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In this video I talk about how quickly your vegetables go bad when your mom isn't doing the shopping. Find me here too:



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Comentários 80
AJ Natividad
AJ Natividad 2 dias atrás
That doesn't work here in my country. I still live with my grandparents because our home is big enough to fulfill our needs...
Tezla Kavach
Tezla Kavach 2 dias atrás
Jokes on you, I don’t have any self esteem to lose in the first place
DRILLIN 14 dias atrás
Nice try, do you have any idea how expensive lucky charms are? Id be lucky to get a 5 pound bag of knock off cherrios and guess what. THEY ARE TERRIBLE
Astrid Langsam
Astrid Langsam 16 dias atrás
sad there was no anthony’s song reference
Ana C
Ana C 16 dias atrás
60 more years 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂
VerbotenKent32 32
VerbotenKent32 32 18 dias atrás
Thanks subbed now
Austin E
Austin E 28 dias atrás
Assuming I had self esteem in the first place
Cindy Something
Cindy Something Mês atrás
BRvid: *Recommended:* Moving out
SirVyre Mês atrás
You should try living off canned tuna and noodles instead. It's like $1.79 per can, with each can being almost 30g protein.
Hendry Wa
Hendry Wa Mês atrás
hmm.. well.. shiittt.. this scares me
Byron Taaka
Byron Taaka Mês atrás
3:51 - "And wondering how long it would take for someone to notice, if You didn't wake-up" 🤣🤣 this clouds my thoughts so often.
Elyzzabeth Mês atrás
God damnit 🤣 it is phenomenal how scathing this man's humor is.
Prazed Platoon
Prazed Platoon Mês atrás
2:00 when your dumbass friend thinks it’s been enough time away from it EX.
Apo Oto
Apo Oto Mês atrás
If someone told that gonna be that expensive I'd keep cuddling my pillow in parents basement lol
Billy Benson
Billy Benson Mês atrás
This made me strangely motivated and positive
falcore91 Mês atrás
3:27 dude... that hit me right in the freaking soul. No, not the soul. My groin. No, not my groin. My soul’s groin.
MrApollo11 Mês atrás
You live in Victoria?
brandon cox
brandon cox Mês atrás
Having roommates sucks, I'm yet to have 1 good experience in my 4 years of renting, but finally within the next couple months I'll be able to afford to live on my own.
IcedReaver Mês atrás
Who else thought their screens brightness dropped at 3:07 ?
DonaBologna Mês atrás
I didn't experience any of this moving out at 18. Started working at 15, saved as much as I could and continued to work close to min. Wage jobs while going to school for 5 years. Growing up in an abusive family will motivate your a$$ to move out with fiscal responsibility an no regrets.
Bagatur I
Bagatur I Mês atrás
damn right. I can't wait to move out
Harry Kun
Harry Kun Mês atrás
Anyone realized that he pulled out the map of van island?
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman Mês atrás
"...until you start living off microwave noodles and Lucky Charms..." So, college then
dmcepeda Mês atrás
matthew spence
matthew spence Mês atrás
It’s like being in the feudal system, no social mobility and you work just so that the person that owns your house will let you live there
Hegyi Dani
Hegyi Dani Mês atrás
3:45 - bursted out laughing because its true AF
Prabhdeep N
Prabhdeep N Mês atrás
Pfft not my fault my parents decided to curse me with existing.
David Radecki
David Radecki Mês atrás
Living alone ough, oh ,oh ,oh, ough, augh, yeah, fucking nailed every one
Is it freedom
JustMatt Mês atrás
"you lay wondering how long it would take for someone to notice if you didn't wake up". I've had that thought more times than I probably should have lol
Abcspiller Mês atrás
I like the references to the podcast.
JKush Mês atrás
Just moved out 8 months ago can say this is pretty much accurate except the roommate thing cuz I live with my girlfriend lol but yeah bills fuck you in the ass like a freight train, then you get 6 parking tickets cuz parking in Hollywood fucking sucks lol and then u get ur car towed and then you can't pay ur bills cuz you need to get ur car out and then they shut your power off. It's fun
Versity Mês atrás
i was watching this in the kitchen and my mother laughed a lot and wanted me to show her your channel, so you now have me and my mother as new fans
trinitrojack Mês atrás
Pretty accurate
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson Mês atrás
About to be 36 basically live in a box. Adulthood is just swell.
