yancy Productions
Yancy Productions 17 dias atrás
I want a Russian spy
Matt Weger
Matt Weger 17 dias atrás
Okay thanks BRvid for recommending this to me years after I watched it I get it I'm un datable
I LIKE BEANS!! 17 dias atrás
Jesus loves u all so much!
Larry Cosmoc
Larry Cosmoc 19 dias atrás
Sometimes thoughts sink in like a huge anvil through water, and sometimes like a balloon full of helium on liquid mercury, in this case casually explained being in bed with another girl would be the second
gsef 19 dias atrás
wait.... was incest a low tier red flag on ur list??? ummmm
Aditya Shankarling
Aditya Shankarling 20 dias atrás
2nd best son medal in the background lol
Satanen Perkele
Satanen Perkele 20 dias atrás
I usually like these videos but I think the research in this one is only surface level of what dangerous red flags really is.
TakTitian 5
TakTitian 5 21 dia atrás
Gage Pendergast
Gage Pendergast 22 dias atrás
Gotta appreciate that minesweeper reference. Very well thought out.
Zes 22 dias atrás
no such thing as jokx or not, laugh any nmw, communicx infix nmw
Seif Amir
Seif Amir 23 dias atrás
Could've made it easier Simply say : my ex
Alberto Herrera
Alberto Herrera 23 dias atrás
1. China's flag in the door. Yea, you can't really tell, maybe she likes the culture
Jace Bond
Jace Bond 24 dias atrás
They’re married... unless you’re into that. They’re pregnant... unless you’re into that. They’re under 18... I honestly expected you to also say ‘unless you’re into that’ as well. Poor high schoolers, everyone around them that might like them (ergo nobody) is a red flag and they’re a red flag for everyone. Sad, sad. Things puberty do with you, man. Glad I’m over that.
Maddog 5499
Maddog 5499 24 dias atrás
She uses discord in light mode and uses the browser version
Kiro Legend
Kiro Legend 25 dias atrás
Everyone has at least one red flag.
Green Hat Zelda
Green Hat Zelda 25 dias atrás
2:49 Laurence disagrees
Justin Dems
Justin Dems 25 dias atrás
I am probably the only person who expected a video about actual red flags
phantasystar88 25 dias atrás
Unfortunately I’m colorblind. All those red flags are giving me the green to go
日本語白はめあ 25 dias atrás
I like Youtube
I like Youtube 27 dias atrás
If a bull see this a Madagascar gonna die
TheWeeaboo 27 dias atrás
I actually have a pretty rare last name and the people who do share my last name are usually not related at all. Like is that even possible? Probably not lol. Still, those rare individuals that I meet with my last name are never really closely related anyway. But it would be weird if I somehow ended up marrying somebody like that anyway.
Logicked Mazimoon
Logicked Mazimoon 27 dias atrás
Communicate with your SOs people. Quirky and different shouldnt overshadow communication
Moartem S
Moartem S 29 dias atrás
This video is horrifically misinformed about such a serious matter.
TheBoredChicken 29 dias atrás
0:25 Peru people watching this: THATS MY FLAG ITS MY FLAG YAY =)
Mandy Buehler
Mandy Buehler Mês atrás
"unless you're into that!". *Me realizing I AM nto that* I'm normal right?!
Kyle Speck
Kyle Speck Mês atrás
Chris Gandy
Chris Gandy Mês atrás
If she says she doesn't like other girls and all her friends are guys ... RUN AWAY MY DUDES I've been burned a few times with these absolute slut buckets.
Daniel Silset
Daniel Silset Mês atrás
Wait you are actually giving good advice.
VikkiTG Mês atrás
2:24 this man predicted simping around 3 years early
The man in the line
The man in the line 16 dias atrás
Simping was already a common term way before any youtuber talked about it
STaN Magat
STaN Magat Mês atrás
Spot on
Endymion _
Endymion _ Mês atrás
Dude disrespected my whole country
pixie Mês atrás
3:48 HE LOOKS SO SAD 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Sultonbek Rahimhodjayev
"Or they are a Russian spy, which is pretty hot." -Casually Explained
uncovered loonatic
uncovered loonatic Mês atrás
"Oh canadian"😂
Francisco Lugar
Francisco Lugar Mês atrás
How can we get natalie dormer to watch this shit?
Abduazim T
Abduazim T Mês atrás
Alabama style
KillBill Grill
KillBill Grill Mês atrás
So you're still not over Nathalie Dormer? Honestly, S ame
Zack White
Zack White Mês atrás
“If you find yourself attracted to a teenage girl, a good way to remedy that is to talk to one of them” -Casually Explained, 2019
Pcssfc Mês atrás
I’m colour blind
How to Photoshop
How to Photoshop Mês atrás
Red flag = Soviet flag
Will Giering
Will Giering Mês atrás
Casually explained: they have the same last name as you, that’s a bad sign People with the last name “Smith”: oh come ON
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