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And he makes the big return on his bday!
Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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9 Fev 2018



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Comentários 100
Sergiu Aivănoaie
Sergiu Aivănoaie 4 horas atrás
Why in the thumbnail is a sith lord and a extrovert?
unlimited bread
unlimited bread 14 horas atrás
i can switch between both
Doom's Way
Doom's Way Dia atrás
Hiya 2 dias atrás
After he finished the date story at the end, if you said "omg I'm so sorry my guy ul get the next one" ur an extrovert.
Nico 3 dias atrás
PSA: Introvert: Energized by being alone. Extrovert: Energized by being with others. Intorverts aren't edgy, and extroverts can still be socially akward. You can love being around others but still get tired around them, and you can be socially akward but still energized by being with others.
UwU 3 dias atrás
Ambiverts: *well yes but actually no*
Jessica Raven
Jessica Raven 3 dias atrás
I'm def introverted around strangers but can be more extraverted around friends I'm comfortable and close with. Most awkward thing is friends of friends. See friends of friends introversion activates, se friend wants to be more social
leon leon
leon leon 5 dias atrás
I think I'm perverted extrovert.
SandboxArrow 5 dias atrás
Being an introvert in such times now is a huge W, really.
Drakonus 6 dias atrás
In 2020, there are no extroverts, we're all introverts.
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker 6 dias atrás
I have lots of acquaintances. Because I have no friends.
Paul 6 dias atrás
Government: We will be shutting down schools due to Covid-19 Extroverts: **cries** Introverts: **sounds of joy**
M.T.B. Crafts
M.T.B. Crafts 9 dias atrás
/rwoosh for everyone not getting the louis ck joke: "he's performed in front of a dozen women"
Sheikh Abdullah
Sheikh Abdullah 9 dias atrás
Hey, isn't having 265 friends Extroverted ?
Bob4212 9 dias atrás
*Now we're all introverts*
Ghetto. 10 dias atrás
I’m not an introvert or extrovert, I’m a lil uzi vert
HUNAIN BUTT 10 dias atrás
Being an extrovert is expensive.
Edvin Knutsson
Edvin Knutsson 12 dias atrás
I’m the introverted extrovert. I want to hang out with people and party and stuff but I don’t have any friends do it with
one of the many
one of the many 12 dias atrás
Is there a word for extreme introverted people? Cause in that case call me that. I love my mom and all that but she always wants to spend time with me. But i dont. And then I hear her be like '' YeAh I cArRiEd U 9 mOnThS aNd ThIs Is It!! U dOnT eVeN wAnT tO Be WiTh Me. '' (btw i'm 15. Dk if that has to do with anything but Fuckit.) I do want to be with her but i dont! U get me? 😩 How do i tell her my situation.
Joanesept 13 dias atrás
I cant even tell if myself an introvert or extrovert I like doing shits in home rather than outside But man
DF 13 dias atrás
Holy shit dude that Louise C.K joke is so good, like damn.
Simran P
Simran P 14 dias atrás
He forgot the lil uzi vert
1 618
1 618 14 dias atrás
2:24 Got me there, haha
Keertivallaban Anandan
Keertivallaban Anandan 15 dias atrás
im an introvert, and theres no problem being an extrovert. but do you know whats the problem? Extroverts who think they have the right to talk shit about introverts not having friends.
Alpha Twist
Alpha Twist 15 dias atrás
If you go out of your way to say you are an introvert, you are an extrovert
Vizdrom 97
Vizdrom 97 16 dias atrás
2:45 Him: "... I have never experienced positive emotion since the big accident..." Me: *3 seconds of feeling sorry and wondering what happened* Him: "... Being conceived" Me: *3 seconds of feeling sorry and wondering what happened*
Theo Wakefield
Theo Wakefield 16 dias atrás
40% correlation between unatractiveness and introversion. Being introverted is often a consequence of a negative feedback loop
Stepladder 16 dias atrás
Introverts have superiority complex
ihate mylifebutyuh
ihate mylifebutyuh 16 dias atrás
I’ve been told I’m an extrovert cause I’m good with social interactions but I want to be alone so I think I’m average
Fabio Vicencio
Fabio Vicencio 17 dias atrás
lol i buy the gopro hero 8 but i really dont use it because i mostly dont go out
Wanderling Sapling
Wanderling Sapling 17 dias atrás
introvert: needs time alone to recharge extrovert: needs time with others to recharge that’s literally it. you can be a shy, socially anxious extrovert and still be valid.
Axel Hanson
Axel Hanson 3 dias atrás
Or perhaps it is because of the way you react to hormone levels that may cause you to become exhausted when socializing through an increase of adrenaline. Less adrenaline means extroversion, and more adrenaline means introversion.
17 dias atrás
**laughs in average**
Isaac Mulligan
Isaac Mulligan 17 dias atrás
It CAN change. I used to be the wussy loser who wanted to be alone, and now I'm actually 8/10 cool and love to be with people. My sister used to be extraver who liked people but now she likes to read and draw alone instead. Honestly it just depends on how much you're with people and whether you like the people your with that make you an introvert or an extravert.
