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I’m sorry Chérine and the people of France.
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17 Mar 2016



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Comentários 8 560
P’tit Toine
P’tit Toine 3 horas atrás
eightyeightdays 5 horas atrás
Bob Marley lyrics translated into french: "j'espère que cette confiture va durer"
Phong Huynh
Phong Huynh 14 horas atrás
Wait till you've experienced Japanese 😂
Kreassiva 15 horas atrás
Like si tu no cometerias estos errores porque hablas español
Random Human
Random Human Dia atrás
Henry Applegate
Henry Applegate Dia atrás
This makes me not want to speak French and just be that confused guy asking people if they speak English
Abram Espinoza
Abram Espinoza Dia atrás
Man this guy is hilarious I love this !
Spicy James
Spicy James Dia atrás
anticonstitutionnellement i the biggest word in french, good luck spelling it
Julien L.
Julien L. 2 dias atrás
Your french accent is really good !
spencer legresley
spencer legresley 2 dias atrás
Surprisingly good pronunciation! Living in Ontario (where everyone does French in school) and most people cannot say one word correctly but ur accent is very good!
Laide 2 dias atrás
You’re French pronunciation is amazing
Harris Healy
Harris Healy 2 dias atrás
One of my favorite words in French is tired: Fatiguée
Pen 3 dias atrás
French English Chinese
SpagEddie8113 3 dias atrás
I’m learning French and I wish we learned all these terms with sexual connotations
_Galaxy Ren Kitten_
_Galaxy Ren Kitten_ 3 dias atrás
AWrightsLife 3 dias atrás
I lived and went to school in France for 2 years, when you said je suis chaud meant I am horny, just know there’s a lot of french people out there who think I’ve got problems
Boone Keller
Boone Keller 4 dias atrás
French Teacher: German is a hard language to learn Me: haha pp language
Kabelloses WLAN Kabel
Kabelloses WLAN Kabel 4 dias atrás
Your pronunciation is actually really good 😂
Saul Garcia
Saul Garcia 5 dias atrás
Well they stink. And can't put out fires
Chad Michael
Chad Michael 5 dias atrás
Je suis chaud isn't I'm horny; it's I'm sexy
rose 5 dias atrás
I heard that people in france don't ever say "je voudrais", so what DO they say?
FiZz HybRid
FiZz HybRid 5 dias atrás
im french so i know this lol
hirai san
hirai san 5 dias atrás
J’aime petit garcon
Kevin Luna
Kevin Luna 6 dias atrás
This gives it a whole new meaning to "The language of LOVE!"
Ilyas elasri
Ilyas elasri 7 dias atrás
As a north African Kid who was supposed to study Arabic and French since primary school. then english and german at middle school , ENGLISH only in High School, THEN NOTHING IN COLLEGUE. AM FUCKED UP MENTALLY.
acene bent
acene bent 7 dias atrás
Mais no putain
Lorenzo Di Cosmo
Lorenzo Di Cosmo 7 dias atrás
Why the fuck i am italian and i’m watching an english video about french language? My head hurts so bad
Owen Both
Owen Both 9 dias atrás
Hi baguette boy
Ayoub Radmi
Ayoub Radmi 9 dias atrás
I totally missed the last joke. So much for knowing french :c
water melon
water melon 10 dias atrás
This guy has a reallllyy deep voice.. hehe
ProffesorMeme 10 dias atrás
“Je suis excité de fair votre connaissance” can be said. I do it all the time. And im a native french speaker
Bio Emiliano
Bio Emiliano 10 dias atrás
O boi, you just have been introduced to a real romance language, a real derivated of latin. Also, in spanish we also have that meaning for exciting, it's pretty weird when I hear so many people excited to do things, pretty weird but also nice.
Claire Ponesse
Claire Ponesse 10 dias atrás
i’m about to go on a 3 month exchange to france and now i feel so unprepared✌️🤠
Nekro 10 dias atrás
Why is any word in the wrong sentence in French a sexual thing?
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. 11 dias atrás
Sorry I can't speak quasont
Zacc Gaming
Zacc Gaming 11 dias atrás
Hahaha, pas vraiment, mais la vidéo est très drôle. Keep it up man !
Rumardo Scheepers
Rumardo Scheepers 11 dias atrás
If you think genders in French is hard, try German
Ursomrano 61
Ursomrano 61 11 dias atrás
No wonder French is a Romance language. Because you can accidentally say something sexual in every sentence.
Peggy! 12 dias atrás
French people are the most unforgiving when you accidentally mess up their language. They'll tell whoever's next to them and then start laughing at you like you just bent over to grab a penny and ripped your pants while doing so. And then they'll judge you for the rest of the week.
The Crazy Stick
The Crazy Stick 9 dias atrás
That's not true
The Greatest Tofu
The Greatest Tofu 12 dias atrás
I choked on my hot chocolat
Prisec 13 dias atrás
In French condom(préservatif) is like in Russian(презерватив) xD
Zachary Tabz
Zachary Tabz 13 dias atrás
embarazada means pregnant in spanish not embarassed
honey blum
honey blum 13 dias atrás
okay yes french is whole of sexual things
Hana 14 dias atrás
Pretty much everyone in my French class wrote that we were very excité for our French exchange. The exchange student had a food laugh at that.
SaltyStrip 14 dias atrás
why is the French language so horny?
Andy Didko
Andy Didko 14 dias atrás
3:20 she touched by your words and now you live in france with your french wife and two cute daughters.
Ella Veysel
Ella Veysel 14 dias atrás
Yes *nice ass.*
Lorelai144 14 dias atrás
K now Imma learn French
William 15 dias atrás
I'm French and I actually said nice ass to a teacher (she speaks French)
Adam Whitestone
Adam Whitestone 15 dias atrás
Fille: « Je n’aime pas les préservatifs » Is she into you? Once again, you can’t really tell from this example
Benjiboy12 15 dias atrás
Shit man, jealous that you got to go to Lyon to study the language. I’m hoping I can do that in college
Jeniii 15 dias atrás
*What is Dr. Pepper in French?*
Joey Gregan
Joey Gregan 15 dias atrás
"bonne heur" could also mean "early"... sooo she makes you come early eh?
Luca 15 dias atrás
Actually "tu m'apporteS un vrai bonheur"
Maeiano Marengo
Maeiano Marengo 15 dias atrás
0:53, in spanish it's the same..
Abby Griffin
Abby Griffin 16 dias atrás
One of the funniest thing that I find in French is when I’m trying to say to some one “ok I’m done” if you say “je suis fini” it would mean “I’m dead”, I found this really funny at the time but now I see that a lot of people mess this up (myself included) and it’s not so funny anymore. To anyone who’s wondering I’m talking about Canadian French I’m not sure if this is the same in France French
Paul SANDER 16 dias atrás
As I am French this video was really interesting, and I knew it already, but now I see a lot more why is French difficult for foreigners. I just don't know why everything is so connoted sexually. Bonne continuation et j'adore ce que tu fait 👍
LUSEGACIE 16 dias atrás
I see thoses hundred of french people disliking the vid 😂 lol Je vois les milliers de Français dislike la vidéo 😂 mdr
EinhornBoy 3000
EinhornBoy 3000 17 dias atrás
Again, this is so awkwardly specific...
Hoe 17 dias atrás
I mean french sure is the language of love
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