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I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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17 Mar 2016



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Comentários 80
Epic Wolf
Epic Wolf 11 minutos atrás
C'est trop drôle 😂 🇫🇷🥖
andrea sapei
andrea sapei Hora atrás
In italian there's "Polluzione", which looks and sounds a lot like "pollution", but actually is the medical term for when you ejaculate while you're sleeping.
уєαн н
уєαн н 2 horas atrás
Damn...should I just give up learning french then ?
Bendy Le démon d'encre
I'm French and this video is very funny 😂 or not lol
DAIDODREAD YTB 3 horas atrás
Pour les français cette vidéo est drôle
a secret
a secret 3 horas atrás
If you want to flirt in French just say random English sounding works. You will get there eventually
MIXEMPLE 3 horas atrás
c'est marrant quand il a dit je suis exciter de faire votre connaissance
Just Pug
Just Pug 4 horas atrás
F H.S.K.
F H.S.K. 4 horas atrás
Aight, gonna uninstal Duolingo soon.
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 5 horas atrás
One thing you forgot! If you're ever in a student exchange program in Belgium or France always double-check what the other students are teaching you lmao First day I arrived I was at the back of the class and was about to do my presentation and so I asked a guy how do you say : "Thanks for welcoming me, I feel like this is gonna be a lot of fun" but ended up saying something around : "Thanks for penetrating me, I feel like we're gonna have a lot of cum"
Alberta Adadevoh
Alberta Adadevoh 5 horas atrás
Me: has been learning french since primary 1 Person: Bonjour Mon ami Me:*forgets all french immediately*
Bravo mec ! tu gère grave notre langue !
Hershey Chocolate
Hershey Chocolate 7 horas atrás
now I can flirt with my crush who takes french without them knowing
Kimiko Yong YX
Kimiko Yong YX 8 horas atrás
ÆRITH LoveYou 8 horas atrás
Just remember all words have E in the end
softzeus 8 horas atrás
actually i do really want to learn french..but i don't really get it and i always mistaken on speaking it..T^T
Hardwin Welly
Hardwin Welly 8 horas atrás
Sorry, but... The French color in thumbnail makes me think about FRench, ENglish, and CHinese
die 9 horas atrás
your accent is so good
Ilufex! 9 horas atrás
Wow as an English person I had no idea how many rude words are mixed up with non rude ones in the french language
jade nivet
jade nivet 10 horas atrás
"What's the French word for Baguette again?" Peace was never an option, connard!
Yad .A
Yad .A 11 horas atrás
Why is french such a horny language
Micha glare
Micha glare 12 horas atrás
Bruh seriously
Clone Kuuhaku
Clone Kuuhaku 12 horas atrás
Yanis60 M
Yanis60 M 12 horas atrás
.. SALUT ;-;
Egemen Kara
Egemen Kara 12 horas atrás
you say preservatif but normaly you say constervateur we only say preservatif for condoms good vidéo by the way
ɴᴀʜ 14 horas atrás
Je n'aime pas les préservatifs Means "Thank you very much" This is often used in restaurants once they serve you your food
Le Paon
Le Paon 15 horas atrás
Comme aucun n'Anglais ne comprendras ce petit analecta de message pas piqué des hannetons en terme d'humour, je tenais à dire qu'il ont pousser mémé dans les orties avec cette vidéo et que vraiment j'ai apprécié et que je fait tout pour rendre profondément et intensément plus complexifiant la traduction de ce message pourtant fort simple et inutile puissance un milliard. De toute manière la dernière fois que des angloys sont venus en France ils ont perdu.
NoOneAskedU 15 horas atrás
French is the most useless language on earth
Almas Akmal
Almas Akmal 16 horas atrás
Girl, im gonna give you my bonheur!
8 ball pool
8 ball pool 17 horas atrás
Litterally i understood nothing.... Maybe my english has degraded after watching this.
watercat1302 18 horas atrás
This is why I quit learning French...
Eggroll 20 horas atrás
I am learning French and now I am deeply afraid to have a conversation with a French person.
Buddhabrot xiii
Buddhabrot xiii 22 horas atrás
cool, fuck learning french, thanks.
Tianna nahla
Tianna nahla 22 horas atrás
Yea that’s why I am failing French my class
crazybrickstudios 22 horas atrás
Me when that one kid reminds the teacher of the homework 2:14
Jezza Panthier
Jezza Panthier 22 horas atrás
As a French person, this is hilariously true. Love it.
jonathan cornish
jonathan cornish 22 horas atrás
Bou Cuu
Huzaifa Gaming
Huzaifa Gaming 23 horas atrás
That’s why I hate french
Lilas Sasso
Lilas Sasso 23 horas atrás
Why am i seeing this I'm french Bruh
Ninshhu 23 horas atrás
This is just a horny language.
