Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts

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And he makes the big return on his bday!
Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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9 Fev 2018



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Comentários 7 755
taqiyah 2 dias atrás
I'm pretty much more introverted but i would make it a compulsion to make a friend in any social situations so tht i have one person i know in any place i go
Siriusly Obsessed
Siriusly Obsessed 3 dias atrás
Since the big accident......
Andrew H.
Andrew H. 4 dias atrás
I'd actually suspect most standup comedians are towards the introverted side.
Darth Obscurity
Darth Obscurity 4 dias atrás
If you go on a date to a movie...... You don't pick a movie you actually want to watch. LoL.
La End
La End 4 dias atrás
But im muslim does that mean im a suicide boomer?
d0xter Dia atrás
La End what
David Arriaga
David Arriaga 7 dias atrás
I’m an extravert who’s prone to social anxiety, and depression so if I’m alone I’m sad but if I’m around too many people I’m worried ppl hate me and take everything personally but still try to be social. Not at all cut & dry.
alekk 3 dias atrás
it's spelled extrovert
Arukorstza 7 dias atrás
I just realized I haven't left my house in eight years... I'm pretty sure I'm not afraid of going outside, then again that grass on my lawn looks pretty sharp; I'd better just stay inside.
Yungkebab 8 dias atrás
0:46 ambi-WHAT!?
Prins_luke 9 dias atrás
Whit me my emotions changed for the better (introvert) at a age of 13 an i am now 17
Alton Isika
Alton Isika 9 dias atrás
E Hurd
E Hurd 9 dias atrás
Basically an introvert will have a few good friends and an extrovert will have many acquaintances
I'll Be Frank
I'll Be Frank 9 dias atrás
“Extroverts experience more positive emotion more intensely” That actually isn’t true. An INFP with Fi hero is going to be WAY more emotion based than like an ENTP/ESTJ/ESTP, etc. The most Extraverted feeling types are ENFJ, ESFJ (Fe hero functions), but an ISFP, INFP, or even INFJ can appear very Extraverted at times if judging by emotion alone. Also “experience more and reflect less” is based on Si vs Se function. There are several E types with high Si capability that allows them to focus on their own experiences
WiiBox 500
WiiBox 500 10 dias atrás
But I am shy and awkward
hannie 10 dias atrás
introverts who eat ass rise up
Spiridoula Roggou
Spiridoula Roggou 10 dias atrás
Don't mind me 1:32
ashlynn _ blu
ashlynn _ blu 11 dias atrás
I’m an extrovert here to adopt an introvert
Chanandler Bong
Chanandler Bong 11 dias atrás
“Im not doing anything on saturday” ACCURATE *Me at home every friday and saturday night feeling like a looser but also enjoying being confortable at home*
Dev Singh
Dev Singh 12 dias atrás
Baf Baas
Baf Baas 12 dias atrás
According to mbti, introverts are more likely to be the responding or wait for the other to initiate in social occasions. They also lead with their internal processes (their emotions, their experiences, their thoughts and emotions...) While the opposite is true for extroverts.
no 12 dias atrás
i dont even know anymore
Ben 12 dias atrás
You know you’re an introvert when you’d rather be in bed at home rather than your own birthday party
Prince_7557 12 dias atrás
I hate when girls call them selves introverted just because they think it will attract more guys, well I mean it does but it’s still annoying
Sheryn Brown
Sheryn Brown 13 dias atrás
KillerKingRoger 13 dias atrás
I’m mostly a introvert but with my friends I’m a total extrovert
declanjustdeclan 13 dias atrás
jesus some of these comments make we want to become social again
Gëfägnïs Sïngäfëg
I’m not an introvert on meth!
maka3230 13 dias atrás
We can be both on certain environments
marcos baratelli
marcos baratelli 13 dias atrás
A lot of famous people who, for example, go on stage, are extremley introverted.
maa-iin-gun B
maa-iin-gun B 13 dias atrás
Chandreyee Mistry Chaudhury
Doesn't anybody notice it's spelt extravert and not extrovert?