Shanya Tissera
Shanya Tissera 17 dias atrás
I'm not an introvert! I have an online friend!
Sergej Keser
Sergej Keser 18 dias atrás
So what you are saying with that last bit is: YOU GOT A DATE!? Oh please casually explained, share your wisdom with us
Adam K.
Adam K. 19 dias atrás
The "Oh boy! I'm not doing anything on Sunday." is the best realization in the world.
Devin Robinson
Devin Robinson 19 dias atrás
Some how Im socially awkward but a Extrovert...
Unique Revanth
Unique Revanth 20 dias atrás
Introvert... Don't Feel sad....Because 90 of 100 members on earth were Introverts...Even me also......🙄😁
FUN UNLIMITED 20 dias atrás
Not gonna lie i do give 5 stars when the driver doesnt talk to me and also tip him extra and walk away fast as possible so he cant thank me...
Dawn Mic. Herring
Dawn Mic. Herring 20 dias atrás
Playback speed: 2X. 😅
Gluteus Maximus
Gluteus Maximus 20 dias atrás
So basically Introverts are hunters and Extraverts are gatherers.
Mangor 21 dia atrás
I think there is a way to become a little more open and extroverted, you just need self confidence which I dont have any of
oomska 21 dia atrás
Love how his voice goes up when he says something that could get him in trouble with BRvid
fartpluswetone 22 dias atrás
Introvert: "For redditors, besides Depression and ADHD, gives the ability to get pity points and usage in "quiet kid"/meirl/me IRL memes."
Jesse Ward
Jesse Ward 22 dias atrás
I am an extravert but obnoxious assholes think I'm an introvert cause I don't want to socialize with them..... funny that
jacketcriminal 22 dias atrás
thanks, now ppl know what introversion is and dont think im a sad loser who walks around in a black hoodie.
josh lobrecht
josh lobrecht 22 dias atrás
According to a Meyers Briggs personality test im 96 percent introverted
Arez Rain Orquiola
Arez Rain Orquiola 19 dias atrás
i once took mbti before and i'm 91% introverted
Adam Springler
Adam Springler 22 dias atrás
I am introverted. It doesn't mean that I am shy or quiet, in fact at school when I'm comfortable I am very talkative and social, but it does tire me out and I prefer staying at home to being out and only go out when I have to, like for example school.
Yansong Zeng
Yansong Zeng 22 dias atrás
Lockdown: imma end extroverts whole career
Guilherme Meine
Guilherme Meine 22 dias atrás
H-hi 😶 👉👈
Doctor Salt
Doctor Salt 22 dias atrás
Social introverts and Shy extroverts are not ambiverts. They are just social introverts and shy extroverts.
Reaper Wraith
Reaper Wraith 23 dias atrás
I can’t be the only one who finds its cringy when people avoid all social interaction cause their “introverts”
Sound Coleman
Sound Coleman 23 dias atrás
Being a Introvert takes a lot of energy trust me..
ADHD iceberg
ADHD iceberg 23 dias atrás
PootComblit 23 dias atrás
The ending was so awkward I was physically revolted.
PootComblit 23 dias atrás
machine gunn
machine gunn 23 dias atrás
I think I’m a terrorist
NamHerTab 23 dias atrás
I'm a little less ExtraVert
Alan Deutsch
Alan Deutsch 23 dias atrás
You're on a different type of spectrum LMAOO
t 23 dias atrás
I wish I was an extravert :(
Mathilde Brunet-Mercier
same date only one pop corn bag instead of two
Leah Reed
Leah Reed 23 dias atrás
1:16 I’m crying 😭😂😂
Lelouch vi Britannia
Lelouch vi Britannia 24 dias atrás
I feel like I don't talk to a lot of people but the people who I talk with, I talk a lot with them
Ganon Is King
Ganon Is King 24 dias atrás
It can change. I knew a friend in high school who went from very timid early on now during senior year and after he got a whole bunch of friends and is partying every week
Whatever 24 dias atrás
I’m just grumpy.
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 24 dias atrás
I guess im both depending how much coke i snort that day
cold outlook
cold outlook 24 dias atrás
Apparently am 97% introverted according to every test I got a 100% on 1 test it never goes below 90% though most are around the high 90s tho is that bad I heard it was bad to be highly introverted
Mukund Shivakumar
Mukund Shivakumar 24 dias atrás
1:08 He just called me Autistic to my face.
gipehtonhceT 25 dias atrás
Introverts are simply able to be busy doing nothing to regenerate
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria 25 dias atrás
I'm extroverted only when I snort a gram of sugar with my nose. Yeah I do that
Nah Fam
Nah Fam 25 dias atrás
My first date exactly minus we ate beforehand
Ms Lola B
Ms Lola B 26 dias atrás
Rewinds back to 2:26 Yup, I THOUGHT that’s what I heard.
