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Memes and meme culture the two most requested ever so I had to give it a go. Felt uncomfortable even making the thumbnail.
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11 Set 2018



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Dementia 14 horas atrás
Gus Johnsons entire life is a meme
Rushikesh Patil
Rushikesh Patil Dia atrás
7:15 Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. You understand it better but it dies in process. This going to be a new meme😝
Die Lawn
Die Lawn 2 dias atrás
Still relevant. Also this is a meme because it was published on 9/11 which bush did which brings me to my next point. Epstein didn’t kill him self
Creed Hansen
Creed Hansen 3 dias atrás
Gus Johnson's entire BRvid channel 😂
Brittany Caron
Brittany Caron 3 dias atrás
"Gus Johnson's entire youtube channel" 😂😂
Jack Sugar
Jack Sugar 3 dias atrás
damn 9gag got left out of this
louis borselio
louis borselio 4 dias atrás
I'll never know what the hell a meme is because I'll never know what the hell a meme isn't, and neither will anyone else who thinks they know what a meme is. a car is a meme your depression is a meme the food you eat is a meme the food you puke is a meme the food you crap is a meme the food you never heard of is a meme water is a meme taking a piss is a meme watching someone take a piss is a meme having someone watch you take a piss is a meme the song you never heard is a meme the song you've heard too many times is a meme your car being paid off is a meme your car being repossessed is a meme the calculus class you took is a meme the calculus class you failed is a meme going to a kiss concert is a meme saying kiss sucks is a meme never hearing stairway to heaven enough is a meme knowing stairway to heaven sucks is a meme you just got a new job is a meme you're sick of your job is a meme you quit your job is a meme you just got fired from your job is a meme posting comments is a meme being shadowbanned is a meme trying to think what you're going to say next is a meme making a halloween costume is a meme saying halloween sucks is a meme I'm starving is a meme I couldn't eat another bite is a meme I miss that tv show is a meme I can't believe that stupid show is still on tv is a meme dish washing soap is a meme bathroom tile is a meme the toilet is a meme the toilet seat up is a meme the toilet seat down is a meme the floor is a meme the ceiling is a meme being indoors is a meme being outdoors is a meme taking a shower is a meme staying dirty is a meme knowing only stupid people don't know how to use a q tip inside their ears is a meme reading this far down my list is a meme a book is a meme reading a book is a meme writing a book is a meme avoiding a book is a meme steroids is a meme taking steroids is a meme dying from taking steroids is a meme standing up is a meme sitting down is a meme rubbing your kneecaps while sitting down is a meme vaping is a meme smoking is a meme cologne/perfume is a meme your mother is a meme shaving cream is a meme vice grips is a meme bottled water is a meme tap water is a meme hairspray is a meme me ending this list is a meme. pretty soon the only word in the dictionary will be meme to which a dictionary will called a meme and the only word in the world will be meme.But before that we'l be saying Did you meme that meme last night? No I memed that other meme last night. I like two orders of meme and one order of meme, but don't put any meme on that. Would you like a meme with that? Okay, but give me the small meme. We have a society where most people can't figure out the differences between too to and two, you're and your, there their and they're, no and know, and by bye and buy. HELL most people are clueless they're not supposed to stop on the Xs painted on the road when approaching a red light even though the signs posted says DO NOT BLOCK DRIVEWAY with a picture of that X on the sign. And we're supposed to deal with the most useless, ambiguous, meaningless, indiscernible, senseless word ever in the English language and we're supposed to know exactly what it memes, I mean means.
Kiwi Productions
Kiwi Productions 5 dias atrás
It really wasn't worth it
WilliamAllen52 5 dias atrás
The Fortnite and Minecraft part legitimately made me laugh out loud. Great video.
Anmol 5 dias atrás
"Where do these memes come from and where do they go?" Me: Cotton Eye Joe
Kamden Vera
Kamden Vera 6 dias atrás
*nice meme dude*
Ivana 6 dias atrás
Was totally worth pausing.
Gabriel Portella
Gabriel Portella 6 dias atrás
Casually Explained: *Doesn't show Star Wars memes* Me: "It's treason then."
Calvin Fletcher
Calvin Fletcher 4 dias atrás
Kevin Lew
Kevin Lew 6 dias atrás
GretaThunberg meme...... Hi dare you
Albaraa Thunder
Albaraa Thunder 7 dias atrás
no edgy memes 0/10
Getting memes from youtube
Me wondering where the gen z memes are that are like a frog saying C A N
Smiley Tomato
Smiley Tomato 7 dias atrás
Simple Explanation: Funny Lol 😂😂😂
dannywolfpero 7 dias atrás
Snake says memes are the DNA of the soul.