Jordan Golde
Jordan Golde Mês atrás
“If you’re a terrorist, don’t say you are” lmfao I busted out laughing at that one
Jason Woodley
Jason Woodley Mês atrás
I now a runty 25year old that got kicked out of his mums house for growing weed in public housing then went to live in his girlfriends parents house for 5 years then when they cracked the shits with him for not even bothering to get a drivers licence or putting in any effort at all to support himself, decided to move into my house that ive been living in for 2 years believing that I would con my employer into employing him so he could for-go looking for a job or building a career for himself. he would go 12 months without a job only to get lucky and be handed a job and on the first day turn up to work stoned, and would also expect his girlfriend to pay his rent. total fucking bludgie bird.
Greg Verney-Smith
Greg Verney-Smith Mês atrás
You get interviewed in America? Wtf
TheCrimsonShadow21 Mês atrás
this is hilariously dark
Do NOT Mês atrás
This was spectacular. Thank you. Incidentally, here’s a little advice: If you are handy around the house, you can negotiate a rented room at a lower rate in exchange for simple maintenance projects. Don’t say this up front. Pay the $500 per month for a few months and then broach the subject. If they say no, you can always move on. You can also advertise that you want a cheap room in exchange for work in the room wanted section. Never take free rent for work though. That never works.
Do NOT Mês atrás
Corey M it depends on your situation. If you afford $500 but would like to pay $300 this is for you. I am showing people how to save lots of money without moving into a trailer park.
Corey M
Corey M Mês atrás
don't jump into a rental situation where you agree to pay more than you want to, in anticipation of negotiating a lower rate later on. that's terrible advice.
Umbra Mês atrás
I want die
Victoria M
Victoria M Mês atrás
Dude! You live in the same city as me!
Mals Mês atrás
Watching this after 5 months of moving in and seeing I've ticked every box
Bret Carriere
Bret Carriere Mês atrás
That box in rock bay looked pretty decent 👌
Kriterion Mês atrás
3:35 wow, rub it in more please
Sydnee B
Sydnee B Mês atrás
As someone who just moved out, alone, in a new part of town - the laying awake at three am part was way too real aye
Muhammad Alkourashi
That hurt a lot but it's not wrong.
Jannah Baer
Jannah Baer Mês atrás
Unexpected expenses are real! But then you find out six months later that your housemate/sister was lying and charging you more than she was paying for everything even though she’s making more than you and that’s why saving for a car was so hard
Domonkos Szakály
Domonkos Szakály Mês atrás
"This is the price we pay for growing up, but dont worry.. we all regret it"
DoomsEnd Mês atrás
Love the BRvid is a stable career joke.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott Mês atrás
To all the high schoolers who get anxiety by just watching this, as I did back then: You will be fine. I promise. I know it feels like you're in no way ready for "adult things" and you feel like you can't move out until you magically become a different, more capable person, otherwise you'd just drown in the adult world. But that's not true. Even if you can't cook at all, have never done your own laundry, and super awkward and afraid - there is nothing magical and mysterious about life away from your parents. Some new chores come up that you'll manage, some old ones are no longer a concern, and you'll get through it being exactly who you are right now. You don't need to adult before moving out, you're inevitably going to adult as you move out. Don't worry so much.
Vincent Talerico
Vincent Talerico 28 dias atrás
Kind and wholesome of you to reassure everyone, thanks stranger!
Infox Mês atrás
I feel like if things are going right for you in life, I feel that the desires to move out ultimately become natural anyway. I'm 28, I still live with my parents, but the main reason right now is because I have a super overprotective mother and I don't have to hear her break down whenever I bring up the topic of moving out. Now granted, I save a lot of money this way but because my relationship with my mother has been clashing more and more as of late, and now that I have a girlfriend, my desires to move out are such an all-time high that I'm willing to put up with roommates at this point. I'm anticipating having a place to rent by the summer.
HARI Haran
HARI Haran Mês atrás
@Baguette Gott respect !
ski is a bitch
ski is a bitch Mês atrás
This really helped thank you i'm so nervous about all of this lmao i didnt know i was supposed to be until i watched this
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott Mês atrás
@Mayzik M. ...I'm 21
Chipmunk Mês atrás
thats why you gotta be smart and actually work on retiring earlier.
