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Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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11 Set 2018



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Nobody At all
Nobody At all Dia atrás
2:43 pause and read
Kyle Andre Cabreros
Normal memes: literally classic Dead memes: example: nyan cat Dank memes: example: pepe the frog Surreal/abstract memes: like orang and meme man Bom
muhammed _iq
muhammed _iq Dia atrás
what about random generated memes WEED EATER
Kaden Dannenberg
Kaden Dannenberg Dia atrás
You forgot about IFunny bro
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 4 dias atrás
I hate Twitter and Tumblr memes
Fire Blade
Fire Blade 6 dias atrás
Subby 7 dias atrás
real meme is the day this was released
BushBumper 8 dias atrás
I swear that blog post was just copy pasted from Myspace lmfao
Leg1t 8 dias atrás
"Lemme just change your genetic code so you can understand this meme"
Side eye Chloe
Side eye Chloe 9 dias atrás
Hmm a video dedicated to me
I'm Your Huckleberry
I'm Your Huckleberry 10 dias atrás
I still don't know what I meme is
David Dominguez
David Dominguez 10 dias atrás
farley harris
farley harris 10 dias atrás
6:44 cotton eyed joe
Joe aquilino
Joe aquilino 11 dias atrás
Guy who thinks he understands 🙄 what this means:
Vitey 12 dias atrás
what about star wars memes man?
arrran 13 dias atrás
I know exactly what a meme is but I for some reason searched this
U lost me at gus johnson
Siavoush Avesta
Siavoush Avesta 13 dias atrás
in case you want to, which is not recommended, but if you want to, ... look for YLYL threads, be advised its pure cancer
Nathanishungry 14 dias atrás
Nikola Lazarevic
Nikola Lazarevic 15 dias atrás
6:25 "porn meme", source?
Cup Thulu
Cup Thulu 16 dias atrás
Dang he missed out on a while, other meme platform
skinny777 16 dias atrás
That blog diary post made me want to jump off a small cardboard box and back onto the floor , and then I grab a shotgun and shoot the air. Finally , I’ll take my toaster , start up the bath , and make some toast while I’m in the bath. Then I’ll jump off a bridge.
2god4u _
2god4u _ 16 dias atrás
I paused anyway
yeeter79 16 dias atrás
You forgot youtube comment memes: nobody: *unfunny statement*
Luis Campanur
Luis Campanur 15 dias atrás
BRvid comments are like reddit comments. They are both unfunny and lack basic creativity.
Carlo Noreus
Carlo Noreus 16 dias atrás
Meme is meme
john doe
john doe 16 dias atrás
There used to actually be memes, shit that was actually viral but still obscure ... people would get the reference. Now what people call memes are way more like an emoticon. It's just a picture or gif with a joke in it. Sexy sax man is a meme. Rick Roll is a meme. White captions on an expressive picture is not a meme, it's a template for your joke or silly observation. It's not unique, it's more like a genre of comedy.
Pseudo Center
Pseudo Center 18 dias atrás
6:33 Fortnite memes lol
Soham Sadhukhan
Soham Sadhukhan 18 dias atrás
Most people don't know this, and it was the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins who came up with the concept of memes.
David Andrews
David Andrews 18 dias atrás
I can has cheeseburger? Original meme. Prove me wrong.
Slithergamer42 18 dias atrás
Gus Johnson’s entire BRvid
Basil Syed
Basil Syed 20 dias atrás
RIP Pepe, you didn't deserve it
Rob Little
Rob Little 20 dias atrás
Imagine the year is 3500 and Aliens are watching casually explained to learn about humans
Aiden Larson
Aiden Larson 20 dias atrás
5:30 “these are generally crafted by the fine minds over at Fourchan, who are one push away from falling off their own edge” - literally fucking killed me
Chanandler Bong
Chanandler Bong 20 dias atrás
When you realise that in about 2000 years or so, Memes will be considered works of art and the Memelords will be the Da Vincis' of our time!!!
nm63 20 dias atrás
This is so smart
Kewal agrawal
Kewal agrawal 20 dias atrás
Jorge Castillo
Jorge Castillo 20 dias atrás
Reading the greentext was not worth it
nebula72399 20 dias atrás
and doing something wrong. Like using a ladder to walk up stairs. or hammering a screwdriver
Krupa J
Krupa J 21 dia atrás
you forgot about slav memes
marije 21 dia atrás
Fun fact You already know what memes are
Prasadh Rao
Prasadh Rao 21 dia atrás
The game.
Micah Beckner
Micah Beckner 21 dia atrás
When you walk into a building and someone is there and you greet them be like: hello there Get it guys It’s a prequel meme which means it funny give me the funny likes thenk
I’m not trying my best
Skrim memes are the best genre of memes.
smugumin doesn't care
smugumin doesn't care 21 dia atrás
Now no one who didn't see this within the first minute hahaha
Patrick Sciandra
Patrick Sciandra 21 dia atrás
He forgot true reddit :(
Bob Crane
Bob Crane 21 dia atrás
I wiLl SacRiFicE mY liFe fOr pAkIstAn 🇵🇰
Myname Myname
Myname Myname 22 dias atrás
1:15 heh i paused the video
Perikles_la Anonymoose
Perikles_la Anonymoose 22 dias atrás
Called Minecraft Fortnite and viceversa, sneaky
DemonCaller GT
DemonCaller GT 22 dias atrás
6:34 did this guy just call Minecraft "Fornite"
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle 22 dias atrás
6:35 "Fornite memes" Shows Minecraft again 😂
Obviously Anonymous
Obviously Anonymous 22 dias atrás
I was thoroughly disappointed that when he said “where do there memes come from and where do they go?” he didn’t just say cotton eye joe and end the video.