GTR Lover
GTR Lover 13 dias atrás
Introverts:*exists Society:im bout to end this mans career
Kid Of Judgement Yeah
Kid Of Judgement Yeah 14 dias atrás
I’m a doorvert, in between
CanadianWolf 14 dias atrás
Mindraker1 14 dias atrás
Definitely 5 star date.
Silent Wanderer
Silent Wanderer 14 dias atrás
"Oh, I'm not doing anything on Sunday. ..." I felt that.
Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil 14 dias atrás
I’m not an introvert because I don’t mind being around people and hanging out with random people at school but I’m also not and extrovert because sometimes I just feel exhausted of people it’s like my social battery dies
Blue eyed Eurasian
Blue eyed Eurasian 12 dias atrás
Official Dcookie100
Official Dcookie100 14 dias atrás
That Louie ck joke was golden! Most likely flew over alot of people's heads.
Lux Corvi
Lux Corvi 14 dias atrás
Well, I'd say im more of an introvert, meanwhile I am the luckiest person I've ever met.
ENTO_ 15 dias atrás
Based off of a bunch of personality tests I'm an extrovert just slightly, I dont party but I'm comfortable around lots of people so idk
Paul L
Paul L 15 dias atrás
moby 15 dias atrás
damn bro i might be on that other spectrum
No Name
No Name 15 dias atrás
I love how I was attacked *Casually* at the same time *Explained* accurately.
ultraviolet 99
ultraviolet 99 15 dias atrás
Dislike for the Comic Sans
Dávid dávid
Dávid dávid 15 dias atrás
If you stay close to extroverts sooner or later one of them will adopt you
Heartbeat & Dippy
Heartbeat & Dippy 15 dias atrás
Don't you dare call me average like that. I am an AMBIVERT, IT'S NOT AVERAGE. I AM NOT AVERAGE!!!!!!!!
Melissa Dosch
Melissa Dosch 15 dias atrás
oh my god your humor is amazballs
Yih Herng Hew
Yih Herng Hew 15 dias atrás
Perverted introvert is the most common type of introvert.
Elizabeth Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson 16 dias atrás
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Azarilh 17 dias atrás
Yeah, watching a movie in a date is the dumbest thing ever.
IDK 10 dias atrás
@Azarilh Yeah you do have a very solid point
Azarilh 10 dias atrás
@IDK I am insecure and nervous as hell with people but spending a date at a theather would make me feel even more insecure because i'd wonder for the entire time if he's having a good time or not.
IDK 10 dias atrás
Well if you're insecure and nervous as hell it isn't that bad of an idea...
Erick Ortiz
Erick Ortiz 17 dias atrás
“critics rave” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
cd0u50c9 17 dias atrás
This is an oversimplification - some Myers Briggs personality types exhibit traits of both introverts and extroverts, while being just one of these, as you can't be both.
f 17 dias atrás
i don't have anything to do this sunday.. good.
Madhumita V
Madhumita V 17 dias atrás
I don’t like to talk to people.
Koala 18 dias atrás
Introverts don't experience less positive emotion, we just tend to be a little less emotionally expressive.
Colby Hack
Colby Hack 18 dias atrás
Im a shy extrovert. It's weird. I love people but im so awkward
Obi ron pierogi
Obi ron pierogi 18 dias atrás
i feel special after learning i'm an average
Gregory Rose III
Gregory Rose III 18 dias atrás
1:44 deadass 🤣🤣🤣🤣
TheLifesentence2278 18 dias atrás
I like to sit home on a 40 degree rainy day by the fire drinking coffee and smoking a joint. better than any night out with "friends".
The Last Brexit
The Last Brexit 18 dias atrás
12 women 😂😂😂
Angela Ly
Angela Ly 18 dias atrás
Most of the budget for this video went into the pictures on the thumbnail
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