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Long story short I recently got a new bike and am very excited about it so I wanted to keep you guys up to date with my life
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4 Nov 2019



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Comentários 5 425
Pjes #
Pjes # 2 horas atrás
So true
Pjes #
Pjes # 2 horas atrás
1:42 killed me lol
Piers 4 horas atrás
Wait a minute! Surely pregnant women are more "aero"....
Piers 4 horas atrás
@3:27 Ha...most of the comments on those videos are about his very visible cock. The intrigue is not subtle :D
Alexander Rewijk
Alexander Rewijk 5 horas atrás
i'm dutch, like 90% of us people cycle, and we learn it on average around age 4 orso, and many learn to roll that shit without side wheels in a day or 2, we're basically born with that shit :') but yeah, cycling makes sense here, this country is only like 150w x 300h kilometers if not less, even from the west, you can get to germany in a matter of hours, you'll have a bit of a raw ass, but it certainly can be done. and going to work is probably only going to be 10-15 kilometers away at worst if you're going to bike that shit everyday. out here we don't sell off our only bike, we have several instead, because you don't want get your good shit stolen whilst at the bar, and bikes get "found" a lot over here. (1 million new bikes get sold annually on a 17 million population, not even counting the stolen ones resold... lol) we're the commuters for sure, shopping bags on each handle and a backpack. but yeah we have the racing bike guys too, they're some real shit in groups, if 1 decides to squeeze in before a car, the others behind him automatically believe they can make it too... lol bad assessment even in the country where most car drivers are in fact cyclists themselves, and know very well how to deal with the situation, and the majority of the country having cycle paths seperated. inside the cities, there's usually big blocks of concrete or another layer of raised "sidewalk" from the car lanes to the bike lanes (and then another raised floor for the actual sidewalk), you'd get fucked as a cyclist too. but out there in the woods, it's usually just a zone of pink colored tarmac on the sides of the roads.
Carrsun 8 horas atrás
What about the mountain biker?
Maxwell Christensen
Maxwell Christensen 16 horas atrás
As a bike mechanic, I can confirm this is 100% accurate 😂
NippyMoto 17 horas atrás
Just take up Mountain biking it's infinitely better
Ilija Stankovic
Ilija Stankovic 18 horas atrás
A zwift commercial just showed up.....
LocardIII 21 hora atrás
As a commuter I am always scared to find my bike has been stolen. Especially after hours on the lockpickinglawyer channel.
Hope Filled Sinner
Cyclists while training like to ride side by side so they can communicate about aero and cycling while annoying every other road user whom does not care to be charged with manslaughter.
Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins Dia atrás
Mountain bikers and bmx riders just breaking teeth in the background. FULL SEND BABYYYYYYYY!!!
Brent Terschegget
You forgot the 4ht option: youre Dutch and you ride a bike everywhere
Marco Josic
Marco Josic Dia atrás
You should do mountain bikers
Anixcour Dia atrás
an then theres dutch and danish people lear how to ride a bike before they learn how to walk
Mr Tavetski
Mr Tavetski Dia atrás
Hah that as in the end was like a cherry on top
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson Dia atrás
I saw a biking ad before the vid
Greg Wiens
Greg Wiens Dia atrás
I was brought here after watching tutorial videos on adding a 4-stroke engine to my mountain bike so I can use it more easily for commuting while ADDING speed! LOL What does that make me? Oh I live in Winnipeg Manitoba and it is -33 with out the wind....