Juice Boy
Juice Boy 7 dias atrás
when he talked about 'casual' meme viewing rather than coping i just...;;;;,,,,,l.;;[[]';. ooooooooooohh
Max Jenquin
Max Jenquin 8 dias atrás
well shit, if your meme video is basically my personal meme history through 2018 I guess I have to subscribe
Draconic 8 dias atrás
The meme is truly dead when you see it on the business meeting powerpoint
superequinox 8 dias atrás
weed eater
!? 8 dias atrás
He dares not reference the hypnotoad
ThatOne Guy
ThatOne Guy 8 dias atrás
You can't just casually explain memes. That's illegal
direwolf1972 8 dias atrás
Ok boomer, it's Merch. Merchandise is not a thing anymore.
Xeroc _
Xeroc _ 9 dias atrás
1:14 yeah... Not worth it
Bence Fülöp
Bence Fülöp 9 dias atrás
What about me_IRA?
Dark_Sinister 9 dias atrás
1:10 literally playing osrs as i am watching this lol
Level M
Level M 9 dias atrás
They came from the Void, and to the void they shall return.
Liberty LARP
Liberty LARP 9 dias atrás
Can someone please just explain to me the significance of the loud ear shattering foghorn that's found in a lot of video memes?
Bic Boi
Bic Boi 10 dias atrás
‘AMV Naruto vs Sasuke (Linkin park)’ lmao
Febi Rec
Febi Rec 10 dias atrás
Ironic meme
sp ricc
sp ricc 10 dias atrás
This is not supposed to be casually explained like BTM
First Last
First Last 11 dias atrás
6:43 were did they come from where did they go where did they come from cotton eyed joe
Manic Mailman
Manic Mailman 11 dias atrás
I pronounce them Mee Mees. It's just better that way.
Pazda 11 dias atrás
captioned images were before advice animals, like icanhascheezburger
alicatt _2005
alicatt _2005 11 dias atrás
S._swizzle 11 dias atrás
7:25 he mixed up Fortnite and Minecraft
Jepson Duel
Jepson Duel 11 dias atrás
My favorite memes are the ones that at face value, make you question if that's all and if it has some sort of hidden meaning behind it. But nope, that's the meme. That said, I'm gonna go back to eating my corn tacos.
Carl Hartwell
Carl Hartwell 12 dias atrás
I preface this comment by mentioning how very much I hate it when people erroneously use the word _literally_ , now I've got that out of the way. 4:45 I _literally_ had tears running down my face and had to pause the video for a good 2 mins because of this. *edit now I realize I was laughing at an incomplete meme, which I guess kind of makes his point!
Symphony Sonic
Symphony Sonic 12 dias atrás
* pausing the video to look at the memes
AliceInWonderland-17 14 dias atrás
I paused it anyways and he was right
Bluethunder 86
Bluethunder 86 14 dias atrás
Ah, the old days of ytp
Tickle Dad
Tickle Dad 14 dias atrás
“Don’t pause the video it’s not worth it” *nahhh ima pause it let’s check this out* .... It is now two minutes later and I have destroyed my PC and my will to live
greenBanana 14 dias atrás
i prefer to keep it *S U R R E A L*
Chris Dams
Chris Dams 14 dias atrás
Where did they come from, where did they go? Cotton eye Joe?
TomaattiKeitto 14 dias atrás
Kilroy was here
Unprofessional Professor
1:15 I defied you and paused the video. The penance for my sin was to read the whole pasta in Boxxy's voice.
Cayden Thunder
Cayden Thunder 15 dias atrás
I paused the video and it was totally worth it
JokeDeity 15 dias atrás
"Gus Johnson's entire BRvid channel." Eyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
BlueJay 15 dias atrás
6:15 I literally paused and thought “Wait. I know those muscles..” Bc I saw a glimpse of Fullmetal Alchemist
TheLeftyGamer 15 dias atrás
mlg memes
Glitter raccoon
Glitter raccoon 15 dias atrás
tHe MaN hAs FalLeN tO rIvEr In LeGo CiTy!
T K 15 dias atrás
The philosophy of memes.
TK Lyfe
TK Lyfe 15 dias atrás
ParadoX 07
ParadoX 07 16 dias atrás
"Where does it come from, where does it go..." Me-WHERE DO YOU COME FROM COTTON EYED JOE!!
Owen Chatters
Owen Chatters 16 dias atrás
He forgot irony
SudsTheGamer 16 dias atrás
6:44 6:45 Cotton eye joe
kirbyzed 16 dias atrás
excellent video chief
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