Zero 26 dias atrás
Sometime being introvert will automatically being seen as retarded, I don’t know why but it happens
Tyson Boyette
Tyson Boyette 26 dias atrás
I’m an introverted extrovert. I hate making myself known but if the time comes, I love makin everybody laugh 😂
Miranda Zhang
Miranda Zhang 26 dias atrás
I’m avarage
Jakobs YT Account
Jakobs YT Account 26 dias atrás
Im like a charismatic introvert
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 27 dias atrás
“You’re probably just on a different sort of spectrum” Damn.
ThatLadJack 13 dias atrás
Mike Williams thank you but like bruh i’d do that 👁👄👁
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 14 dias atrás
ThatLadJack 1:16
ThatLadJack 19 dias atrás
time stamp?
MATTHEW SANCHEZ 21 dia atrás
Mr.President 24 dias atrás
The Robotic Cat
The Robotic Cat 27 dias atrás
Yeah, I don't really enjoy hanging out with people, but I don't actually have any friends besides my sister. I want friends but I'm scared if I actually get a friend we'll stop being friends because I don't want to hang out
God 27 dias atrás
Ah nice I’m just an introvert not a sociopath ;)
Sangit Assam
Sangit Assam 27 dias atrás
So having a dog make you extrovert *Noice*
PaineintheBurke 27 dias atrás
Why be introverted or extroverted when one can just only love a dog?
Gundham Tanaka
Gundham Tanaka 27 dias atrás
huh, guess im just average then
CrossMyHeart Gaming
CrossMyHeart Gaming 28 dias atrás
Why is nobody in the comments saying “ It’s *extrOvert* not *extrAvert*
My Name
My Name 28 dias atrás
I like having people around as long as they don't interact with me.
FBI 28 dias atrás
10 Things we introverts don't want to happen -random people sit beside us(sometimes)because they think we're lonely or sad -get invited at a party -family reunion -uber drivers asking how's ur day going -meeting new people or people I don't know -get asked if ur ok -going to a birthday party with ur mum and then she talks to her friends and then say go hang out with the other kids -event at school and you don't know where ur friends at -mum says go say hi to our guests -talking to extroverted people(no hate y'all)because they're not the quiet type of someone Honourable mention -when ur sitting alone and feel how awkward u are
vitor trevisan
vitor trevisan 28 dias atrás
For sure we can change what end of spectrum we are, and as an Introvert I know for sure that getting out and socializing more is way better than being stuck inside getting headaches all day because I'm too much into a quarantine to be able to buy new glasses
YellowkaCZ 28 dias atrás
So I'm da introvert. Now I am gonna get back to watching Minecraft story mode petra por-
kablah19 28 dias atrás
“I have never experienced much positive emotion since the big accident... being conceived” I felt and related to that down to my bone marrow...
Hungrie 28 dias atrás
I think he meant "extravert"
Harbinger of Payne
Harbinger of Payne 28 dias atrás
I love public speaking, debating and presentations, but I have trouble approaching new people. Maybe it’s just because everyone in my high school is a vape addicted thug though.
EloquentTroll 29 dias atrás
I'm very friendly and somewhat introverted, but bad at social cues. With the majority of my romantic relationships I didn't realize they were romantic until the 4th-ish date, because I just thought we were hanging out more frequently. Given that I'm Bi, anxious, and introverted this is actually a good system for me, though said date is often very confused about how A) I didn't notice and B) settle into the "new reality" immediately. A is because bad at social cues, B is because whatever I was doing was working for them so I don't see any reason to act any different on that axis. I'm currently single and that's fine, and most of my romantic relationships devolved back into friendships without much acrimony, so I can appreciate them for what they were at the time, and leave it at that. I'm not driven by romance or sex, but I am not opposed.
LLT Mês atrás
Makes a whole video about extroverts and can’t even bother to look up how it’s spelled...
Creators Hub
Creators Hub Mês atrás
Introverts love sharing how shy they are to the point when their extroverts
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Mês atrás
2:51 Omg I had exactly the same accident
C H Mês atrás
I think its really about what you'd like. You can be more introverted and want more friends, so you'll need to be more conscious about being and making friends than a natural more extroverted person and vice versa.
Random Youtube Videos
A bunch of Extraverts acting like they are Introverts to get attention on Social media now days. Lol.
shero 0
shero 0 Mês atrás
Most difficult things for introvert is say noo to your friends when they ask to go out. Cause
Caba Dean
Caba Dean Mês atrás
I have always perceived myself as an introvert. I get stressed when people want to make plans with me but still agree to them. During this lovely pandemic I have stayed indoors for most of the time and not been talking to anyone other than through text (mostly for work). I realized I actually miss people saying my name out loud face to face and asking me work related questions. I never thought this would happen, to be fair. Even though I have sort of enjoyed my solitude, I realize that without the element of live social interaction with colleagues, I don't get tired "enough" of people trying to talk to me xD Idk if I made any sense but I guess even introverts need a little bit of social interaction
Marvin Timke
Marvin Timke Mês atrás
1:41 Yes, thats totally me
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