TOLSTOI Dia atrás
the virgin commuter vs the chad cyclist
Ojas Mehta
Ojas Mehta Dia atrás
Of course you wouldn't have a child coz that's not aero
Hazardfly Dia atrás
Pregnant women are NOT aero
Bas Bakker
Bas Bakker 2 dias atrás
“New Bike Day!!! It's not much but it's mine S-Work Venge 2020” That bike costs 12k but okay
Szabiplayz 2 dias atrás
Hey man you forgot the *trickster* who buys a 5000$ BMX that looks and feels the same as a 100$ one, and has no brakes so when he gose 50 m/h down a hill he knows that the second he will hear an engine he's dead, goes out with other *tricksters* and when nearly hit at a zebra they all do a wheely just to assert dominance to fellow cars, goes out to concrete bmx parks and picks on people who have 100$ and not 5000$ BMX, goes 40 m/h )still with no brakes) on the pavement and hopes to god that no person has a dog who likes to get infront of fast going things, that guy who get his finger cut off by a by a bike chain and slaps 2 gallons of sports cream on it and calls it a day
Thomas Field
Thomas Field 2 dias atrás
I hate them so much
MrWhitefeather93 2 dias atrás
You know, I don't mind that you turned my life into this WE network drama but I would have appreciated a writing credit. #calledoutculture
nothing important
nothing important 2 dias atrás
Wait till they found out their bodies aint aero
TWrecks 16 horas atrás
That’s perfectly fine then i shall start my transition into the horizontal traffic cone
james peot
james peot 2 dias atrás
Jeez this guy actually knows what’s up like frfr great vid describes us so well😩
Nageyo Adam
Nageyo Adam 2 dias atrás
I got a cycling ad before this video
elijah spanka
elijah spanka 2 dias atrás
What about mtb
Becca G
Becca G 2 dias atrás
I think commuters and cyclists can agree on this: those people wearing headphones and strutting around with their face in their phone in the middle of the bike path? *DEMONS EVERY ONE*
z0uLess 3 dias atrás
Super Shifter
Super Shifter 3 dias atrás
What if you ride offroad?
Matthew Marshall
Matthew Marshall 3 dias atrás
You are funny dude I like your videos :)
Adeeb Md
Adeeb Md 3 dias atrás
Ahhhhhh my knees
Kyle Brantley
Kyle Brantley 3 dias atrás
What is the syrup for 😂
Alejandro Cabrera
Alejandro Cabrera 4 dias atrás
I just like biking.
Jeremy Dwyer
Jeremy Dwyer 4 dias atrás
"Black lycra to arouse subtle intrigue."
North B
North B 4 dias atrás
Literally had a peloton ad before this video
Hecking Normie
Hecking Normie 4 dias atrás
As a mountain biker, I can confirm that the cyclist is a person who actually exists. He is my coaches friend.
Alexandru Birghilescu
Alexandru Birghilescu 5 dias atrás
Do a casually explained: school
Itz Pulse
Itz Pulse 5 dias atrás
Why did i get a bike add on this vid
machine gunn
machine gunn 5 dias atrás
What about mountain bikes?
UnrealOG 5 dias atrás
Aunt Jemima energy gel.
Laine Armstrong
Laine Armstrong 6 dias atrás
The empress! Are you from Victoria
Jθαη 6 dias atrás
a cyclist wouldn't get a Bonner cause that isn't aero
Ash Weber-Campbell
Ash Weber-Campbell 6 dias atrás
Fucking Roadies mtb is better
Ash Weber-Campbell
Ash Weber-Campbell 4 dias atrás
@dikke boktor wtf? Someone on the internet who isn't insanely stubborn? What is this?
dikke boktor
dikke boktor 4 dias atrás
@Ash Weber-Campbell well i have never sat on mtb and on videos it looks alot more fun so i changed my mind
Ash Weber-Campbell
Ash Weber-Campbell 5 dias atrás
@dikke boktor I expected you to argue
dikke boktor
dikke boktor 5 dias atrás
@Ash Weber-Campbell oke i am wrong
Ash Weber-Campbell
Ash Weber-Campbell 5 dias atrás
@dikke boktor you are wrong
twan hams
twan hams 7 dias atrás
Watching this in Holland where literally everybody owns at least one bike
The Kitten Gamer
The Kitten Gamer 7 dias atrás
Got a cycling ad before this
TFW 8 dias atrás
Is it fast?
nunaoooo 8 dias atrás
Body: T Rex. Man I lost there hahaha
Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe 8 dias atrás
This is brutal
Fab Five
Fab Five 8 dias atrás
Mtb masterrace.
E Saffer
E Saffer 8 dias atrás
“Welcome to Tucson” yep
Troy H
Troy H 8 dias atrás
Mountain bikers?
Landen e
Landen e 8 dias atrás
If you see a guy on a road bike he has no balls
Snax 9 dias atrás
me in the corner with my mountain bike
Alice Aspen
Alice Aspen 9 dias atrás
Pregnant women: not aero
Ethan Mikita
Ethan Mikita 9 dias atrás
I got a cycling add before this video...
Sap Green
Sap Green 10 dias atrás
no mtb? I'm disappointed
Maya D-P
Maya D-P 10 dias atrás
i saw i bike ad before this
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