Twice Abroad
Twice Abroad Mês atrás
“So far the best has never happened”
El Macheto
El Macheto Mês atrás
Hits way too close to home...
tobyMacBallerina Mês atrás
I didn’t move out until I got married when I was 22 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had hoped things would work out so I could live alone with my cat before getting married, but of course I choose my husband 😊. I love living with my best friend ❤️☺️
Car-Beep-Beep Mês atrás
Spencer Graham-Thille
"So far, the best has never happened.". Ain't that the truth. EDIT: "And wondering how long it would take for you to notice if you didn't wake up." LMAO.
Bluemilk92 Mês atrás
Hot tip, smash your parents spines, and blame in on ghosts. Then they "need" you (aka, they're adults, so they don't *need* you, but you bought yourself at least a year)
Blitz Ninja
Blitz Ninja Mês atrás
depressingly accurate
Malcolm Pagett
Malcolm Pagett Mês atrás
I am so glad that I am still living at home.
rrr mj
rrr mj Mês atrás
Shows Lucky Charms: Starts sweating profusely as I look next to me at the box of Lucky Charms knowing that's all I have to eat in my new apartment
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Mês atrás
That was very, very painful.
Waji Deus
Waji Deus Mês atrás
Me: working 2 jobs and living in a used truck I bought. Will be buying land next year
Reflectedpower Mês atrás
I regret buying the Adult DLC.
Skii C
Skii C Mês atrás
I’m living a l o n e when I move out.
Drewbeh Mês atrás
Sounds great. It isn't. Trust me.
JP Mês atrás
1:30 but self esteem is all I have left. I don't even have $10 in my bank account.
Blake Militti
Blake Militti Mês atrás
Hey that's twice as much as me
Mr. Potato Head
Mr. Potato Head Mês atrás
"I'll ask my mom" I'm 22 and still say this
Juniper Frost
Juniper Frost Mês atrás
Wait, do you live in Victoria too? D:
Issah Wywin
Issah Wywin Mês atrás
Me at 21: Working 5-3 days a week on a part time contract. Dad: Get more hours or move out in the next 3 months. *Moves out to an abusive bipolar household with a person I only knew online for the past 3 years.*
motherlove Mês atrás
Nice, hope it’s going well.
Jacob 2 meses atrás
"then 3 months later you'll be lying on an uncovered mattress wondering how long it would take someone to notice if you didn't wake up" Literally my life
I Epic Wolfy
I Epic Wolfy 2 meses atrás
Top lobster
Broggi93 2 meses atrás
this is actually quite helpful
Viktor Birkeland
Viktor Birkeland 2 meses atrás
This is his funniest video so far, IN MY OPINION
Michael 2 meses atrás
Sounds about right. My first week after moving out was probably one of the hardest times for me mentally. I'd just graduated, got a job at a big company, and all I had was a bed, laptop, and some clothes, and some dishes I had picked up from the dollar store. For the first week or so, I had nowhere to eat at, nothing to sit on, and bare walls everywhere. Nothing says "you screwed up" like eating Cheerios in a cold apartment standing up because you don't have a table.
HaikesXO 2 meses atrás
26 year old me doesn’t like this.. i wanna go back.. Don’t grow up kids for the love of GOD
Stop Jacob
Stop Jacob Mês atrás
Thanks for telling me
Kelly Oliva
Kelly Oliva Mês atrás
It's a trap!
Santiago Mês atrás
It is not our choice
emperoraxal 2 meses atrás
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 2 meses atrás
Well I'm ain't moving out. They can.
Zeke Buckner
Zeke Buckner 2 meses atrás
"That one's obvious" Oooof, deep cut
Honk World
Honk World 2 meses atrás
So many truths in this video
My parents were nice enough to let me rent the Coach house which is a Studio size single bedroom suite above the garage separate from the main house as soon as I was 18. Now these went for $1500 a month but I got a deal for half the price with Laundry and Utilities included and spending months trying to furnish the place made me feel accomplished and a full sized fridge. And I hate bills... I really do. Internet is so damn expensive for a decent speed. In Vancouver BC there is no way you can afford rent without a roommate sometimes even two (Try paying a $1500 rent on your own and in the nice parts it’s almost $4000) so I got real lucky
Joyson Wildhart
Joyson Wildhart 2 meses atrás
i mean really like $900 a month just to exist in a place is absurd. and thats for a shit place. and thats before your water bill, electricity bill, groceries, internet, phone, air bill ect
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