Parker Romanek
Parker Romanek 23 dias atrás
Part of the ship, part of the crew
G Wright
G Wright 24 dias atrás
also wrong spelling Elon musk political song and video memes like "Cheeto" meme when xqc called a cheetah a cheeto
ProudYT 24 dias atrás
Who else paused the video on 1:15
Avocado 776 593
Avocado 776 593 24 dias atrás
**slaps roof of car** THIS BABY CAN FIT SOOO MUCH S P A G H E T T I IN IT!!
C Jeezy
C Jeezy 24 dias atrás
Memes in 2010: I gave her the D...because her essay had terrible grammar Memes in 2020: this 🐸 high as shit! He do be vibing tho 😳
Spikester HD
Spikester HD 25 dias atrás
We are the 🅱️eans
tomix1024 25 dias atrás
Are you implying that holy wars are memes?
Pengun 25 dias atrás
1:13 no just no
Wiley Howell
Wiley Howell 25 dias atrás
You forgot about the strangely addictive videos where a british robot reads memes aloud and you have to go back to 2011 to understand any of them.
Joseph Evangelista
Joseph Evangelista 25 dias atrás
Meme review is where memes go to die
Jonathan Cantwell
Jonathan Cantwell 26 dias atrás
*me gusta intensifies*
Chandler Bird
Chandler Bird 26 dias atrás
You forgot iFunny except we don’t talk about our app
LeCaissie 26 dias atrás
I'd usually say that the Comic Sans MS font is criminal, but your use of it, I must admit, is pretty genius.
khogen Naorem
khogen Naorem 26 dias atrás
You wont be here if u don't know what a meme is
MoreDetonation 26 dias atrás
Rage faces are back baby
XT_NighTraiN 7804
XT_NighTraiN 7804 26 dias atrás
Anyone else notice that he switched Fortnite and Minecraft?
Reed Potts
Reed Potts 27 dias atrás
GD Spam King
GD Spam King 27 dias atrás
I never laughed at one meme in my whole life. I dont know whats so funny about them
Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins 27 dias atrás
0:45 did he just say if you passing on memes you ain't gonna be passing on anything genetic? lmao, must be referring to Redditors
Ellwoo_ 27 dias atrás
Ellwoo_ 27 dias atrás
My favourite piece of clothing *h. o. o. d. i. e.*
Moon Boy
Moon Boy 28 dias atrás
Legendary. MOAR
NPC#reset/ input// err
NPC#reset/ input// err 28 dias atrás
Meteor Cubing
Meteor Cubing 28 dias atrás
I love that a video about memes came out on 9/11
Johnny Castro
Johnny Castro 28 dias atrás
U mad bro?
EmoPanda 2507
EmoPanda 2507 29 dias atrás
6:40 Cotton eyed joe
Caroline Carrico
Caroline Carrico 29 dias atrás
"Because if you're passing memes to someone, you're obviously not going to be passing anything on to them genetically" -Wagunda Knuckles
can i get 1000 subs plz
Year 3000 be like : Kids today we're gonna learn abt the history of memes
Stefan Denis
Stefan Denis 29 dias atrás
I hate those memes which become popular which splits up people and then you find yourself where 1 friend likes team 1 and you like team 2 Its happened before, when that gta alien war started my friend which didnt have gta at the time liked team green and my friend liked team purple and just for a colour they almost blocked eachother I hate memes like that and because of this i stop liking tons of memes
Sayne 29 dias atrás
No-one mind the swap of fortnite and Minecraft (he said fortnite with a Minecraft vise versa) near the end
Timcan_57 29 dias atrás
Godzilla had a stroke reading 1:13 and fucking died
Sebi Lee
Sebi Lee 29 dias atrás
Did he call Fortnite Minecraft and Minecraft Fortnite
Shem Shem
Shem Shem 29 dias atrás
Cursed memes are the best
Warrcoww 29 dias atrás
iFunny, the fifth rate meme app, but once you download it you cant leave. Part of the shit, part of the crew.
Marc Gaston-Johnston
Marc Gaston-Johnston 29 dias atrás
I can't believe at the end he didn't make a cotton eye joe reference
Jonacraft7 Gaming
Jonacraft7 Gaming Mês atrás
Where is r/prequelmemes, is it safe, is it alright ?
Joosep Truusalu
Joosep Truusalu Mês atrás
bruh shitposts:(
m a n
m a n Mês atrás
what about schizo memes?
FXSwooshy Mês atrás
6:30 he did not just call fortnite minecraft you can even tell how much better minecraft looks theres a difference Edit: HE JUST CALLED MINECRAFT FORTNITE 6:34
bigUziVert Mês atrás
Offensive memes are kinda the funniest👁👁
Squiddy WOOMY16
Squiddy WOOMY16 Mês atrás
Omg i remember the shoop da whoop. And a minecraft tnt mod that had that face and would delete the whole world
Derek Ross
Derek Ross Mês atrás
No love for Orly the owl?
Bland Boi
Bland Boi Mês atrás
1:15 that was painful to read I can’t believe I actually know people like this 😭
6:29 "Minecraft memes" shows a picture of Fortnite 6:34 "Fortnite memes" shows a picture of Minecraft
Japezu Mês atrás
I just think they are funny
Radioaktiver Müll
Radioaktiver Müll Mês atrás
says don't pause it is not worth it. Me: pause
Brenden Grau
Brenden Grau Mês atrás
Did anyone else realize he switched fortnite pictures and minecraft pictures when he was listing memes?
Thomas Eaton
Thomas Eaton Mês atrás
Casually explained, PLEASE casually explain old school runescape! ! ! !
Rose Hites
Rose Hites Mês atrás
I swear I keep finding Low-High Quality animation channels they keep popping up
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