Lovisa Dia atrás
I accidentally wrote ”il faisait beau et je me sentais chaude” to my french teacher once🙂 it was pretty awkward afterwards🙂
Lydia Hughes
Lydia Hughes Dia atrás
For my french project we had to emulate a cafe and do a bunch of verbal interactions in French. So when we 'ordered drinks' I asked for de l'eau de hotdog
Jayden Scl
Jayden Scl Dia atrás
En fait le français et l'anglais ne sont absolument pas la meme chose. En anglais, quand on le dit en français ça n'a aucun sens. En français quand tu le dit en anglais sa n'a aucun sens.
AceSinOfPride Dia atrás
As a Canadian, we are required to learn french. And OH MY GOD I FUCKING HATE IT. There are so many different things to learn and it confuses you so much. Like how the fuck was i suppose to know my computer was feminine man.
Monika Radzaj
Monika Radzaj Dia atrás
Lmao that last one was surprisingly wholesome 😂
Denz TM
Denz TM Dia atrás
frens frais
That one bitchy character from MHA
i still can't believe I've been saying "je suis chaude" thinking I'm hot even tho its my second language
Alcyone 78
Alcyone 78 Dia atrás
I'm French and your video is awesome, I'm dead. Strength for your learning.
Maxmadou Dia atrás
Nous sommes le pays du romantisme, don't forget it !
Zalfo-09 6
Zalfo-09 6 Dia atrás
Lyonnnn my city🇫🇷🇫🇷❤️
Quiort Dia atrás
I unterstand bouth languages so j'est commprendre toute la video
Alizée Dia atrás
"Je suis chaud" is not typically used for saying "I'm horny", it can mean something like "I'm ready" or "I'll do this crazy thing right here and right now"
Northern Rides
Northern Rides Dia atrás
French casually explained: "Wrong"
ᗪᖇEᗩᗰY ᑕᒪOᑌᗪᔕ
Me literally sending this to my friend that wants to learn French. Note: I’m European I know French but when she talks to me in French it makes me uncomfortable.
Brogle Dia atrás
jame le pain i like bread je fatty gay im tired
Brogle Dia atrás
basic fench
Robotdinosaur143 Dia atrás
oui oui baguette
UnMeilleurMonde Dia atrás
Actually the sentence "Un ami m'a introduit au football" is perfectly valid in French !
T3zlaGM Dia atrás
i needed that..
Lea The Werido
Lea The Werido Dia atrás
After this Video i rather stick with Germany
Delight Is Bright
This is like a gradeAunderA video but minus the swearing every second
Akanē• Mønstēr
Y’a pas que pour les débutants que le français est sans pitié 😭😂
Noe kookieLove
Noe kookieLove Dia atrás
Well I'm studying French ;-;
yuu星 Dia atrás
J'adore le français, je peux parler une peu
Asazer 2
Asazer 2 Dia atrás
Mdr maintenant vous faites moins les malins les anglais
Claws productions
I started to learn French when I was like 4 because the closest school to my house was French and in Canada you pretty much need to know French to do anything, anyways long story short this reminds me of the fact that until I was about 8 I would always use la because I thought that the use of la or le was determined by the gender of the person speaking French. Not the gender of what your talking about (ok but like why does French have genders for inanimate objects like wtf) and no one trying to correct me.
Bibou22 Dia atrás
Excellent!!👌🏻 I’m French! Je suis française
Maleeha Munawara
Maleeha Munawara Dia atrás
I'm concerned as to whether this guy learned these mistakes the easy way or the hard way
Tortue Dia atrás
you say " tu m'apporte le bonheur" but it's "tu m'apporteS le bonheur"
Poker Pigeon
Poker Pigeon Dia atrás
This is the most relatable thing I have ever seen as a bilingual French speaker.
will simpson
will simpson Dia atrás
I was so ready to go off about excité being wrong
Maxence BAUDOIN Dia atrás
On aura pas finit de vous fair chiez
Aditya Dubey
Aditya Dubey Dia atrás
@01:30 yes pals that is where the entire budget of the video is spent.
E2B2 Dia atrás
Paris, the city of love. *For all the wrong reasons.*
Kar3c -
Kar3c - Dia atrás
Il a raison.
Stelthy Dan
Stelthy Dan Dia atrás
"je voudrais euuh... w8 wtf is the word for baguette in french already?" I LIKE IT XDD
Le Chat Éthéré
le ' beau cul " est un peu tirer par les cheveux quand meme
Hollowed Ichigo
Hollowed Ichigo Dia atrás
Hmm alot of sex talk here. No wonder the populations high
VektoR Dia atrás
As a French person, I’m fucking dying
Teaghan Grexton
Teaghan Grexton Dia atrás
Whoever made French was either very smart or very horny
Mind Your Own Fucking Business
Imagine getting laid because you accidentally said something wrong
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